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New study shows Eastern european imigrants in the UK put more in than they take out.

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posted on Nov, 5 2014 @ 06:59 AM
This came as a bit of a suprise to me, Is it the truth or simply an attempt to diffuse quite a volitle situation in the UK right now?

The study claims that Imigrants overall paid over 20 billion more than they recieved over the time period but did include data from after migration restrictions for people from Romania and Bulgaria were lifted

FT article

posted on Nov, 5 2014 @ 07:06 AM
Shh, don't ruin the illusion.

Immigration and all the ills it brings with it is a convenient excuse rolled out by the political parties to divert attention away from their failings.

Still, somebody will be along soon to put you right.

ETA - You have to sign up to read the article, here is one from the Huff Post

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posted on Nov, 5 2014 @ 07:09 AM
I am sure they will.

I did not look to deeply into it and do not know if the figure is going up or down but it certainly a convinient time to finish and publish the report.

a reply to: Cobaltic1978

posted on Nov, 5 2014 @ 07:11 AM
Convenient facts without taking other things into consideration....

Immigration minister James Brokenshire said it had not taken account of the pressures on public services.

And campaign group Migration Watch criticised the report for its selective use of dates.


What about all the unemployed British workers on the dole, how much does that take out of that supposed £20bil?

How much in other areas like the mentioned public services?
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posted on Nov, 5 2014 @ 07:15 AM
a reply to: woogleuk

How much of a strain on public services since the Tories have cut public spending, yet have not reduced taxes for the majority of people and are still borrowing at record levels?

There's a housing shortage too, but that can be attributed to the 'Right to buy' scheme the Tories introduced in the Eighties. The majority of council housing sold, but not replaced.

Never mind, let's blame it on the immigrants.

posted on Nov, 5 2014 @ 07:18 AM

originally posted by: nonspecific
This came as a bit of a suprise to me, Is it the truth or simply an attempt to diffuse quite a volitle situation in the UK right now?

And who shouts about immigration and stokes things up? And who listens and gets angry ?

Once you work that out you will see this concentration on immigration for what it is, a way to deflect attention from a far more important and larger problem : inequality.

This does not mean that there aren't any problems with immigration but I can absolutely guarantee one thing. If UKIP were in power and stopped all immigration the lives of ordinary people would not get any better, not one penny.

posted on Nov, 5 2014 @ 07:20 AM
And again don't forget the estimated 1.8 million Brits living in the EU right now, thats a lot of people not using public services. Also around 400,000 of those are retired and bieng older I imagine put greater pressure on the NHS than younger healther folks.

a reply to: Cobaltic1978

posted on Nov, 5 2014 @ 07:23 AM
Agreed, I am open to immigration and fully endorse multiculturalisation but I think even I have caught the bug regarding the strain of increased immigration.

I think I may have to take a step back and re evaluate the situation, we are a nation of immigrants are we not?

a reply to: yorkshirelad

posted on Nov, 5 2014 @ 09:25 AM
a reply to: nonspecific

I wonder if you include the cost of keeping so many of them in our jails? I had a Rumanian woman tell me she only needed to have one more child to get £30X per year in benefits for her family to live on?

Where we do get people with good qualifications any immigrant is welcome but what we don't need are the unskilled ones as we have quite enough of them to choose from from our own people languishing on the dole.

Statistics can be fed into a field to prove anything you want by the careful selection of information and exclusion of facts you don't want to show. How we do inflation figures is prime for fiddling which our government, bare faced trots out regularly - we don;'t include food, mortgages and rents and a few other everyday necessities so inflation looks good and no one should ask for a higher minimum wage. That is the figure all these statistics are aimed to keep in place.

I doubt very much that the free education, health care and child allowances are factored into what is taken out together with the money sent home and not spent in this country. I would like a crack at the statistics fields I bet they would look considerably different done properly.

posted on Nov, 5 2014 @ 09:31 AM
That was kind of the point I was making, Someone is telling porkies, The question is who?

