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Tesla Institute For Higher Learning: War of the Revisionist (Ch. 2)

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posted on Nov, 17 2014 @ 11:25 AM

Tesla Institute for Higher learning
Hell, Texas
Monday January 1992

Wiffs of burnt flesh fill the air as a body hits the ground. The man in a hand tailored Three piece suit stands over a woman on her knees. His eyes are glowing red as he stares at her.

"Please," Her eyes are glowing orange.

Moving his hands," Velma Gertrude Jennings. You attempted to attack and kidnap the students under my protection."

The mixed students are all frozen in place as they watch. Talking sounds from various students all stop as drones fly down. Four horned Wedigo walk up and freeze themselves at the site.

The Wendigo with the Largest Horns gulps at the scene before him. "Superintendent Alcove," The wendigo is shaking in fear of the man a third of his size.

The lead Wendigo falls to his knees as a soundless scream escapes his throat. The other three freeze as they shake with an orange glow on their eyes.

"Superintendent Alcove. " One of the black badged students quietly speaks, "I will speak for you so you do not have to use the voder."

Tension in the air is as thick as butter as Alcove turns to the Black Badged student. He moves his hands," Ms. Redson that will not be necessary. These Gentlemen understand the gravity of the breach."

The Wendigo feel themselves being let go as normal blackness returns to their eyes. The large one with Antlers stands up and starts to say something only to fall back to his knees with Orange Eyes. The other three just stare and say nothing.

"Ms. Jennings," Alcove walks over to the woman on her knees. "Velma. You and your associates here just caused my Guards to have a very bad day. You see I see your plan to kidnap the children here. In your mind is an assorted list of crimes, each an escalation more despicable then the last."

"I can change mister," Velma lies.

She screams a soundless scream as Alcove's hands are on the side of her face. Her eyes turn blue as she hears Alcove's voice with out his lips moving.

'You live only because a good woman told me to have faith last I saw her. You are Pregnant and carry a life with in you. I can feel it and the damage you have already done to the Fetus. I am feeding the life force it needs to heal itself to the little girl your carrying. ' Alcove's eyes are a bright blue, ' I am also wiping your mind.'

Velma tries to scream but no sound again escapes her lips.

'That is pain of your victims you feel. You will have nightmares but it is better then you gave your victims,' Alcove has red and blue looking energy coming from him.

The black badge Redson walks over to the falling security guard, "Sir are you ok."

The large antlered male does not get mad, "I am ok Ms. Redson." A different type of fear goes through the Wendigo's mind. "You do not have to be kind to me."

"I may be a sociopath sir but kindness is a fun way to manipulate people," Redson helps the Wendigo up. "We can call it a trade. I think Professor Sherman is not telling us everything about his tribes."

The big wendigo looks out as he see's the woman on all fours as Alcove lets go. "Get the other students out of here for me and I will tell you one of our legends about the big flood."

Using his Voders on his wrist, "Be gentle and take Ms Jennings to the infirmary. Then you four take the bodies to Professor Sherman." Alcove looks at Ms. Redson as she was talking to the students. Small yeti children of different tribes and Badge wearing students left first. The human ones left when they saw the Superintendent looking at them, "Come by my office so we may talk."

Still standing there Ms. Redson watched Ms. Jennings being led away gently by the Security guards.


Crestview Florida
Monday 0455 pm
Shoe store

"Sandra," Alexander takes a deep breath. "I am not really interested in Air Jordans. Nike products have a habit of not lasting on my feet. I prefer the BK's. They are more comfortable on my feet. I prefer comfort over style."

"Fine," Sandra says coldly as she puts the Jordans up. "Lets see if we cant find a better looking style. " Sandra looks at him, "Will you at least.."

Admiral De'chez is trying not to laugh as he watches his son and Sandra Tolliver interact.

"Phillip what is so funny," Regina Macer walks in with several bags?

"How cute she is helping him pick out shoes," Mrs. Tolliver says quietly.

Mr. Tolliver smiles to himself and nods to the Admiral in complete understanding.

Regina giggles, "Wow. She having any luck convincing him?" She see's the discussion heat up between the two of them, "Phillip my dear. You are evil my love." She whispers to Mrs. Tolliver, "Your daughter is facing off against the most hard headed child I have ever met. He never lets anyone else pick out his shoes. Ever.."

Mr. Tolliver smiles, "Phillip this is an evil plan. Honey.. I am not sure their relationship will survive shopping."

"Sandra.. Purty girl.." Alexander sighs, "I tell you what. Will you help me pick out the dress shoes?"

"Dont call me that," She whispers to him. "You need to pick a better looking everyday shoe."

Regina laughs when she hears that response, "Good luck with that. I never could.."

To her surprise Alexander takes back down the Air Jordans, "I will get these to to wear for looks. It means you have to go on a public date with me. Just us and none of either set of our friends."

"What," Regina looks at Phillip. "I could never get him to take the nikes and she.."

"Its not," Sandra narrows her eyes. She puts up the Air jordan's back on the display, "Alexander Delano Macer.. You are exasperating."

"Phillip do you mind if I invite your son to join us when go fishing. I might can try to bond with him," Mr. Tolliver grins evilly. "At this rate they will be fighting in the car on the way." Mr. Tolliver freezes cold when Alexander Kisses his daughter..

"See honey, "Mrs. Tolliver grins. "Their in love."

