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Disclosure of an Alien Intelligence

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posted on Dec, 3 2014 @ 10:28 PM
Extract, from the President's secret address to US Congress, to occur sometime soon.


Please -- if you could hold your questions until I am finished. I still have a little more to say.

Please -- excuse me -- please -- yes I understand -- thank you.

So, to continue...

Of all the many surprises that we have seen over the course of the last six weeks, what may be most astonishing is this: these beings, who are able to traverse the vast interstellar distance, do not -- by any measures we have applied -- appear to be very intelligent. And this is not meant to be a judgment of them or their worth, but just a statement of fact.

Their language is quite simple, their intellectual capacity and reasoning abilities are quite limited.

For example, our linguistic scientists easily learned their language in a few days by simple observation, and we are confident at this point that their near complete language consists of less than five hundred words, and a few gestures. We have additionally conducted elaborate tests of their reasoning ability, and find they have a capacity for native reasoning you would typically find in an average five year old child.

We have discounted the possibility that the trauma of their landing and subsequent rescue have impaired them; what has become clear is that we, here on earth, are somehow more evolved than these alien beings, who share our common genetics, yet who are of a wholly different species from us.

As for their technology -- this is provides further credence to the theory that these alien beings lack the knowledge and understand of deeper physical laws and mathematics we currently possess.

Although one might naturally and sensibly assume that alien technology, arriving here on our planet from a distant star, must necessarily be vastly superior to ours -- clear and indisputable evidence has shown us this is simply not the case!

We find, after reverse engineering and repairing their spaceship, that the alien engineers who built this craft seem to have no understanding or knowledge of digital logic, or microelectronics, or advanced communication and control systems of any sort. The engine of their spacecraft is based on a somewhat crude mass converter that has been often theorized, and well-formulated by a small group of "fringe physicists". Sadly, the world scientific community has repeatedly discovered, and subsequently denigrated and dismissed this exact technology for decades.

During the last six weeks, we have not only reverse engineered, repaired, and reproduced this core component of their spacecraft, but we have substantially improved upon its capacity and efficiency! Consider -- we have made numerous improvements, during a few short weeks, to a system that apparently has taken a millennium or more for the best and brightest of these alien beings to perfect!

Taken together, these unexpected finding are troublesome.

First, we have learned that these alien beings do not have the intellectual capabilities we have. Secondly, if we regard our intellect as a type of maturity of our species, these beings -- are -- not -- mature. Not according to our universally accepted standard.

So the final surprise we find is this: as much as we would like to hope and believe that these are wise and intelligent beings, from whom we can receive guidance, and advance our knowledge of our life, governance, science, morality -- it has become obvious that humanity will receive nothing like this from them. Our careful observations of their behaviors and conversations indicate the opposite.

In short, these alien beings -- are -- not -- benevolent. To call them malevolent or evil is not entirely accurate. But neither can we regard them as anything but immature in thought, in emotion, in reason. Careful observation, and ample evidence now shows us that these beings are temperamental, quick to anger, highly self-centered, unreasonable, imprudent, and lacking respect for other forms of life.

An undeniable danger exists in immaturity; throughout our own history, the clash of cultures between the mature and immature has always ended badly.

It is prudent for us to take precautions.

I have therefore directed an immediate response -- a precautionary response against this threat -- a threat which may take twenty years or more to be fully realized.

We will not be returning the repaired spacecraft to these alien beings, or permit them to return to their home planet.

Instead, we will adapt what we have learned about this alien propulsion system for use with our nuclear arsenal, to be ready for launch to Epsilon Eridani star system before the beginning of next year.

We will provision approximately twenty thousand multi-stage nuclear weapons within easy striking distance of the alien home planet, as a defensive measure. And then -- only then -- will we attempt contact and test whether co-existence with these beings, with the help of God, is possible and practical.

I pray that it will be.


posted on Dec, 3 2014 @ 10:32 PM
a reply to: Axial Leader

Just a weird thought. What if alien life was kind of stupid compared to us? How would we react?

Although this story may be a little out there, I think it is actually plausible.

posted on Dec, 3 2014 @ 10:34 PM
a reply to: Axial Leader

Extract, from the President's secret address to US Congress, to occur sometime soon.

It came from beyond…

ETA: Typical, our response to new civilizations is to park 20,000 or so nukes off their shores.

Think they will see that coming?
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posted on Dec, 3 2014 @ 10:56 PM
Makes me think of 'Mars Attacks.' I seem to recall the aliens only had one word in their language.
"Ak...ak ak. Ak!"

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posted on Feb, 4 2015 @ 03:46 PM
Continuing The Story, Fifty Years Later...

