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The Battle to the Surface. "Attack of the Sandworms!" [SEC2014]

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posted on Nov, 12 2014 @ 05:34 PM
Uri checked his watch as the elevator made its slow dusty descent into the Underworld. Flash, flash, flash, flash, flash, flash... 7:37 PM, five minutes more until they would be at the bottom. The heat was unbearable at 2km down. Sweat started dripping down uris neck and back, and he could feel in another two minutes his whole body would be drenched. He felt like ripping the clothes off his body and going down naked. He looked back at Igor and smiled, almost bursting out laughing at what he saw. Igors upturned face had flowing rivulets coming down like mountain springs from every pore and wrinkle. He turned back and laughed to himself quietly under the noise of the elavator as the wheels turned and turned for what seemed like an eternity as they went ever deeper into the earth.

Uri looked up too...

"Huh, the air feels cooler up here" he thought to himself smiling. And he laughed again, but this time a big laugh, loud enough so that Igor would hear it, but Igor didnt say anything. Sweat continued to drip down Uri's face. Some moments passed and there was silence between them, except for the loud noise of the elevator. Flash, flash, flash, flash, flash, flash.... Igor cleared his throat and began to speak, "whats so funny?" He asked loudly so that his voice booming voice echoed up and down the shaft in a clearly unamused authoritative tone.

"Its nothing, forget about it, it was just one of those thoughts". Uri reassured him. Igor grunted uncomfortably and looked back up through the shaft counting how many yellow lights there were between red lights. He knew every red light was 200 metres apart but he didnt know how many were yellow / orange lights there were between the red ones. He thouht he would ask Uri, to ease the tension. Besides there was nothing better to do, and if they were both going to die before they ever reached the bottom as he suspected they might as well die laughing. "Uri, how many yellow lights between the red ones?" He asked. Uri looked back and grinned. "You sly fox, youve been counting all along haven't you?" Uri said. Igor laughed and said "Yeah, well, at least I've been trying to." They both laughed at this.

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posted on Nov, 12 2014 @ 06:39 PM
Part two.

"Wait for another red one, and then start counting." Igor suggested. "They're every two hundred metres... One should be coming up any minute now".

"Ok", Uri agreed. A few moments passed, and Uri felt a sudden change in temperature. It got cooler somehow, and he almost felt a breeze come up from below. "Did you feel that?" He asked Igor. "Feel what?" Igor grunted. "Nevermind, i must be imagining things" Uri replied. A flash of red went by. "Hey, look!" Igor said. "Better start counting". .... Flash, flash, flash, flash, flash, flash. "it's harder than you might think" Igor said amusingly. "I know, six went past by the time i saw the red light" Uri agreed.. "Were not exactly going fast down here either", Uri said smiling.

Uri managed to account for the lights he had missed and felt at peace as counting the lights now became manageable with his eyes closed. Flash, flash, flash, flash, flash, flash. As he counted his mind went into a trance and his thoughts drifted. He smiled to himself when he realised how hard this game really was under these conditions. He knew he had lost count after about thirty. He titled his head back, and felt the coolness of the sweat around his eye lids before opening them and looking up through the boards of the old elevator ceiling, at the dim lights of the shaft as they went up and out of view. A red light went past... "Ive lost count" he said.. There was silence in the box of the elevator. Uri eyed looked in front of him expectantly... flash, flash, flash, flash, flash, flash... There was only silence... He looked over his shoulder at Igor. Igor was either alseep or in a deep trance. Better leave him alone, Uri thought to himself.

He turned his face back up again to the ceiling of the elevator and watched the lights as they ascended before going out of view. He felt a cool breeze again, but this time it was stronger, and woke Igor up. "What was that?!" Igor said. Before Uri could reply, a loud crumbling noise was heard echoing above them followed by the sound of raining debris as it came tumbling down the shaft before smashing into their ceiling and through the wire mesh.