Those pushing for EU seperation exagerating the figures to promote there political standpoint or Those that want to remain in the EU manipulating the stats to deflate the immigration issue. I too would like to have the time to go through it as I am on the fence right now.

a reply to: Shiloh7

posted on Nov, 5 2014 @ 02:17 PM
And how many MENA(Middle East & North Africa) immigrants are working?

In Sweden only about a third of Somalis work, new immigrants take 7 years on average to get into the job market and many of them only work a few years and then settle for early retirement benefits.

In Denmark the number of immigrants on early retirement benefits has gone up a 1000% percent in the last 20 years.

In France muslims make up 60% of the prison population.

In Sweden the cost of immigration has been estimated at 250 billion SEK every year, that's 6,8% of GDP, that's our defence budget several times over, which is 1,13% of GDP.

Yeah... MENA immigration has been a huge success.........................if success means deteriorating the quality of life in almost all categories.

posted on Nov, 5 2014 @ 02:23 PM
Hey thats fantastic and thanks for the input! I would ask what any of what you said has anything to the op regarding EU immigrants and the UK though?

I only ask as It seems to be more about other immigrants in other countries so I would like you to show the relavance.


a reply to: TheLaughingGod

posted on Nov, 5 2014 @ 02:44 PM
a reply to: nonspecific

Well, the article is essentially an argument FOR immigration, I therefore found it appropriate to argue against immigration, generally. Specifically the out of control mass immigration that Europe have had for the last few decades.

Immigration from Eeastern Europe may be profitable, but immigration in general is certainly not, specifically MENA immigration, which to be fair, is a large part of immigration to Europe.

As for immigration from Eastern Europe, it's not all positive as they've been known to drive down wages, this has happened in Sweden too, specifically in the trucking industry.

posted on Nov, 5 2014 @ 03:35 PM
a reply to: nonspecific

But non EU immigrants including illegals who come from Calais are costing the tax payer over 10 times the amount the EU immigrants put in, the poles are hard working and account for about 5 billion of the 20 billion in tax revenue raise from EU member state immigrants while the figure is not really broken down for other country but it is a foregone conclusion - given how they brag about having a good life on our benefits that Romanian's and a few others are simply a drain, our country has no history with the Romanian gypsy's who are now making serious tracks for our country but it does with western Roma who are separated culturally from there eastern cousins by about 400 years, they western Rom were traditional seasonal workers who would travel round swelling the farm hands at times of harvest and planting, all before modern mechanization so Roma is not a Problem but Romanian most certainly is, also they were Nazi allies during the war and our enemy's so why the hell should we have to bear them on our tax burden.

Overall figures the figures which are based on Data from before the flood of Romanians which is still gaining momentum are.

Over the 17 year data

EU +£20 billion
Non EU -£120 billion

£20 billion more in paid into the system from tax than benefits withdrawn based on this slightly aging data.

£120 billion more is taken out in benefits than put in by Non EU immigrants, those from outside the EU such as Pakistan, Africa and Iraq as well as other nations that are not member states, these are the people who are threatening out lorry drivers with knives as Calais and sneaking into the country in the back of wagons.

But remember this, the survey was compiled form data covering a 17 year period so like I say the influx of Romanian Roma and others is hardly even covered in the survey which may make it wildly inaccurate, the nature of dynamic free movement and national benefits access makes it very hard to obtain concise details.

EU immigrant's pay in tax £20 billion more than they receive in benefits, of which poles account for approx. £5 billion being hard workers (they were employed in Germany even before the free movement and kept places like the Volkswagen factories and others buoyant due to them being hard workers which despite there historical differences makes them fit well with Germans own work ethic, what's more they are willing to integrate into our country and give to it but others are another story entirely.

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posted on Nov, 5 2014 @ 03:44 PM
So you are a bit of a racist then? no probs with that but can we establish thats your role?

I do not mind but lets not hide behind numbers and facts eh?

a reply to: LABTECH767

posted on Nov, 5 2014 @ 03:58 PM
We are a nation of immigrants and always have been.

I imagine you beleive yourself to be English but what is your heratige?

