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Shared Death Experience(NDE)

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posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 09:30 AM
This is the first time I've heard of this so of course... Let's discuss.


The Shared-Death Experience (SDE), a profound spiritual experience whereby a loved one shares a dying person’s initial transition from this world into the afterlife, is at the heart of the Shared Crossing Project. It is this experience—and the practices we recommend for preparing for one—that distinguishes the Shared Crossing Project from other end-of-life organizations. People who have Shared-Death Experiences understand these events as an empathic co-experiencing of the passing away of their beloved. The SDE is a spiritually transformative experience that can have far-reaching and positive implications for the survivor, including peace of mind regarding their beloved’s afterlife, compassion and appreciation for their loved one’s life, and insight for the experiencer into his/her own life purpose.

Wow... Very interesting concept and I must know!

Have any of you had one of these?

I had a close relative come to me a very unique dream but I can't say it was anything more then a dream with 100% confidence. Being abstract and philosophical Im willing to lean more towards the side of it being more then a dream.

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posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 09:46 AM
A very interesting topic! Assuming you believe the non-dying party, a shared "crossing over" experience is very compelling.

"One of the strangest type of near-death experiences (NDEs) involve people who are not near-death at all. However, because they are in close proximity to a dying loved one, they often experience a portion of their NDE. Such experiences are called "shared death experiences" (SDEs). While this type of phenomenon does not provide solid scientific evidence for the reality of out-of-body existence, they do provide excellent circumstantial evidence - especially if more than two people are involved. The following information comes from some of the top near-death researchers on the subject of SDEs."

Here is an example from the above link:
In the Summer, 1996, edition of the Journal of Possible Paradigms, Issue 4, an unusual shared NDE is described by a woman named Sussanna Uballe. Here she describes what happened:
"The experience of co-experiencing death is, I feel, much like a NDE. I did not have a near death experience, but did travel part way up the tunnel with my husband as he left this dimension.

"On Memorial day (observed), May 27, 1979, I was five months pregnant with my son, Christopher. My husband and I rode bicycles and ran errands around town, and it was a very hot day for Minneapolis. I lay down after dinner and was so exhausted that I could barely move. As my husband went to the corner store about 8:00 to buy something for his lunch the next day, I fell into a very deep sleep.

"I dreamt that I was walking with my husband, Herb, up a dark and shady forest path. It was a heavily wooded path, which was enclosed by a thick canopy of trees overhead. The path was slightly inclined, and at the crest of a hill I saw the sky, somewhat like the light at the end of a tunnel. Herb and I had been in deep conversation, about what I could not tell, but I suppose we were reminiscing about our relationship. I felt our very closeness and felt totally in love.

"He began to tell me about what it was like to die; at first filled with rage, pain, and frustration, and upset that the clerk didn't seem to understand his pleas to call an ambulance, that he had been stabbed in the heart and needed help. He said that after a short while, which felt interminable while he was experiencing it, he left his body and floated above it and saw the body below him, and felt detached from it, like it was just a body. He was filled with peace and love. And he felt no pain.

"After telling me this, he then said that he had to go. His feet started to move very fast, and he began to leave me behind on the path. I told him that I could do that too, and put some effort into "powering up" my feet to make them go super fast. I actually started to rev up and move along the path quickly, and felt as if I was traveling up a tunnel of forest toward the sunlight at the top of the hill. As I began to keep pace with him he said "NO!" in a very powerful voice, and I woke up in my bed, feeling hurt at being told no.

"I looked for him, to tell him about my dream. He wasn't there, and his side of the bed showed that he had not slept in the bed that night. It was dawn. I began to get irritated, thinking that he must have gone off with some friends, and feeling upset at how irresponsible he was behaving. I went to where we kept our bicycles, to see if his was there, and it wasn't. I was so angry that I broke the bicycle lock and chain off of my bicycle with my bare hands, (he had taken both keys with him), and set off down the street toward the corner store. His bicycle was near the store, and a patrolman was standing next to it. I asked him where my husband was, and why his bicycle was sitting there. He asked my name and address, and refused to tell me anything more. He suggested that I go back home, and that someone would explain everything to me later. In about fifteen minutes a police officer and a clergyman came by and told me that Herb had been killed the night before.