"What was that!?" Igor said. "Our death knell." Quipped back. They both waited in silence listening for more. Flash, flash, flash, flash, flash, flash. "Probably just erosion" Uri suggested. "Lets hope it doesnt happen again" said Igor. Just as Igor had finished his sentance, there was another, even louder echoing noise that sounded like more crumbling, but this time, instead of coming down it snagged on the wire went and pulled elevator to a tight halt. It swang from side to side a little before resting to one side. The wire was caught between a boulder and the walls. They were stuck. Dust and a few peices of rocks came down moments later, but not as bad as the first time.
"What now?" Uri asked Igor looking over at him straight in the eye helplessly. Igor thought about it. They were at least two kilometers down. The underworlds elevator system was designed so that the doors opened automatically as the elevator reached within 100 meters. Without the elevator, there was no way they could climb down and hope to get in. Even if they did, no one would hear them, because it was an abandoned facility. Igor cursed his superiors for sending them on this mission. "There's only one thing we can do" Igor said. "Whats that?" Uri replied. "We have to climb our way out" said Igor.


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posted on Nov, 12 2014 @ 08:46 PM
Part three.

Uri felt sick hearing this, but he knew Igor was right. Besides the only other choice was waiting for a slow inevitable death in the elevator, or climbing down and waiting for the same fete in the abandoned facility. Without the elevator, there was no other way out but to climb. "Well its now or never i suppose" Uri said. He tried to make himself sound encouraging, but inside he felt uttely hopeless.

"Ok, grab this" said Igor grappling with the peices of shrapnel in their elevator ceiling that had seen better days. Uri put both hands on the mesh and pulled down with all his weight, and felt a satisfying tear as the mesh unfastened. "Ok good, now climb through the gap and start climbing." Said Igor. Igor gave him a boost up from his knee and Uri pulled himself the rest of the way out. There was about half a metre between the lights so it fairly well lit. He found miraculously unintended concrete footholds in the wall next to the light fixtures going all the way up. "Were in luck" Uri said. "...footholds". "I know" said Igor. "Give me a hand up". Uri reached down and grabbed Igor by the elbow and pulled with his whole body. They looked at each other surprised at how much stamina and strength they both had left. And then they both looked up feeling quesy.

"Ok you first" said Igor. Uri tightened his belt and unbottoned his shirt. It would be a long climb.

After roughly 300, metres they found the boulder. The cable looked almost completley severed. "We were lucky" Uri said. "The wires almost completely cut."

"Can you see a way around the boulder?" Igor asked from a few metres below. "Yeah, but its tight, and i dint know how much I want to trust putting my weight on this rock." Uri replied. "We bave no choice" said Igor. "Anyway, it looks strong enough to me... Gor for it.". "Well, i guess i have no choice youre right." Said Uri. Uri pulled himself round and used the wall of the shaft to push himself up and over with his legs... It didnt move and inch. He felt relieved. "Hey that was easy" Uri called down to Igor. "Good, my turn now" said Igor. They both went through easily and stood on the boulder together triumphantly. "Only about another 2,000 metres to go" said Uri. Igor grunted half amused, half dreading.

After a long thirty minute climb, Uri felt a breeze. "Hey, do you feel that?" Said Uri. "Yup.. At over a mile deep, that aint normal." said Igor. "Its impossible" said Uri. "Well these hairs standing up on end in my skin would disagree with that" said Igor. "What could it be?" asked Uri. "I dont know" said Igor "Probably sink holes riding along side the shaft. Thats what caused the erosion, there could be natural caverns the size of cities down here for all we know."

They kept climbing...


posted on Nov, 12 2014 @ 10:44 PM
Part four.

