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Hidden Hand and His Hidden Keys

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posted on Oct, 25 2014 @ 11:23 PM
Hidden Hand revealed himself only for a moment here on ATS in what he called a 'window of opportunity'. He decided that this forum was amongst the most aware so he revealed information as was allotted to him to do. This was done in the past by the 'Illuminati' in 1999 and 2003, 2009, 2011 according to their chronology.

I grow tired of the names we give things because somewhere along the line someone pinned that name to mean a group of 'unknown' rulers or 'players' in the game.

Hidden Hand chose his name because it in itself was a giveaway 'key' in and of itself. Like poker the hidden hand is designed to usurp and take the power away from the main players who actually 'have the hand'. This is the first key in his message.

First he laid out the 'rules of his game' and everyone bit the lure without so much as a tiny bit of resistance as to our own game. Had we done that than he would have been subject to 'our game' and been able to tell us far more.

Second by him establishing the rules of his game then he could choose what to reveal and how a consequence the message was cut short and not much was revealed.

He says his lineage goes as far back as before Atlantis and that his lineage has been allocated to rule. That is true but not because they have true royalty in their blood but because they were representing the forces here that took over mankind and this entire paradigm. This is a plot that the lineage took on without the recompense of 'sin' so to speak but rather just as a player in the game. Indeed their lineage has been directed from behind the scenes from prior to Atlantis at the time that the Reptilians came and fought the 'blue race' of deities here in this world who were trying to create a world for the evolution of souls with the 'Prime spark Spirit'. The war broke out then and sides manifested along with prisoners.

However, this is the card that they are playing because we gave it to them and not because it is genuinely true. They are responsible for what they do but the fact that we 'allow' them and give over our power means that they get off 'scott free'. Sorry for those that want to believe something different as the problem lies with you not them in this because they are following the rules of the game.

Ahhh yes the rules of the game...................something that has been long forgotten amongst humanity yet everyone cries for justice. What a complete contradiction everything is! We laid our own trap and walked right into we are crying.


The six spheres or 'schools' of learning are Military, Government, Spiritual, Scholarship, Leadership, and Sciences. In practice, out there on the 'stage' of public life, we hold key positions in all of these main areas of importance. With the addition of a complicit Media machine and ownership of your Financial establishments, all bases are covered.

If you look at the structure of takeover then you will see that all bases are covered and they have 'rigged' us inside a trap that binds us since we left the autonomy that we once had long long ago. Now we are all forced to make money - which doesn't exist and live within a tight structure that is literally the cage they have created for us. He was not lying when he said that all bases are covered because inside this Tyre of power they have thought of every area where we are subject to them unless we want to surrender what little we have in order to survive. These are the stakes in the flesh.........that they have rigged the game so that our basic survival is contingent on their rules of power. They have made it virtually impossible to 'survive' unless we play the game to survive let alone get ahead.

Their motto is:

If you wish to enslave a man, allow him to believe that he is already free.

And that is what they have done with 'fake money', education, politics, government, military, medicine and media. They have managed to completely strategically checkmate humans within their creation of civilization and power. We have bought it and have not come into the knowledge of our own power and authority. They literally have nothing to challenge them.

Hidden Hand:

By the decree of the Supreme World Council, according to the Will of the Creator.

He is talking about the council that represents the evolution of this planet and 'our kind'. This is how long ago their power stems and therein was a key as to how this was set up.

Hidden Hand:

There is just the matter of divine destiny to uphold and unfold, and we must play our parts in the game, as given to us by the Creator. In many ways, it is actually in our own interest that you are prepared for the coming Harvest.

On the flip side you all don't see how you gave them the power to take this position to begin with. If we all actually 'got it' then we would take our world back but with cognition and not blind folly. We are negligent and have given it all away from the beginning and now we pine. Take up your arms.............wake up and 'GET THE GAME'. He basically gave it away.

Hidden Hand:

you are choosing the Negative Polarity with your own Free Will decisions, with a little 'help' and direction from us. Souls are Harvestable in either 'extreme' of the Polarities, one could say.

We are indeed and have chosen the negative polarity............claiming amnesia in self-defense doesn't help nor is it the answer......our souls have been harvested from the beginning of this and karma is their invention.