Another Extract from a Presidential Address -- A bit different this time


Let me say -- to all citizens listening to my voice -- this declaration of martial law is intended to preserve, not override the great constitution of this country which we have inherited and defended through our many generations. It is the same constitution which has placed me, formerly the US Secretary of Agriculture, as your leader during this desperate and critical moment.

It is likely that you do not know me, you do not recognize my face -- you have not directly voted me this responsibility of being your President. But be assured that the oath of office I have sworn to uphold just this morning is possibly our best opportunity to meet the dire challenge we face. We will work in unison, towards the most basic goal we can possibly share. And with the grace of our creator -- we will survive.

Let me provide context for the news that I must deliver. And brace yourselves -- the information I will be sharing shortly is unpleasant and it will shock you. Yet, as your new President, it is my difficult duty to present this information as unwaveringly as possible.

You know that, since our first contact with the beings from Epsilon Eridani more than fifty years ago, we have followed our inarguable manifest destiny, which was revealed to us by that historic encounter. We have come to see our proper position in the universe as very special. We now know that the mysterious force that formed our consciousness and intellect, along with all other parts of the universe, for some unknown reason blessed us with superior abilities not shared by other sentient beings of any type.

We were given insights and perspectives available to no other species -- we were imbued with vast and superior intelligence and understanding and reasoning power that distinguishes us from other planets, civilizations, and life form in our known universe.

As humans, we did not ask for this gift. Nor did we fully understand it or appreciate it until we learned the true primitive nature of other alien forms inhabiting other star systems and planets.

And it has confirmed our modern understanding of our destiny that, as we moved forward to a dozen other star systems, we have repeatedly and predictably found our encounters to be with less intelligent, less capable, and less mature alien beings than ourselves.

We have, as much as possible and practical, tempered our findings with compassion and empathy. We have tried to use our superior abilities with care and responsibility. Largely -- we have been successful. Mostly. As much as any -- well -- human perfection is even possible --

Given -- that --

Yes --I know -- much has been made of the Ursa Lalande Star System contact in recent years. It is held up as proof of human arrogance, and our potential for brutality. I spoke out against this myself several years ago -- we are not perfect custodians of justice and mercy. Yet, let us not forget that we came to that star hoping for peace and the Usra Lalande beings first aggressed against us. Although their world was destroyed, we had no other options at hand. It was not our wish that so many life forms would perish -- God forgive us -- but logic dictates that violence from lesser beings precipitates violence from greater beings, and that superior intellect is always victorious.

Conversely, not enough has been made of the Sigma Draconis contact -- where we encountered, subdued, and reformed a world of nightmarish morality, liberating billions of gentle beings from a depraved system of slavery and abuse that had persisted for thousands of years.

Consider! If God had not wanted these outcomes, on more than a dozen worlds, then why were we humans given our superior intelligences? Why were we, among the billions of other alien beings, among the various stars and planets of our universe -- why were given this special gift of exceptional logic, reason, cleverness? Why were made this way -- so much more brilliant a species of life?

I ramble a bit -- I apologize. The stress of our current situation -- but -- let me get to my point --

We have been the primal and unchallenged chess masters of our universe. For the past fifty years, we have relentlessly anticipated every move of every alien civilization we have encountered, driving forward into the cosmos with uncompromising precision. We have found no alien beings who can compete with us. We have been matchless! The superior reasoning ability of our peerless species has placed humans in our unique role as undisputed rulers!

And now -- the message I must reluctantly deliver to you.

You clearly survey the current destruction of Earth. In recent days, our colonies on a dozen star systems have been obliterated. In recent hours, our own planet is now poised on the abyss of total ruin. Death and destruction is all around us. Martial law is imposed. What has happened? What remains of our manifest destiny now, in this brief stay of extinction for mankind?

It is the great source our prior success: it is natural law, which demands that the most intelligent species will ultimately win in any contest...

And so -- among the dozen worlds we have visited and subdued -- we must now stop -- we ourselves must submit -- surrender without condition...

We have finally encountered a civilization of alien beings who are even more intelligent than ourselves.


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posted on Feb, 4 2015 @ 03:49 PM
Pretty much, just a crazy compulsion to finish-out this story.

If you like this idea, check out "Pandora's Planet" -- by the great and highly underrated Science Fiction author Christopher Anvil.

A classic!

posted on Feb, 4 2015 @ 04:00 PM
a reply to: Axial Leader

Awesome read dude. I got goose-bumps.

posted on Feb, 6 2015 @ 08:24 PM
a reply to: Axial Leader

I would give multiple Stars and Flags if permitted to do so!!
Very cool and Thought Provoking Tale!!! Very Cool Indeed!!!


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