"Tell you what. Dad said I have to pick out my shoes that I need," Alexander looks over at his father with an equally evil grin. "Would you like a pair of Air Jordans? I think they have the ladies version."

"Alexander Delano Macer, " His mother calls out.

"Its ok Ms. Macer.." Sandra looks at different pair of shoes and sighs," Alex this is your shopping trip. You dont have to get me anything."

Alexander walks over to the manager and starts talking with him. The parents watch as Alexander points to the shoes in the display. As the two start talking one or two other customers look down their isles as the two haggle.

"What is he doing," Regina Macer looks at her son? "I told him you were not buying shoes for his girl friend. And definitely not at 750 dollars a pair."

Mrs. Macer sees her son take out Three new crisp One hundred dollar bills. Several of the adults are wide eyed..

"Hold these for me please," Alexander looks through his wallet.

"Alexander Delano Macer," Regina called out real worried. "Come here."

"Mr. Goller." Alexander looked at the manager, "I need that back."

Mr. Tolliver has to cover his mouth when he sees the look on the store manager's face as Alexander holds his hand out.

The Store manager feels the cash in his hand, "You do not tell anyone what you paid for it. I will go get a pair in her size."

Alexander shakes his hand, "Deal."

Sandra's jaw drops, "I can have them?" Her eyes sparkle as the manger comes out of the back.
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posted on Nov, 17 2014 @ 09:52 PM

Tesla Institute for Higher Learning
Professor Fred Ghoen's lab
January 1992 (same time)

A big crash filled the room as an armored figure slumps to the ground, "DAMN S#$% !!!" Chemicals fill the air as the coolant leaks from the busted unit..

"Umm.. I picked a bad time Professor Fred," A meek voice came from the far end of the lab.. The student looked over the busted machine.. "Is this meant to use.. A functioning heat sink.. No, you modified it to.. To slow .. Sorry professor.. I will come back.."

Sighing, "Barnaby Howitze.. What did I tell you?"

"Since we are not in class and you are my mentor.. To call you Fred," Barnaby sounds nervous. "Professor.. Its easier for me to call you professor. Your a genius sir. These temper tantrums I can understand but.." Barnaby pauses and takes an envelope out of his pocket.

"I am not a genius Barnaby.. I am a synthesizer and your the genius," Professor Fred grabs a small breather and flies over to Barnaby.. "Put this on your collar. This chemicals can be toxic. Visit Doc when he gets back from Florida."

"Sir.. Its like you say, " Barnaby looks disappointed. "Sir I have a problem. "

"Let me guess you tried to talk with her and you fell apart. She laughed at you and walked away.." Fred Sighs, "You want me to chop her up into little pieces and feed her to professor Azul?"

Barnaby smiles and laughs, "No Professor.. She is pretty but .." He hands the letter to the Professor, "I got this today in the mail. It is a telegram. I went and picked it up."

The Professor took the telegram and started scanning it. After a Few seconds he had to sit down and looks at Barnaby investigating his torn up hover car. He goes back to reading the file.. He vaporizes the paper, "Barnaby. This is .."

Barnaby Howitze looked at the Professor, "Sir.. Your trapped in the armor arent you?"

Professor Fred looked at his mentoree and said nothing.

"Sir.. It is the only thing that makes sense. Who ever trapped you in your Armor," Barnaby looked around at the lab and the experiments. "Booby trapped it three ways from Sunday. Your trying to get out of your Armor?"

"Barnaby.. Listen to me.. Your one of those rare gems in the universe that she gives mankind ever so often." Professor Fred put his armored arm around Barnaby, "Lets talk about this letter.. It falls under the same category of threat level that put me in this armor. Remember last year and those black badge kids.. Its why I pulsed them."

"Professor.. Whoever this Silence DoGood is, it sounds like he is a good guy. I want to help you because you have been nice to me when no one else here has. I dont fit in," Barnaby took a deep breath. "Whoever this man is we need to find him. I want to tell him thank you. He is the third person in my life to tell me he believes in me. He said he was stealing a line from a song in the future, these are no where near my best days. Have fun and enjoy what I am. " He looks around the Lab, "This is what I enjoy doing and no offense.. These classes while very advanced bore me to tears. I need a challenge. I know you have done some bad things professor, otherwise they would have never stuck you as control measure. But your my only friend and my Uncle told me that if I have a real frined he expects to be bailing us both out of jail."

Professor Fred has tears under the mask he cant remove..

"Now Professor.. If you will let me," Barnaby took out a pad of paper and started walking around the experiments. "Say nothing at all. Let me figure out on my own what is going on and where your experiments have gone. From there I can design test I need under the guise of various experiments.. Who ever is watching you and stopping you cant stop me.. I am smarter then they are."

Fred took a deep breath, "Run every experiment past me. I will find a way to make it fly.. Piece meal it so your not caught kid.. If I wasnt.."

"Sir.." Barnaby responds, "Have faith.. I will keep my mouth shut if you keep the black badges from screwing with me." He looks at the test and the age of some of the equipment. He walks over to the professor and lifts a shard up, "Eight to Nine years trapped in there. We will have associated health issues but it can be fixed."

"Barnaby.." Professor Fred took a deep breath, "Lets not start today. Your a kid. Lets go outside and walk through the grounds. I show a security Breach. Let the drones clean up in here while me and you walk."

"Professor," Barnaby tried to argue.

