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Not mush difference between the KKK and the Bloods

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posted on Nov, 23 2014 @ 11:17 AM
I have seen many stories about the KKK recently. Part of me laughs but more of me gets angry.

The KKK does have exclusive membership. So does every gang in the inner city. In theory how are the KKK and the Bloods any different? Except the Klan has not been charged with killing a black man in years, and a Blood member hasn't killed a Blackman since with weekend.

This all ties back into Ferguson and how it's easier to blame outwards then inwards. How political correctness makes it hard to blame the real problem. If Obama was a leader over a politician, he would say, the autopsy shows That's Brown's hand was near the gun when it went off. So what you think you were protesting was wrong. So you are rioters not protesters if you do anything after justice for the cop is served.

He won't and ferguson will burn. Then why would anyone (no matter what race they are) want to put their money into ferguson or in any other area like Ferguson

the policians will promise to help, only if you vote for them. All the while those areas will stay poor and hatred will increase. When all that has to be done is taking responciabilty, not only blame the the people
Who should be blamed but call them out.

fergusin has issues because of the population of ferguson, fight the urge to blame outsiders. Only till people at the bottom start to change, will we see real change. To do this people have to fight the PC police and blame the people who created the problems. Only then, can the inner cities get better.

posted on Nov, 23 2014 @ 11:22 AM
a reply to: thinline
KKK=Bloods=Crips=Police....period...... they are all rival gangs.....

posted on Nov, 23 2014 @ 11:44 AM
If you do NOT know the history of any organization ISIS and crips could look alike but this is not the case what so ever. The bloods did not manifest or organize themselves to destroy anyone or to target anyone. They did non organize because someone looked different then them and they did not possess and child-like arrogance that puts everyone else on the bottom.
Blood stands for something that has nothing to do with the destruction of a people that looks different or that is deemed "unfit" "3/5ths human" or anything like that. You know.
Bloods don't kill kids. I think you get my point by now.
If you want an interesting read, go research the origin of the bloods and crips. It is enlightening and you will be able to see why and how they were infiltrated and de-evolved into a chaotic gathering of lost souls.
Blood - Brotherly Love Overcomes Oppression and Destruction

The original bloods and crips formed to protect so called "black" businesses and owners from racist southern idiots that would destroy, loot, and practice illegal tactics to establish fear and a false sense of superiority. All in the name of the Law. I am originally from LA and the history is nothing short of a great attempt to self-govern and to protect innocent women and children.

If you aren't from the inner city, you will come out thinking a certain prescribed way.
People don't really have a clue about the inner city and the media gods control your information.
Take my word, the inner-city looks very different when you look at it with your own eyes.
A blood hasn't killed a black man since the weekend?? I can't tell if that was like a unfunny joke or what? How about this bloods do not have insolent initiation rules and childish practices. Bloods do not have to kill a "insert person here" to become one. But, I know clan idiots and I know what they have to do to become one. Bloods historically do not get bored and have "pic-a-ni" which is where we get the term pic-nic. This is when everyone is just so effin bored they go pick a random innocent person of African descent and then do whatever to them before killing them. In front of everyone. Yup people brought their kids to watch them castrate and slit pregnant women stomachs. That hurts just to type.

If you want to know real animals go read a book and stay out of the TV.
At this point in time, we civilians at the bottom are just reactionary. We are responding to the actions of others. The clan, Isis and other idiots are actors, they act upon which they believe.
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posted on Nov, 23 2014 @ 12:26 PM

originally posted by: AKINOFTHEFIRSSTARS
Bloods don't kill kids.

thats a load...
you know that is not true.....

go ahead and ask for sources now...i dont have them and i am not looking.

logic is enough to tell me that in the history of that gang and heir activities, kids have died....

posted on Nov, 23 2014 @ 12:59 PM

Absolute rubbish. The original bloods were formed when some drug dealers took power and the myth spread.

In the 90's one of the original founding members was released and shocked to see how far and wide his gang had spread.... On myth and lies. No one even had any idea where it came from. Everyone else had some other story and gang sign and just a bunch of nonsense... He tried his hardest to straighten the ship(in a pretty bloody fashion) but he got arrested again.. Il look up the gangland episode. Discusses at length why he started what he did and who was with him and how it spread.

