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White Guilt...The Newest Form of Racism

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posted on Dec, 2 2014 @ 03:20 AM
The funny thing is entitlements only lower and weaken people, individually, or as a group.

And penalties (reparations or racial guilt-tripping) actually STRENGTHEN a group; so this cycle is just self-reinforcing. The most successful minorities in the US have been the generations during and immediately after large struggles for their rights.

It's the struggle that makes one strong, not being handed the easy button.

If you have any doubt about this look at Japan or Germany after the war. Or Israel and the Jewish people also. All of them came back stronger than ever; dominating electronics, auto manufacturing, industrial technology, weapons, world finance etc

Struggle and strife make one better. Handouts and entitlement rot a person to the core. The left loves keeping people dependent. Race is irrelevant, every person on earth will benefit from having to earn their keep.

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posted on Dec, 2 2014 @ 03:28 AM
a reply to: 8675309jenny

Handouts and entitlement rot a person to the core.
Speaking of World War II. Do the words "Marshall Plan" ring a bell?

posted on Dec, 2 2014 @ 04:47 AM

originally posted by: rickymouse

But that isn't fair if a black person gets a job just because of a quota.

No it isn't .... Its a sort or reverse racism! and being given a head start due

to simply being born black and not for anything one has actually done

to educate and improve one's self for life.

They do the same thing with hiring woman contractors and women on jobs. It should be about hiring someone who is qualified and gets along with the others on the job. I understand that discrimination makes this hard though.

I can relate to that too. A company I once worked for was taken over

by a much larger company, whose policy was only employing male

salesman. So on inheriting me they had to make the best of it! and I

could 'feel' the bias, and actually had to work at 110% just to be

considered equal.

Some white people do not like black people and some blacks don't like whites. So forcing them to work together is not productive either. The same thing happens with women in construction jobs sometimes

That I cant agree with .... One doesn't need to particularly like who

one works with, you are employed to do a job (not be bosom buddies with)

It is possible to work with someone one doesn't possibly particularly like without

being unpleasant or rude!!

posted on Dec, 2 2014 @ 04:55 AM

originally posted by: Phage
a reply to: 8675309jenny

Handouts and entitlement rot a person to the core.
Speaking of World War II. Do the words "Marshall Plan" ring a bell?

$13B in aid after $500Billion in destruction ???


That's hardly a handout, and furthermore, it only helped restart normal trade and economies, ultimately benefitting ourselves anyway.

Next you're gonna tell me American banks didn't make huge profits during the rebuilding ???

I know you're playing the devil's advocate here Phage, but come on, of all people??

I'm sure you're aware of the catastrophic effects our free rice "aid" had on Haiti's farmers and economy. We decimated their markets and put over a million out of work simply by giving handouts. Google it up.
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posted on Dec, 2 2014 @ 06:35 AM
Well...I guess my first comment to anyone is...GET OVER IT! Crap happened in the past that was bad, it has been over forever...get over it. I don't see any REAL racism or privilege today. have a few people that sling words around but businesses, laws, government, etc...fair and balanced.

What is truly keeping some groups down is their leaders desire to milk their FORMER situation and not let it go away. Your Jacksons, Sharptons, NAACP, etc. Without racism...they die. They don't want to die. There is still too much money to be made on YOUR racism. So they feed it and grow it for their benefit. YOU ARE BEING PLAYED!

Ask yourselves this. When was the last time you were punched in the face ONLY for being black (black as an example...fill in anything you want)? When was the last time you were denied a loan for being black, denied housing, etc. It simply doesn't happen anymore. If you "see racism"...maybe it is just you looking for it where it doesn't exist. At least consider that. If you knew nothing of racism...would you see it?

And...on words and name calling. I know older people who throw words around that make me and others uncomfortable. But I don't always call that racist. Why? I'm logical. If someone is a true racist where they hate a race simply because they exist...I've never met one. When someone generalizes a group based upon that individuals EXPERIENCE with people from that group...I won't call that racism. It is experience. Sorry folks...if a majority of your group does crappy better start policing them yourselves and fix that or you will wear the banner of the behavior you permit. Suggestion...FIX IT.

Thousands of examples...but I'll give a simple one. If every ORANGE person you have encountered...or at least the vast majority has screwed you over is not RACISM to be cautious around ORANGE people. It is a learned response and experience. If a lot of people have learned to be cautious around ORANGE people for the same reasons...then ORANGE people have a problem. THIS IS NOT RACISM.