"No.. I am pulling the I am your mentor card. I want to tell you a little about myself," Professor Fred took a deep breath.

"You mean like why your wearing a version of something I designed when I was seven," Barnaby looked at the Professor. He points to his head, "Genius remember. I assume Time Travel of some form. The people who trapped you are also time Travelers as is this Silence DoGood."

A rolling drone comes up and starts scanning the busted equipment

Renovated Barn

"Ugh," Austin took a deep breath as sweat covered her body. "So I focus on cardio," Bare feet land on the wood floor. "I love how this Elliptical machine feels. It so cool that it goes back into the ceiling when I am done."

Andros sat on a mat with his back straight, "You need a shower really bad. I love your smell, but I am just a dirty old man." With his eyes closed he stands up. Balancing on one leg as he slowly stretches it out, "It is very basic Austin."

Austin hops walks over to Andros. She looks down at her scarred wrist and internally winces. She puts her hands on Andros's face, "Can we talk?"

Andros gets a real bad feeling. He opens his eyes as as years of experience tell him what is about to happen. Barely in control of his emotions by going numb, "Yes my dear lady."

"I am going home tonight," Austin looks at Andros. Tears fall from her face as she is shaking, "You love me.. I can tell. Your 91 years old and I am seventeen. I owe you so much.."

"Austin.. I saved you. I freed you," Andros has tears fall from his face. "You owe me nothing except to go make a good life for yourself. Your welcome here anytime you want."

She feels the temperature drop in the room, "You never even put a move on me. I know why. It is the age difference I think. I need to find out who I am. This is a whole new world for me. I have hope and faith. I want to sleep with you so badly but is wrong to me and to you. "

Andros closes his eyes when she kisses him on the forehead. "Promise me you will make it a good life. Your sister needs you. She has years of therapy ahead of her. Any time you need.." Andros's heart just breaks.

"I think I am going to call my mother to come get me. Ok old man. I will use the house phone ok." Austin has tears in her eyes, "You freed me and I need.." She hugs hims, "The three musketeers need you. Clark Kent."

Andors laughs through the tears, "Before you go.." Andros walks over to the key ring, "Here.. You will need wheels. "

"I cant take this," Austin is in tears.

"You want it and you know it. Lets say I am being greedy. This way you have no excuse not to come see me," Andros kisses Austin. He sniffles not meaning to, "Plus bring it by so often and we will get it tuned up girl. Now go explore your world.."

Austin looks at Andros, "You knew this was coming?"

"You stupid B$%^&," Diana runs back to the main bedroom and slams the door.
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posted on Nov, 18 2014 @ 02:02 PM

Tesla Institute for Higher Learning
Professor Azul's Area

Sounds of the machine Spraying filled the air, as the blue film covered Professor Azul. Sighing as he read the computer monitor, "Log.. The Re-virus as I have come to call it has entered another dormant stage. The Artificial organs That Professor Fred help me redesign have helped in this. I swear I felt pain in my right pinkie finger. Even if it is Phantom Limb syndrome, it is a start."

The man covered in all Blue looked over notes. His milky white eyes seemed to be reading the screen.

"Note.. I still have not had a chance to go over with Doc that this," Professor Azul looks at a photo of a woman with green foam on her. "I promise you Geraldine I will find a way. Do you even remember me?"

The Computer screen showed another failure. A hoarse filled rage bellowed as the Professor picked up the monitor and threw it across the room.

Professor Azul sat there for a moment as he looked at the busted monitor. The test subject ant's covered in blue foam had small bulbs growing from there head.

"Same S#$% different day," Professor Azul looked at the blue foamed ants as they moved among the other drones. Several ants attacked the blue foamed ones. He see's the Ants successfully penetrate the foam by breaking off the blue foam covered foam. "And they just doomed themselves. Good they deserve it. "

Professor Azul pushes a button and a bright flash fills the room. The ant colony has been flash fried by a neutron flash as the Professor walk enters a hermetically sealed scanning docking ring. Decontamination procedures begin automatically executing as The Professor just stands there. A warm liquid goes through the process of filling the Closed docking ring.

Five minutes later the all clear is given and Professor Azul steps out. He heads to his classroom.. He passes several students who all get out of his way.

Walking into his lecture hall. He notices the black badges and Yeti students seem to recoil when he enters the room. The human students all seem to be withdrawn.

"I am not in the mood either," Professor Azul looks out among the class. He watches as the students seem to have broken up into clicks. Yeti, White Badges, Black Badges, and humans all sitting together.. "You know what is so funny about this. As a species we like to think we have come so far and yet.. Look at you. No better then Pre-Civil War america up till the 60's. You have have segregated yourselves via sub species. then into rankings socially."

The class is very silent..

"Well you want to know what the idea behind desegragation was.." Professor Azul slammed his fist on the table, "I am going to share with you the wisdom of my Drill Instructors. To me you are all equally worthless. To me your all meat.." He sees the fear in his eyes.. "I am going to randomly assigning you into groups of four. One yeti, One White Badge, One Black badge, and one baseline.. You will then each using historical precedents, design a program to desegragate this class room. "

One of the Wendigo children stand up," Thats not possible professor. The Yeti are first a separate tribe. And until recently were top dogs.. They are bigots and oppressors of our people."

