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Rothschild; Law Society and their ‘God’ connection

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posted on Nov, 26 2014 @ 11:51 AM
Rothschild; Law Society and their ‘God’ connection

I’ll start this thread by pointing out a few things relating to the Rothschild’s, and other so-called ‘elite’ in this world; many of which form part of the various secret societies on Earth.

Firstly; they are fond of things such as ‘mirrored writing’, and (it would seem) anagrams. This forms a large part of their understanding of this world and it is used by them rather extensively.

The reason for this is simple;

We live in a world which is (regardless of which side of the argument you are on) a complex multi-dimensional intelligent design. One that is governed by the laws of nature and physics which are determined mathematically; giving us what we refer to as ‘sacred geometry’.

On the level where we interact with the system of our world; written and spoken language forms a very large part of the mathematical systems which we live by.

As the Bible states; “The word is God”. And this is fairly true when you consider the function which written and spoken word has within society; and where we would be without it.

Language; though composed of lettering instead of numbers; is based upon set numbers of letters; and language ‘formulas’ for composition of words; and it is therefore mathematical in its foundation; and contains algorithms within any written or verbal composition.

I won’t go into much more detail on this; it is enough to explain the basic principles so you can appreciate the depth of power that exists within language.

The next aspect you need to appreciate is the power which can be conveyed through written and spoken word.

Any of you who have already awoken to the widespread, systematic lies of our Governments and media will know that they (for the most part) operate under the mindset that ”If enough people believe what you are telling them; truth is irrelevant”. It is something which Mark Twain quoted so perfectly when he said; ”Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.”

This is where the ‘mirroring’ part comes into play. If they want something to be considered true, or accepted by the masses; or in many cases, to come to pass; they simply ‘project’ that which they wish to, and in its reflection which is the distribution to the collective ‘masses’; the ‘seed’ they planted takes hold.

A large-scale version of starting a rumour; in order to get something to work in your favour; basically.

The reverse of this; is that if there is something which is largely believed or distributed, which isn’t to your liking; you ‘mirror it’ to try and cancel it out; or have it work in your favour.

Something which (in its larger applications) is trying to ‘tick all the boxes’ on something which is said to come to pass; as to try fulfil prophecy in your favour.

A well-known prophet says there will be a big fire somewhere at a certain time? Light a fire somewhere around that time; so that the true event can’t affect you. Something along those lines.

Next their connection to ‘God’;

Firstly; the term ‘God’ we use today comes from the Norse God ‘Odin’; who had many names. Among them were Bolverk, Wodan, Wodanaz, and the Lombardic ‘Godan’.

Godan; is an interesting name in itself when you stop to consider that that AN; is well-known to be a reference to God within other religions such as the Sumerian An/Anu. But I digress.

The partner of Godan was the Goddess Freyja. A name which later became Priya in Sanskrit.

From this we get what we say today as; Pray/Prayer to God. With Freyja become Prayer.

The basis of which actually translates to; “Woman to man”. But it is more than just this. Woman is; like in many other religions and their interpretations of feminine aspects of God, more accurately translated to something like ‘house, nurturing’ or that which something is contained within.

The male aspect of this which is Godan/God, has been personified as ‘the creator’ as it relates to the provision within the feminine aspect. This is why the Egyptian God Osiris is shown with a phallic symbol as his headdress; whilst his consort Isis is shown with a throne on her head. Because he as the male is ‘the creator’ whilst she is what he sits ‘within’ to create. It is, at its most fundamental level; just a metaphor for the penis and vagina in their roles coming together to create something.

The Mother is the canvas; the Father is paint; the child is the artwork.

Or if you prefer the Biblical version of things. The Father works in provision for the house (the BREAD-WINNER by todays language; whilst the Mother tends to the house and family.

This is the literally translation of what ‘LORD’ means; the bread-winner. Whilst LADY means; ‘bread-kneader’.

And in a house where the man was very successful in his role as the bread-winner; they were able to literally turn ‘water into wine’; when it came to entertaining guests. As they had the income and ability to afford such things.