Uri looked down at his watch. It was 10:21PM. They had been climbing flat out for close to two hours now. "Im gonna drop down dead if i dont get a drink anytime soon" said Uri. Igor handed him his canteen. "What the heck? Youve had this all along? And its full!? Youre full of surpises Igor." Said Uri.
"They dont call me Igor the resourceful for nothing" said Igor, as he swigged from his own canteen. "Lol, you are a real wind up sometimes" said Uri. "No, thisnis a windup!" Said Igor, flashing his dynamo flashlight in Uris face... "Ok, enough swift it off" said Uri shielding his eyes... Igor laughed and turned it off. Just before he turned it off he moticed something out of place a few metres up as the beam passed over it. He switched it back on again. Above them about 30 feet away was a large hole one of the walls. "Hey, Uri, it think ive found the sinkhole" he said pointing his flash light at what looked like the mouth of a large cave. Uri was silent, waiting for instruction. "Ok, keep climbing" said Igor. They made their way up to the same level as the cave opening. The light was to dim to make out what inside. Igor took his flashlight out again and switched it on.

They couldn't beleive what they saw. "That's not a sink hole Igor, it's a freakin wormhole!" Said Uri. "No kidding" replied Igor in his deep Russian accent. The wormhole was at least 5 foot in diameter in the deepest part and had a large chunk at the front missing where clearly a boulder had been dislodged resulting in their elevator becomimg trapped. "What did this?!" asked Igor...

Uri looked up and fell silent. Igor sensed something odd about Uris reaction. Igor studied Uri with a piercing gaze... Wind came through the tunnel and gave them both a chill... Uri refused to look down... "Tell me what you know!" Demanded Igor.
Uri's body ceased up in terror, and he closed his eyes tightly not wanting to beleive what he was about to say. "About 16 years ago... Me and some guys were on patrol duty on camp carinae. It was a normal night, nothing out of the ordinary. There was a wild atmosphere, like we were invincible. The stars were out, and our convoy was speeding through the desert like we were on an off duty joy ride.... All of a sudden, our lead vehicle gets picked up from under ground by a giant sandworm... We all narrowly swerved round it nearly crashing into the damn thing. We looked back and it had a whole jeep in his mouth about 50 feet in the air, and that wasnt even its whole body. We opened fire and it tossed the jeep from between its jaws and it exploded a few feet away from its body. 5 men died that night. The explosion was big and it obvioisly caused injured because next thing we know this giant desert sand worm start emitting this noise like bat on a loudspeaker going crazy... We emptied clip after clip on this thing until finally its ugly writhing body collapsed and fell over. We all felt relief that whatever this thing was we didnt let it stay alive out here and threaten any more of our boys lives. Turns out killing it was out biggest mistake. Not long after the first one went down, all over the desert sand dunes exploded one after another sending clouds of sand and dust into the air. Poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof. Raaar, raaar, raar, raaar, raar, raar. The noise was horrific! These things were pissed. Truly. We didnt hang around for a round two. The sight of hundreds of these 100 foot crawling legless beasts coming toward you at speed from every angle is enough to strike terror in any man. We made it back to camp are individually cross examined for over 6 hours first by the commander of the camp, then by officials from the Dod, then by the secret service who told us never to speak of what we saw again and that if we did our lives and the lives of our families would be in serious danger. News of this was not to get outside of our camp. We were tasked with special roles in a new ultra secret unit. Camp Carinae, was officially closed but continued operations as nornal on a black budget. Everything was increased, the budget, the food portions, the sleeling hours (as many as we needed), the personnel (seemingly coming from nowhere), and the number of operations also increased. We discovered the sandworms were reppelled by the strong frequencies of our radio tower so the base was never attacked. Never the less we were at war with these 100 foot jeep munching subterranean legless terrorists, and we were going to win. Thankfully most humans had already colonised marz, so they posed little threat to the survival of us as a species, unless they were on mars of course. We found out they had a 250 cycle. Eggs are buried deep in the earths crust, and hatch every 400 years, like the cicada, but longer, much longer. It just so happens that we were alive in a time when they decide to start hatching. We really dont know how long they can go on hatching for, but some say decades. We tried everything, even nukes, but we realised the reality was we didnt have the means to take them out, the onky thing we could do was wait it out."


posted on Nov, 12 2014 @ 11:37 PM
Part five.

