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Someone might end up being me.

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posted on Nov, 11 2014 @ 06:17 PM

Stamp my hand once again, streaming cries of wondered awe.
We dance the song of masquerade hunting down the faceless mob.
Your mystery beckons me to the land of our shattered birth.
Echoing our pleasured past all across the earth.

The cage that held me small, now broken on the ground.
This mask for one and all, a shattered crown to wear.
While it once diminished, now it sets all free.
Misbelieving lies, I await your company.

The mark I bear was blue now has turned to red.
I wore it on my hand yet it sits upon my head.
You tore it from the usher who brought me to this place.
And now he laughs behind these eyes haunted by my face.

I wished to know the truth now I just embrace the lies.
I wished to live and laugh, now I only wish to die.
I wished to plant good seeds, but lamentation grew.
I wished to dance to songs, now all the songs are through.

Climbing to the causeway I see the scurried mass,
Writhing through the ages unknowing of the past.
I want to yell to warn, but they are best at peace.
Perhaps I should just fall and let it stay in me.


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