And interesting side note to this; is that the name ELIZABETH; can be translated to be ‘Power of the house’; with El being the deification of divine power; and ‘Beth’ meaning (basically) house.

OK; so back to Rothschild. Which is simply an anagram of ‘Thors Child’.

Thor is used as their divine association and was used within the foundation of what we know today as ‘Law Society’. Something that is represented still in the use of the Gable. Thors hammer. The power, and control over society; for which they were a part of establishing.

The connection with themselves, Thor and the modern Church can be seen when you take a look at Thors first child ‘MODI’; a name which (mirrored) becomes IDOM/ADAM.

It is by this and its application to the Jewish and Roman Catholic Churchs, and modern Christianity; that we realise that they created a separation between Thor and Idom/modi; by mirroring (closing off) the sun; and leaving the Father UNNAMED! Something which is blatant within the translation of YHWH; where it states that he should not be named; or his name said.

This creates a 'divide' in society; where the elite; privy to the truth; are not only aware of who they deem God to be; but also give themselves divine association to them; whilst the masses are left unaware.

They even then go and name their elite 'Lords and Ladies' as part of their self-proclaimed divine association.

And to ensure that nobody then seeks to know who their praised 'God' is; they constructed the writings of Genesis to instill fear into KNOWLEDGE; so as to try deter anyone from knowing what they know.

This has effectively created a divide between the 'elite' of this world; and the common people. One by which the praise of the common people is giving (if only in perception) to those of the elite, as the children of the God they worship.

It also forms part of the system which has delivered inequality to women and seen them oppressed. Because as 'pray to God' is now seen as the process of talking to something unknown; it no longer holds its meaning in 'woman to man'; which saw them as the two equal parts of a whole.

So now 'prayer divides God from his feminine balance'.

If you appreciate all these things; then you begin to form a picture as to the connections between the British monarchy; the Rothschilds and the Romans (Catholic Church).

I have more bits and pieces in relation to this; but I will leave it here for now to allow people to respond and see what others have to contribute to what I’ve presented.

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posted on Nov, 26 2014 @ 12:34 PM
a reply to: BOOKOFTHOTH

Interesting hypthesis, I am guilty of a bit of rothschilde bashing and think it is justified but at some point's in history they have actually been a constructive force though they also financed war, weapon's and atrocity's while profiteering form suffering making there wealth blood money.

Person's I have met who knew members of the family here in Britain personally and told me story's of one who would drive his Jeep with a star of David on it taunting the German's during the Second world make some of them likable despite the fact they were also initially involved in bankrolling the Nazi's.

They are though some of the most disgraceful, dishonest and unscrupulous insider traders in history, indeed Barron Rothschild can be called the father of insider trading, his trickery during the napoleonic war's and his confidence game with the london stock market enabled him to nearly buy out the entire nation of Britain by making them think Napoleon had won at Trafalgar, the other stock market buyer's and seller's had seen over time how he had used his secret network of spy's and communication's (the best and quickest in the world) to buy and sell making money and never losing any so when he heard about Wellington's victory his ploy was to sell, sell, sell British and colonial stock which sent them into a selling frenzy as they were now convinced there share's were worthless and the French where coming, he then Bought up thousand's of time's as many share's as he had sold at bankruptcy price's virtually buying all the stock that had been sold that day, you have to admire the planning and cunning but it was still dishonest even if he did not openly lie about anything but merely played there own greed against them.

At time's they have had good intent's over the century's but today's lot are more corrupt and it is now old money so they forget where they came from and are for the rich and the elite who they virtually own anyway, in short they are not a patch on there founder but you have to admire a family who stick together even when they have become so corrupted by there power and control but are they really still in control or has the pyramid they have built up grown above them now and too big for them to control.

The secret Red Shield Lodge should be your next investigation, Red Shield, Rothschild.

