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An Email to Marina

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posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 09:31 AM
My dear child,

I am writing you in a hurry, because the window for my return to Cossamp will be closing soon.
My father, your grandy Tuxon-Rey is dead. Beheaded by the coldblooded Archons, that are bleeding out our home and our kind for oh so many generations. So you surely understand why I have to leave you behind, my smart little one, for your mother and I will be the only hope the people at home will have to hold on to. But you my beloved Agent of Truth, are the only one able to burst the chains of slavery, this universe still has.
Don't sigh, don't fear - you will be doing good, even without my guidance and no one guarding you, around these familiar strangers. Just don't fall for the wishfull believe, they are like us. They are not, my child.
I saw you playing the O2 and my heart almost bursted with pride, they love you and they want to be like you, but they won't ever understand the depth of your emotions and the root of your energy. The core of your powers is the biggest thread to you, but you already learned that. You know everything you have to, in order to save them, win them as our allies and free our beautiful Cossamp.
Be patient, I know you will want to have it happen all at once, but that's not how it is meant to be. Hold your chin up high, my sweetie, because it might take even decades, before they are grown enough, to truly understand and truly love.

This world is the Gate, the Archons know this and they are already here too. Just another reason for you to "fly under the radar". Sorry, you know your old father can't keep a joke to himself, no matter how severe the circumstances are. Some will make you belive you can trust them: don't.
Everybody knowing your true heritage and your true mission will either try to take advantage of you, or betray you. But this shouldn't keep you from loving, my beautiful butterfly.
I am still somewhat critical about the one you chose, but so was your grandfather, when I told him your mother is the one for me. But be carefull some secrets aren't ment to be shared, not even with the ones closest to your heart. The humans here are not as technologically advanced as we are on our home world, but they can listen to you talk, and even are beginning to learn the secrets of audioable thoughts.
I know, you probably say now: "What can I do? I am just an artist. An emotional prostitute, most don't even see the many different layers to the music I make." But let me tell you this: that's not the point, you are not from this world, you are not ment to make their decissions, and rest assured some will do the right thing, eventually.
Give it time spread your energy and stay true to yourself and many more will wake up. They will find the answer, some already have it, in some of their music, books and paintings. They feel the big wave of universal energy, time and everything rolling their way.
Stay strong, and no matter how lonely you get:

Don't forget your mom and daddy will always love you and be proud of you, for you are our brave princess of Cossamp.
I wish I could hug you one last time.

Your loving father,
Laso-gud Samad

posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 04:36 AM
Marina backed away from her computer. What was this? She didn't know Laso-gud Samad, or Cossamp, or anything, or anyone mentioned in that email. She grew up as an orphant, luckily in a warm and loving foster family. But she always had this tiny bit of detachment in her heart. As she grew up, she read a lot, always interested in psychology, there she learnt, it was quite normal, for a child with her history to never feel at home.
"Are you okay, sweetie?" Marcus had entered the room unnoticed. "You look disturbed?"
"Well, yes. Just a weird mail from someone. I should be used to this kind of things by now." She smiled at him and they kissed, before he started to read it. Marina waited for his reaction and got angry as he laughed. "Just another crazy weirdo, probably on his way to an asylum, rather than another planet."
"I don't know. It just gave me a strange feeling." She attempted to read it again, but her better half demanded her attention.
"Are you ready? We gotta get going? They're waiting."
"Sure." She turned off the computer and started to put on her jacket and shoes. Marina was in no mood to leave the house. She felt more like crawling into her bed, reading, maybe eating some ice cream and sleep. But she couldn't say that. Marcus had arranged a meeting with some of her old friends and classmates, to celebrate her five years of success, as he called it. Despite being a generally nice guy, he sort of had a temper, when it came to her and her career. She never knew how to handle it, when he started to get angry with her. So she avoided provocing him, at all costs. And it already had costed her a lot.
The evening was a long and exhausting one. Sure she knew everybody there and they all were trying to be charming and nice. She was the center of attention and wished for nothing more, than some quiet minutes just with herself. As she found it harder and harder to focus on the converstions around her, she whispered in Marcus ear: "I'm sorry love. I got a terrible headache. I think I'll leave." He kissed her, without paying any real attention to her: "Okay.", was all he said. She waved at everyone else and disappeared.
The taxi driver didn't seem to recognize her, giving her a chance to glare emptily out of the window, while he drove her savely through the city she knew so well and still hated so much. Stopping at a street light, Marina noticed a woman looking at her. Something about her was odd, her clothing was obviously expensive, yet it seemed to be misplaced. After the long deep look they gave eachother, the woman grinned, nodded and touched her nose with one finger, before she pointed at Marina. Suddenly three other older ladies gathered next to her, all starring into the car. Marina felt fear crawling up the back of her neck and wished the taxi would get going again. The time seemed to have stopped, noone else was moving, but the four women approached the car. They bended down all four of them looking straight at her, fixiating her with their strange black eyes. "What the hell? Go away!" She yelled.
"Excuse me?" The driver gave her a puzzled look through his back mirror. They had left the crossing, no one was at the window anymore and Marina felt silly. "Oh, sorry." she said "I think I fell asleep."
Back at the hotel she still felt watched. The images of this strange faces, with their black eyes haunted her. Not knowing what else to do, she took a shower as if that could wash the fear away and went to sleep.

