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Boehner Vows to fight Obamas immigration Reform.

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posted on Nov, 21 2014 @ 05:22 PM
a reply to: stirling

This is retarded. People arguing over the insanity of deporting people back to Mexico have no idea of what the hell they are talking about.

No one starves there anymore. If you are dirt poor there are programs in place in Mexico to give you everything from food to money for school. I have yet to see bullets flying from cartel wars and I have been here for nearly a year in one of the hot spots. People watch too much TV.

This is not the Mexico of even a decade ago. I suspect everyone here praising Obama for violating laws and defying Congress have never been to Mexico beyond binge drinking in some resort.

There is no reason they cant make it Mexico now. Its BS. The country is not that bad anymore and its getting better, hence why immigration from Mexico is actually down. Bet you didnt know that. I bet thats why Obama staged massive immigration by hinting at amnesty and then says his hands are tied when all of south America shows up.

"OH poor families"...yeah? Whats next Haiti? They are worse off than S. america. African nations? They are worse off than S. America ....the worlds poor? Yeah right. Its retarded. This is why no one takes liberals as seriously anymore. You people are misinformed and irrational.

All Obama did was buy future votes for his party at the expense of law and national order.

This country has never been so divided .....yeah great leader.

To demonstrate my point I literally just popped my head out of my house here in Mexico and took pictures of the cars parked on the street. As you can see, they have new cars in a regular ass working class neighborhood. 3 out of 4 are NEW cars. There is a huge middle class here. They have nice homes, eat well, and have access to education that is mostly paid for by the government. This is actually a college neighborhood so others are better off, since there is a huge state university a couple blocks down the street where all walks of life go. If they cant afford it the state pays for their books, tuition and in some cases MUCH more.

Mexico is not what Americans cry over. Its not a sob story as they paint it. Its all BS. There is poverty here but that is true of anywhere in the world. There are places in the states that are worse off than where I am at now. I am not rich and this area is not an exception. You dont see wealth flaunted here for security reasons and because Mexicans are more conservative than us. They are not going to die if you send them back to their freaking country.

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posted on Nov, 23 2014 @ 02:19 AM
a reply to: Spruce

Ridiculousness isn't grounds for impeachment. Personally, I thought Bush was ridiculous, his VP was working for Haliburton the whole time, and so was Sec of Def, as the Iraq war and the Afghan war were both ridiculous, especially the loss of life of our people in uniform to create... more chaos in the Middle East. Of course it was very very profitable for some certain corporations affiliated with the GOP. Presidents using their power to get their own agenda moving isn't new. I think its other things about Obama that are disliked. He was handed a totally broken economy and has done fairly well in some areas and not in others. And considering the Do Nothing Congress, can anyone blame him for being frustrated, including with his own party?

posted on Nov, 23 2014 @ 03:01 AM

originally posted by: TerryMcGuire
If Obama sought to suggest to all husbands to lower the toilet seat after use, Boehner would oppose it.

Government overreach. Get the government out of our bathrooms. Real men leave the seat up.

originally posted by: john452
Then why did he wait until there are no more elections to take action? He has been President for 6 years and only acts now after voters can no longer pass verdict on his policies at the polls.

The Democrats had a tough election, why give his opponents another issue to use? Plus, now is the one time something can pass. No one is worried about elections at this point and those who were voted out don't need to worry about party loyalty... they can do whatever they want. By writing this EO he has laid down a policy and basically told congress that if they don't like it, they can write a real policy. Coincidentally, he did this at the time when it is most likely to pass. If nothing is passed he gets to force the issue on the new congress... rather than simply oppose legislation (which in this case they can't do) Obama is taking the initative and telling Republicans that they need to write a real immigration bill. They can't get past a filibuster or veto either so it still needs to be bipartisan.

Basically, the timing for this was perfect politically.

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