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Indian KALI(Kilo Amphire Linear Injector)

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posted on Nov, 22 2014 @ 04:45 AM

The KALI (Kilo Ampere Linear Injector) is a linear electron accelerator being developed in India, by the Defence Research Development Organization (DRDO) and the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC).

Below is what they claim officially

The KALI is not a laser weapon as commonly believed. It emits powerful pulses of electrons (Relativistic Electron Beams- REB). Other components in the machine down the line convert the electron energy into EM Radiation, which can be adjusted to x-ray (as Flash X-Rays) or microwave (High Power Microwave) frequencies.

This has fueled hopes that the KALI could, one day be used in a High-Power Microwave gun, which could destroy incoming missiles and aircraft through soft-kill (destroying the electronic circuitry on the missile). However, weaponing such a system has many obstacles to overcome.

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posted on Nov, 22 2014 @ 04:52 AM

6 NLI BN HQ was marked as "test" area and a team of RAW and SASE visited "S" post of Indian Army at 21,000 feet in Siachen glacier from where battalion HQ of 6 NLI was visible. SASE team mapped the area and identified possible trigger points to bury the "test" area under tons of snow. Now the task force was facing a huge challenge of taking up the heavy laser gun, the gen set and other support equipments up there at 21,000 feet. Also heavy noise and vibrations of the equipment could also trigger an avalanche on our own troops. So, it was decided to use air platform for KALI.Two IL- 76s were deputed to ARC (Aviation Research Centre) from Indian Air force. ARC is aviation arm of RAW. Immediately those were flown by ARC pilots to Charbatia Airbase near Cuttack in Odisha. These IL-76s were refitted with KALI-50000W on board. It is much more powerful version than what RAW officer saw at Jawahar tunnel. Techically it is a pulsed accelerator of ~30 MeV electron energy, 50-100 ns pulse time, 90kA Current and 200 GW Power level. After refitting these IL76s were flown to Sarsawa AF station and parked. No one was allowed to go near those and were guarded by fierce looking Garud commandos of IAF. H hour or the time of action was decided as 1200 hrs. It was suppose to take 2 hours to soften up the trigger points and then start the avalanche around 2 PM. Most avalanches occur around late noons, so was that planned timing. An observation party was though deployed at Indian Army's "S" post to monitor, feed and give directions if any to master control room aboard one of the IL 76s. Most of the DRDO scientists working with KALI and other communication engineering projects were South Indians and had never seen altitudes over 1000 feet

On the d-day IL-76 flew from Sarsawa and soon positioned themselves at the required altitude and pre designated coordinates. 1 AWACS and 1 IL-78 mid air refuler took off from Agra and were given co-ordinates and call signs to help 2 classified flying objects over Uttrakhand skies. RAW ops are always strictly need to know basis. AWACS staff was little puzzled seeing few plain cloth men on board overseeing them but nobody questioned. AWACS were also tasked to vector in 6 Mirages from Gwalior and 4 SU 30s from Lohegaon (Pune) in support of those 2 classified flying objects. Mirages and SU 30s were airborne since 2 in the morning and taking turns to scan the area around 2 unknown birds. At 4 in the morning the shooting started and as expected early morning rare environment helped a lot in precision. SASE team had earmarked the points after detailed analysis of images at satellite data reception centre and 3-D Terrain Visualization Center. DRDO's team KALI was shooting at right places with laser gun being fed with precise coordinates. By 5:40 AM massive snow started hurtling towards plains where 6 NLI BN HQ was situated. It was a dry snow avalanche and very soon massive slabs of snow attained speed of around 300km/hour. Outposts of 6 NLI troops and other Pakistani troops must have seen the mass of snow coming down and might have tried to alert the HQ. But that massive avalanche not only had snapped the communication lines but also blasted away some outposts. And 300km/hr is a speed coupled with thousand tones of cruising mass which can beat any wit or training. Even Indian observation party at "S" post was horrified to see such large avalanche. Within 10-15 minutes everything was covered with 80-100 feet of snow. Indian soldiers looking that were horrified too and it was the real "tandav" of KALI who as per Hindu mythology has defeated "Shiva" the greatest and official destroyer of the Universe. 2 brand new MI 17V5s helicopters flew from Thoise airbase to "A" post at 8 AM. 6 Cheetah Helicopters were also ready at Siachen Base camp 1 hour before 2 Mi-17s i.e at 7 AM . 6 Cheetahs flew after gap of 5 minutes with each other and destination was "S" post. Task was to pick the group of "civilians" and their equipments who were dropped a month ago on postal-stamp size helipad of post "S". Cheetahs were suppose to bring those civilians to post "A" at 16,000 feet from where they'll board Mi17s to climb down to Thoise. KALI carrying IL76s were back at their base Charbatia and so were their escorts. Brigade Commander 323 Pakistani brigade was jolted out of his sleep by his staff with the news. He was immediately out for rescue and relief work after informing Maj. Gen. Muzammil Hussain, Commander FCNA who in turn informed Lt Gen Khalid Nawaz Khan, GoC, X corps. Soon Pakistani news channels started reporting the tragedy which has struck PA. The first rescue team led by Brigade Commander himself couldn't believe what they saw. There was just snow all around at the same place where 6 NLI was having its BN HQ few hours back. There was no communication signal either. FCNA Signal unit detachment, which was summoned to take part in relief ops were trying to get in touch with border outposts of the unit. Some of them perished in the avalanche and most of them were "out" of signal due to large scale destruction of communication lines. Brigade intelligence officer gave record of last evening roll call details as mentioned in sit-rep (situational report) of the BN HQ as sent by 2 in Command Maj Zaka UL Haq. There were 124 army personnel's including BN commander Lt Col Tanvir Ul Hassan, Cap (Doc) Haleem Ullah and Major Zaka. There were 11 civilians also including tailor, barber, porters etc. In total 135 men were under snow. Initial estimate showed a layer of 80 ft snow which is beyond reach of any sniffer dog or digging machines. It was a crippling blow to Pakistan's tactical position in Siachen. With Pakistan Army occupying only downhill features in Siachen and Soltoro ranges India can take out all those positions without firing a bullet and no collateral damage. IL 76 mounted KALI avatar is very expansive as of now and not viable against small border outposts. DRDO is confident of developing a handheld or compact version soon for usage of KALI against such targets. KALI is also very useful and effective in "frying" up electronic circuits from considerable distance and with no human-eye visible rays. That can have wide range of application form missile defense system to satellite killer or snapping out communication of a moving armored column or making an AWACS a sitting duck.