Igor stays silent before replying. "So what do we do now" Igor finally asks "Keep climbing i guess, what else do you have in mind?" Uri asks back. "Keep climbing into the path of a 100 foot sandworm? You are joking!" Igor replies. "Hmm, but we havent see its a new on or an old one yet. It could have just been a gust of wind blowing through the tunnels that knocked the boulder in the first place." Uri says. "I dont think thats possible." Argues igor.

They both pause to think.
"Well we have two or three options" Uri says. "First option, we keep climbing until we either get to the surface or get eaten by a hungry sandworm. Second option, we try and make it to the surface via the wormholes. We already know there is a high chance that this is possible because of the cool wind that seems to coming from somewhere... Or third option, we climb back down and bust our way into the underworld and hope for some kind of communication system down there thats still operational and call for help." Uri suggests. "Third option is out of the question" says Igor. "The doors are triggered to open automatically via a pulley system that the elevator locks into as it makes its last 100 metre decent" Igor continues. "Without the elevator, we can never make it to the underworld".
"So whats your favourite out of the other two?" Asks Uri.
"Keep climbing and hope for the best" says Igor.


posted on Nov, 13 2014 @ 01:01 AM
Part six.

Uri sets his foot in the concrete and keeps climbing, followed by a disgruntled Igor. "You can tell me the rest of your story about these sandworms on the way up Uri. It's not the end of the world, eh?" Igor says jokingly. "How much further do you think we have left to go Igor?" Asks Uri. "Thats depends." Igor solemly replies. "How much further until we reach the surface Igor?" Uri tries again. "Haven't you been counting the red lights Uri?" Igor counters. "Have you?" Uri asks back. "Yes, Uri, but it doesnt matter. I know these walls better than you. Remember that." Igor says mysteriously. We are roughly five hundred metres below terra firma Uri". Igor finally confesses. "It shouldnt be long before we get out of this godforsaken shaft thats for sure". Uri felt reassured. He knew they both had secrets and was counting on something being up Igors sleeve.
They climbed on for another few hundred meters. Uri was about ready to fall to his death. Each step took longer and longer for uri to complete. He paused and looked up, squinting at the lights that seemed to go on for ever above him.. Suddenly he saw a light shining from below. It was Igors flashlight. It looked like he found something in the wall and inspecting it closely. "Another wormhole?" Uri called out. "Nope. Not this time" says Igor. "Then what?" asks Uri, struggling to hide the hoarse desperation in his voice as it began to break. Igor laughs. "Its a door". Uri nearly lets go and wants falls back but realises he is not in heaven and there are no guardian angels waiting behind him to break his fall, so he waits patiently for more details, looking up towards what would be the sky with his eyes closed. "I havent got the key" says Igor. "But its okay, i think i can pick it open." Uri laughs, delirious. "They didnt call you Igor the resourceful for nothing did they..." Concentration kept Igor in in silent concentration. It suited them both in those few moments. All Uri could hear was the sound of metal ticking away a few meters below him. All igor could hear except for himself was the sound of Uri swaing deliriously above him. He made some progress on the lock but it was going to be tough... Minutes went by and still no luck... Suddenly there was a niise from somewhere above them in the shaft... They both fell silent. "KEEP GOING" Uri whispered.. Igor furrowed his brow and made and became intense. He moved at twice the speed he moved previously. He had to get this done pronto. There were more noises coming from the shaft above... Debris started to rain down. "I dint mean to sound excited Igor, but if we dont get in that door in the next few seconds, i suspect were going to be eaten by a very hungry sandworm." Uri said. There was no reply, but he heard a click, and a creecking sound. The door was open. Igor went through with his flashlight... It was a large narrow corridoor about 20 metres long. Before going any further he went back to help Uri find his way down. The debris was falling in ever greater quantity. Uri climbed down gradually. Going down was harder than going up. He looked up as he went and was horrified by what he saw. There some thirty metres above staring straight down at him was the ugly face of a sandworm.


posted on Nov, 13 2014 @ 08:32 PM
Part seven.