"Its the white mans fault.. Is now the title of your paper Mr. Zo'Dgh'La'G," Professor Azul looked at the students. "Ten thousand words due tomorrow. Anyone else have an issue.. In honor of the training.. All of you now have papers due at the same length and due date.. Except your going to do it over your little groups experience and blah blah blah.."

Everyone turned towards the Wendigo child, "Damn it Zod.."

"You Mister Nottingham have thirty thousand words. and your little team each individually will share your punishment." Professor Azul glared at the Black Badge, "Is your attitude because your GirlFriend Ms. Pinson was called away. Gretchen right."

Bruce Nottingham stood up with his fist clenched as he sniffed the air. His anger mixed with his revulsion as he senses the undead flesh. He shakes as he tries to stare down the Professor. He looks away as his instincts take over at the Creature teaching the class.


World war three
Three days Post Battle of Camp Pendelton
Our Future

Andros Colt held Abigail as he cried.. "Dont ever scare me like that again young lady.."

Abigail was crying and didnt know why, "Whats wrong Uncle Andros?"

Andros just hugged Abigail again and closed his tear stain eyes.

"You stink Uncle Andros.. You need a bath really bad.." Abigail Turned around and opened the room door, "Auntie Gretchen.. Uncle Andros made it here.. He smells like blood, piss, feces, gun powder, oil, baking soda, and I think Orange juice. He has take a bath right now."

Gretchen is barely able to sit up.. "Andros.." She sees the tears in his eyes and the far gone look. Barely is able to stand up, "That.. That bad.."

Andros breaks down and Gretchen catches him. He just mumbles and cries as she holds him.

Gretchen has tears in her eyes.. "Its ok Andros.. Abigail is ok.. I am fine.."


Hours later
Our future

"He said he saw her ghost," Gretchen looked at the sleeping Andros. "Abigail went to sleep shortly afterwards."

The sounds of muffled screams come from behind the Hologram, "My love.. Please take care of my friend." The hologram jumped and slid down a snowbank. The pift of his silenced rifle fired as gretchen saw the Bayonet go into a Chinese Soldier. "Austin's ghost.." Helos broke the bayonet off in enhanced soldier's eye. He twist swinging the rifle breaking it on another soldier. Even the electronic system seems to lose track of Helos.

Gretchen takes a deep breath and says nothing as the dying Chinese soldiers are crying for their mothers as their lives leave them.

"My love I am fine.. Just needed a second.. Wing two now sweep into to the area," Helos Speaks as the wing responds by charging into the enemy. Helos is still not visible to the electronic system, "I reviewed the reports.. Gretchen, he is going to be badly scarred for a long time. Please dont let him out of your sight. Gretchen they were executing dependents. Thats why that.. Gretchen, They executed every Chinese soldier they captured."

"It was that bad," Gretchen looks at the snoring Abigail holding her old teddy?

"I am having every single one of the survivors pulled from duty. Even the stubborn assed Command Sargent Major." Gretchen hears a neck snap as she sees a Chinese officer die. As Helos moves among the command staff. "Colonel.. How is little Abigail?"

"Abigail was crying and did not know why. You never told me how empathetic you actually were.." Gretchen sighs, "Our children are Ok my love.." the Camera system is quickly charging a Chinese hover tank..

Gretchen watches as the Drones try to hit Helos, holding her breath as she watches the Feed of the Camera going over the Tank. As The Tank blows up, "Your showing off my love.. Our Children are fine."

Gretchen sees the Blades and moves back before she realizes they are holograms.

"My love.. Andros will need months to recover. I assume if he saw her ghost it is what saved him.." Helos is running full speed killing, "He will need love and attention you cant give."

"Diana," Gretchen closes her eyes seeing Abigail holding her Teddy. "Her husband will not be happy.."

posted on Nov, 21 2014 @ 02:31 AM

Old Wooden Shack
Colt Farm
back forty

Crackling fire fills the air as a deer is being roasted. A chilly wind blows through the stabilized wooden shack, adding a creaking whistling sound.

"So Benjamin Franklin was a cannibal," Helos laid nude next to Gretchen. His blood stained hand massaged Gretchen's bare back.

"You stop. God," Gretchen rolls her eyes as she wraps up in the freshly skinned deer hide. She bites her blood covered bottom lip, "Yes. The Franklin Trust formed from a secret society he found with those people who had his taste. We were the first truly integrated, non- sexist, globe spanning organization. You are a tenth Generation of both sides of the trust. A banned cross breeding." She snuggles next to Helos licking some of the dear blood from her lips, "I had to hide for years among the norms. Oh my god.. The Institute," She stops and her head turns. She stands up nude crouching over Helos ready to move as growl comes from lips.

"Well whoever you are come in," Helos calmly states. "He has been out there for about three minutes and thirty two seconds."

A man with a short long hat, a bow tie, and an old fashion medical bag opens the door, "Gretchen Pinson. Dont you growl at me. I will go find a newspaper and bop you on the nose."

"Doctor Gera.." Gretchen giggles, "You and what army Plebeian?" She sticks her tongue out and crawls back under the deer skin, "Nosey dirty old man. I will growl if I damn well please."

Helos smiles as he closes his eyes and sniffs the air, "Yeap.. The light touch of old spice. And the old real leather bag."

