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OpenCellID and Groom Lake

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posted on Dec, 15 2014 @ 03:10 AM
OpenCellID is a website where you can upload data from cellular towers if you have suitable software on your phone.
OpenCellID website

I noticed a "hit" in the past the border near the front gate of Groom Lake. Here it is archived.
OpenCellID beyond the border
The MCC (Mobile Country Code) does match the US, but the MNC (Mobile Network Code) isn't in any database. Thus we can have faulty data, or some unknown phone network.

The AT&T network was logged by somebody and it looks similar to my data (which I never got around to uploading to opencellID).
AT&T coverage near Groom Lake
A tip of advice if anyone wants to upload to OpenCellID. Your identity isn't disclosed, but the way the database is arranged, you can see the hits on an individual basis. If I were so inclined, I could figure out roughly where the person that posted that AT&T data lived.

You can have more than one account on OpenCellID. They are linked to email accounts, but of course, there are ways to get free email accounts. If you post hits near restricted areas, you might not want to use the same account as you use at home.

In the analog cellular days, you could often get a signal near where Groom Lake road intersects the ET Highway. When phones went digital, the systems had timing related constraints that restricted the distance that the cell phone could be used from the tower. This was very severe on 2G networks, namely 35KM, which is nothing in the desert. The networks around the range are now 4G and LTE, so coverage may be greater than the data on opencellID.

posted on Dec, 15 2014 @ 09:43 AM
Great post! S&F

All should remember that mobile phones are transceivers and as such send data both directions to the towers. So hypothetically if you knew the IMEI number of a specific device, you could track it easily.

Now, before I hear someone speaking about using different phones, there is also an ICCID number for your sim card. There are ways to get around this however many of them are now illegal (like everything).

Just wanted to throw that out there to anyone who cares….



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