Igor heard a shriek from above.
He looked up and a large drop of sandworm drool landed in his face.. He wiped his face clean with one hand using his shirt sleeve, and grabbed Uri by the trouser leg tugging vigorously with the other..

He locked eyes with the beast. The red peicing glare was illuminated by the lights. It seemed as fascinated as he was... Then it made a sound, and its jaws parted revealed a thousand spiked teeth jagging out in every direction.. "You dont scare me you ugly legless terrorist!!!!" Uri shouted. His voice carried through the shaft and echoed. A loud hissing noise was the beasts reply. Debris began to fall as it made it creeping descent... Uri was hypnotised... "Get moving, Uri!" Igor shouted. Uri looked down and, went into overdrove somehow !anaging to miraculously guide his legs that were now made of jelly into the concerete footholds below..
Igor didnt let go of Uri until he was fully behind the door, and and soon as they were both in, he slammed and bolted it shut. They both took a few moments to get their breaths back and stood listening to the sound of the legless beast as it creeped down toward their door... It made a hissing sound as it passed by... But it didnt stop. They assumed it went back to cave entrance below. As it dissappeared down the shaft, they made their way to the other end of the corridoor. Igor slowly turned the handle and opened the door.

As they went inside they were greeted by a smell of old books. The door creaked shut, but it did not slam. The sound of it closing left a muffled impression in their new noiseless expanse. It was a welcome difference. A feeling of peace settled over them. After a few moments passed, igor searched the wall with his flashlight near the door. He flicked a dusty light switch... The lights flickered on, blinking like a slowly awaking god, before finally waking up fully after a deep sleep... One on the far end, stayed defiantly blinking a few moments longer before settling into a reduced glow. The room was filled with row upon row of bookshelves. Igor smiled, "just how i remember it" he said softly... Uri looked at Igor with intrigue. "You knew this place was here all along?" He asked. "Yeah. This was the old subterranean war rooms, below leading by train to and from old Moscow." Igor responded. "I was contracted as a maintenance worker for the security systems down here" he continued. "I know all the secret passages". He winked at Uri. Uri smiled and watched as Igor made his was over to a bookshelf on the other side of the room with an a sense of purpose that went above Uri unsuspecting head. Igor pulled a book from the shelf on the fourth row, at shoulder height. Behind the book was lever. Igor gripped it tightly with both hands and pulled it firmly down. The shelf slowly began to move revealing a door set into concrete. This was Igor said. Uri followed Igor as they made their way down another corridor. They stopped at a door on one side. Igor opened it, and they both went inside. He tried the switch. It was busted. The flashlight would have to do Igor thought.

He switched it on and pointed it at what appeared to be a bunch if empty looking boxes. He went over and looked inside. They were full of bullets. "Result" said Igor triumphantly. Uri leaned over. "Where are the guns?" He asked. Igor pointed his flashlight at the wall. It was full of guns. They were in the munitions room after all. He pointed at the other walls. Same thing all around. "Lock and load" Igor said.

After a few minutes they were both kitted out ready for battle. Uri packed a mean looking shotgun with shells strapped roud his chest Rambo style, while Igor went for a classic Ak47 miniature style. "Ok follow me" Igor said. "Were going to battle to the surface, through the subway."


posted on Nov, 18 2014 @ 03:22 PM
a reply to: funkadeliaaaa

S+F for a pretty good Tale! I like it so far. Am patiently waiting for the Battle!!! Later, Syx.

