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Collide [Poem]

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posted on Dec, 16 2014 @ 09:42 PM
Propelled outward by an unknown push
a silent bang that creates time,
Measured through spinning pulsars
Tracked by only those who watch,

Alone I travel, lit only scarcely
darkness resides within,
Forever falling, never to land,
Fate proves less throughout all of this.

I grew so simple a complicated mass,
Happy by myself, I was content.
From nowhere you came a blindside hit
I ran but you couldn't miss.

Universe alit, you stole my heart
grabbed stars and clouds of hydrogen,
Nebulae torn apart shredded
twisted towards your pull they went.

Speed you embark taking what you can
Drifting light years away,
With you, hate I feel, unfair as it is,
I plot to fight this gravity.

She'll be back it's destined to be
As if this is what I want,
How do I relax without a choice
You seem to come and go as you please.

Turned around twisted by a force
too strong I can never deny,
I wish that we never had met.
So discreet is how we started

Uniting with stars at our sides
Our masses join and collide,
Hurtling off, we return to a calm
Five picturesque spiraling arms.

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