"I see you and Heinrich's son have mated. He unfortunately will be pleased," Doctor Gera looked at the two teens with his bispeckled glasses. "Please do not go through the official greetings Helos. that crap has started to annoy me the last few years. Well you two misbehaving hellions were supposed to be at the school today when they announced young Mr. Smithson's invitation to the Tesla Institute. Not that it matters apparently all seven of the public school invitees were not at school either. Gonna be a fun year. Any hows.. I want to run a medical check on you two, if that is ok Mr. Smithson. You can be the male standby."

"Why did you not say anything," Gretchen pinches Helos? "You were able to tell he was out there for over three minutes."

"Gretchen cant you sense it," Helos was confused. "His heart beat is lower then yours but louder then the background noise. He can do the invisible thing, it is just not as good as mine." Helos disappears from the old dirty leather couch him and Gretchen are laying on.

"STOP IT," Gretchen bites him Helos. "I am going to beat Andros's A#$ for telling you.." She freezes when she speaks..

"I have treated you since you were an infant Gretchen. You are my favorite misbehaving patient," The old doctor took out a scanner from his bag, "Gretchen.. Take your teeth off the young man so I can check on you."

Helos laughs as Gretchen pokes him in the chest, "You are going to get it." She stands up nude dropping the dear skin.

Doctor Gera shakes his head, "Wow.. Gretchen your.." He smiles ,"Your exhausted. I have never seen this much chemical flow in your blood. Your Adrenaline has spike multiple times." He pulls back as he reads the files that appear on his glasses, "Young man. If it ok.. I am country doctor and an old one. I would like to scan you."

Standing up completely nude as a the chilly wind blows, "Ok Doc. "

The doctor professionally scans Helos, "As for your earlier statement. I am fully aware the game is a foot here. I need to check on your friend. I will respect his privacy but Your father has insisted. If he is my patient I cant tell anyone of his time traveler status. " The Doctor goes wide eyed and whistles, "Damn son." He puts the scanner in his pocket and pokes Helos ribs," I see a recent set of muscle development. Ok you can sit down."

"Why the whistle," Helos sits down. "I am ok right."

"Son," The old Doctor took out a flask of Alcohol and took a sip. "Son your healthier then a prize pig on its way to the county fair."

"Your Plebeian like me," Helos wrapped back up as Gretchen snuggled close?

Taking a second sip, "About as much as we are related to the Great Apes in Africa. " Gera sighs, "I see what your dad has been up to. Yes I am from that branch of the Franklin Trust. We are they Prey to the Patrician Predator. With normal humans lower then that. Son your going to scare the S#$% out of all of them."

"Your not going to tell the Director," Gretchen was wide eyed. "Your a Plebeian. You cant.. Can you?"

Walking over to the roasted dear in the fire. He takes out a scalpel and cuts a piece of the meat, "My little hellion. The last time me and that witch bumped heads. Well she woke up tied to a column outside her house. Medicine is such a lovely thing especially with the advances in mickey's."

"We are immune to," Gretchen was wide eyed.

"According to his scan Helos is immune. The Patricians are just highly self healing big difference." Doctor Gera was smiling, "She never said anything to me for the last decade. The peace and quiet to my mental health has been priceless."

Helos laughs, "I like you doc. I really do."

"Now Gretchen," Doctor Gera was smiling. "We have to deal with your boyfriend when we get back to the institute. By your responses so far I am curious. Helos is the young man you bonded to a few years ago."

"You knew," Gretchen was wide eyed.

"It was right after your first period. I figured you would tell me when you were comfortable with it. Besides it was cute watching you hide it." Doctor Gera eats another slice of deer off his scalpel, " Gretchen."

Gretchen blushes and buries her head under the dear skin, "I am not talking about it. I will skin you both alive."

Helos rubs Gretchens back noticing her body temperature has stayed very constant, "I have a lot of questions."

"Technically your a wildling but not. "Doctor Gera looked at Helos. He walks over to the fire and rubs his hands over it, "Your dad was planning something big. I think the world got changed on him. "

Helos narrows his eyes, "Doctor."

"Son.. Your friend Andros. Exactly what did the letter your recieved say," Doctor Gera turns and warms his rear. "I got one to. "

"Helos's father is," Gretchen is very surprised..

"A patrician." Helos looks at the Doctor, "My mother." Helos closes his eyes and sniffs the air, "A plebeian.. Now I am confused here. Why is this a big deal?"

"Honey," Gretchen a deep breath. She kisses Helos, "We.."

"Gretchen you dont have to be ashamed of Helos. He qualifies under all the old rules as a Patrician Wilding. Not to mention I feel sorry for the first man who crosses the line," Gera another sip from his flask. "He is a little predator with a bonus. Son your mother has a chemical imbalance in her brain. I have to agree with the Admitting Doctors conclusion. "

Helos looks heart broken. His eyes close and a tear falls from his face.

Gretchen has to take a deep breath, "Baby. Its ok I'm right here."

Doctor Gera has to take a deep breath as Helos's pheromones fill the room, "Son.." He has to shake off the sadness, " I stopped by and visited her before I came. It is beyond my reach. Physically a full chemical regimen has a 20% chance. The problem is that the patients mind has withdrawn and quit."


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posted on Nov, 21 2014 @ 04:18 AM

Helos closed his eyes as the light flickers from the fire.

Doctor Gera looked at Helos, "We can visit her tomorrow son."

"I tried but the Doctor," Helos pauses.

"Likes to drink, and is not very much a mathematician when it comes to card games," Doctor Gera grins. "I have enough pull even your father will not cross me."

