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SCI/TECH: Laptops cause fertility issues in men

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posted on Dec, 9 2004 @ 01:08 PM
A new study indicates that using a laptop computer raises scrotal temperatures to such a degree that prolonged use in young men may result in fertility issues. Apparently, the heat generated by the laptop might cause irreversible damage to the testicles and sperm. Scientists are recommending that laptop use should be curtailed to less than a few days a week.
Teenagers and young men should keep their laptops off their laps because they could damage fertility, an expert said Thursday.

Laptops, which reach high internal operating temperatures, can heat up the scrotum which could affect the quality and quantity of men's sperm.

"The increase in scrotal temperature is significant enough to cause changes in sperm parameters," said Dr Yefim Sheynkin, an associate professor of urology at the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Male laptop users who plan on having children should avoid placing their laptops directly onto their laps. The heat generated by their laptop could cause scrotal temperature increases that may damage or destroy their sperm and sperm producing capabilities. Laptop users should ensure that, when positioning their laptops in their lap, they should sit in a position that doesn't add further heat to the genital area. It would probably also be wise to take periodic breaks, removing the laptop and allowing one's self to cool down, as it were.

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posted on Dec, 9 2004 @ 02:08 PM
I can hear the feminsts, now. "At long last, a birth control device for men!"

posted on Dec, 9 2004 @ 02:28 PM
Maybe they should put an extra heatsink on the outside

posted on Dec, 9 2004 @ 04:07 PM
Yes right...
what about cooks/chefs who have to work constantly for hours on the stove with the
balls getting lots of heat from the oven. No "shock and awe" news on that.....
My advice is that the Media needs to cool down a bit with their paranoid info on isn't that hazardous

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posted on Dec, 9 2004 @ 04:13 PM
Well men that take very hot baths and use steam bath or saunas also have problem with fertility.

posted on Dec, 9 2004 @ 04:26 PM
Good thing I don't use a laptop even though I want one. I'm suprised that laptops give off enough heat to do this. At least I've found a new legwarmer, with internet capability.

posted on Dec, 9 2004 @ 04:32 PM
wow i better watch out!

posted on Dec, 9 2004 @ 04:39 PM
Good. Now I don't have to use those darned condoms every time I have a one nighter.


posted on Dec, 9 2004 @ 04:42 PM
Wow laptops really are awesome. Heres a few uses for laptops;

  1. Replacing both condoms and birth control pills
  2. Going online to visit ATS
  3. Playing computer games
  4. Legwarming
  5. Making you look more business like

posted on Dec, 9 2004 @ 04:55 PM
I can see it now:

drunk girl: lishen, you have to wear a condom
Zero: don't worry baby, you got nothing to worry about.
drunk girl: why's not?
Zero: I was at Above Top Secret for 3 hours earlier today. My boys can't swim.

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