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The Untold Biography of: 'The Rothschilds'

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posted on Nov, 19 2014 @ 05:02 AM
What I always wonder is what the hell their motivation is. Once you get past a certain point of wealth and power, there's nothing else you can possibly hope to achieve, at least nothing known to the average man. This gives some weight to there being an occult driven motivation. It's either that, the unseen power struggle (if there is one) between these uber rich elitists, or maybe just being born into such an insane level of wealth has distorted their view of life and reality to the point that's all they know.

The last option, even though it seems timid, when you think about it is probably the most horrifying of all, because people with that level of power and zero empathy or understanding for their fellow men may as well be aliens, a parasite draining the life from the planet while the host is completely oblivious.

posted on Nov, 19 2014 @ 05:22 AM
a reply to: RedSeraph
What have men been striving for since at least Sumeria? Godhood. To go from simple farmers, to soldiers, to lugal (temporary king), to permanent ruler, to deification, like Gilgamesh.

This is the connection through history. Wealthy, powerful people make themselves into "gods" by manipulation and cruelty.

posted on Nov, 19 2014 @ 09:26 AM

" Ephesians 6:12
For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places."

This is what I have comprehended the situation to actually be. Any 'earthly PTB' is just a puppet of the more spiritual realm masters. Do they worship Moloch, or does Moloch rather control them (making them renew and fortify the ties that create the control, with the rites they practice in bohemian grove)?

A long time ago, I stumbled into a text that explained that when Hitler spoke, there were spiritual beings controlling and 'mesmerizing' the crowds into wild, passionate level of cheering and worshipping Hitler's every word.

They say that Hitler wasn't actually charismatic - any 'charisma' he supposedly had, was artificially created, locally, when needed. Someone met him, expecting him to be really charismatic and influential, and he felt and seemed like just a regular, short dude.

Hitler didn't rouse the crowds (how could he? He just barked in an angry voice, making silly gestures. That wouldn't win any crowd without some 'extra influence').

Some german, who was in the audience, absolutely marvelling Hitler's brilliance at the time, read his speech later in the paper, and realized he didn't agree with much of it, and wasn't impressed with it at all. So, the same speech, two different reactions (under influence and outside the influence of the 'esoteric effect').

These are difficult things to talk about, because most people of this planet nowadays seem to be either atheist-materialist-nihilists, or some kind of selfish heavy metal worshippers with all the masonic symbols that come with it (among other things), and to talk about 'esoteric' or 'spiritual' these days is not considered normal, and gets you just laughter and funny looks at best. Someone friendly to you might 'entertain' this train of thought for his own entertainment for awhile, and ask you questions, but soon they will just abandon the whole thing and change the subject, or just terminate the whole thing saying they don't 'believe' in it, or whatever.

But that's how it all seems, as far as I know, to be;

The esoteric level (astral beings, for example) is the highest authority
Then there's the Earthly "TPTB", the ones that worship the Moloch - or take orders from it..
The murder-machinery (military-industrial complex with its secrets, technology and indoctrinated soldiers)
The bureaucrats, officials, etc.
The useful idiots and other fools alike (they don't know much, but they 'believe in the system')
The regular people, who don't know what the heck is going on

So the commands, plans and the evil crap flows down in that kind of a hierarchy, as far as I can tell (this is overly-simplified, of course).

The spiritual, esoterical, astral (whatever you want to call it) side is an unalienable point of the whole battle that's going on, and as they say, "we are at war" - it's an esoteric war, spiritual war, information war, it's a huge battle, and ignorance is an important weapon that the evil side uses.

If Apocalypse ever happens - meaning, that everyone would suddenly realize the truth about what's going on - TPTB are going to be in big trouble!

But I don't know what the esoteric beings are going to go through - perhaps they have to incarnate into a loser in the Earthly bureaucracy system and live that kind of incarnation over and over again until the bad Karma THEY created is spent.. (frankly, I wouldn't wish this kind of a bureaucratic hell for any kind of being, no matter how evil)

Oh well, there's always North Korea to compare things to .. but I am pretty sure not everything we are told about that place is true either. After all, most of us can't ever verify the 'official story' about that, either, one way or another.

