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Legendary Comics Scripter ,creator of "The Crimson Grasshopper", Chespirito, died at 85 in Cancun

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posted on Dec, 5 2014 @ 08:50 PM
The Peace of God to all that belong to the Light,

Dear Readers,

2014 is practically ending and either in the international arena or in the domestic the balance of this so conflictive and violent year does not seem to be very positive, unfortunately while I am writing these lines there are still thousands of people protesting in various of the most important cities of America for the sad facts we already know.

With all the respect of the thousands of people that spent today and yesterday to mourn and to express their sorrow or protest, let me switch briefly your attention to refer to an also very important news that although is not necessarily glad to communicate is definitively more optimistic than anything that is happening here in the USA.

This week a really so important figure of the World comedy and in particular for the Comics edited in Spanish and translated to many other languages has passed away, he was better known in the Hispanic world, but is without doubt one of the most international figures ever born in Mexico. Many of the TV programs he wrote, produced and directed or even in which He acted , as well as the so many comic characters he created will survive him by sure for many generations.

I am talking about the Mexican Comedy scripter Mr Roberto Gomez-Bolanos, better known with the nickname of "Chespirito" that in Spanish means small Shakespeare.

His death is a great loss for Mexican Culture, but moreover has triggered a series of homages around the world to a very intelligent man that dedicated his entire career in the media and his unique creative talent to offer entertainment specially to the Children of all nations.

Unforgettable characters that delighted the children of many nations , first in TV series and then in Comics, like "El Chavo" , ( The street kid in Spanish) or the so funny antihero known as "El Chapulin Colorado" , the Crimson Grasshopper in Spanish, were only two of the dozens of veryo original comic characters that this so talented author produced along a career of about thirty years in the Mexican and Latin American TV.

"El Chapulin Colorado" , in Spanish means The Crimson Cricket or Grasshopper, a character that originally was conceived to make a satire of the comics genre of Super Heroes, intended to be the maximum expression of the Anti-Hero, however, ironically it became with the time one of the most iconic Super Heroes ever created not only in Latin America but in the comics world industry, so famous as it was Get smart in USA in the 1960s.

Roberto Gomez-Bolanos' another so universal character of "El Chavo", a homeless and orphan boy that grow in the streets, sleeping in an empty big wine barrel by the way, is one of the most iconic in the history of Latin American television. The TV series El Chavo del Ocho continues to be immensely popular, with daily worldwide viewership averaging 91 million viewers per episode.

Only very few Mexicans have reached similar fame than the one Roberto Gomez-Bolanos "Chespirito" achieved. Perhaps only the movie stars Mario Moreno "Cantinflas", Jorge Infante , Maria Felix or The Artists like Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, were as universal as he was.

Although his beginning in life was really hard, being orphan of father at so tender age, his positive attitude and comedy scripter rare talent boosted him a unique career in the Latin American TV.

Mexican Actor Ruben Aguirre, his always loyal friend, that incarnated the role of "Profesor Girafales" in the so popular Tv series "El Chavo", character that later became also iconic in the comics version, resumed the legacy of Roberto Gomez-Bolanos in a phrase that I think it is really important to quote:

Ruben Aguirre TV star to El Pais, Colombian Press, recalls Chespirito:
"His great Talent was to have shown to the world that it is possible to make the people laugh with decency, without using profane language or dirty jokes"

It is precisely that naïve and at the same time extremely intelligent sense of humor of "Chespirito" what put him aside of the best comedians of History together with Charlie Chaplin, Laurel & Hardy, Marcel Marceau, Rowan Atkinson "Mr Bean" , his country fellow Mario Moreno "Cantinflas" and even aside of the satire work of William Shakespeare, and the Spanish authors Miguel de Cervantes or Francisco de Quevedo. Besides that, Gomez-Bolanos Mastered the really rare gift to entertain children of all cultures and nationalities that only authors like Hans Christian Andersen or the Grim Brothers have had.

Creator of EL Chavo Character died in Mexico.

Peace in his tomb, Bless God his eternal rest and paid him back the happiness he gave to many generations,
He will be remembered by hundreds of millions of still young minds all around world.

Thanks for your attention,

your friend,

The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Dec, 5 2014 @ 09:03 PM
I'm surprised this wasn't posted. He inspired The Bumblebee Man from The Simpsons. I've seen the Red Grasshopper show and I didn't understand a word, but it was very funny.

posted on Dec, 5 2014 @ 09:33 PM
a reply to: Yeahkeepwatchingme

Yes Dear Yeahkeepwatchingme,

Unfortunately Chespirito death arrived as a news in the middle of a series of extremely negative facts in America and the world that have caught almost all the attention of the media in this week.

As a matter of fact while in the principal avenues of Boston, New York, Washington DC and many other important cities in America this week we saw incredibly crowded protests, in Mexico city there were twice as much of people walking all along the city just to offered his respect and mourn a man that they consider as one of the most important ever born in the country.

The funeral of Chespirito took place in the Olympic and twice world cup Stadium Azteca of Mexico city that it was full with its entire capacity of around a hundred thousand seats and many were forced to follow it from the streets where giant TV screens were posted.

Please check:

( his obituary says from Orphan to Multimillionaire )

here a note of press about the Character of the Sympsons inspired in his Crimson Grasshopper,

This is a truly so beloved figure by everybody not only in Mexico but along all Latin America , so popular that is difficult to give an approximate number of how many millions of homes around the world were impacted by his work, but by sure is over 500 hundred millions.

To give you the opportunity to taste a bit of the really unique humor in Chespirito Comic characters here a link with translation into English of some of his most famous quotes:

Thanks for your attention,

The Angel of Lightness

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posted on Dec, 6 2014 @ 02:38 AM
Thank you for the information. Good post!

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