Hidden Hand:

You will never be 'free', for as long as you are incarnating on this planet. The very nature of your being here, is indication of that. There is a reason why you are here, and 'here' is very likely not really where you think 'here' is. How do you become free? By working out where you are, and coming to an understanding, of why you are here. You are fast running out of time to do so, before the coming Harvest. Those that don't make it, will have to repeat the cycle

It doesn't matter who the wardens are or the hijacking powers......they have found the hidden hand and stolen a way in. We will never be free as long as we don't claim our 'birth right' which we allowed them to take. The 'here' he speaks of is this pretend matrix reality that you are all buying.......depleted of who and what you are. You have bought hook, line and sinker their version of reality that they want us to believe so that they can keep us enslaved. The harvest is your if you don't wake up then all your religions and beliefs will sink you inside their Harvester of be consumed and utilized for their power.

You don't get it. They are using your power of 'creation' to do all of this. They don't have that ability but they have it through us if we give it to them which we have.
Hidden Hand:

There is no "Messiah". Stop looking outside of yourself for 'salvation'. Is there what you might call a 'Christ Consciousness' alive, then yes, in a manner of speaking. Though not in your 3rd Density (dimensional) awareness.

Hidden Hand:

Remember, behind the scenes, there is only One Party. Our Party. 'Democracy' is an illusion which is created to uphold your slavery.

So here we see that Democracy is an illusion.
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posted on Oct, 25 2014 @ 11:42 PM
there have been many whistleblowers over the past decade or since the conspiracy sites popped up on the internet.
some of them are probably honest, some of them are probably fishing for followers and/or attention.

what seems odd is that he said he had only a limited amount of time to get his important message out to the unknowing openminded public.

did his information and answers help anyone cope with the disappointments and concerns that came up?

you can ask a hundred people the same question and get a hundred different responses.
its not one size fits all
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posted on Oct, 25 2014 @ 11:46 PM

Jesus said, "If you say that the abode of the Gods is in the sky, the birds will arrive there before you. If you say it is in the sea, the fish will arrive there before you. Know that the heavenly realm is both inside you and outside you, and you will know that which is outside by that which is inside.

Is the end times that are described in Revelations true?

Hidden Hands response:

Yes. Not just described in the Book of Revelations, but also in the prophesies of virtually every religion, spiritual philosophy, and mystery tradition throughout history. This time is now at hand. To use your own example however: Revelation 14:14-16: 14 Then I looked, and behold, a white cloud, and on the cloud sat One like the Son of Man, having on His head a golden crown, and in His hand a sharp sickle. 15 And another angel came out of the temple, crying with a loud voice to Him who sat on the cloud, “Thrust in Your sickle and reap, for the time has come for You to reap, for the harvest of the earth is ripe.” 16 So He who sat on the cloud thrust in His sickle on the earth, and the earth was reaped. The 'earth' is indeed ripe for Harvest. The question is, who will be ready? And will the Harvest be Positive, or Negative?

So here we see that Hidden Hand has given away that what has been written in all ancient 'Holy' texts are agendas that have been contrived and manipulated for 'the game'.

He is telling us that the events that are to come which he is laying out for us are imminent and what 'they' have created or are a part of. Chances are if they are operating via the power of the Archons, Reptilians or Annunaki then we can see how Religion and their texts have been 'created' for 'the Agenda' at hand. He said that these Bloodlines have long been in power before Yahweh even stepped into the picture. Yahweh being a hijacking power hungry god.

Hidden Hand:

The British Royalty is not the most powerful line. The names that you know, do not hold the real ancient power. There are others above these lineages in the Hierarchy. You will not know the names of these lines.

So here we see that the British Royalty is NOT the most powerful bloodline but he wont' say who is???? Now we can begin to deconstruct the power structure here in order to try and ascertain who the 'real power royalty' is.

Hidden Hand:

Understand, due to the Law of Free Will, I cannot just give you information, at least not without consequences to my own person which I would rather avoid. It is an infringement upon your Free Will, your right to not know. You have to ask me for the information you want, only then can I provide it. So whilst there are important things I have to share, if I am not asked the questions, I cannot get that information to you. I am hopeful that synchronicity will bring the most important questions of real 'depth' out from among you.

Herein lies a huge key that he gave us as to how the game works. Take note and understand that while he was giving us one of the keys here we should have used this knowledge against him but we didn't. This signifies our condition our imprisonment. We did nothing here nor did we even notice the keys laid out.