posted on Nov, 22 2014 @ 05:48 PM
Igor turns off his flashlight and slammed the munitions door shut behind creating a loud echo through the empty coridoors. Uri looks at him with a glint in his eye. "If we see any sandworms you know were screwed right, even with these things." "Dont worry!!!" "Theyre clusting funk rounds". "Not the standard issue". Igor reassured him. "We produced the highest grade tech imaginable, the crap they get on mars is decades behind whats really available, because hey we cant have an off planet colony coming back to funk our lives up after all those years." Igor says candidly. "How come i dont know about it?" Uri enquires. "Because if the consumer army knew what was available we'd potentially loose a fight. Our secret order of gatekeepers would never be able to garuantee its continued secret millenia old dominion over the Earth. That would he unthinkable Uri!" said Igor with all the conviction of a tailored boilersuit wearing, blue collar working, secret millenia old secret society underground mechanic. "Youre right. After the NWO was established and peace broke out the military splintered and all hell broke loose here on earth as rival fanatics tried to become omnipotent dictators forming their own utopian tribes... It was each man for themselves, NWO should have really been called the New World Chaos. But really nothing changed, it was the same old fight over land and resources, it just became more obvious and ugly, and youre right, it didnt go well for the guys with inferior fire power." "Thats why we always made sure we had the best weaponry available, and built all these underground bases, so we wouldnt have to waste it on scum like "Notorious Nwo'ers, or N.N. as we reffered to them. Boy i still look back with glee on the day we planted that EMP explosive under the fascist headquarters at Sillicon Valley. Eat chips you trolls hahah that was good." "Hahaha, yeah, you funked them silly". "Anyway, enough chit chat, lets get moving".

posted on Nov, 25 2014 @ 12:29 PM
a reply to: funkadeliaaaa

"Aahhh i forgot one thing! Flamethrowers." Said Igor, mischievously. "No, ur kidding me right, lol, i didnt see amy flamethrowers in there". Said Uri. " aha" said Igor, "but, you didnt look where they were hidden". Igor, went back in and lifted a 2 foot by 4 foot door hidden in the floor. He reached inside and carefully pulled out, one by one, two flamethrowers wrapped in stained white cloth, and carefully began unwrapping and loading them with fuel. He handed Uri the new weapon, and put his over hid shoulders with the strap. Uri did the same, and they both started walking back toward the library room. " the entrance to the line is through two sets of doors a few hudred yards down a corridoor from the library. We have to climb a set of stairs and go through another door that leads straight to the tracks. The platform is a bit further up but it will save time to walk along the tracks. If i remember rightly, we have a four mile, on a gradual incline until we reach a tunnel that comes out the side of a mountain. Surrounded by trees. Once were out, we should be able to find a base 2 miles east from the tunnel exit."
"No problem." said Uri.