No person has to accept another person. When you don't accept another person, or group because of their is not racism. It IS racism when you don't accept them because of their color. So again...ask yourself this. When was the last time anyone heard this conversation:

Person #1: "That guy is an ass"
Person #2: "Why do you say that?"
Person #1: "Cause his skin is black"


posted on Dec, 2 2014 @ 07:14 AM
a reply to: whyamIhere

The thing is , this white privilege which everyone is speaking of does not apply to the working classes , its only for the privately educated silver spoon white kids who are born into riches and sent of to private schools and groomed from day one to believe they can achieve anything and are given power to do anything and end up in offices or positions of power.

It's like here in the UK all the lads that come from rich families and goto Eaton end up being our MP's and Prime ministers
e.g. David Cameron

That is the white privilege that we need to eradicate from the world.
We as the human race, the ONLY RACE should unite and remove any kind of privilege in any kind of class system
if we are to be equal , the anger of black communities and in part alot of black people feel that white people have it better off is simply not true , I have never experienced any benefits from the colour of my skin my family have been farmers in the highlands of Scotland and worked hard all of their lives in the working class system.

I have never really experienced racism until I was around 7 when I was playing on the war memorial as a child in the park , a large WW1 & 2 memorial for those who fought and died in the wars and were from grangemouth my home town.
I have salo skin and I dont look white , an old man came along and said "Get down of their you wee paki bastard"
I said im not from Pakistan I'm Scottish , the guy clearly just saw that my skin was dark and assumed I was Asian.
My grandfathers name was on the very memorial I was playing on , alot of kids were playing on it too.

This is nothing in comparison to the racism I witnessed first hand in School from ignorant white teens , whose fathers are bigots and are involved in sectarian football hooliganism.
These kids parents were ignorant and taught them hate for anyone not white , so boys who were of Pakistani or Indian decent at my highschool were threatened with violence regularly.
it's funny they tried to add me on facebook now that I'm older I told them to # off because I dont want to be friends with a bigot racist #.

Still if we are to end this , the class system has to be abolished and that only happens when we have a strong human rights, civil rights movement , and we currently dont have our MLK's or Malcom X's , there are no men or women as strong as those men to help make our governments concede rights to us .
We have to push them repeatedly and fight for our control over the system to stop privileged people from controlling the power and wealth that ultimately affects us all , black , white , red , brown , yellow, pink and green

posted on Dec, 2 2014 @ 07:25 AM
a reply to: eletheia

Please explain "reverse racism". I would think that's equality, but then again that may just be the opposite and not the reverse.

I agree with the rest, It's just the "reverse racism" is always a sticking point for me. Racism is racism and we need to call it what it is.

posted on Dec, 2 2014 @ 07:37 AM
It shouldnt be about guilt white, yellow, blue or black, but rather understanding of truth. In ignorance there is limited illusion in truth there shines the infinate divine. Truth you are no different than those you hate, for they are reflections of your self. You cannot even see others without recreating them in your own minds with the power of counciuosness decoding that information and believing it to be this or that, when in truth you look out in the infinate universe and reflections of the infinate made finite. To test this recall a dream when you create all subjects and objects in your minds eye, you do the same when awake that is how the mind itself works. Plenty of science to back that up all is decoded by the brain and sent back in time so that you can react in time. So the next time you see seperation think unity and you may evolve a bit. Our civilization is headed into a technological singularity where technology is capable of much more than we can currently convieve of, all of us should make it a point in our lives to evolve our infinate selves too. I think empathy would go a long way in accomplishig this selfless feat.
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posted on Dec, 2 2014 @ 08:07 AM
Having followed and read the postings the following can be stated:

I am white, my forefathers were white, their parents and so forth. Having done a good bit of work on my family tree, I have found both good and bad, the upstanding and the down trodden, the saints and monsters all there shining out like a beacon. And that where I come from to today.

Being white, and being born in the USA, I would argue is not all roses for a majority of such, and so why should I feel guilty cause I am white? Should I feel guilty cause I have a high school diploma? Should I feel guilty due to the color of my skin, or back ground? I don’t. What happened in the past, remains there, I can no more change the past, than have benefitted from it. In fact the opposite is true, I did not benefit from it, but have been punished due to it.

While growing up, I was white then, but let’s just say that cause my family was white, we did not qualify for many government programs, in fact, we were turned down more times than not. My parents did not despair, instead they did what was the next logical step, mom had to go to work to help make ends meet and to pay for things, like food, housing, utilities. Needless to say we did not have everything we wanted, but got what we needed.

All of this talk about white guilt, it is pure bs, and meant to try to shame people for things that they did not have control over. The sins of the father, that needs to go. All it does is serve to create a division and fracture people.

Who here has been a slave? Who here has owned a slave? Anyone? I have not had a slave, or owned a slave, and could really care less if my family did in the past. (for the record, they did) And I did not benefit from such. My family has gained and lost over the years, and like many others, have seen much.

I saw the end of the Jim Crow and the beginning of deseggration in the USA. And I have witnessed, seen and experienced first-hand what discrimination is like and feels like.

I am not denying that there was not problems in the past, nor that some of the decisions and laws were unjust and unfair, yet I do not need a constant reminder of such. Nor can I stand that people, who have not been there, or even experienced such, keep bringing it up. So their ancestors were slaves, big deal, it should not affect them on how they act or what actions they take today. Nor should they use such as an excuse to break the law or get a special advantage over other people, or use it to justify bad behavior.

The saddest part of all, is that people today do not want to take personal responsibility for their actions, they do not want a fair shake a hand up, but a hand out. They expect people to give them what they think that they are owed, but here is the sad truth of that. If they opened the can of worms called reparations, it would strain the US economy to the point of breaking far worse than what it is today, and then what will happen in less than a generation? They will be in the same boat and then complain about how unfair life is.

While we cannot undo the past, for all of the wrongs done to people’s ancestors, at the same time we can try to prevent the same mistakes, that have occurred in the past against everyone. All countries have forms of discrimination and all people are prejudice in one way or another. It is a part of human nature. And the sooner we admit that, the better off we will all be. And the sooner that people start looking and living in the now, thinking on the future, and stop looking for excuses as to explain why they can not succeed, that too will be the better. Cause soon, what was once the minority, is now becoming the majority and ultimately they have to decide to either be better than those that came before them or they will be the monsters and dictators that once they called the majority, and the circle will ultimately be complete. And we see that as occurring right now in different countries around the world, where the oppressed, are now starting to be or have become the oppressor, making the former look holy and saintly.

posted on Dec, 2 2014 @ 08:14 AM
you know what burns my butt, the U.S. didn't even start slavery in north america. that was started by our european ancestors, who's decadents always act like the U.S. was the ones who brought the first black people here or started it.

then we abolished slavery just a short time after they did. if memory serves Britain did outlawed slavery in the 1833, we did it in the 1865. thrity years. as a matter of fact many of the northern states, right after the revolution passed laws to free slaves, and made slvery illegal.

here's a interesting fact/estimate. during the 18th, the 1700's Britain surpassed every country in the world as the largest slave traders, during that time in 1770, almost one fifth of the population of the 13 colonies were black slave the british imported.

By 1700 there were 27,817 enslaved Africans in British North America. In 1740, there were 150,024. By 1770, the number of slaves had grown to 462,000, about one-fifth of the total colonial population.
Africans in British North America

i won't go into all the other area's they spread their foul practice and then act like they didn't do anything, other than to say that if any body deserves anger directed at them for slavery it is the british.
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posted on Dec, 2 2014 @ 08:30 AM
a reply to: eletheia

although i agree with most of your post i can't agree with calling africa a nation it's a continent.
that's why if you look at my posts, i must admit i say black when talking directly about black U.S citizens, but in general i always say U.S or U.S citizen. the way i see it, you are a citizen of the nation you come from, and not the continent your ancestor did. except for Australia which is both.

posted on Dec, 2 2014 @ 08:51 AM
Life isn't fair. Impart that wisdom on someone if they demand you pay for the sins of the very distant past. If my skin tone has given me an advantage, so be it. I will take that advantage and live a guilt free life because I sure work hard enough for it. A darker skin tone gives you a lot more advantages in the way of government help than a lighter tone ever will, so who really has the advantage here?

Its just that "some people" are not taking advantage of what is in front of them. They don't just want an advantage. They want everything.