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posted on Nov, 26 2014 @ 06:39 PM
a reply to: BOOKOFTHOTH

There is so much anti-Rotschild rants and bashing on the Internet (and elsewhere) that this makes me rather certain that the true evil is not the Rothschild family, otherwise you would simply hear not of their name. The true evil... you never hear its name.

posted on Nov, 26 2014 @ 06:44 PM
a reply to: swanne

Yes they are TOO public for that but they do still wield immense nation crippling wealth and power.

posted on Nov, 27 2014 @ 05:52 PM
Yes I agree that there is a truer 'evil' (if you could call it that); which is the puppeteers who have us in this game to begin with. I have seen them; and have 'dealings' with them on a daily basis; but don't know much more about them other than that they exist within the spectrum of light. Varying on colour, etc.

BUT; they have interests and alignments with certain 'bloodlines' on Earth; and the Rothschilds are thick in it. Whether good; bad; corrupt or not. They keep the truth hidden from the masses, and therefore become part of the same problem that (if they are good) they are subject to. Making them no better.

And if they are profiting and sitting on the top of the pile; then it is hard to say that their intentions towards the people with little to nothing are noble.

And the ones above these (the light 'beings') with 'no name'; are a necessary evil. They are those who keep in check; those that would take everything if they weren't.

The light beings; and people in this world who are the powers-that-be empower themselves from 'titles' such as names; and therefore are not worthy of knowing true names; or even of knowing or communicating with those who sit above them 'watching'.
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posted on Nov, 27 2014 @ 06:18 PM
a reply to: swanne

Also Swanne; if you are referring to the one who is not named; the one that some would call the Father; and some others would call Jove; he is only evil on a basis of necessity also.

But his name is Samuel. Or El. Depending on what part of the world you come from. Or Sabbas; if you know more than others.

posted on Nov, 27 2014 @ 06:19 PM
Also; LABTECH; how did the Goji berries go with Ebola?

posted on Nov, 27 2014 @ 06:41 PM
a reply to: BOOKOFTHOTH

Good post, I learned some new terminology…thanks for that.


I think the concept of elite is built in a world where something went wrong metaphysically, the Fall of Man syndrome if you will.

So elite is natural in a sense but in a fallen world prone to negative energy( evil) there has developed a negative elite though there is a positive elite as a balance to the negative.

The good elite can’t force people to know truth so their methodology is to work through evolution or resurrection: They live by the motto: “cast not pearls at the feet of swine.”

The negative elite want to rule by force (also secret force) and their motive is their ignorance and ego. Though they are not dumb (ignorant) they are ignorant in trying to usurp rule as if that is possible.

posted on Nov, 27 2014 @ 07:06 PM
a reply to: BOOKOFTHOTH

That is a strange question, I have not heard of any link or treatment based on Goji Berry's though I do recall something about they supposedly being good for the libido, other than that they are one of the so called superfood's that contain a very high level of vitamin C and other antioxident's which may help to boost the immune system but since the disease is a virus they would certainly not cure or prevent it only perhap's make the potential victim slightly stronger in there immune response and perhap's slightly and only very slightly either give them a greater chance of survival or make there death longer and more drawn out.

Virus are not like bacteria, a bacteria is an organism with it's own cellular structure and can be affected by chemical's and enzyme's in the body that it does not tollerate but a virus is actually far more simply, it is like a piece of genetic code encased in an enzymatic protien shell, this shell help's it to integrate itself into the host cell by facilitating passage of the viral gene through the cell wall, once inside the cell it hijak's the normal dna/rna division and incorporates itself into the cell turing the cell into a factory that produces copy's of the virus until there are so many copy's the cell explodes and these copies of the original virus then infect other cell's that they then come into contact with.

Slowing down cellular mitosis over the entire infected host can slow down the spread of a virus, or concocting a enzyme that can block the specific enzyme of a given viral shell may prevent infection rendering the virus intert but really only an immune response can deal with a virus which is why they are developing a vaccine to innoculate, many people wrongly take anti biotic's but against a virus they are useless.