"Baby. Your pheromones," Gretchen pulls Helos to her chest. Her mothering instinct takes over, "Its ok." She tries to sooth him.

"Helos. Your pheromones are loud. Candy taught you better then that. Focus on your love for my little Hellion holding you. You have kicked her instincts into over drive,"Doctor Gera takes another swig of his flask.

Helos is quiet as the sadness seems to lower in the room.

"Gretchen my dear. I will cover at the school. You need to stay a little bit and help Candy teach him," Gera hears Gretchen growl at Candy's name.

"What is the deal with that. Earlier she got me to hiss at her," Helos takes a deep breath as a cool air blows through the shack.

"That my son is what we are becoming. She is an Apex predator. The invisible thing threw her mind. She can eventually senses me. You disappear completely to her." Gera takes a deep breath as the fresh air mixes with the smell of the shack, "Catnip. You see Gretchen like all patricians has an issue. Biologically she is a nympho.. Your father is a sociopathic killer. Your mother is delusional. Gretchen's Aunt Elphelba is OCD to a very bad degree. the director of the Trust is a sociopathic cannibal of the black widow variety."

"Every member of the Franklin Trust inherited these traits," Helos sounded worried?

"Son. I reviewed your psych Profile. Well this is still a Doctor visit," Doctor Gera looks at Helos. "Gretchen my dear, if you can talk through the Instinct of mothering your mate, was Helos about a step ahead of you it seemed?"

Gretchen growls but manages to answer, "Yes. Come to think of it he was fast.."

"But it seemed like he was predicting your moves when you two fought," Doctor Gera responded. "Long story son but when the female Patricians mate its like. "

"Female Klingons," Helos answers as he tightly holds Gretchen. He wipes some more of the deer blood from her face, "Its a genetic thing to prove the males are worthy mates.."

"Dont derail this. I like that explanation and am gonna steal it," Doctor Gera grins. "You see Gretchen. Your young man's brain I think has his mothers delusions but it is balanced by his fathers sociopathy. Time slowed down for you when you and Gretchen fought. I would assume it is not describable, but along the lines you were able to talk and think with no reaction delays. A thinking fighter."

"Yes. Even when we.. Well I was able to," Helos has a confused look on his face."

"Son this blind man was told about rainbows.. I will take your word on it." Doctor Hera moves his bottom Jaw, "I will call it a .. A secondary battle computer."

"Wait.. You are able to think and not redline," Gretchen was still holding Helos to her chest.

The fire seems to die down a little as Helos moved and looked her in the eyes, "I.. Doctor.. She hit puberty when she was twelve. I remember looking at her now. That was the chemical bonding wasnt it."

"You remember that," Gretchen was shocked. "That was five years ago. You have edict memory?"

"He didnt child. I half to assume you second mating with a patrician female opened other abilities." Doctor Gera looked at Helos, "Gretchen darling you will be respectful of Candy. She got played dirty by Heinrich. We talked for a good hour."

"Thats why her faint scent was in the air," Helos took a deep breath. He takes Gretchens face in his hands, "Please dont hurt her. She was kind and gentle. I feel very bad now because I.."

Doctor Gera spoke. "Candy is fine and our people's customs allow the relationship. In fact the Patricians encourage it. You made Candy happy. Their is so much that needs to be discussed young man. This is a whole new world for you.It is only by grace that your dad's plan failed."

"I will have to stay for about two weeks." Gretchen looks at Helos, "I will play nice with Mrs. McGreggor. Only because it makes you happy, I promise."

"My dad's Plan," Helos looked at Gera?


Main House
Colt farm
Same time

"Mrs. Sholoch," Ms. Colt responded with a smile. "Thank you. My brother, My son, and his friends spent most of winter repairing and upgrading the house."

""Its lovely. Like it is out of home and garden," Ms. Sholock pauses as she feels the wooden wall. "This is amazing work." She follows Ms. Colt into the old fashion kitchen, "Wow. This is all."

"Fully modern but with updated antiques. The retro fitted the old Stove out in the barn with modern stove parts." Elizabeth Colt showed off her house with pride, "They updated the old westinghouse. I got an industrial sink, a used dishwasher, and an exhaust fan."

Ms. Colt sits at her wooden table as the heater runs. She smiles at the sound as she motions for Ms. Sholoch to sit down.

Seeing the expensive looking chairs, "This table."

"Auction. I also got central heat and air," Ms. Colt rubs her hand on the table. "I love showing the house. I am curious as to why you're here."

"I was wanting to speak with Austin and check on. Well the issues," Ms. Sholoch raised her eyebrow.

"Dont get me started on that son of mine," Ms. Colt pours herself some wine. "My son borrowed this from his dad stock. From his private stash." She pours Ms. Sholoch some in a crystal glass.

Ms. Sholoch takes a sip, "You son stole this from his father." She smells the wine, "This is good." 'She seems happy. Of course he is going to take care of his mother. He picked out her favorite Home and gardens magazines.' "How do you feel Ms. Colt that you son is going to the Tesla Institute for Higher Learning."

"I am amazed. The elite school in the world. Invitation only," Ms. Colt smiled. "First he starts getting along with my brother out of the blue. His father decides he is going to participate in his life. They fix this house, the barn is renovated, and the old storage barn is updated, and I get all of these new appliances. Its the season of Miracles. If all I have to worry about is grandchildren early then I will thank god for my problems and carry on." Ms. Colt stand up, "Let me go use the ladies room. I will be right back."