I mean, some of the 'defectors' are highly suspicious for many reasons - and the story about a train cutting a hand off has been already told by two separate people. What do they do, go to sleep with their hand on a railway rail? And the "defectors'" stories are oddly similar - there's always two people, another of them gets shot or cut by some kind of an obstacle, and only the one gets away - a heroic escape!

I am not saying NK isn't a big problem, or that everything told about is a lie, or anything. But intuitively, it feels like there's -something- funny going on about what the mainstream tells us about North Korea. What if the NK is actually correct about some things?

And what if NK is used to make people worship their own situation, no matter how bad it is? I mean, after the horror stories of communist NK, any capitalistic lifestyle seems like pure heaven. By design? I wonder..

.. I mean, is that why NK exists? So that no one would complain about their milder version of NK propaganda crap and corporate wage slavery, because they can listen to Britney Spears on an mp3 player freely, and not have to listen to military propaganda if they don't want to?

Btw, I don't claim to really know anything about North Korea, I am just being a bit suspicious about certain stories and attitudes that we are spoonfed constantly, when it comes to what media says about that place.

There's just so much going on, and a lot of it is very suspicious. Perhaps I have become overly paranoid, but in this kind of a world, that's probably more effective way to bump into truth than the opposite..

How can anyone remain completely balanced in this kind of a world, after knowing everything that can be relatively easily known about all these things?

Anyone who is balanced in this kind of a world, is either an enlightened Zen-master, a saint, a Buddha, an E.T. visitor, an angel of some sort, an animal, a retard (they are fun people, actually! They don't worry that much - I've had good experiences with them) or in such a deep sleep that ten thousand ATSes couldn't wake him/her/it up before it's too late. Or perhaps a little bit NUTS.

Or just some kind of incredibly strong human being.

I don't know. I certainly do not feel balanced in this kind of a bureaucratic, corporate, masonic military-demon-zombie-worshipping, colorless low-vibe world.

(The skull-symbol is -everywhere-, even as decoration on children's pillows! Of course a 'cutesy' version of it, complete with crossbones. A lot of people constantly mention 'zombies', or a 'zombie holocaust'. What the heck is that? No one talked like that in the eighties! Most people wear black or very dark clothes, not bright colors anywhere. Look at cars, are they any better? I could go on, but this world IS really sinking on so many levels, and people think it's normal.

Anyone wearing all-black would be considered nuts in the eighties. Now anyone wearing bright colors is considered, perhaps at least a bit eccentric. How did this switch happen? I think it was planned and programmed, so people would forget the beauty of colors, and think that 'black is cool', or 'grey is cool'.

In the same token, clarity has been destroyed as well. Logos, for example, used to be clear and bright, colorful and all. Now they are distorted and 'dirtied' and whatnot. You can see this in video game covers (probably the most depressing pictures you can look at) and magazines, and whatever other places you care to look at).

Music has a lot of DISTORTION now, it's not 'clear and pure', like it used to be. Even if it's not heavy metal (I am aware of all kinds of other 'metals', and it doesn't help) or any monstrosity like that, the drums, for example, can be distorted, or the singing sound will be 'computerized', or whatnot.

And almost in all music, there is 'mandatory heavy guitar' all over the place. Just listen to J-pop, for example. How many songs can you find from 2013-2014 period that are high-tempo, that do not have heavy guitars in them?

All kinds of monsters, ghouls, zombies, etc. are being fed as a constant stream to our brains.

It's like someone wants us all to constantly think about all this, and do it in the LOWEST VIBRATION FREQUENCY possible. Someone who smokes, drinks coffee, drinks a lot, eats fast food, and wears black clothes all the time, while also listening to distorted, low-vibe-music and thinks about zombies (even if just jokingly) a lot of the time, is definitely acting like a heavy anchor, bringing his surrounding energy DOWN. There's no question about it. A higher-frequency human wouldn't feel good being in the same room with them, unless they can constantly generate a powerful higher 'vibe', so to say.

If you can get billions of people to act this way, it effectively becomes like a heavy load on the planet itself, keeping the 'awakening' from happening, that might happen, if people were allowed to love bright colors (regardless of the gender of their physical bodies), use brighter clothes, listen to more subtle and/or uplifting/energetic, non-distorted music, focus on creativity, beauty and improving things instead of zombies and 'fighting' each other and 'the system'. If people would meditate and practice spiritual humility instead of arrogance, boozing and pizza and militaristic video games..

