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Possible Homicide in Investigation into UK Paedophile Ring Involving Powerful People

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posted on Nov, 14 2014 @ 11:38 AM
since when has the UK had a 'homicide' department ? Brits do not use the word homicide, it's an American word. The UK uses the word 'murder' !
As for the topic, it won't go anywhere. All of the people who have the power to do anything are implicated in one way or another. They hold all the keys and they've locked the doors !!

posted on Nov, 14 2014 @ 12:19 PM
a reply to: sayzaar

Brits do not use the word homicide, it's an American word.

The word is taken from the Latin word homicdium , the law in the UK is full of Latin terms and derivations.

posted on Nov, 14 2014 @ 12:28 PM
a reply to: Cobaltic1978
140,000 children don't disappear that is how many are reported missing. So that would include kids who run away and found a couple of hours later.
No saying there isn't a problem but daily mail style stats just confuse the issue.

posted on Nov, 14 2014 @ 03:11 PM

originally posted by: VirusGuard
a reply to: gortex

The police were left seriously embarrassed after Savile

The police are in it up to their ears and many people came forward all them years ago and got sent home but in the case of Holly Gleg someone got snuffed out because some top police officers seem to had been caught having sex with young kids in Scotland.

As I said asking them to investigate is not going to work

I think you mean Hollie Greig:

posted on Nov, 14 2014 @ 04:04 PM
a reply to: ScepticScot

Let's be honest, even if the true figure is 1% of what is claimed and we all know it's a fair percentage of that, it would still be a disgusting amount.

posted on Nov, 14 2014 @ 04:08 PM
a reply to: gortex

What do you wanna bet it will go down just like in the USA....they may round up a few of the lesser people and prosecute,but all the really important people won't be touched. Then after all of THOSE people are dead,it will all come out finally. Thats American justice for you. Now you get to deal with too.

posted on Nov, 14 2014 @ 08:11 PM
The list in detail and the last known whereabouts

Anthony Blunt, Royal Connections, MI5, Russian spy died 1983.
Harvey Proctor, Monday Club, well known convicted paedo. 11 MORPETH GARDENS, SHEFFIELD S3 7LD aged 75
Sir Peter Bottomley. Worthing MP and Monday Club CHIMNEYS, LOWER MOUSHILL LANE, MILFORD, GODALMING GU8 5JX
Charles Irving died 1995
Leon Britton, Lord, ex Thatcher Minister LOWER GARDEN HOUSE, SPENNITHORNE, LEYBURN DL8 5PR
John Rowe, MI5, former MP current address unknown
Cyril Smith, deceased, ex Rochdale MP died 2012
Ron Brown died 2002
Colin Jordan, Political Leader and author died 2009
George Tremlett, Former GLC Leader living somewhere in South Wales – current address unknown aged 73.
Peter Campbell, Monday Club current address unknown
Gary Walker, Sein Fein current address unknown
Cliff Richard,Pop Star, known at Elm as ‘Kitty’ aged 72 current address unknown – had a home on St George’s Hill estate in Weybridge, Surrey.
Ron Wells, Musician, aka ‘Gladys’ at Elm current address unknown believed to be in London area.
Richard Miles, Monday Club current address unknown
Chris Denning, ex DJ, convicted paedo. aged 72 arrested at an East London Homeless Hostel on 3rd June 2013 on paedo charges not seen since.
R Langley, Buckingham Palace Equerry current address unknown
Terry Dwyer current address unknown
Patrick Puddles current address unknown
Louis Minster, Richmond Social Services – previously reported as dead but the Exaro Website found him alive and living in Malta.
Colin Peters, QC current address unknown
Steve Everett, Westminster Social worker FLAT 9, LINSTED COURT, RESTONS CRESCENT, LONDON SE9 2JQ
Ray Wire, so called expert on Paedo therapy died 2008.
Peter Glencross, editor of Monday Club newsletter current address unknown
Guy Hamilton Blackwell, son of Westland Helicopters Chairman FLAT 2, 367 COMMERCIAL ROAD, LONDON E1 2PS

posted on Nov, 15 2014 @ 11:35 AM
think about it!
IF princes Charles is a kiddy fiddler.
then do you real think they will put him on trail?
and their are Many at the top who will not be touch't.

posted on Nov, 16 2014 @ 08:18 AM
Well it appears the accusation of a murder is being made against a Tory M.P, by a survivor of these depraved actions.

There are claims of three murders in total, the first being a boy run down on the streets in broad daylight, the second at the hands of a Tory M.P (strangulation) and the third at the hands of two unknown men, in front of a Tory M.P.

Link -

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