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AllClear ID - Company Home Depot is using to protect customers from hack - info & review

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posted on Nov, 22 2014 @ 03:05 AM
I made a thread about my debit card being replaced after the Home Depot hack. I have since taken action to protect myself further, and one of the things I did was take advantage of Home Depot offering 1 year free credit monitoring. I'm actually rather pleased.

You get AllClear ID PRO (dumbass name right?) for 1 year, and that comes with a 1 million dollar insurance policy that will pay for dealing with and investigating stolen identity, reimbursing you for fraudulent charges and the like. The service is usually $14.95 a month. Obviously Home Depot got a major discount here, but it's still kinda nice.

Should you sign up? According to this article you bet you should.

AllClear ID appears to be more sophisticated than the identity theft service offered by Target after its massive breach last year.

If the identity theft service detected your Social Security number is being used, you would receive an alert and then you could allow the application to be processed or stop the account from being opened.

If you've been affected go to THIS LINK and read it. After a bit of research I felt safe taking advantage of the offer. If you have used a card at Home Depot after April 1, 2014 you qualify. All I had to do to get the coupon code for 1 year was supply my name and email address (at first).


My review, for what it's worth.

So you start by going to the Home Depot site that I linked. It asks for your full name and email. You also click a box saying you MIGHT have used a credit or debit card after April 1, 2014. I said screw it and filled out my info and clicked the box.

You then get a screen saying they will send you additional info and a redemption code to your email within 72 hours. Took about an hour for me to get mine (and I was mildly irritated by that).

In your email you get a direct link to the site, and a promo code. I copied the promo code and went to the site.

So here's the scary part for most people on ATS. You have to give them information. Including your SSN. If you think about it though, there really is no other way to actively monitor fraud. If you want to take a leap of faith, do it. If not, fine.

After you provide basic info (like what you fill out on Amazon for payment and shipping info plus your SSN) you have created an account. I'm sure I'm not the only one here that is incredibly weird about sharing my SSN. I cringe when I see people who carry their card in a wallet. Mine will remain in a safe deposit box.

Then you set up your cell phone (or at least that's how I did it). You record your name, a pass phrase, and a PIN. The "website" calls you to finish the set up.

Here's what I think is cool. If anyone tries to open up an account using your name, SSN, or other data, you get a call. So if you're opening a new line of credit you get to approve it after verifying the pass phrase, and typing in your PIN. If you get a call and you aren't trying to open up a new line of credit you get to deny it.

This is also how you log on to the website. You type in your email and password, then wait, you get a phone call and verify the pass phrase and type in your PIN. Then the page will load.

Completely open to people that have had issues with this company. It's always fun to hear from the folks that freak out over using a debit card too. I keep a safe amount of my liquid assets in my checking, and from now on will be reviewing statements every month.

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