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Syrian Vid "Boy Hero From Sniper" Proved To Be Faked,Westren News Media Silent

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posted on Nov, 15 2014 @ 02:00 AM
Syrian Vid "Boy Hero From Sniper" Proved To Be Faked,Westren News Media Silent Not Before Spread.
YouTube 'Syrian Hero Boy' video confirmed as fake
The infamous video.

On Nov 10, 2014 on the internet & social media , Free Syrian Army supporters have begun to spread a video which it allegedly shows an Syrian boy on a supposed battlefield near a wretched vehicle with a girl and the boy suppodely trying to save the girl behind the vehicle even as the video starts you can immediately hear the fighters behind holding the camera yelling god is great, god is great!

As soon the video had surfaced, every Westren News Media news outlet picked up the story without even making an assessment of it, Even the US Depart. of State was fooled by fake Syrian Hero Boy video. Unless of course they knew it was fake in which as it is, they quickly used the opportunity to blame it on Assad as usual.

HERO – Syrian boy risks own life to rescue girl from Assad regime sniper firing on civilians

"Syrian Hero Boy" has been confirmed as fictionby the Norwegian filmmakers who produced the video.

Here comes the full admission just after a week.
The "Syrian Hero Boy" Vid is confirmed as fiction because it was created by the Norwegian filmmakers, while now that the video has being used to blame Assad for the Sniper attack, the Norwegian filmmakers are now trying to defend themselves by suggesting that they were making the video as stated.

but justified the movie as a project that would generate discussion about children in conflict zones.

YouTube 'Syrian Hero Boy' video confirmed as fake
Source 2

Where was the video taken?
It sure looked like Syria but isn't. According to the Norwegian filmmakers the film location was taken in Malta and The video was taken in May of this year.

Mr Klevberg said the video was shot in May in Malta on a set that was used for blockbusters Troy and Gladiator,

The filmmakers then deleted the clip, added the word "Hero" to the headline and sent it out to a few people on Twitter where it was picked up by Shaam Network, a channel that features Middle East-related content, and within four days it had been watched more than five million times.

Westren News Outlets Silent
Since the truth of the "Syrian Hero Boy" Vid the large proportion of westren news outlets, which include FOX News, CBC, ABC, NBC, CNN have surprisingly decided not to report on the story.

These same news outlets did report when the video surfaced and the blame was put on Assad, the main question is now why wont the must trusted news outlets wont even report that the video has being proven to be a fake?

Truth hurts seem to be is the reason why the news outlets wont even report it.

Can the Same Be Stated For Ukraine?
Remember how the Ukrankian government always releases these questionable videos to the social media? like that one video claiming to show what it apparently shows an Buk missile launcher although not in a good quality before believing the video you should always question such videos even the ones from Syria.

In Syria's case its not the first that the Syrian opposition would fake or stage in order to either to generate an outcry or support for an intervention.
Its clear from this is that dont start believing the videos that easily without an assessment, because they could be easily as the wag the dog.

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posted on Nov, 15 2014 @ 02:06 AM
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posted on Nov, 15 2014 @ 06:38 AM
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