I could write a 100 page essay about this, and it would still not be enough, because it'd still be just the tip of the iceberg. And I think I am digressing already, so I will stop here. Just wanted to make a point..

And that point was that I am certainly not feeling very balanced in this kind of a world that has all these elements (and more) growing every day and going on very powerfully, while there's nothing I can do to change any of it.)

posted on Nov, 19 2014 @ 04:56 PM
a reply to: lonesomerimbaud

The reactions we are seeing now are nothing new. Reading some of these comments here is like a time warp back to pre WW2 Nazi Germany. Is anyone seriously trying to tell me one family are responsible for all the woes of the world? It is rather naïve to be engaged in this kind of thinking.

Comon fella , nobody here want to put anyone in a concentration camp...

you have to understand that we are talking about people who see you as unequal , they call themself the Elite for a reason , you have to understand these people are concerned about things about how their bloodline etc should not be infected by people who are lower on the social/political hierarchy.

in their eyes we are the poor folk , walking maggots.

Stuff like this would not even exist if these people would have a final say.

posted on Nov, 20 2014 @ 05:07 AM

originally posted by: ParasuvO
Time to force those who give the orders to these to show themselves, something everyone on this planet appears to be deathly afraid of, in a way that is beyond this mortal body.

This corruption and denigration reaches in from far beyond normal realms of thinking.

You got it!

People need a scapegoat, and unfortunately for the Rothschild family, they have been chosen...

(take it from me---> probably the only person on this thread who actually knows a few of them in person)
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posted on Nov, 20 2014 @ 05:14 AM

originally posted by: CagliostroTheGreat
a reply to: deadeyedick

It is actually "rot" RED and "schild" shield. Its german. It means Red shield.

Correction: According to the Rothschild I went to school with, the name is Jiddisch, not German -> Originating from their original house's name "Haus zum Rothen Schild" (House of the red shield)

(PS: I've lived in Berlin, Germany all my life, and went to school here in Berlin as well)
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posted on Nov, 20 2014 @ 05:47 AM

originally posted by: Aleister
But yes, seriously, the younger people these days are getting more and more conscious of what the planet needs in order to right itself from the abuse its taken

I would love to think that's true but the younger people I meet these days know little of the environment and have next to zero first-hand knowledge of nature. How could they growing up with a Gameboy glued to their hands? When I was a kid we had to play outside (parents made us do it) and we had to invent our own fun. We got to know the local plants and animals through daily contact. Many kids of my generation grew up on farms - how many do today? Hunting, fishing and camping were far more popular a few decades ago as well.

I spent time volunteering at a nature center so I know the level of ignorance that exists, particularly among urban youth - which there are more of now than ever before.

I don't see the kinds of protests on behalf of the environment that we used to either: remember "save the rainforests, whales, spotted owl, etc". Even Earth Day doesn't bring out the numbers it used to.

I'm not blaming today's youth, it's hardly their fault given the digital wonderland available at their fingertips that they should miss out on the natural world. I would love to think what you say is true but even if they are more motivated than any other generation desire is no substitute for first hand experience.

One cannot make good decisions while uninformed and even many of the environmental groups have sold out and changed their agendas to suit those in control. Nature is bearing the brunt of our stupidity and greed. She has amazing regenerative powers but requires time and space to heal the wrongs done - something we allow her precious little of anymore.

Are the Rothschilds responsible for this? Yes, in many ways they are considering they have set the agendas that control so many aspects of our lives.
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posted on Nov, 20 2014 @ 12:21 PM
a reply to: RedSeraph

It isn't money. It isn't fame. They're playing their part.

They carry out one arm of the agenda, they do it quite well. They're the monetary arm, in some parts the spiritual arm. If they were the true rulers they'd force people to keep portraits of them in their homes or something. They are merely playing their part.

The true powers that be use money to keep those who carry out the agenda in line, along with the planet. If you have people seeking money, in a constant search for money, then they won't be searching in other areas for the truth.

They say money runs the world. It runs our world because it's used to subdue us. Spiritual sophistication is the name of the game when it comes to the true powers that be, and they are more sophisticated then anyone can ever imagine.

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