Hidden Hand:

My area is in Spirituality, so my focus is not so much on Geo-Political events. I am aware of the overall design, though the finer points are not often my area of expertise. I am prepared to give you some things coming down the timeline, that you will be able to look back upon, and verify my predictions retrospectively.

So he is also just a pawn although inside 'the family' he is only privy to knowledge as 'they' need him to be utilized and used for their purposes. Inside this we can begin to see a glimpse of how 'they' work and perhaps get a larger picture as to the agenda.

His prediction as to the Markets:

Our Financial Institutions will later call in all loans. There will be many bankruptcies and foreclosures.

He wrote this in 2008 so we can see the trend that took place and compare it to his prediction.

posted on Oct, 26 2014 @ 12:02 AM
Hidden Hand:

Whichever side 'wins'; the Family wins. There are many possibilities and alternative 'scripts'. All of them lead toward the ultimate implementation of the overall blueprint of our Creator,

I find this interesting because here he says that 'family wins', meaning the family he is a part of in this 'game' will win in the end no matter what is played out. So if everything no matter what leads to Rome so to speak then why bother giving a message?

I don't think this is the case. I believe that this is the reality if this planet doesn't take back what was seduced out of our hands. I think what he revealed was true only if we do not take back what is ours.

Hidden Hand:

I would be considered to be a "Regional" leader. Above me, are National and International.

I don't think he is very high up at all..........just another little pawn. I feel like Regional is a far stretch.

Hidden Hand:

San Francisco and Damascus, will be uninhabitable by the end of 2010, possibly even sooner. Again, it depends upon certain 'forces' at play, and which timelines are activated. Humanity, though utterly unconscious of the fact, has a significant part to play in this. You (as a collective consciousness of the planet) are choosing the Negative Polarization by default, by the quality of your thoughts and actions. Thought is creative energy, focused. You get exactly what you put out.

Well it seems that he has been caught out more than once where his information is bogus.

It seems that there are some real truths laden in a mire of landmines ready for people to be snared.

Hidden Hand:

Why do you think the Media is so important to us? You have (as a society), in your hypnotized comatose state, given your Free Will consent to the state your planet is in today.

Bingo but not telling us anything we don't already know. The KEY here is that we gave over our Free Will Consent to the powers that be and that is why we are in this caged predicament.

Another Key he gave is: Hidden Hand:

nhealthy dishes served up for you on your televisions that you are addicted to, violence, pornography, greed, hatred, selfishness, incessant 'bad news', fear and 'terror'. When was the last time you stopped, to think of something beautiful and pure?

He gave here one of the greatest keys for us to comprehend the condition of what we have created and how we got here and also how we can undo it.

Another Key: Hidden Hand:

The planet is the way it is, because of your collective thoughts about it. You are complicit in your inaction, every time you 'look the other way' when you see an injustice. Your 'thought' at the sub-conscious level of creation to the Creator, is your allowance of these things to occur. In so doing, you are serving our purpose. It is very important to us, that the Polarization of this planet is Negative at the time of the Great Harvest.

I hope I don't have to go through his entire message to lay out the keys but they are critical for us in understanding.

We 'Create' and 'Co-Create' the very reality we are in. Our thoughts at the sub-conscious level of creation is Co-Creating what the Hijacking gods want us to create. In this we ARE serving their purpose. This is the reason why they are trying to promote everything that is a negative polarization to aid them in their agenda against us and everything that 'we are'.

posted on Oct, 26 2014 @ 12:03 AM
he's probably not referring to us humans as having the upper hand but one of the 'alien' species

I wouldnt worry about it, there has been stuff happening behind the scenes 'forever'

posted on Oct, 26 2014 @ 12:20 AM
i don't think the Elite really have much of a say in what the future of humanity will be unless they want to enduce a self extinction scenario i guess that is plausible.

What you are implying is, basically slavery to each other right? Humans enslaving humans?

Well you do have one thing right, We are only as free as the boundaries of our atomosphere. But as soon as we venture outside our orbit, We could deal with some complications of an extra-terrestrial nature.

What if E.T Don't want us to leave. What then? Just continue sending out robotic probs into space?

Maybe when disclosure happens, it won't be in a way we could imagine so to speak.
Besides keeping the population in a grinding state to keep us all busy well the top of the latter sits in luxery. Some have alterior motives for an A.I intelligence intergreted singularity into humans. So that everything we do and experience can be recorded and our thoughts emotions monitored and regulated.