I really don't know what have you heard about Goji berry's.

posted on Nov, 27 2014 @ 07:33 PM
a reply to: LABTECH767

It's not strange at all;

Hypotherapy is the key to curing just about all of our 'troublesome' problems.

The octaplex DNA is what needs be effectively treated to simplify healing.

The blood is the key. We already have the tools; we need to focus more on the fuel.

posted on Nov, 27 2014 @ 07:35 PM
a reply to: BOOKOFTHOTH

Unless you can think of a more perfectly 'designed' system for delivery.

posted on Nov, 27 2014 @ 07:50 PM
Will Tell;

This is true and understandable;

But it is in our actions to the people (the swine if you will) where we truly become 'Gods or Tyrants'.

It is easy to shift from being part of the cure, to becoming the problem; if you lose sight of the greater good which is being fought for.

Much more than usurping rule; this appears to me to be the greatest threat to those of the good energies. Becoming a likeness of the very thing they fight against.

It is unfortunately; sometimes necessary to fight fire with fire; but this becomes pointless if the cost is burning the very thing you are fighting for.

Some of the 'good energies' of this world; are now in the position where they are taking without regard for/from not only the collective; but those things which are sent to help them.

They keep their faith in the favour and assistance of 'God'; but at the same time make moves which would underhandedly milk its incense.

They need to stop and realise that when this is noticed; that the eye that falls on them will see them as part of the threat to who (or what) they are. And this makes them undiscernible from the illness they seek to cure.

"Don't bite the hand that feeds" I think sums it up very well. Because what is given, can be taken away. Regardless of good intentions in what was taken.

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posted on Nov, 27 2014 @ 08:34 PM
a reply to: BOOKOFTHOTH

I hear you, but Im going to up the ante and play this as far as it goes…

Do you know that when man fell from grace, before that the so called “devil” or Satan's job was to shield Adam from the powerful energies of the sun in which Adam was not yet acclimated to this high-powered solar energy.

So everything was going along fine until the fall occurred (make a long story short) then it was Adam (to his misfortune) who had to shield himself from this powerful solar heat energy in which the devils were designed to be able to absorb without the suffering that man would normally suffer if it weren’t that the devils were shielding Adam from the suns heat.

In other words we are now our own devil but that has come with a great price—immense suffering.

That ancient pattern is still with us: the Rothschild’s and their ilk are playing along with that ancient pattern whether they know it or not and which will be with us until the end.

But to their surprise is that they will and can’t absorb this power as they will soon find out.

So we have Enoch doing things in place of those ancient “devils” since they have been dethroned as the BOOKENOCH tells us

Enoch knows what he’s doing because he is attached to the Angelic root hierarchy.
That’s why he walked with God…

In quantum spirituality one just has to have a little faith and trust but ultimately has to take responsibility for becoming ENOCH!

posted on Nov, 28 2014 @ 04:30 AM
I will reply to this in more detail later when I have more time.

Thanks for the input.

I would like to know what you know of the serpents.

The ones that can make a man feel as if he is Medusa.

That and anything in relation to the large 'beasts'. The dark, and massive cat/bear-like ones who run can run on fours; but walk on two.

Massive enough that two of their claws/fingers would span the breadth of a persons chest. They do not seem to want to do harm. But nothing is ever certain as I have found out; only probable.

posted on Nov, 28 2014 @ 05:58 AM
a reply to: BOOKOFTHOTH

Ah becoming the Devil to kill the Devil, I think I missed the point of your anaology and took it too literally so my apology's for the long winded reply.

This is something I understand and it is also deep rooted in human psychology, many victim's of abuse for example may become abusers themselves later in life.

It is almost as if the conscious psychology much like the Eye that is often used as it's symbol in esoteric imagery is almost spherical, like an eye it can not see what is behind it but I often wondered a perfect mind would be like a sphere (especially in it's reasoning which is why ancient esoteric mystic's and modern scientific theoreticians are essentially the same thing but using different tool's of knowledge) both encompassing all it related to and at the centre of all it related to, able to touch and be touched by all point's simultaneously while'st at the same time being totally independant and seperate, of course it still would not be able to see itself.