They made it to the to the tracks, and felt a sudden chill as they entered. Uri gripped his shotgun, and hawked some spit. He had a mean look on his face, trying to mask the fear. They heard a drip behind them hit a large puddel. They freaked imediately turning 180degeees pointing their guns in the direction of the puddle a few metres away. Igor switched on his gunlight and pointed it at the leaking pipemon the ceiling. "False alarm, lets keep moving" Igor suggested. They moved silently in the direction of the exit four miles away. There was very little light except Igors flashlight. After a few hundred metres they reached the underground platform. The walls were covered in grafitti. "Disrespectful kids" grunted Igor as his flashlight passed over it. They kept moving cautiously towards the exit. Uri smelt something in the air. "Whats that smell?" he said. "what smell" asked Igor. "It smells like something died down here" said Uri covere his face. " ugh gross, i smell it too" said igor. "Definitely a corpse". he said. As they got closer the smell got worse. Igor thought up the bright idea of burning the air with his flamethrower to get rid of the smell, but it didnt help much, except setting the tunnel on fire making it brighter amd easier to see where they were going. There were large puddles 20 metres. Uri wondered how so much watered was collecting in them as the water had supposedly been cut off. As they ventured further they finally discovered the source of the smell. But it was not corpse. At least not one in their tunnel. In front of them were two tunnels going from above to below. The one coming from above had a small stream coming down it, and some the water ran all the way down the pipes along the ceiling of the tunnel creating large puddles over time, but most of it ran down the second tunnel into the ground. " so this is why the base was suddenly closed" said Igor. " they told me it was being made redundent due to the completion of an upgraded one with better facilities." They walked over to tunnels, and looked inside. What they saw in the one lewding below horrified them. Under their feet was a large cavernous pit hundreds of metres deep and hundreds of metres wide. It looked like the ceiljgn had caved in, but they could tell it was not erosion. It was too round like it had beenworked on. It was a wormhole. There was a sound coming from the pit, of thousands of moving writhing bodies, hissing and other creepy high pitched noises. Uri sent down a blast of flames that illuminated the cave as they fell. Therenwere thousands of sandworms all together in a hive. Igor looked at down with high flashlight. He could see the beam of passing over bodies, that semed to be moving up towards them... Suddenly they heard a high pitched shrieking and hissing noise just below them. Uri, pulled the pin out of a grenade and dropped it in. Igor did the same. They dropped about a dozen grenades. Then they filled the chamber with fire until they heard until it was lit up like an oven. Most of the sandworms had survived and were coming for them. Igor and Uri looked at each other and both simultaneously shouted "RUN!" and started sprinting as fast as they could. After a few hundred metres they heard the shrieks of the sandworms as they made it to the tunnel. The amount of #s they could give dramatically increased at that point, and was immediately converted into a special kind of fuel, that seemed transform their leg jelly into a high performance superpower giving supplement. They ran faster and moved quicker than the sand worms, as they could tell by the increased gap between them and of the echos of the sandworms but they knew their endurance could not possibly carry them at such speeds all the way to surface.

After five minutes of running the sounds of the sandworms started to catch up with them, but they were at least three hundred mertres ahead. Their pace was getting slower and slower and their bodies started to feel pain everywhere. Uri was getting fed up and started making groaning noises as he ran. "SHUT UP" Igor commanded. "THEY WILL KNOW WE ARE TIRED, AND MOVE QUICKER". Suddenly Uri tripped and went down hard. "Aaaaah!!!! My leg". "Get up you bloody fool!" Igor said. "I cant, its my leg" Uri cried out in pain. Igor droppednhis weapons and went over with his flashlight. He inspected Uris wounds. It looked worse than it was he suspected. Just blood and broken skin, no signs of any severely muslce or ligament damage inhibiting mobility. He pulled iut a mini first aid kit from his jacket pocket and began wiping the wound clean, and then wrapped it in a bandage cloth. "This is a psycholigcal wound Uri, it might be painfull but trust me you can still use your legs" Igor reassured him. "Just stand up and take a minute to recover". Uri got up and thank igor for the bandage. The pain he felt was less severe than it had been at first, so he felt confident that he would be able to still run in a few minutes. "45 seconds Uri" Igor said. As Uri recovered they both listened as the sound of the sandworms drew nearer. Then something unexpected happened. The ceiling a few metres away behind them in the direction of the sandwords started to release debry. It started to crumble. They looked at each other and grabbed their guns. As it came down a blast of dust was sent into the air blinding them. They heard a hissing sound and the distinctive high pitched call of man eating sandworm. They both stepped back blindly shielding their eyes and started to shoot fire into the dust with their flamethrowers. It made a hissing noise and shrieked as it started to feel the burn. As the dust settled they locked eyes with the beast and had no choice but to immediately stop shooting and run as it lunged itself towards them. Uri was limping a few metres behind and was horrified how close it was when he looked back. He could almost feel its breath down his neck! As he ran he turned and ran backwards shooting it a few times with his shootgun, before turning back and reloading. Igor stopped and turned around to assist. He shot it with armour piercing ak bullets and waited for Uri to catch up. The beast was not deterred by the peashooters and carried on ever determined.

posted on Nov, 25 2014 @ 01:51 PM
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Its charred body peppered with bullets seemed invinvicle, but Uri knew it wasnt. As Uri caught up wth Igor he turned around blasted it a few more times wth his shotgun before carrying on. "What the hell can we do?" Uri asked. "Theyre getting closer, i can hear them less than a hundred meters away, we can barely fight one let alone dozens at a time! Were not gonna make it bro!" Uri started saying. "" were not gonna make it!!""