As Ms. Colt leaves, Ms. Sholoch pours a glass of the wine, "This is very expensive."

"Go easy on the wine," Sperlings voice goes off quietly. "I have heard everything. Amazing work Ms. Sholoch."

Ms. Sholoch stands up and has to hold onto the edge of the table, "Wow that is..It is amazing."

"You ok comes from another room."

"What year was that wine," Ms. Sholoch responds. "It has the kick of a 1977 December wine."

"Thats slick," Sperling responds.

"No. My son jacked the bottle last month on the 22nd from his dad's condo," Elizabeth Colt responds. "I got three of them for Christmas."

"If you dont mind me asking you, How long did it take for the Renovations?" Ms. Sholoch closes hers eyes feeling a little guilty.

"About two weeks," Elizabeth Colt's voice is matched with the sink running. "Once the boys got the supplies."

Guitar cords softly fill the air as Ms. Sholoch drank her wine. After realizing she is swaying to the song and humming it, "Who sings that?"

posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 03:24 AM

Tesla Institute
Art Class
Same time

"By the great maker," Leeta had to lean on the pillar. "Class dismissed.. All of you out."

All of them get up and leave from their mats. One of the younger snow Yeti stay behind and looks at the teacher, "Professor Leeta. Do you want me to get.."

"Se'Li'Ni'Aod," Professor Leeta feels sick to her soul. Her art classroom is filled with several exotic treasures. "Little female Hatching. Please sniff me. You mother is one of your peoples soul sniffers. tell me this is not one of your sicknesses on this mudball."

Stepping over the mats," Professor its not.."Se'Li'Ni'Aod caught something in the air. Gentley she walks behind the Professor and sniffs her butte. Shaking her head she sniffs Leeta's feet and moves to her chest and smells the middle where her version of a heart is. "What is that Professor. My mother could tell you but, its.."

"I have not felt it before. Its not possible," Professor Leeta has tears come from her eyes. "It makes me cry like a human. One of my hatchlings is in pain. A soul wound but none of my hatchlings are .. I am not connected to humans this way.."

Se'Li'Ni'Aod sniffs the air and closes her eye, "You told me it was art. Not a science. Like the sculptor being trapped in the stone as the Sapiens says. Its coming from the east of us." Se'Li'Ni'Aod sniffs the air, "Soul speak Professor."

Leeta looks at the young uni eyed Yeti, "I.. My female Soul Sniffer, you do your mother proud." Leeta sits on the mat and aligns her spines.

Se'Li'Ni'Aod starts to howl in a rhythmic style similar to Gregorian chanting. Acoustic Vibrations in the room seem to echo the sound right to Leeta as Se'Li'Ni'Aod dances. A bronze statue of Shiva seems to glow with the vibrations. The four Faberge Eggs placed at the elemental points across the room all seems to glow a little as well.

Leeta starts to hum causing an old Statue of Artemis to vibrate with energy. Leeta calls out to the wounded soul and goes into a trance. A few seconds later she loses most of her discipline and almost falls flat on her face.

"Professor," Se'Li'Ni'Aod stops chanting.. "Professor.."

"Stay right there.. Please," The sorrow in her voice. "The great river. A back current.. Your cousins have.. No, this hatchling is my fault. He is the drift wood and is connected to me. "

"Professor," Se'Li'Ni'Aod looks confused at her art Professor. "The Eggs glowed as did Shiva and Artemis. That was the.." She sniffs the air, "Young but old."

Standing up weirdly" Se'Li'Ni'Aod that is why I took you as my Mentoree. Lets take our time and focus on details. It is important you have the basic gestalts of the Universe." Professor Leeta shook her head..

"For some reason their are three smells," Se'Li'Ni'Aod responds. "The strongest is Female.. No its male but female.. The other is female. The smallest one is female.."

"Yes the strongest is biologically male," Leeta stretches by twisting sideways. "His two shards vibrating close to him. You do have your mothers gift. Now go tell Professor Sherman what we have shared here Se'Li'Ni'Aod. Your father will be quiet proud."

The White furred one stopped and sniffed the air, "Professor Leeta.. Did you .."

"You have your mothers gift. Keep that secret and share with only her," Leeta shook here head. "Yes.. The scent would be the same.. She is in the area.. Little nestling.. Go for now."

The white furred paws run across the floor as they leave.

"A nestling lost in time. Happiness and sorrow," Professor Leeta closes her eyes. "Travel though the great river was indicted and thrice have these creatures broke our restrictions. Now we are at their mercy."


Storage barn
Colt Farm

Austin banged on the door, "Andros.. Please open up. I want to talk with you."

Andros threw the door open, "Austin." Andros takes a deep breath. "Your free . Ok. I dont hate you. I am not mad. I am not going to kick you or sister out. If you need space and time take it. You have been through hell."

"You are full of S#$%. I just found out that my mother is selling the house. We will be staying at the renovated barn," Austin showed her emotions. "Are you going to leave me out here?"

"This is my private space young lady. We are friends. You dont get it both ways. If you want in my heart thats fine but," Andros has a tear in his eye. "Damn it Austin." He sees the tear stains on her face as the slight wind blows her blonde hair. "I'm apologizing. I crowded you. It hurts. I just wanted to..."

Andros just walks away back inside. He doesnt even have the lights on as he makes his way to the stairs.