Living for the flesh, Is exactly what that term is meant to describe. As in aspiring to build a materialized body made by engineering. Not sure what this guy is going on about really. But take a look at the facts.

Since WW2 we have spent probs into space as becons for species to come find us. We exposed our solar system in waves of radiation that could be detected by any nabouring species with advanced telecomuications.
People Don't paint this at as a bit Odd?

I mean if we hypothesized aliens existed in space. Wouldn't our objective be to remain hidden for as long as possible until we gained the nessisary technology to venture out there.

It's no different then stepping outside in the woods at night, You think you are alone but just because you can't track the eyes watching you dosn't mean they arn't there. True fact.
Now we have tons of UFO sightings since those events, we even had some people who sent a binary coded message into space where it was recived and suposedly recreated in a wheat feild near the satellite that sent it.
Now if there is any evidence of E.T. it could be an very elaborate hoax or a real message. Either way the message basically showed a grey. then not to far off another picture showed up with a grey holding a disc saying beware of the decivers. So there's that.

does the elites plan incorperate bringing everyone underground? Because it's gunna be one hell of a thing to avoid a mass abduction scenario. Course, No one really know when the lid on the apocalypse is going to blow. But when it does. Make sure you reserve your ticket cuz its gunna be one hell of a show

posted on Oct, 26 2014 @ 12:30 AM
I could keep going with the keys he gave but this will take me some time.

I think the disclosure card is something they won't dispense of unless they feel that it will give them huge leverage. Everything here is really played out and they use the media to direct the populations much like a compass.

posted on Oct, 26 2014 @ 12:40 AM
Forgive me my ignorance, but....

Who is this "Hidden Hand" you speak of?

I see a lot of text in quote boxes, reads nice....but no links.

posted on Oct, 26 2014 @ 12:40 AM
Hidden Hand:

We require a Negative Harvest, and you are doing a fine job of helping us to attain our goal. We are very grateful.

So now we know the nature of the agenda which is to reverse the polarity into negative anti-morality.

So I'm led to recall some people who have been utterly manipulated with by the enemy to aid their agenda in reversing the polarity. Much of the attack is on our morality and our senses of what is 'right', they are trying to numb us into a state where we will no longer feel that 'wrong' is wrong but rather that wrong is acceptable.

MILABS, LOVEBITES and the Reptilian hosting agenda are but a few examples. Just as they have altered our DNA, pineal gland and our general memory, comprehension and physicality, they are compromising it all and trying to do everything to alter it and turn it inside out.

Dreamscape manipulation

posted on Oct, 26 2014 @ 12:43 AM
a reply to: occrest

Sorry he originally created a thread here in 2008 called the "Window of Opportunity"

Here you go:

posted on Oct, 26 2014 @ 12:53 AM
Ever play risk.....that's what these controllers do.....set peoples against the carnage and sell to both sides......
Wars cost immense amounts of BORROWED money.
Those who have accumulated vast resources call the terms....

Over the centuries I could see where those in control say, of the opium supply for China, or the diamond supply, or
oil.......would reap the funds to just keep buying out other strangleholds made possible by the preceeeding coup...

In truth, 187 corporate entities are in control of roughly half the worlds GDP right now....the rest are just...subsidiaries of these 187....

It would probably take defeating this massive machine, and digging deeper into its vitals than we have so far been able begin to expose the next layer behind the control system....

The awesome task which faces humanity....which is to disassemble this monster, cannot be accomplished by any means we or the machine has currently.....

Something....has got to shift the paradigm.....two steps left or right,,,,so that humans can see between the cracks.....
I sometimes think if we all just ignored them,,,,,they would shrivel up and die on their own.....and we could simply go our own way....a new way....but our own...perhaps I digress....

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posted on Oct, 26 2014 @ 01:12 AM
Hidden Hand:
For those that have forgotten what I believe are important parts of the puzzle here are his quotes.

Yahweh and Lucifer Your creator, the one who has been called "Yahweh", is not "God" inasmuch as your Bible refers to him as being the one true God. He is "a" creator (or sub-sub-Logos) rather than the One Infinite Creator. He is not even a galactic level Logos, but rather, is the planetary Logos for this one planet. There are other and higher "gods" than him. Yet ultimately, all are a part of the One.

And either consciously or unconsciously, all are exercising their free will to create. Our creator is the one you refer to as Lucifer, "the Light Bearer" and "Morning Star". Our creator is not "the Devil", as he has been portrayed in some religious texts. