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Why Alternative Medicine is Bunk

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posted on Dec, 2 2014 @ 10:29 PM

originally posted by: GetHyped
a reply to: LDragonFire

What exactly is perverse about removing impurities and ensuring a consistent dose?

Because one size fits all does not work everyone has different deficiencies and just to hand a generic pill to everyone is murder which is proven time and time again by the side effects, medicines should not have side effects natural medicine doesn't fix one part of the body and kill another like radiation treatment which kills the capillaries as well as the cancer cell.

All the testing of these pills is either done in a laboratory with no consideration of heavy metals inside the body and tested on animals which have been proved to be pointless, here in Australia the doctors that were involved in the thalidomide trial stated on the record that animal testing has no association with humans and does not work, again we come back to murder.

one other thing its illegal to patent a natural product and nature has ensured you cannot copy it as we would then be able to live forever. virtually all of the pharmaceutical drugs come from the chemicals of plants and animals and have to be synthesized out of the 205 thousand medicines available today only 26 are reported to be any good.

They have ways to make chemotherapy work by diluting the first dosage and using DMSO to deliver the chemo drug directly into the cell but the rockerfeller terrorist organisation the FDA only allows DMSO to be used in one medicine yet it has been proven to stop a stroke while you are having one and if you don't think the FDA are terrorists research the fact that their objection to using folate during pregnancy and the current court proceeding to overturn their decision the time this case took to go through the courts 10 thousand babies were born deformed s the information could not be released.

I have no idea how these parents don't inflict some serious damage on the board of the FDA they are nothing but murdering scum, so much for the militias in America saying they are going to defend America when they allow these lowlifes to get away with how they treat Americans.

and in reference to your nutritional mainstream advice why do doctors get so little training in nutrition seeing it Is responsible for 70% of all illness ask a doctor about nutrition and not many hjave a clue and you know why because they don't get a bonus from the guy who produces seaweed or bananas.

Basically we have to introduce MRI testing for the governments and CEO's on telly in front of everyone, that is the only way we are going to remove the criminals that run our world.
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posted on Dec, 4 2014 @ 08:28 PM
a reply to: jinni73

That is just a collection of opinions, excuses and justifications.

Could you please address the point made in the OP?

posted on Dec, 11 2014 @ 07:42 PM

originally posted by: Astyanax
In a post on his science blog, Aardvarcheology, the Swedish intellectual Martin Rundqvist explains, using the theory of natural selection, why alternative therapies have zero or near-zero therapeutic effect.

His thesis is very simple. He points out that alternative therapies that are shown to be effective will quickly be co-opted by the real medical profession, at which point alternative therapists are forced to stop using it because their professional credibility, such as it is, depends on their separation from the mainstream. Meanwhile, alternative therapies that harm patients will (perhaps not as quickly) come to be identified as dangerous and will be abandoned.

Please note that this doesn't prove alternative medicine is bunk. We know that already. But it explains why it is bunk, which is interesting.

So they have zero or no effect up until the point they are taken in by the pharmaceutical profession which proves they do have effect and are valuable its just that they don't want others to cure people therefore they get Swedish intellectuals to discredit them. I think people seem to forget that the pharma industry is a business and they spend an awful lot of money on protecting their business and also ensuring it has a nice long line of lifetime customers.

rather than having a bad personal experience let your feelings towards alternative medicine which was good enough for the last 6000 years for the majority of other people on this planet guide you why don't you educate yourself by studying this and why its so valuable in fighting the evil that is controlling this planet bring up your own proof that you have researched.

Yes there are bad practitioners on both sides of the coin there are thousands of people killed every day in hospitals because these so called experts don't test for magnesium deficiency or a multitude of other deficiencies you are relying on people to take up your personal battle against one dickhead who did not do enough research and gave you an incorrect amount. you are also responsible for what you listen to no-one else, Its easy to rant and blame others for what is essentially your fault, trusting another human and not checking this out yourself is not the smartest move.

alternative medicine is a vast area which should always include nutrition which is responsible for 70% of illness but you notice how many mainstream doctors tell you about getting your digestive system correct in fact their pills they give out normally destroy the bacteria balance and then this creates more problems in the body take the filling agent Lactose in a percentage of pills after you reach around 40-50 your body stops producing the enzyme that feeds on this sugar which increases the bad bacteria in your colon and causes more problems.

there are so many cases of the pharmaceutical industry not using alternate methods and they are flat out murdering people just take for instance heart attacks you have a 33% chance of surviving a heart attack if you use the hospital methods yet if you use red chilli peppers massaged onto the heart you have an 85% chance of surviving but if you don't do your own research into this how are you going to be able to make an informed decision on what works and what doesn't the list is amazing on what they have got the governments to ban and then sold it to us themselves although added into a chemical mixture of toxins binding and filling it.
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