So, burn baby burn if that is your solution to your perceived plight. Just don't bring it to civilized neighborhoods because I doubt it will be just the cops repelling that type of invasion.

posted on Dec, 2 2014 @ 09:25 AM
a reply to: ispyed


These are the ones that I've seen the most of. Most of Europe is pretty racist, there's always been anti-Roma (Gypsy) sentiment and currently a backlash against extensive immigration from Middle East and North Africa there. It's just that the media there doesn't trumpet it every chance they get.

posted on Dec, 2 2014 @ 09:29 AM
a reply to: sdubya

Also they tend to be anti-semitic.

posted on Dec, 2 2014 @ 09:54 AM
a reply to: eletheia

When I worked at Bemis in Sheboygan Wisconsin years ago, I would sit with this black guy at Lunch time because our breaks started a little earlier than others. He was a very nice guy, having moved there from Milwaukee to get away from the hate that seemed to be going on over there.

I got blackballed by many other employees for doing that, a few came up to me and said they did not want to have blacks start moving that way so we should not befriend them no matter how nice they are. They may have bad relatives according to them.

I kept having lunch with the guy, but I gave two weeks notice a few days after talking to the other workers. I kind of understand both sides, but the black guy was a good person, you can't categorize people like that. Being that Sheboygan was only about sixty or so miles from Milwaukee, I understand the concerns of the white guys too.

posted on Dec, 2 2014 @ 10:25 AM

originally posted by: hounddoghowlie

i won't go into all the other area's they spread their foul practice and then act like they didn't do anything, other than to say that if any body deserves anger directed at them for slavery it is the british.

Seems like you want to castigate the British for what they did regarding the slave trade that helped build your country, but on the other hand enjoy the benefits of what they did of laying the foundations of the country you live in. The word that comes to mind is " Hypocrite "

Maybe Britain should have stayed at home and you wouldn't now be living in a land called The U.S.A.

posted on Dec, 2 2014 @ 10:53 AM
a reply to: alldaylong

naw i would be speaking French or Spanish.
and someone who lives in glass houses shouldn't be throwing stones.

if the british had of stayed home there would be far less people taken from their homelands and turned into slaves.

posted on Dec, 2 2014 @ 11:56 AM
Is it wrong I've called black people racists to their faces when they've said or done something racist? I know I'm not wrong but America likes to make us think only white people can be racist.

But I think I should keep my mouth shut, I'm just another awkward white man in a plaid shirt. Yikes, I love categorization.

Heck, if the British didn't come over here lock stock and barrel, another set of people would've. NY has tons of names from the Dutch, Brooklyn was from the Dutch. Mostly the western end of LI was Dutch, while the eastern end was British, thus names like Montauk, Suffolk, etc.

I'm glad that it has maintained some native names like Cutchogue (not certain of the spelling), Manhasset, Massapequa, etc. So the natives are mostly gone but they still live on in the names of jurisdictions.

posted on Dec, 2 2014 @ 12:02 PM
It is Racism...

The truth is EVERYONE has cultural "privilege" it just so happens to be some culture ability to develop their own sucks, Asians have all sorts of systems for advancement of their own, so do white people, that term is just (culture envy) nothing more...

The other factor is cultural as well in the last century we watched Japan be occupied and hit with 2 Nukes and carpet bombed, took a whole of under a decade to make it to top economic status on the planet, Germany was split in two for almost 50 years... Best economy in Europe, Jews went through a Holocaust, top economic demographic anywhere they go around the world...

You sit around being pissed and feeling bad about what happened decades ago or you freaking work hard to repair it and help each other out, the issue is culture, privilege is something you give yourself, I have nothing against helping people develop it but a lot becomes money in the toilet unless the culture develops traits to preserve it...

posted on Dec, 2 2014 @ 12:16 PM
First thread reply! I think...
I believe that tip toeing around the subject tends to bring out the subject. The only people I am weary of what I say around, are my superiors at work.
Here's my take on the slave issue. The only reason that it is still the cause of some modern racism is because it is relatively recent. Take a look at history, what race was enslaved for the LEAST amount of time? Blacks. If you go by that judgement, African Americans have the least right to complain about slavery. How about the Jews? Even the Irish(can't get much more white than that) were enslaved longer.
With that being said, I think the racism issue will heal in time. Compared to other cultures that were enslaved, Blacks pretty much just happened.

... That's just my opinion though.

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