Oh, hold on I may have to redfine my concept of immigrant here...

a reply to: TheLaughingGod

posted on Nov, 5 2014 @ 04:00 PM
a reply to: nonspecific

Racism is subjective, This is my country, my family died fighting for it, I am part Jewish, Part Maori, Part Irish, Part Scot, Part Norman, Part Saxon, Part Dane in other words I am British and let's not forget about the influx of Roman immigration which brought people from all round there empire.

But I do not want Islam ruling MY NATION, I do not want Globalist economic Scumbags telling me that the Ground that is paid for in the sweat, blood, tears and long hard suffering of my ancestors that we there children do not own the very dust of our forebears that is the very ground under our feet.

This country was build up by my ancestors for there children, they died in there droves in wars throughout history including the second and first world wars to ensure our sovereignty and the sovereignty of our allies from being ruled over by another nation, they the people were the nation and we are perhaps the most mixed race in Europe.

But never before in history has there been such a movement of people and they are coming for what is MINE so should I die for the like of YOU so call me a racist when in fact you and those like you are MY enemy who are setting yourselves to kill my people off.

Never before in history has a tribal migration of such magnitude ended well for the people who were already there and always they vanish from history so if you do not believe me ask an anthropologist.

So if you call me a Racist for your attitude I would say I would not trust you or those like you with the safety of my children for surely you would strip the clothes from there backs to give to others when we actually need them unless you of course are a rich mother.

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posted on Nov, 5 2014 @ 04:08 PM
Did you really just say that?

In that i will ask if that is what you actually said?

I have no reason to argue with you but I have a hard time even moving forward with this.

So we have a person that is openly part Jewish, Part Maori, Part Irish, Part Scot, Part Norman, Part Saxon, Part Dane in other words I am British and let's not forget about the influx of Roman immigration which brought people from all round there empire.

that will talk about immigrants?

Please take a step back and think about your stance?

How can you you claim such heratige and still have a stance on immigration?

Please? this makes no sense.

a reply to: LABTECH767

posted on Nov, 5 2014 @ 04:11 PM
Normally I would let this go but really?

Racism is subjective, This is my country, my family died fighting for it, I am part Jewish, Part Maori, Part Irish, Part Scot, Part Norman, Part Saxon, Part Dane in other words I am British and let's not forget about the influx of Roman immigration which brought people from all round there empire.

Yes this is your country I can see that by your heratige?

You have to admit this falls very short of any claim to a nation.

posted on Nov, 5 2014 @ 04:23 PM
a reply to: nonspecific

I am not English, I am Swedish.

As for your other assertions, every European country do have a unique gene-pool that constiutes the people of that nation.
I do not become Chinese simply by moving to China, and Arabs do not become Swedish no matter how many times the culturally relativistic establishment media and education system tries to pass that off as a truth.

They do not share our genes, they do not share our culture, they are anything but European, in fact they are inherently opposed to most of what we stand for and they are bringing our countries to the knees exhausting our generous welfare, and what do we get in return? A low intensive war against our government and our people, the same government that not only took them in from third world hell holes but also put roofs over their heads, paid for their education, healthcare, welfare, gave them privileges that natives could only hope for. We give them everything and they spit right back in our face!

They do not deserve any of it, they deserve to be stripped off their citizenship and sent back to their home countries.

You think it's bad with a few percent of them? Watch them when they're 20% of the population, muslims are ALWAYS in conflict with the majority population in countries where they're not the majority. All over the world you can see the same pattern, and it only gets worse as the population gets bigger. You think that's some astronomical coincidence? Hardly.

You are a naive fool if you think this continued immigration will have a happy ending, the writing is on the wall.. It's painfully obvious by now. What is also obvious is how brainwashed people have become by decades of cultural Marxist propaganda. And if that's not the case, then maybe you can tell me why the majority of people's opinions regarding immigration are exactly the same opinions that are promulgated by all of our government and educational institutions.

Come back here to this thread in 20 years and tell me how well this social experiment in insanity fared.

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