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We Killed Michael Brown!!!

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posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 09:20 PM
More often than not we see the propaganda that the MSM throws at us, and we form our opinions based upon that. I just watched this video from stick187, and I must say that what he has to say is "real talk". He gives a straight up, from the heart talk about the Michael Brown shooting that I think is just amazing. And I happen to agree with him, and some of the things he says really hit home with me, especially about control about the 20 minute mark.

Would love to see what other ATSers think. Vid is 27:38.


Some of my favorite quotes from the video:

"It's not about race, but we make it about race..."

"We completely miss the real issue, that somebody made a mistake, and now someone's dead it has nothing to do with race..."

"Us as black people, us as hispanic people, yo, we know the real. We don't live off of movies like that yo, we know that that sh*t is real, yo bullets are real. When someone pulls a gun people go running, we don't go standing around trying to take the gun from the person. Like, everybody goes running, like we don't play that. The majority of us, we don't do that man. We don't play with guns. We don't roll like that."

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