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Chicago Protests - Futile?

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posted on Dec, 9 2014 @ 03:52 AM
Just posted part of this on a friends' thread, but a pretty relevant story this week.
When we first moved to Chicago in 1994, we got pulled over immediately, just looking for parking in Uptown. It was an unmarked car, unusual siren, and all plain clothed officers - we were scared $#!+less, thinking we were being carjacked for the nice Cadillac we rented, and refused to exit the vehicle. Turns out, we were targeted by police, for the nice Cadillac we rented - they apparently are not trained to recognize dealer plates, and just assumed "dealer" - as in drugs, nice car, bad hood.

Nowadays, we'd all be dead before we knew wtf or why. That was our welcome to Chicago over 20 years ago.

I don't go to protests - why? Because we all know that those who organize and go are trained in how to deal with cops, routes, etc., and I just don't have time for all that. And we all now know after the recent events that the government not only taps your phones but plants instigators, to ensure the whole crowd is now guilty by association, and must disperse or be arrested. It's stupid, easy, simple, and ridiculous, changes nothing but your arrest record, and the families of the victims this is done for sit at home, watch it on TV, and just cry for your ignorance and martyrdom.

The police are being militarized and there are obviously two agendas here - disarming of the public, and increased police brutality - nay, MURDER, and what you gonna do about it Grand Jury BS.

So, block innocent drivers right to passage on Lake Shore all you want, then bitch because the police actually asked what the route is to avoid further delays - it doesn't do anything but make my friend late for dinner. And don't even ask me for a light now, because a big group of "you people" is the perfect place to drop some virus on, especially in the cold by the lake.

I'm kinda old. I have a career and dharma to follow already. But if you are young enough AND have the spare time to march in cold weather all day and night by the lake, may I suggest you maybe just enroll in school and become a cop or politician or lawyer, and argue your point in a language recognized by the general public to those who can change things, rather than like a sports fan at a bunch of cops who are just waiting to shoot you too? If they are tapping your phones, they are following you home too.

Maybe buy or build small RC drones with cameras? No? Then stop complaining about selective TV film footage.
I feel like an SNL news reporter - really? REALLY? Not ONE of you has an RC helicopter with A/V?!
It's what, like $100 tops?
How amateur can you be? Not much more than you are. Most are not even dressed properly, let alone have a phone with a flash on it.

Did you know riot squads use low frequencies to disable large crowds?
Did you know that your favorite punk rock sound man who's down for the cause (and probably right there next to you, wondering why his voice is being so difracted lol) could probably build one from crap in his basement?
C'mon folks, Google is your friend. Look up something actually useful every now and then, and click on the Wiki and follow references, not just ATS and other current and opinionated results.

And look up "FurFest" before you chemical bomb it - I thought it was a Fur Trade convention at first too, but again - REALLY?!
And you wonder why they say "we" are disorganized and ignorant...maybe because it's true?

In closing, I'd just like to say, in this case, mission FAILED - I'm not scared, paranoid, or motivated to protest anything.
Sorry. It's all just too f'n silly.

posted on Dec, 9 2014 @ 04:32 AM
a reply to: KAOStheory

Your points are valid on valid on valid. An idealistic rabble with no clear leaders and no planning is just an invitation for police to do whatever they want.

College student protests are like college students first week at a job. Good intentions and puppy like enthusiasm, but ultimately not a clue how things really work.

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