The young ones that didnt get caught up in the initial arrests spread out to New Jersey and somewhere else I forget and the rest is history. These young idiots wanted to act like they were top dog now that the initial powers were gone.

When leadership covets violence, over time the organization will become more violent.

The klan however has much deeper roots. 99% of the idiots claiming klan today don't even know or understand. Again, time and ideas change organizations for the more radical when radical ideas are coveted

posted on Nov, 23 2014 @ 02:05 PM
a reply to: mindseye1609

Let's be truthful here. Gangs, Motorcycle Clubs, Secret Clubs start because of sense of belonging. The Kiwanis Club or Salvation Army could go to the darkside if they so chose.

The Bloods and the Crips, MS-13, Hells Angels, etc, etc all started out small, but once they had numbers, they branched out into criminal activities.

It is what it is. Stop trying to be so PC and forgive them their activities. What was in the past, is in the past. These group are currently active and violent.

I'm personally fed up with all the whining about Ferguson. Until that town pulls it collective head out of it's ass, they get what they deserve. Just like the rest of us when we continue to vote in all the idiots in Congress...which is probably the most evil gang of all.

posted on Nov, 23 2014 @ 02:32 PM
a reply to: TDawgRex

Ever noticed the comparisons? Bloods = Red = Right = Republican, Crips = Blue = Left = Democrat, it's divide and conquer at the deepest levels I reckon..

posted on Nov, 23 2014 @ 02:40 PM
Praying for tidal waves.

posted on Nov, 23 2014 @ 02:56 PM
I dont' have any idea what you mean by 'blood'. I assume you are refering to all 'street gangs'.

If so, there is a huge difference between the two. The street gangs are smarter. They actually have a business model that makes money beyond struting around showing off their 'colors' and spouting rage and hate. I've never seen a 'kkk' lodge (????) that could make money.

There is a lot of brainpower in the 'street gangs' (see Freakanomics); not so much in the 'kkk'.
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posted on Nov, 23 2014 @ 03:17 PM
a reply to: FyreByrd

See.... You got tricked... Those are the idiots. I assure you the klan makes a fortune both legally and illegally. We're not talking booby bars and biker meth here either. These boys have family and they care for it, they ain't coming out of the wood work unless it's on a level most only dream of.

The real deal "klan" for the most part is gone tho... Whispers still remain in the sons of sons all across the back woods of America but for the most part, they learned - "Mind my own, make my own, and nobodies gonna bother me and mine."

The people you see claiming klan today are no different then the young thugs running around claiming sets and shooting people for wearing a hat kicked the wrong way. The original intent was distorted and twisted for the ends of the new generations that mold it to their likings.

Edit to add: not that these "real klansman" I speak of aren't racist... They are kinda... Sorta.. Time has chewed on racism for most folks and waned it down to where even decendants that held some of the craziest ideals ever can mature and grow.

Much like Islam or Christianity extremism is the enemy. With the klan it's kinda hard to find a non extreme bone in there bodies but like I said.. There's plenty of boys trying to progress and empower the white race many ways but burnin crosses and hailing hitler isn't one.
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posted on Nov, 23 2014 @ 08:54 PM
Grovit :

So called "Black" U.S. street gangs don't even operate like the way you are purporting. Bloods do not operate like, "lets go kill [insert people here] their kids." The same goes for other gangs. For example there was a video that went viral and it showed a dad and daughter getting robbed and gunpoint. Anyway to make a long story short, the father left his daughter and the three men didn't even look at the little girl.
Screw sources. I grew up in the birth place of it all. My elders were my sources. Logic is flawed and limited to ones understanding. Try stepping outside of the box and learning some facts that may challenge the foundation of your logic. Trust me the picture looks different from the other side. Sure kids have died but the Klan has deliberately targeted innocent people, women and kids. Bloods do not possess an ideology that puts them above everyone else. They are just trying to survive and that is a completely different ball game.

Mindseye1609 :

The original bloods and crips had NOTHING TO DO WITH DRUGS WHAT SO EVER. I mean it makes for a good show and sounds like an excellent movie but it is far from reality. If you have ever met or will ever meet a true blood that you can touch with your own hands and not through the tv I can guarantee 100% of the time you are going to get a different story.

