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Shadow of Revan (swtor expansion) - whose going to be playing it?

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posted on Dec, 9 2014 @ 07:38 AM
I already have 2 60s, from the early access and to be honest I CANNOT wait to kill revan in a weekly bases!

There are many reasons why I love this expansion. Beyond that the 2 planets are really good, maybe the best planets swtor got up to date...

Star wars is inspired by chinese mythology and some elements from Scandinavian mythology.

All known ancient gods, except few... Can be found in each countries mythology. Goddess Aphrodite as an example, is similar to ISIS, or Goddess Athena in other countries mythologies, but with a different name.

Star wars, is a manipulated version of the true mythology...

The rebels are good, the empire is bad, etc etc. Its more like the rebels trying to convince you otherwise.

Anyway, Revan if you know about global Mythology and if you check the lore and story of it, in my country is KRONOS, in western countries is SATURN, in jewish is Sabbaoth, etc, etc... its the same scam god.

So this expansion, gives me the ultimate pleasure of killing this beast, I will enjoy every second of it.

Especially if you check the ending of the expansion, its very clear, where the thing goes.

ps: I will greatly enjoy killing him over and over again, I will break the records, especially these " holy days" that is actually the official KRONEAN days - celebrations. Or Saturnean in western countries..

Anyway, if you play in the EU we can play together some time... In the early access promotion, they offered us also a grant statue of Revan, I wish I could give it away, but its bind on pickup... it will go wasted, as I never add abominations inside my stronghold.

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posted on Dec, 9 2014 @ 07:51 AM
i left the game a year ago..was quite cool sabers and stuff but pvp wise i didnt give anything NEW to WOW FTW

posted on Dec, 9 2014 @ 08:53 AM
Quit the game a couple months back out of lack of interest. PvP was engaging and easy exp, but got to the grinding point where it was no longer fun. Guild kicked me out due to inactivity, so really no reason to get back in. I had enough Revan in KOTOR anyways.

posted on Dec, 9 2014 @ 01:49 PM
I quitted wow after cataclysm and just before diablo 3 release date, I remember durring that time, they made an offer for a year sub in wow and diablo 3 as a gift... The token thing destroyed crafting and it was the most boring experience I ve ever had.

So I quitted it once and for all. Doesnt matter if today they changed everything, its more like, one you leave, you never go back.

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posted on Dec, 9 2014 @ 04:45 PM
I have 3 60's on the Ebon Hawk server (2 imp, 1 pub), the only issue I have is the Revan fight is FUBAR'ed
Half the time the cc bubbles dont pop at 67% and 37%

posted on Dec, 9 2014 @ 05:37 PM
a reply to: HomerinNC

the trick is to transfer in an empty instance. But they fixed it today, i was able to kill him twice with my 2 60s, without bugs.

I have 19 charas, 3 x 57-58 and the most of the others 55

I played all the content, because I was interested to see the lore...

The chinese/jewish/eastern god is the dragon Jade-Jedi-Antonai- Yah... its a big name. There is also your jedi order.

so according to "myths" in true myths the rebels got destroyed and imprisoned in several solar systems.. Kronos or saturn or whatever was captured eternally and it was the second time they did, the first time they set him free, but he was a bad boy.

Kronos created the rebels and even in starwars, revan created the reps, revan is one of big founders of the reps and satele shan in swtor is his grand grand grand grand daughter.

So all in all, since they have a manipulated version of the myths and they hate the empire, the empire will be destroyed and they will scatter across the galaxy.

That is why I also believe the swtor 2 will finally come. They will keep up swtor 1 as f2p to drain customers and move them with promotions in swtor 2 with a sub (that will be the final outcome). They need a better engine if they want it to keep up

ps: but there is lots of roumors going on, that star wars will turn cannon. who knows..
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posted on Dec, 9 2014 @ 07:18 PM
a reply to: Ploutonas

how do you create an empty instance?

posted on Dec, 9 2014 @ 07:43 PM
a reply to: HomerinNC

u dont create it... When you are at yavin 4 and its laggy, just load the map and transfer into a different instance, normally the highest number (1,2,3,4,5,13)

few days ago it was 13!!!

That is what I do, when I farm materials... When many people log into an instanse, for a reason it gets very laggy... So I change instances

I bet this expansion did much better than MAKEB on sales... My empty server (always light and normal population) become very heavy and 13+ instances per world! And it was only early access.

That translates : they need better servers.
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