A mysterious town unfolded before her, water was present everywhere, a green living wall to her right handside, while she climbed down steps towards a destination she felt drawn to, though she had no idea what to expect around the courners of the winding staircases leading her further and further into the depths of this mysterious place. Around the last curve, she stood on a huge square with a blue ball held by two golden arms, flooded with water, in the middle of it. Three thirds of the plaza were surrounded by a vast purple ocean. She walked to the wall, looking down and noticed there wasn't a single wave disturbing the gleaming surface. The woman from her taxi ride walked up next to her. "There you are. We waited for you, princess."
"I am sorry do I know you?" Marina was free from the fear she had felt during their first entcounter.
"You don't." The beautiful black hair moved a bit in the wind from the still laying ocean. "But I know you. It is time for you, to wake up."

posted on Nov, 24 2014 @ 07:52 AM
a reply to: Peeple

Just found this. Great Job!! S+F!! Looking forward to more of This ongoing Story!!!

posted on Nov, 25 2014 @ 03:28 AM
The sun set as Marina awoke, spreading an unworldly orange light through the room. She had a message on her private phone and read it still half asleep: "Sweetie, I am on my way to Vegas with some of the guys. Come and join us. asap. XO Marcus" She sighed. That was the last thing she wanted to do, an even bigger city and all the partying with those shallow people who just wanted to be seen with her and parade her around like a price-winning-pony. She still felt dizzy from her dream, as she swung her legs out of the bed. The sunlight gave them a golden shimmer and she set there a few minutes enjoying the warmth of the comforting rays. Then Marina ordered some coffee and fruits for breakfast, while she waited for them to be delivered she checked her email account. The usual congratulations on this, we love you for that and one from her assistant Carol:
"Lenny has disappeared, we filed that with the police, since he has no family we know of. We already got you a new booking agent, his name is Carl. If that's okay with you we set up a meeting at 2pm today in my office." She confirmed the date and lied to Marcus, how very unhappy she was, but she couldn't come, important stuff had come up. The coffee arrived and after her third cup, the dizzyness was almost gone. Time flew today and she almost had to hurry, if she wanted to get showered and dressed, before she was set up to meet her new agent.

As she arrived at Carols office, he was already there. A dark haired tall and skinny middle-aged men, she disliked instantly. His bright blue eyes should have been beautiful, but they projected nothing but an empty and cold feeling as she shook his hand. His smile was friendly enough and she blamed her weird dreams for her superstitious neglect of this foreigner. "I am very much looking forward to work with you Marina. I'm a huge fan and almost couldn't believe how lucky I am, when Carol called me yesterday."
"Oh thanks, that's nice." The handshaking lasted a tiny bit too long and she felt a little bit rude, when she was the one to pull her hand out of his first. "What happened to Lenny?"
"Well a strange story:" Carol sat down on her chair across the couche, on which she had offered Marina a seat next to Carl. "He was here three days ago and we arranged some very exciting big gigs for you, also set you up for a TV show appareance, but that hasn't been confirmed yet, so I don't want to spill the surprise. And then he was just gone. Left my office and whumm, never to be heard of again."
"That's odd, he is such a reliable person. Do you think something has happened?" Marina was worried, for some reason the strange email she had gotten lingered in the back of her head accompanied from the frienldy face with the warm smile Lenny always has had on his face when she met him.
"Reliable? And then he just dumps you as soon as your carrer takes off and he would have gotten serious work to do? I would never do that, you will from now on always be my first priority." Carls smile didn't reach his eyes. For a second she had the strange image of a splitted tongue coming out of his mouth and tasting her smell, like a snake would do, in her head. She moved away from him a bit, calling herself silly, while she did.
"Well if you hear from him, let me know. He was a good friend to me."
She had arranged for herself a few days off, informed Marcus, how she wasn't feeling well and wanted to see her family in Cornwall, the next few days, before she would have to get back to work. His reply gave her a stitch to the heart: "No worries. Having a blast. XO Marcus." She took the train, it always had been her preferred way of travelling, like a giant moving cradle and the world a mobile to ease her thoughts. Besides she loved the landscape, it has inspired her to new songs more times than anything else. Nobody bothered her, sure some of the looks she got indicated that they knew who she was, but they happily strolled their way, asking nothing more from her than a smile. As always the gentle moving of the big metal snake, gently unpinned her from reality and she drifted off to the realm of dreams.