If we let you guys tell the story of the inner city, the panthers even come out as an extremist racist group when it was documented that they gave free food to everyone.
Some people will always create these groups to make them feel special. The real gangs are the organizations the panthers and the bloods and crips were originally fighting. Look at Cause. The formation and the militarizing of a people is an effect. 9/11 should be a perfect example. **This is not true for all gangs. This is the light of my original post.

posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 10:55 AM

Just cause I hail from the sticks don't mean these boots ain't seen every last one of the bricks in my area. I'm from just outside flint and I've spent many many many (way to many) days and nights in the D. (Detroit) ever been down 6mile? Ive known a pile of bloods from that way. The kind that wear $1600 red and black Gucci shoes while they live in an abandoned house they killed the guy to take... Those are the bloods I've met from the D.

In flint.. The blood gang is shattered. I've discussed this with a few of my fellow "older now" friends that used to run with the wolves. After the Pierson road gang flint hasn't seen a large "family" style gang take hold. It's just hundreds and hundreds of crews claiming whatever they want. They make up some colors and a logo like call of duty and they go cause mayham.

There was a time when through the vice lords michigan was going to be a "blood state" but gues what... All those fools claiming VC out in little suburban towns all ether got killed, ran for the hills when the killin started, or realized they have nothing I do with all that bull ish and got out. The economy is so toast around here crime doesn't even pay most of the time you just gotta find a niche to fit in.

Due to my proximity to this phenomenon and the effect it had not only on me but on a lot of the people around me I've attempted to root this one out. I knew farm boys that while we were bailing hay they were showing off the new "crip walk" in there redwing boots... One of my neighbors got "forks down" painted on his mailbox.... I lived a very Long ways from any paved roads.

The whole story of the "we were just trying to be good and the man never gave us a chance... They labeled is organized crime right off the bat" is the biggest load of bull. No one gets labeled organized crime just for organizing. They got together and were caught running dope very early on.. Why would they be caught with dope so early on? Why not frozen turkeys? Or construction materials to help the community? Bringing in dope definitely helped the community!

The crip gang was started with $$$ as the motive. $$$ and power. The bloods were formed to counter that and the myth spread. You get extremist little know nothing's that raise the bar for the next idiot to try and step up to and you get what you see today. A buncha asshats trying to outdo the last asshat in terms of violent action. I'm
Sure there is a deep sense of brotherhood and family between these guys but that's no excuse.

The gangs pick on daddy issues just like these extremist cells do. Of you feel dissolutioned with your life you can join their organization and be together, and be united... It's not a good thing. We need to unite as a people and as a planet... Not as little extremist cells
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posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 12:06 PM
a reply to: mindseye1609

See. I understand your position but it is not accurate.
You know bloods in Detroit, and you have met bloods in detroit correct?

I really don't know how to convey this......
Remember I talked about the cause and effect? The conditions and elements that were present and responsible for the birth of the B's & C's were not responsible for their birth in Detroit, New York, New Jersey and any other place for that matter. They have the same understanding you have, the outsider looking in approach. Maybe those gangs started with with the sole idea of power, drugs and money.
In Los Angeles, you know the BIRTHPLACE of these particular gangs we are talking about, DID NOT MANIFEST THEMSELVES BY WAY OF CORRUPTION, POWER HUNGRY FOOLS, OR

A buncha asshats trying to outdo the last asshat in terms of violent action. I'm
Sure there is a deep sense of brotherhood and family between these guys but that's no excuse.