"The dream braced me for this news, and although I was in shock, I felt assured constantly that he was not in his body, and a comforting presence was with me throughout the next few days of viewing the body, the funeral and other unpleasant business.

"Two days after the funeral, I was preparing for bed and contemplating suicide to join Herb, so that we could be together on the other side or in our next phase of incarnation or whatever. I consciously thought a question, "Should I kill myself to join Herb, or stay here."

"I then went to bed. I was just falling asleep when I felt a presence by my right side, and looked to see Herb, naked and glowing with a soft, beautiful white light. He looked beautiful and I felt filled with love and happiness to see him. He spoke mentally to me, and said, "This is our son," indicating my womb, "Take good care of him." I had no question then about my purpose, and have tried to do the best possible job taking care of my son ever since. It did not at all seem strange that he used the word "son", and, of course, although these were the days before ultrasound, I did give birth to a boy." (Sussanna Uballe)"

posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 10:11 AM
wow, I had never heard of this.......that is some story...really gives me pause......I want to read more of these

posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 10:17 AM
Group ndes are also very interesting. There are two such experiences shared at the link below, including details on this one:

"In 1996, Arvin Gibson interviewed a fire-fighter named Jake who had a most unusual near-death experience while working with other fire-fighters in a forest. What makes it unique is that it happened at the same time as several co-workers were also having a near-death experience. During their near-death experiences, they actually met each other and saw each other above their lifeless bodies. All survived and they verified with each other afterwards that the experience actually happened. Jake's near-death experience was so interesting that Gibson's local chapter of IANDS invited him to tell his story at one of their meetings. What follows is an excerpt of Jake's near-death experience from Arvin Gibson's book, The Fingerprints of God."


Shared and group ndes are so rare, I'd be shocked if an ATS member had personal experience. What is less rare, but still highly unusual, are death visitations-- loved ones appearing or giving some sign at the time of death. Most compelling, of course, when the death was unexpected and not verified until after the sign or appearance.

I would love to hear any personal accounts of shared nde or "death visitations" from members here!

posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 10:20 AM
a reply to: VegHead

Thanks for adding more info! Would be nice to interact with a genuine experiencer.

posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 10:34 AM

originally posted by: research100
wow, I had never heard of this.......that is some story...really gives me pause......I want to read more of these

It's like a NDE dutch oven.

LOL. I don't know why that analogy popped into my head.

I have heard stories of relatives seeing angels and lights at their loved one's time of death.

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posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 11:39 AM
I've written this before on ATS and talked about it on the Out of the Box radio show but for those who haven't heard it:

My father had had a stroke at 83 and was in a hospital 20 miles away from my home; the brain bleed had gotten worse and he'd gone first into a light coma, then a deeper one; the docs said his organs were shutting down and we put him on what is considered hospice care, IVs with increasing amounts of morphine. I had been up at the hospital that afternoon and his breathing was getting irregular and I knew he wasn't going to last more than another day or two; told him I loved him and that 'it was okay to go now', everything would be alright.

I went home around 4 o'clock and two of my brothers had come to the hospital to stay with him; there had been a family member there ever since he went in. I was cleaning up after dinner in the kitchen alone and suddenly completely out of the blue felt his 'presence' in the room with me; this was immediately followed by him bonking into my right temple (there was an impact to it) and into my brain, bouncing off the other side of my skull and saying with enthusiasm, 'WHEEEE, THIS IS FUN!!!' I dryly mentally told him 'be careful what you do in there, you might hurt something...'

Got a call from one of my brothers within minutes that 'dad had just died' but there I was thinking, 'No, he's right here' or 'I know' or some combination of that...

His personality, spirit, soul, whatever you want to call it, stayed with me for several weeks/months afterwards, sometimes cracking jokes like at his funeral, 'I always wanted to go to my own funeral, like Tom Sawyer!', and chastising me for eating too many cookies at the gathering afterwards... but always as a very calming rather sardonic manner, which was the way he always was. The feeling of having another personality in my brain alongside my own simply faded over time until it was obviously all gone. I felt like I could hear him thinking but only vaguely except at first and the same with him and my thoughts.