Playing the devil's own game against him is always a dangerous endeavor but often refusing to take part in the game is not an option and when you find you are less than a pawn on the board it can be disheartening for those whose ego is too large for there own good.

Here is a point not related but spun off this line of thought, do you believe there is a possibility of a devil who is against the other devil's and would use all at it's disposal even though it know's itself condemned and beyond salvation or redemption to destroy the other devil's out of altruistic care for the little sheep.

Now those other devil's would think it a fool and an altruistic imbecile but in fact would it be, what if it regarded those sheep as it's own children.

But then out of the mouth of christ "Cast not your pearl's before swine lest they then turn and devour you as well" - a parable that is often misunderstood, forgive your enemy but give to your own first not second.

Here is a simply test and mind excercise, sit in a calm meditation and think of a leaf, a detailed leaf with stoma and structure, think out from the leaf while keeping all part's of it in your mind at the same time and see the branch and the other leave's then the trunk and the other branche's, think on the trunk and it's bark, the grain and the little insects that live in it and try to maintain focus on not losing the least bit of attention not only to all the detail of the first leaf but all the leave's in the tree, all the branches, the trunk, the root's and then consider what you can not see, the other side of the tree, and then see that too, then inside the tree.

This is only a tree, one tree in a forrest and all are different as indeed are all the leave's on the tree, they may be similar but each is unique.

Now you see why the eye is blind and only that which created the eye can truly see.

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posted on Nov, 28 2014 @ 10:54 AM
a reply to: BOOKOFTHOTH

thanks for interesting post.

somehow after reading them, i feel like there is a 'sync'.

whoever the 'puppeteers' are, sometimes i feel that they partly/indirectly help raising awareness of the sufferers. not sure if they do it on purpose, like jerks with hearts of gold.

and if not, maybe it's true that 'in great hearts, the cruelty of life gives birth to good'

(but then 'no good deed goes unpunished' also sounds true to me hehe... being a nice person sometimes only makes someone become more vulnerable to manipulations by their close friends.)


posted on Nov, 28 2014 @ 11:08 AM

Also if you’re talking about the Rothschild’s and their kind one has to also think of the Masonic group they are associated with

As far as this “devil” thing; a friend of mine use to always remind me of this:

God is the devil

I say if he aint then he isn’t God.

God or whatever you like to think of God as does use what we call evil and this devil to further his cause.

Ultimately intention is what matters and what’s really inside a being

posted on Nov, 28 2014 @ 11:57 AM
a reply to: Willtell

And to LABTECH as well;

What if 'becoming the devil' was never an option presented to you; only an inevitability?

Such as with the catharsis process described in the Bible as 'touching a coal to the lips'; what if the only who meets the burning not only had no trust; and could not trust the divinity of those who were 'testing' them; but also never had any interest in becoming what they were being forced into becoming?

Say someone is Christened with the name of God; with a family name meaning 'farmer'; then inadvertently chose another very particular name for his confirmation into the Catholic church; does this mean that they (blind or not) need become that which they would chose not to be?

Within the catharsis process; what if they were given the opportunity to 'concede' or to take a journey of self west as the sun does; and they chose to die rather than submit? But weren't allowed to die?

And that every attempt they made to end their life after this; was thwarted by those who deemed their path (or destiny if you like) necessary?

Would fighting against those who will neither let you live; nor die; then classify you as having 'become the devil'?

In this type particular example; what if the only thing that the person being tested wanted throughout all this; was love? And that as it was the only real 'prize' that could be offered, it was withheld?

In such a circumstance; does the devil one becomes actually act as the 'Bolverk', worker of evil; or venom of God (whatever term you wish to use)?

If they never wanted to become neither God, nor the Devil; then what are they in what they are made to become?

And; how can there ever be given faith, or credence of 'good intention' inside a catharsis process; which would take away the most perfect love that person has ever known, in order to use it as an offered 'prize'?

