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Thought experiment - quantum foam and parallel universes

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posted on Nov, 12 2014 @ 01:17 PM
[ETA: admins, please move if I put this in the wrong place...and to fix spelling errors]

I have *no* idea if this has any connection to reality - even if it doesn't, I think there's a good science-fiction book (maybe even series) to be had in the concept.

So, here is the summary: what if the "virtual particles" of quantum theory are actually traveling through parallel universes, which is why they only exist here for a little while?

Here's what I picture in my head:
Take our 3d universe and compress it to 2d like a piece of paper. Do the same with all of the other universes and pile them up so we have a "book" of universes. Now, imagine something like a neutrino that exists at the level of the "multi-verse" (book) and bounces back and forth between the covers of the book (or some other n-dimensional pathway that results in the frequency always being the same - using a book, the particle would hit pages close to the cover in a staggered phase short-period between the "outbound" [from book center] to the "inbound" pass, but a longer period between the "inbound" pass and the "outbound" fact, the only "page" where they are equal would be the "center" the book analogy breaks down a bit...unless it doesn't, or if someone *wants* that to be part of their plot? Like that's why "edge" universes figured out cross-dimensional travel before "center" universes did...? wait...where was I?

Oh, this concept explains how virtual particles work; but what is it that makes the "virtual" particles become "physical" particles? I'm not that clear on it, but I'm thinking something like "clusters" of particles that move through the other universes at very similar times.

Again, I have *no* expectation that this lines up with reality at all - but I see lots of possibilities for sci-fi reading.

The idea of "clustered virtual particles" would explain similarities between dimensions and also allow for differences between dimensions, as the cluster doesn't all move at the same time - just *generally* at the same time.

I was *so* excited about the thought that I *had* to post it here; someplace I could get feedback/input from others, and I *might* even spark someones imagination so that they would write the stories I want to read. (I hereby absolve anybody who take this idea into their work from any responsibility to me - if you take my idea and run with it, you don't even owe me recognition for it. It would be nice if you sent me a copy of your work to proof-read, though...

So - if this *were* reality, what are some of the ramifications? I've mentioned the idea of "similar dimensions", but just briefly...what other concepts cascade from this one?

I'm looking forward to all of your responses!
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posted on Nov, 12 2014 @ 01:38 PM
a reply to: theGleep

Michael Crighton explored the idea, but with time travel, in Timeline.

posted on Nov, 12 2014 @ 07:44 PM
a reply to: theGleep


Possible ramifications could be that people from parallel universes figure out how to ride the quantum particles to different universes.

And then screw with the time space continuum and use their advanced knowledge to influence the events of other universes.

Like for instance, manipulating global events in order to provide the perfect opportunities to make obscene amounts of wealth. And by knowing the future and past at the same time, they could silence any potential dissidents before they even existed.

From there, they could influence different species in order to make them dumber or smarter and create a world unlike the the one where they were from because they were evil a holes

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