"Just keep moving, we might not have far to go before we reach the exit" Igor tried to reassure him, knowing they both knew it was a lie. They ran faster than their legs could carry them. Uri turned back and blasted a few more shells at the sandworm that moved like a bloodthirsty lunatic in a straight jacket on speed. Igor did the same and emptied his clip. Suddenly they came accross a large machine on the tracks in the distance. It was a large JCB with a huge powerful looking front arm that had a long spiked bucket. Igor sprinted forward to investigate. As he reached it, he found the key in the ignition and turned the engine on. Uri was running closely behind and jumpedin beside Igor. Igor gained control of the extended arm that was about 10 meters long, and plunged it into the body of the oncoming sandworm just in time. As it tried to struggle free, Igor crushed it into the ground and broke its backs. The body lay lifeless on the floor. After he was sure it was dead he began to reverse the JCB. Uri gave Igor a high five. "Good job" he said. They managed to reverse it about 500 meters before it became stuck. Igor decided to pull down the ceiling pipes and mangle them into a barrier with the arm. It worked but he knew it would not hold them off for long so he used it to make the environent within reach of the arm as barbed as possible. He used tracks and bent them into a cross shape standing up and pulled down everything the ceiling had to offer. By the time it was finished the sandworms had made it to within 40 metres. To finish off they set it all ablaze including the JCB with their flamethrowers. They started running again and heard the shrieking sounds of pain, and the sound of bending metal as the sandworms attempted to cross the barbed barriers. Then they heard the sound of dragging metal and the sandworms getting closer. Igor stopped and turned before reloading his gun and emptying another clip. "Lets stop and fight the ones the got through he suggested." Igor sugggested. Uri simply nodded. They did not jabe to wait ling as five charred bodies aborned with trails of metal, came toward them. They started shooting when they were ten meters away and slowly started walking backwards. Uri carried both flamethrowers, while igor held his AK47. They took one out, and then another and then another until finally there was just one left. The flamethrowers were running out of fuel, and uri had to dump them and use his shotgun instead. Suddenly they both ran out of bullets, and this last sandworm had somehow survived and kept coming for them. They both looked at each other feeling doom. The sandworm launched forward at Uri knocking him over, Igor shouted "HEY!" and tried to distract it by throwing rocks. He moved behind it forcing it tonturn around saving Uri some time. Igor picked up a long peice of metal dragged along from the tail and started using it as a spear. The sandworm didnt like that at all. Its whole body flinched when it felt the sharp metal in the side of its body. It lunged at Igor wjth its wide open jaws. Igor rolled underneath and ran around back towards Uri. He stood on the walkway to get some height. As the sandworm turned around it lunged once again toward Igor, but this time it met Igors spear and was mortally wounded. The body collapsed near Uri who lay bloodied and confused on the side of the tracks near the walkway. He was not seriously injurred, just confused. Igor helped him to his feet. "Its finally over, Uri, we killed all the sandworms." "Oh man i cant believe it, i thought we were gone" said uri rubbing his eyes. "Yeah, me too, guess we just got lucky". Uri smiled. They walked the rest of the way out of the tunnel and reported back to base. Facility destroyed, and were going to mars, they said. Mission acomplished.

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Wow! Great Story here!!! I Liked it a Lot!!!

Nice Job!!!

posted on Nov, 26 2014 @ 09:08 AM
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Glad u liked it bro, thanks for reading.


posted on Nov, 26 2014 @ 09:12 AM
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You bet Bud!! I love All the stories I can find here on ATS!
Your's is at the top of My Likes!!! Have a Good One!!! Syx.

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