A little more depth to this; would be to describe that such a person walked into a bar on Easter Sunday to see a girl with bright red (fake) hair, working behind the bar dressed as a bunny; and fell in love with her instantly.

Something which finally gave context to why they were living; and why they had walked through the world like a zombie for many years, dead inside.

The context of such circumstance gives obvious relation to why they would be put into a catharsis process; but how can that person ever believe that the process they are within would ever have a happy/beautiful outcome; when those carrying it would intentionally have this blooming love taken from them; and see that various 'supplanters' then 'know' her (and wear her energy) in front of them; with the intention of establishing their power?

Is that a power anyone should ever submit to?

Would they see this world ended to see such a love restored; in its truest and purest form (of the light energy they see drained from her over years)?

If such a love is not worth contesting any power, regardless of its level divinity; worth dying for (or trying to repeatedly) and contesting; even to the ends of the universe itself; then what is?

If something like that is not worth fighting for; protecting; and saving; then what is? What is the purpose of any of this?

Such a thing and emotion; is one of the only true things that any consciousness can ever say they have held; regardless of whether the truth is otherwise.

It is a purpose which gives meaning. Not only to self; but the greater process which you exist within. And without it; what can be said to have meaning?

It does not matter if I, you; or any of us die; or indeed all existence as we know it ceases to exist; if the purpose within it has been tainted, destroyed, or subverted in such ways.

Such a fight is noble beyond any other; and if it said that this persons shall be held accountable for their sins in eventuality for that; then at least it shall come to pass as being done for love; beauty; and the protection of their likes.

Too much emphasis exists within the power hierarchy of this world about control of this worlds forces; and how to administrate it to the collective; and the simplest of all purposes within the very EXISTENCE of that they covet is lost to the point where they are blind to it.

Who gives a # if this world continues; or who has control to see it go forward; love is dying and nobody seems to notice.

This is why none of them are worthy; and never shall be. This is why; though many can award themselves, or wear the title of King or Queen; they can't possibly understand how to be that.

It is not to say that they do not know what love is; only that they see greater importance in things which are irrelevant in comparison.

And with the picturing things within the mind; I picture things of this type regularly; on far larger scales. Sometimes given, sometimes constructed. Many of which I don't really understand what I am looking at. The flight within/without of yourself.

But; if you have seen countless different types of trees; all of which have very plausible and real basis for being real in higher (or lower) places; then how are you to know which is where; which fruit belongs to which tree; and how do discern the measure of your place within them all; when you could be all, nothing; or everything in between?

I see far too much that I do not wish to; and almost nothing of that I do.

All I know with certainty beyond that which I am; is that I can and will be anything (or anyone it seems) which I need to be; whenever I need to; sometimes not understanding a word of the random languages I speak; IF i need be. But that it is almost always because I am forced to be; rarely because I want to be.

And that the only thing to me worth being in this world for; is to see that the S and the B are brought back together as they should be.

Everything else bar never submitting to that which I know to be wrong; stands as irrelevant in comparison.

Finally; if you are forced into an end which you never wanted; is it really your end to begin with?

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posted on Nov, 28 2014 @ 12:11 PM
I should clarify that; being forced into being something, or someone other than what I am, comes as choice. There is nothing taking over within my focus. It is an acceptance or acquisition of something necessary, or suited to the position I am put into without choice (hence forced).

This has at times been something which I can only describe as the devil itself by definition of its nature; but only in a defensive aspect. A defender of men. And though it can test with evil intent; it is only to try force the hand of those who will not move upon such things. To get a point across.

There is also times when I have experienced 3 or so 'presences' come forth at once; all synced perfectly with my own self within the focus. Both male and female. All varieties of divine titles.

I wish I had never gone to the beach late at night; never met the 'flame' energy; and the subsequent rainbow of coloured orbs that followed it. And I wish I had never then asked them to know what this world was.

