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Brazil Water Crisis

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posted on Nov, 25 2014 @ 12:28 PM
This story has been in circulation for at least a week now, so I'm a little surprised that no one has mentioned it here on ATS as of yet. So I guess its up to me to tell about the severe water crisis happening in Brazil right now.

The immediate cause of the crisis is a year-long drought. The Cantareira reservoir system that supplies around a third of the city's population is so low that Sabesp, the local utility, has to dip into and treat sediment-heavy supplies and pipe water in from other sources.

It's the worst dry spell in the region since record-keeping began more than 80 years ago. Other parts of Sao Paulo state and Brazil have been hit, too, though not as harshly. It may look like an aberration, but the planning for the disaster has been poor - and offers important lessons.

A year long drought plus poor planning for the possible problems due to the drought have led us to this point....? Add to this is the fact that this isn't the only place experiencing extreme drought; remember California!? According to an article posted on NBC NEWS about global drought conditions for 2014 countries like Colombia, Pakistan, Somalia, Australia, Guatemala, China and Kenya are each experiencing droughts as well:

Brazil's problem is bad but not a singular event nor is this an isolated one. As we humans serve to defeat ourselves with de-forestation and destruction of ocean life, when will things have gone too far to fix? Is the age of the Weather Extreme upon us?


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