She found herself wandering through the strange city again, the four women accompanied her and talked, but no sound reached her ears. The others seemed to explain the outlay of the city, but Marina was actually quite happy to not hear what they said. This place was so very beautiful. Empty, but alive, growing plants and little canals everywhere, buildings made by something that could be sandstone with a golden glow reflecting the sunlight. As she looked up, she noticed there were two fast moving moons, seemingly gravitating around each other. The sun itself was softer than on Earth, she was able to look at it straight without her eyes hurting. It also seemed bigger and closer, than as she was used to it. The women lead her into a temple, containig nothing but a statue, made of the same golden shimmering stone like all the buildings. As she looked up the face of the statue was eerie familiar.

Marina woke up instantly, shaking with terror and disbelieve. What was wrong with her lately?
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posted on Dec, 4 2014 @ 05:25 AM
The visit at her mums place was as always a weird mixture of feeling welcome and loved, while at the same time the sentence "You don't belong here" hammered in her head. It stressed Marina more than it relaxed. When her brother came to see her, it got obvious for her, she had abssolutely nothing in common with them. She knew that for all her life but it now she couldn't stop counting the differences. Her brother Olly and her mum had the same way of holding a hand in front of their stomach when they laughed. Marina didn't. They almost collapsed after jokes, she had to force herself to manage at least a smile. She grew up, saw them everyday, how could there be so absolutely no similarities? Kids copy the grown ups behaviour, didn't they? So was there something wrong with her? Did she somehow not develop normally and that is why she always feels so disconnected? One afternoon she helped her mum in the kitchen as she had to ask: "How was I as a child? Was I normal?" Her foster mom gave her one of these looks that was supposed to tell her "I love you", yet it felt like "I have to love you". "What a question honey? Of course you were not normal! You never were. Such a smart little cutie! And you were always so pretty, like a little angel." Marina sighed, this wasn't the answer she had hoped for. "But, did I develop normal? Like with having friends and how I treated them?" Now she sensed a sorry in the eyes of her mum. "Well, you were victim of a lot of jealous little spoiled bitches, I tell you that. In pre-school and on the playgrounds, the other girls always picked on you, took your stuff, or destroyed your sandcastles. I don't know, there was this one time I remember, I wanted to not allow you to go to school, because of that, you were seven, maybe eight and you looked at me and said: Mommy don't be sad, I have to go through this, because it teaches me a lesson I will never forget. I was so proud of you! And it got better, later on. Are you lonely?" This almost made Marina stumble back. She was surprised, nobody asked her that. Never. They always seemed to assume she had all the contacts she needed. But yes she was lonely. She imagined briefly how this conversation would lead to talking about Marcus and decided to not say anything. "No. How could I be, there are so many people around me all the time?"
She took the train back, her sterile almost unused appartment would be a better place to get rid off this weird feelings and her constant urge to do something. But what to do to pass the time? She ordered a few new dresses, simply because she hadn't done that in a while. Made some Yoga exercises. Laid down to read a book. Got back up and following an instinct stepped outside on the balcony. Dark clouds hung deep in the sky, no moon light, just the city shining and flickering in one never dark night.
The sound washed through her and she let it. The moving lights almost looked like they were forming a pattern as she let it pass her eyes without looking. As she stood there she realised, "I don't want to go on like this anymore. There has to be more, something meaningfull." The wind played with the fabric of her night-dress, she felt no cold, no movement. As she pulled herself out of this watcher state, she leaned over the balustrade. She wanted to let go. Bend over as far as possible and the moment she would reach the point her own weight would drag her the last inches over to the fall, she would simply let go. One last flight. Marina didn't reach the point. She stood there, the metall pressed against her belly-button started to hurt and she almost couldn't breathe anymore. Sparkling dots danced in front of her eyes. She arrived the point where her brain yelled at her: Wtf are you doing? Stepp back, you idiot!
Marina stayed and passed out.
