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Ruger SR9c experience and/or opinions?

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posted on Dec, 14 2014 @ 08:44 AM

originally posted by: Divin3F3nrus
a reply to: CloudsTasteMetallic

Hmmm, I think mine started to get pretty broken in around 500 or so rounds, but there was a lot of cleaning, polishing and dry firing before that point. I carry it concealed with the smaller mag, but out in the woods I use the full 17(I think) with grip extension.

I used to feed it any kind of round I could get. The only ones it was ever finicky with were ones I bought in a ziplock bag from my local range (they require you use their ammo). I have no clue what brand they were, I just know that the slide wasnt going all of the way back every 3rd round or so and the grouping was bad. Nowadays I buy brass from my friends (and salvage it from the brass bucket at the range) and reload my own rounds.

Right on, thanks for the info re: break-in period. I bought it with roughly 70-80 rounds fired, did a range test of 100 rounds before confirming purchase. I fed her a box each of Federal Champion and Rem UMC 115gr FMJ (no point wasting HP's on paper,) she went bang every time, no FTF or FTE, good solid primer strikes. Since gone through about 400 rounds of nearly everything but Wolf, no problems.

Really impressed by the almost non-existent felt recoil.

The more range time I get with it though, the more the "honeymoon phase" is wearing off a bit compared to my trusty G23. Got good groups first trip to the range, but lately I've been having issues with "snatching" and "heeling" (high and/or to the right shots.) compared to the consistency i get with the 23. Grip doesn't quite fit my hand as well. Probably just being nit-picky, as shots are still grouping good enough to be effective, if need be. All the more reason to get more training in, though.

ETA: I am overall more than pleased with this pistol. Great quality at the price point they retail for, not to mention Ruger's excellent warranty and support. Can't recommend it enough.

Never heard of a range around my parts that made you use their own ammo. Granted, I only go to two. 1) the back yard & 2) an outdoor 25yd range owned by retired and active LEOs.

Yeah, I definitely save brass too, and do as your buddies do and sell/trade/keep it. Local reloader takes great care of my rifle needs. He's got a meeean little .243 varmint/tack-driver load.
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posted on Dec, 14 2014 @ 08:55 AM
a reply to: projectvxn

Nah, just sounds like you're paying your dues for an eventual gig as a firearms writer and/or instructor. It's clear from your threads and replies you have the knowledge, passion, and communication skills to do so.

Off topic a bit for a sec, but I'm wanting to branch out of the striker-fired world, and pick up my first semi-auto with a hammer. While I'd love a 1911, seems a bit out of the budget for the time being. Thinking along the lines of a CZ-75 or clone, or Beretta 92, something along those lines, as of now. Any advice?

posted on Dec, 14 2014 @ 10:33 AM
a reply to: CloudsTasteMetallic

There are some amazing CZ75 clones out there that are not very expensive:

Canik55, a Turkish company, makes some seriously high quality firearms for very little money.

Here's the Canik55 Stingray CZ75 clone.

Like the TP9 and the TP9SA, both using the Walther P99AS form factor, have been robustly tested over the last few years. They have proven to be remarkably reliable. Most, if not all, of their line of pistols are under $400.

Century Arms International imports them to the US market. Same with Grand Power K100, which is a Slovak pistol, sharing many of the features of a CZ75, with some proprietary construction and mechanics. It has also garnered a reputation for being a good and reliable shooter.

There are a lot of excellent pistols and rifles out there that aren't in the product brochures of the bigger US companies that are simply treasures to be had. An open secret. I recommend checking out some of these weapons.

posted on Jan, 5 2015 @ 02:03 PM

originally posted by: projectvxn
a reply to: SmikeS

1.the trigger safety is gay, not like the lbtp, but, more like an iPhone.

This isn't an issue. It's a preferential opinion, and a poorly expressed one at that. stovepipes when fired upside down.(don't try this)

Why would anyone fire a weapon upside down?

Believe it or not if you are running away from an attacker (who is pursuing you) you can fire effectively (but not very accurately) with the weapon upside down.

On a range you also prevent 'turning' your weapon towards others by twisting your weapon upside down if you want to talk to those behind you, walk back etc.

posted on Jan, 15 2015 @ 08:51 PM

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