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Dear, Education system. What is it for kid's aged 5-12 in the education system "Today"?

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posted on Dec, 13 2014 @ 09:08 PM
I'm turning 23 very soon and it sparked some old memories of what it was like for me at that age in school, not in a social sense but as just and education point of view. Specifically the extra things school's would add into the curriculum like getting people to come out and talk about safety, like the ones that would come to your school with a trailer designed in some way to give a "Fun yet educational experience".
Or Just something extra, schools would do to make the education process a bit more bearable .

And because I don't have any kid's, or relations, that have kid's going through school these days. I wish to know what it has become with all the Government cuts to school's over the recent years. Has it effected what school's can "purchase" to make school a bit more enjoyable?
I ask that in the context more towards Public school's as I can imagine private schools not only get extra Government funding but charge enough money for a years tuition and know it will be more then plenty for what ever they want to do.

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