She found herself in an office. Properly dressed with a tie and carrying a portfolio under her arm. She waited behind a glass door. In the room were two men in strange uniforms, with oddly shaped metalls arguing. "We are beyond the point where a few nice words will have any effect. We have to attack, or let them waltz over us and our position to strike back will even be worse!"
"We are out numbered. It is 7:1 men. And yes we have better equipment standards, but not for war. None of our soldiers ever saw any action. It would be just madness to throw them into a close entcounter combat scenario. What the hell do I know how you call it, it would be slaughter!"
"We have to do something. Sitting and waiting won't solve anything. They took three entire villages as hostages, or slaves, we don't know yet. Fact is, they had hopes and a life yesterday, now they wear chains and get treated worse than I would treat a dog."
"I don't want to make this kind of decission. Not alone. I want to talk to..." his voice died in the middle of the sentence. He needed a few moments to surpress the tears, then he continued: "Who is left? Bring them all in, this is a crisis. We will act."
The time jumped forwards, Marina sat in the background of a big auditorium, the listeners were all quiet, only a few were engaged in hectical, whispered conversations. The five chairs on the podium were filled with three men and two women all wearing the same uniforms. They're discussion was introduced by a young dark haired student, wearing something that looked a lot like pyjamas, next to all the broomed uniforms. "Hi. Were discussing the Archons today. Kordyo, Darbel and Utrak got occupied eleven hours ago and we still don't know what happened to the civilians. But this is serious, we don't make a public vote, because we have to understand, in war there have to be secrets. We only invited the politics favourers. Please keep all the different scenarios we will discuss, on how to approach the matter to yourself and most of all the one we will vote, at the end of the meeting. The result will be only shown to the executive military, the observers and you as a voter will have to apply for the clearance to get a look at the results. Ladies and gentlemen, please." He left the podium and each one of the participants introduced his, or her solution. Marina listened, they all said pretty much the same: We have to attack first. The last one speaking, a very nervous young woman with glasses had, as the only one, a true alternative: "What if we use our advantages were we have them, instead of surrendering to a strategy with no chance to win, before we tried to fight by our own means? Sorry I am nervous." She giggled and took a sip of her water. "We could for example, send a tiny troup to various strategic points, say power plants, comm-centers, factories, public transport, we should work out a plan, what we will turn off when, so it has the biggest possible effect. We make them busy inside their territorium and we can work on our defences, before they got things back under control at home."
As Marina woke up, she should have been lying on the floor of her balcony, instead she found herself in the bathtub. Naked, but without water she had gotten stiff in this cold and hard ceramic bed. She moved slowly one thing after the other with pain running through her joints the entire time. As she opened her eyes, she gasped for air, her stomach had a violett and blue imprint of the barn on it, from one side to the other it looked like someone had tried to cut her in half. The muscles behind this mark made her weep as she had to contract them in a desperate attempt to climb out of the tub.

posted on Feb, 23 2015 @ 01:09 PM
Marcus had shown up and visited her in the hospital. "Don't worry my love it is just for now. We'll clean your schedule and you'll get all the time you need to get better." His head almost touched his left shoulder while he spoke to her with this irritating tone.
"What is it I have and why am I strapped to this bed?" Her voice was almost gone. Just a quiet weak whisper and Marcus swallowed his tears before he answered.
"Don't worry about it. The doctor will tell you in time." Before he had finished his sentence the nurse showed up and the look on her face made clear it was time for him to leave without even saying anything. Marcus bend over her bed, kissed her forehead and quietly left the room.
"So Marina, that's it then." The nurse gave her a syringe and left her alone in this too big and too empty room.
Her head started spinning and all the faces that ever had meant anything to her appeared before her inner eye, disgustingly disfigured, as in great pain they seemed to yell at her. The whole world seemed to be angry at her and Marina lonely and lost tied to this jail of pillows, opened her mouth. She screamed without a noise, but the picture she created in her mind fell over the world outside.
The whole city was burning. No the whole country. No the whole continent. "They are here. I failed." With that she made her last breathe, her tears were not enough to quench the flames consuming all life on Earth.
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