The most intriguing part of this intriguing experience was the fact that this spirit/soul/whatever had MASS; it was about as heavy as a small marble and actually kinda stunned me when it hit, apart from the emotional surprise. I still have a radiation burn or actinic keratosis on my temple in the same spot and it's the only one on my head or body anywhere.

I spent a LOT of time figuring out what had happened; was I hallucinating, dreaming, imagining it, wishful thinking, etc. Finally decided that the only real explanation was that he had given me one helluva going away present.

Combined with recurrent vivid dreams as a very young child about a prior life, and then this, I can only extrapolate that we both live before and live after birth and death. Extrapolate some more and you have endless lives, time between lives, and then some more lives yet again. My last life was in around 1830, I was born in 1953; I have no idea 'where' I was in between that more than a century.

Spiritualism believes that the soul is immortal and I have to say I agree with that. They have a theory (channeled information) that a spirit can ask to be extinguished and has to go in front of some sort of board to ask permission; this is a considered a grave request and is only rarely asked and granted. The rest of us go on forever, on other planes, other planets, or back here.

posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 11:43 AM
a reply to: signalfire

Interesting story and thanks.

posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 11:56 AM
a reply to: signalfire

I was cleaning up after dinner in the kitchen alone and suddenly completely out of the blue felt his 'presence' in the room with me

This happened to a friend of mine and her husband, my friends Mother lived with them a few years before passing, both husband and wife were atheist and did not believe any part survives after death, both college educated people and in their 50's at the time.
The husband was home and in the kitchen when suddenly a breeze touched him the Mother-in law's cat who never liked anyone but her owner came running all enthusiastic and the Husband said he just knew right off it was his Mother-in law. She dies that very moment at the hospital, The experience was so profound both of them were no longer atheist.

posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 01:29 PM
I wonder if that's what happened to me?

I was living away from home at university when I had a dream.

It was bright and sunny and I was sat at a picnic table with two danish relatives, my Uncle and my Mormor(grandmother).
My mormor was wearing the lavender dress which she had worn to my eldest brothers wedding the year before.

I realized that my uncle( mormor's son) had died a few years ago (suddenly aged 38) so I said to him

"What are you doing here? You are not supposed to be here!?"

Him and my mormor smiled at each other in a kind of inside joke kind of way

"I'm here to get mormor" he said.

I woke up and 30 minutes later my mum rang me to tell me mormor had died. I was aware she had cancer and was very ill but I cannot say we were close as I was born and grew up in England so if this is more than a dream I don't know why I had it. I did fly over and attended the funeral, I learnt that she loved going on picnics and she was buried in that lavender dress. If anything it brought comfort to my mum when I told her about the dream but she was a little annoyed she didn't get 'a visit'.

posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 01:35 PM
a reply to: LadyTrick

Cool story!

Maybe that is what happened. I've had very significant dreams over the years.

posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 06:21 PM
a reply to: Char-Lee

Believe it or not, I'm an atheist and so was my father. I just don't believe in that god on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and don't feel the need to answer questions with a made-up answer.

I'm good with the idea that there's a lot of powers in the universe I'm not privy to without anthropormorphizing them; we'll learn all this in time, and not knowing is fine.

posted on Dec, 27 2014 @ 02:26 PM
This is an interesting article discussing if the living can experience the death of the person dying ... if the living can be swept up into the death of the other person and glimpse the other side.

Beyond Goodbye: Are Shared-Death Experiences Real?

Stories about shared-death experiences have been circulating since the late 19th century, say those who study the phenomenon. The twist in shared-death stories is that it's not just the people at the edge of death that get a glimpse of the afterlife. Those near them, either physically or emotionally, also experience the sensations of dying.

These shared-death accounts come from assorted sources: soldiers watching comrades die on the battlefield, hospice nurses, people holding death vigils at the bedside of their loved ones. All tell similar stories with the same message: People don't die alone. Some somehow find a way to share their passage to the other side.

Skeptics, though, say people reporting shared-death experiences are not impartial observers. Their perceptions are distorted by grief. Joe Nickell, a noted investigator into the paranormal, says people who've watched others die sometimes experience their own form of trauma.

They don't intend to, but some reinvent the moment of their loss to make it more acceptable.

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