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Using Our Six Sense

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posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 11:07 AM
a reply to: LittleByLittle

Well then you end up having to do deep thinking on the whole issue of the elites here, especially you're spiritually minded since childhood and also have had experiences since childhood. The experiences and even veil lifting moments where you remember things, creates a larger list of possibilities and probabilities when you're trying to sort it out. I didn't fall for the Hidden Hand thread, for example, because Love does not put on a hard bullying predator hat and harm people, Love is incapable of doing that altogether. But there are ways that this could be somewhat similar, though that involves the whole tale of serpents, reptiles or predators, who is human, and who is not. And some big questions. Does this solar system have jailers? Is it a place to sort out problems in? It certainly isn't a higher world, no eutopia here though it could be better. Of course that makes one fine sift their problems and reactions to wonder why they're here.

IMO, any leader type or mismanager that is human in source, (not talking about possession however, that still takes some form of permission) is under the same category of tests that we are, and thus Hidden Hand would not work as an excuse in the higher courts. Your own Higher Self wouldn't buy it let alone anyone else. Because choosing out of a bag of resources the ugly and cruel doesn't cut the muster of life, when it could be done with the same resources here, so much better and wayshow to others how to grow up.

Those leaders that may actually be entities from lower realms, well, they're not sane and not on the same testing arena that everyone else, or same school even, but may gradually grow up more themselves if people manage to break their hearts enough. Overall darth vader from lower realms may have a hard time feeling remorse however. But my way of assessing that is, there are indigo's here incarnated, and they do feel pain, remorse and love. So why is the overlord group of negative entities immune? Maybe cracks in their armour start to form so maybe this world turns a few of them around too. I don't know but I do try to keep a positive attitude, want everyone up and out no matter what neighborhood they started in or dimension. I see all failures to get people and entities up and out, as more work to do in the future because Love gives up on no one. And everyone is missed back home by family.

Then there is the whole not of this world thing. The races in the solar system some of whom took out other human civilizations and have some memory there. Well, if they're jailers, what does that mean? If the serpent and reptiles operate as a job as jailers, though they are also geniune predators, so they just stay around for a long long time in lower realms, in bodies and natures where it suits them too, and challenge us to grow up or control those who harm others in the end, what then? Whole thing does take deep thinking. Because I had an experience where was shown under the armor of predator, some of them are light and love in spirit. That you can't bank on, because they're in form, and subject to it.

There is a whole bunch of reasons that could go deeper than bad guy, good guy, but compassion is one thing that never fails. If you have to err on any side, ever, err on Love's side.

So, I hope, that these guys, are capable of having their contracts ended because something good happened and it was over , this lower stuff.

I believe the Good ending is the only possible ending there is. Though in infinity and no time, no one knows how long each strand coming back home takes. But I know inside it cannot be any other way.

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posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 03:37 PM
a reply to: Unity_99

I believe the Good ending is the only possible ending there is. Though in infinity and no time, no one knows how long each strand coming back home takes. But I know inside it cannot be any other way.

Of course it will have a good ending. But that is another story and the passage of time is larger than my brain can handle on this level. But I will probably not care what happened here that much in a 1000 years, since I will be preoccupied with other things.


posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 06:46 PM

originally posted by: Realtruth

originally posted by: johnnyjoe1979
Everyone uses their 6th sense. It's so normal people take it for granted and don't even notice it. Until something either very good or very bad happens to it, then they might start to notice and that's only a few.

The fear is normal also, it's because there is no one in the world who can fix it and people instinctively know this. Leave the beaten path and something goes wrong, there's no one to undo things.

This is a true thing everyone does use it, but my whole point of the thread was that we, as a society, do not nurture this sense, nor acknowledge it's full potential.

When something is laughed at, mocked, or ridiculed because of ignorance typically people will hide from whatever it is, or even fear it.

When acceptance of the six sense happens on a large scale this world will be a much better place to live.



I believe that also but someone needs to start using it in full awareness AND be able to teach others how to use theirs, it has to start with somebody. And it has to be nonreligious (but in harmony with every religion) else such an event might turn into centuries of religious psychic wars, possibly in the afterlife as well, heaven and hell. Sorry but even if such an event happens I doubt it'll be in this time. Which doesn't mean anyone can't develop the 6th sense on their own but it can't be used with others, negating much of the point.

posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 07:37 PM
a reply to: johnnyjoe1979

In one way the cat is already out of the bag with people awakening their latent abilities on their own connecting with other people on the level of where their awareness is without being religious even if they are spiritual.

Meditation and Reiki is becoming known.

You can never have harmony with some in the religious crowds since their whole identity is built up on them being special and the other group not being special and therefor lower than the group they belong to. As long as they do not change how their identity is built up they will always be aggressive towards an external enemy to keep the group solid.
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