"Andros.." Austin shuts the door as she walks inside, "Damn it man." She almost trips and catches herself. She makes her way up the stairs. The light from the top Floor reaches her eyes. "Andros.." Austin walks through the second door.

"Austin.. It is a two part problem. I can love you and be mad at you." Andros walks over to a mini Fridge," Here.." He hands her a soda, "I am upset and I have a right to feel the way I do. My feelings do not make yours any less valid. "

"Really. You need to tell my sister. She thinks I am being selfish," Austin sees Andros raise his eye brows. "You agree with her. God you."

"Austin she is sister. Your ghost haunted me for years.. Always there." Andros speaks, "Your sister and me. It was complicated. All right very complicated."

"My god.. You and my sister, you said.." Austin pauses and feels the warm air mixing with the cool air, "You were in an emotional relationship with her not physical."

"This is a mess. A big mess." Andros looks at Austin, "I carried a torch for you A very long time. I want you to be happy even if its not with me. I understand the this is very fast garbage.. And in a few months you will move fast with a guy more on your level. "

Austin freezes and looks at him, "You said if I was alone with you.. You would take your best shot."

"In the last few hours my system is in a little shock. Are we back to the lets be friends square." Andros takes a drink of his soda, "My best by the way is simple. You have a beautiful body but its your personality that grates on me. "

Austin narrows her eyes, "You play dirty. Thats a low blow. Just stop the games. What do you want from really?"

"Listen. I freed you remember," Andros pauses. "Truth is I want you call my name in the middle of the night. I want you to love me with your soul. The truth is.." Andros pauses, "Austin. Your alive because I was greedy. I thought I could mug the universe for my own little square of happiness."

"Why me." Austin sits down on a hay bale, "My sister is your age. I am nobody special.. My sister Diana loves you why not her."

He closes his eyes and speaks in a language Austin hears in english.

"So your saying we are," Austin switches over to the language Andros was speaking.

Andros looks at her. In the singsong of Leeta's people he reaches out and touches the side of Austins face..

Austin takes a deep breath, "I am not that.. You silly old man who never grew out of a.." Austin switches to Leeta's language. After about twenty seconds, "You should.. Damn it Andros. What is this."

Andros sighs as he kisses Austin.

She feels his soul as they kiss. They have hours of conversation in mere minutes. Austin moves her hand to Andros's cheek, "We." Austin grabs Andros and kisses him.

posted on Nov, 29 2014 @ 04:13 AM
I cant believe I have messed this up this badly

I even see the mistake now

A person this old
with experience would not let the information out at this rate
Thats the problem I am having

Also it is unrealistic that you could get things moving that fast on a personal level

Even with the ability to soul speak and knowing secrets

Any protocols dealing with time travel would not let you tell the native unless the success of the protocols outcome required them knowing

I also skipped over to many details again

I like the violent intro as a change of pace but it doesnt match the rest of the story

god.. I think this is why I keep bogging down here at this point

I like the picture changes from the videos
but I just dont like the way I tried to force the story

I liked Docs intro
I like part of Fred's

I keep screwing up the dynamic I am aiming for with Austin being alive

I keep messing up Diana to...

back to the drawing board

I cant get the Yeti part to write better
I cant get the Admirals story to write
as evidence by the last post in the too late for the pebbles to vote

posted on Nov, 29 2014 @ 08:03 PM
I am going to have to talk with one of my dads old friends

Well this is a fictional story so..

The problem Is I need good guys to help to

I meed more then the cabal of teachers
I need more then the Church of Science

I am thinking of going with the Freemasons on this one
Borrow a page from revolt in twenty one hundred


Maybe have Andros Colt be similar to me

Have a father he did not know the first time
Have him be a 32degree grandmaster freemason

And then his deceased grandfather have been a freemason master mason of the local lodge
through his mother

Its hard to write it

I just have to think hard..

I mean I could have the bad guys track him down
he runs and ends up in the lodge

But he messes up the phrase
Mybe be only able to say he is the son of the widow
not able to get the full greeting write

Have the other time travelers hasseling him

Then the old wise man in small country branch stops the fight
ask the kid to repeat what he said

And only be able to get the fact
"He is the son of the widow.."

Not the rest of the saying

The old man ask him who told him that
He explains both father whose name he doesnt have and his mothers father

I have to many twist I need to scale back in the story
Keep to a single protagonist

What do you think?

have the small lodge be the good guys in a rewrite?

posted on Nov, 29 2014 @ 08:12 PM
This is the hard part of this massive story

No real good guys except a few kids

No real bad guys

just decisions

The problem I am having is I wrote the character of Andros more emo then I intended to

The mason angle would not be used unless he was on the run
Maybe it would work with them finding him after the future self is gone

The convince him to go back to the institute because he needs his education..

Of note:
Even the classic bad guys are not the bad guys

I wanted to have a wetworks operative become one of the heroes in the future
the man went into the back alleys and went bump..
not the flashy james bond type who gambled in casinos

the one who visited thugs, bikers, and gang bangers because they stepped out of line

I met a few of them in real life

they are very good guys on a personal level
its just their work
someone has to butcher the hog so the town can eat so to speak

I have got that down because the Two star admiral that was at the institute is one of those men..
son of the most feared Wetworks operative in history

And he is a loyal american... who is not going to let them control the future

I have screwed up and not translated these values properly in the story.. It is rewrite time

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