If I had been given the choice between what was to come; and the love of my life. I would have chosen her. Every time.

posted on Nov, 28 2014 @ 01:16 PM
a reply to: BOOKOFTHOTH

There are many more realm's and heirarchys hinted at in the Christian litterature such as the Outer Darkness, many mansions in my father's house,The Heaven'(s), New Heaven, Earth, New Earth, Eden the first world of man but not the only realm even then, Throne's and Principality's and Power's, the Heavenly Host's.

In christian faith as written humans who ascend become like the Angel's or the Elohim, they have a new body and live for ever but only if they want to (He that is athirst will I give of the water's of life freely), they are neither male nor are they female.

Maybe not related but of interest maybe to you by your choice of avatar name.

I try to avoid psychic and other form's of occultism but though I actually never dabbles I have had my fair share of strange encounters and experience's.

How about this, you have heard of the Ladder of Osiris but maybe interpret it as a metaphor.
Resurrection of osiris in a new shining body. (was osiris really a queen think his penis was eaten by a fish so Isis had to use a branch - in other word's the child had no father and she declared the child to be of Osiris)
You have heared how osiris was scattered to the four direction's.
You understand how to the ancient egyptians Egypt was the world and the milky way was the celestian or underworld nile (the underworld of the Egyptians' being in the sky not the earth).
You know of the Land of contentment mentioned in Egyptian myth and religion said to be a land in the east.

Land of milk and Honey.
As in Heaven so on earth, As on earth So in heaven.
I shall scatter your seed to the north, the south, the east and the west (Ladder of Jacob)
Resurrection of Christ, angel's at the tome in shining white like lightning.
Mary was a virgin - draw the parralel.
The list goes on and on, but oddly Atheists try to deny a link to egypt and say that it was all made up.

I had a very bad time back in the ninety's, all my family are sensative if you like to call it that.

I had a OOBE, I was in a very dark barren place with grey mist on the ground, I was in another body, it was the same as mine but felt detatched, the feeling from touching something was distant and faint, there was a great ladder that reached up, it did not stop at the ground but went down into it and rose to a faint light were dark cloud's were lightened by it around the very distant ladder far, far up, it seemed to have no end but I was desperate so walked over to it and started to climb.

The wood was silver and dry, barkless but un shaped with crack's along the grain as though it was dry and dead, there were clean knot's but no protrusions and it felt as hard as steel, the Rung's were about from my elbow to the tip of my finger's apart or slightly further and were seemingly grown from the two side's with no seem's, the width of the lader was about one and half to twice as wide as the rung's were spaced.

I intended to climb if it took me forever which having looked at the ladder I truly thought it would, I reached the My THIRD rung and almost staggered forward as something litterally plucked me up and put me wherever the top of the ladder was, I could not lift my head though I was standing, I simply felt ashamed of my nature of all the mistake's of myself and the entire human race but made the request of the lord who I felt but did not see then I stepped back and down, One rung only, there ahead of me I saw a figure kneeling, short dark hair it's back to me and of indistinguishable sex though I thought at the time male, there in front of me and between me and the figure was a short rounded topped pole like a hindu lingham or similar, it was not like the wood but dark like metal, iron or something else.

I found myself snapped back to my body at that point.

On another occasion I saw an ovalled Cartouch with no starter bar, it was upright not on it's side of an ochre color with a black border and in the middle was black circle but no other symbol's, the circly moved up and I felt myself lifted out of my body then heard other's seeking my body and saw the circle slam back into the center of the Cartouche, I felt as though the other's litterally squashed around me, I felt them flowing around me, this was vision not of my eye's but was even more real and overrulled my vision, I was conscious at the time.

Esoteric and then very unusual experience's.

I know this is not your path but urge you to walk it cautiously, even if reincarnation is real non of us who may be among the reincarnated really know who or what we really are but if there is a greater purpose and a divine plan it is not for us but those that play the harp to pluck the string's of fate, though just maybe if they continue to pluck them the wrong way they will find themselve's on the recieving end as someone else pluck's those very string's.

Have you ever seen a symbol of a Pharoe with a sheaf of wheat and a small hand sickle in his crossed arm's.

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