Above is one of the conspiracy theories going around the web . IN short this particular weapon was responsible for causing an Avalanche and killing 117 Pakistani Soldiers. I would like the informed members of ATS to go through this and actually confirm is any of this is possible ? So on one hand officials claim it as an ABM weapon and on the other side certain conspiracy theorists claims something else
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posted on Nov, 22 2014 @ 06:37 AM
Pretty cool

The problem i see with it is the same problem the USA abd UK hit with there laser projects and thats energy. It takes a huge amount of power to use them or get any usefull effects out of them which is why the first gen or ebergy weapons are on ships,

posted on Nov, 22 2014 @ 09:50 AM
1st, OP... great find! very cool tech from a part of the world often dismissed or overlooked. I can't wait until weapons go Pew-Pew Pew-Pew instead of Bang! Bang! I'm still waiting on my jet pack, my flying car, and my LightSaber® that the future was supposed to give me like the past promised!

My brother and I were discussing the India Pakistan situation just yesterday. While the world is focused on ISIS, and Ebola, and US Immigration laws, Putin, and Ukraine, a beast is waking. Both India and Pakistan have Nuclear capability and have been posturing more recently.

Those expecting and searching for the next cause of WWIII might be looking at the wrong Countries.

India seems to easily be overlooked, or outright ignored as a world power. We forget the sheer number of citizens is a major factor, coupled with a culture that has not been sitting on their haunches, riding the coat tails of Western tech development, but actively advancing their own capabilities, we could be dealing with a monster. No one has noticed little India, just pluggin' along, unassuming India advancing, growing their economy, buying power,production abilities, and Allies. And, Pakistan... Needless to say, is no sleeping lamb in their own light. This is a volatile situation that we need to take note of.

Straws, and Camel's Backs....

posted on Nov, 22 2014 @ 10:31 AM
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So... this is basically the same as the other anti missile laser systems we have heard about from the U.S. and other places over the last couple of years then? Hardly seems worth calling it a secret, so poorly kept is the information!

Also, the video you posted is annoying, because the image header for it is an image of a Wicked Lasers Gatling gun, an entirely harmless, but very brutal looking laser pointer. It does not even burn paper!
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posted on Nov, 23 2014 @ 06:18 AM
That's intriguing. Im all for defensive weaponry, offensive is another story.

a reply to: crazyewok
While true that they require a lot of power, things are developing rapidly. In 2011 I met a german engineer who created a handheld laser out of spare parts and an Abrams rangefinder. Like it was literally set in a nintendo gun. It was able to burn through material. I cant imagine what a department could do now compared to one man with a hobby!
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posted on Dec, 7 2014 @ 05:39 AM
A lot of countries, big and small, have been researching on futuristic weapons based on lasers. Has India achieved a breakthrough?

posted on Dec, 7 2014 @ 05:47 AM
Check this out then……..

an actual watch with a working laser inside it……just in time for Xmas….



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