This is a reflection and the result of someone capitalizing of a particular culture. They capitalized off of people trying to express and shed light into a dark alley you wouldn't even know existed. "Gangster Rappers" wish they had enough money to even Master a CD, let alone mass produce it. The result will be people trying to idolize and "out do the last ass hat" mentality. BUT THIS IS NOT HOW IT BEGAN. The reason I keep stressing that FACT, when you talk about these things we need to put them in there proper light.
You picked 1 idea that didn't sit well with you due to your lack of knowledge or the lack of awareness of the subject. Killing kids never helped anyone succeed at being a drug kingpin. You are reaching and you sound like Fox News to be quite honest. These are humans we are talking about. The real animals are the people who view other humans as commodities, "feeble-minded", less evolved and any other quotes that you would like to use from some of our countries most idolized people = Thugs, and International Gangsters.
Personally I am not mad at the guy that is pissed at cops because they murdered his unarmed little 8 year old brother because the cops assumed he was gang related, I AM WORRIED ABOUT THE ASS HAT WITH THE NUKES, THE GUY THAT IS UNDOING our OF MY ANCESTORS HARDWORK, THE GUY WHO SPENDS ALL OF HIS RESOURCES ON INSTRUMENTS OF DEATH. THE REAL THUG OF THE PLANET.
There is a massive level of misunderstanding and ignorance at hand. Tons of misguided energy. The Klan hurt, targeted, murdered, and raped people that peacefully protested. If you really pay attention to some of wild proclamations of the klan in the early days, they claimed to be responsible for many things that have nothing to do with violence such as using their brethren to pass laws and permit atrocities and allow them to execute on a number of different levels, you know like judges and doctors. When drugs entered into the so called black community the funny part people can't seem to connect is the FACT the people in the inner city, the people I knew and my elders never owned boats and were NOT chemist. These were deliberately introduced to divide the black community. At this point people will say, "here they go" but if any real researcher or just a real human for that matter wanted the truth, you would do the research. IT IS DOCUMENTED BY THE U.S. GOVERNMENT AND DIFFERENT PEOPLE THAT HAVE GONE ON RECORD. PERIOD.

We need to unite as a people

We tried that on all levels. You may need a crash course on real U.S. history. There are real legitimate organizations that will not allow it. You may have just walked into your awareness, but this has been an ongoing battle for quite sometime. Now they have the minds of the citizens. If anyone united as a single entity with the idea of protecting themselves they will be labeled as.....wait, I have to quote the prescribed way of thinking.

little extremist cells

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This is a clip from Ice Cube to give some insight. There is a side of the story that will not be in school.
Ice Cube - The history of violence (skit)

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posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 02:20 PM

When I talk about the crips and bloods that started it all I'm speaking from a research point of view. My meetings with the ones from flint and Detroit is what began the whole search..

Zayne smith and his cronies started the crips. They claim there intentions were "family oriented, and we just wanted to save the hood" when in reality they were just taking note of some of the 70's king pins and putting there own twist on it. They saw how long some of these people were able to operate with the protection of the hood around them.

The main reason I have such a hard time believing the story it was all for good was the fact like I said... Before the crips ever threw a community BBQ or before the crips fixed a school they were busted and under heavy investigation for running drugs.. That doesn't sound like an organization on the up and up...

The bloods were created as a direct answer to the crips.. I forget the founding blood members but as i recall they had a connection to louisiana and everybodies favorite rappers down there? Bringing to Cali what made landfall in Louisiana?

As it stood in 2000ish you had over 200 crip gangs in California and around 100 blood gangs. It's a mish mash gumbo of ignorance.

After the initial California bloods and crips got the hammer dropped on them in the late 70's and early 80's is when you saw the explosion out to the suburbs and even to rural areas. The forks down on my neighbors mail box was around 91-92. It's had a strong hold on the area until about 2006ish I'd say. Shadows still remain, a lot of the old players all got kids and grew up and realized it was all just a fad.. But the inner city... It's crazier then ever. Like I said hundreds upon hundreds of crews warring. It really is the wild Wild West in some areas.

posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 03:10 PM

And yes anyone who wants to unite to try to overthrow the government through violence should be labeled as extremists... I'm not talking about that. Use your head. Think with your heart. Be logical and we can spread that around. If we can get kids that grew up with the Internet into power we can change things. It's not going to happen over night but it can happen. The world is more awake then it's ever been. You have 10 year olds that know more then Socrates and Plato. And these 10 year olds have access to more information the the entire world combined in the days of Socrates and Plato.

The world can change its just going to take.. Well... Something different.... A change... A new way of going about it. Not violent but aggressive. Not malicious but thorough. Not misguided but completely fact based rhetoric. We can change if people just do what's right not "what they think is right"

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