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Krossblade SkyProwler may some day deliver your milk.

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posted on Nov, 14 2014 @ 06:02 PM
Krossblade Aerospace is hoping that the market for drone delivery vehicles will open up in the US soon so it can push it "transformer" SkyProwler UAV capable delivery system. The vehicle will take off like a quad-copter, then transition to forward flight, then once on the ground can fold in the wings and rotor assemblies and drive around like a car.
It is supposed to cruise at 314 mph and be optionally manned. Krossblade is planning to build the initial prototype in 2015 and take it's maiden flight in 2016. A five passenger model is also envisioned by the company.
A major obstacle to this becoming a reality is the regulation or deregulation of UAV and rotor craft operations in the US.

“I think Google and Amazon could be interested, but so could supermarkets and other chains,” says chief executive Dan Lubrich. “I think the SkyProwler is great for deliveries – it can carry a large payload for its size and can travel at high speeds.”

Regulation is the biggest hurdle, he adds, and the company is prioritizing this in the USA as it forecasts that it will be the largest market in terms of demand for this type of technology.

We've seen these type of concepts before and we've seen them come and go but this is the future of aviation in the US and around the world. It is only a mater of time. Speaking of time, I also think the time frame the company's head think this will be in the air, in mass is fairly ambitious. He is envisioning all the regulations and having a fully functional and tested vehicle all sorted out within the decade.

BTW, their RC demonstrator looks cool in all but as Iran has shown us it is a big leap to go from an RC to the real deal.
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posted on Nov, 14 2014 @ 07:47 PM
a reply to: Sammamishman

I actually enjoy getting milk. After 15 hours a day at work, my daily grocery store visit is my little break before going home to homework, dinner, and baths for 3 girls. 3 hours of utter chaos and play-dog carpet before I sleep and repeat. I wouldn't mind seeing this deliver my lunch though....

posted on Nov, 14 2014 @ 10:37 PM
I want that prototype for starters. And the future will have some type for sure. This looks promising. I always figure a good bail out system and safeguards for not injuring someone need to be figured out with it. Think about how simple it would make delivering a donor organ from hospital to hospital though. That sounds a little better than delivering your groceries at least. Even though I really dislike going out shopping. Good find S&f
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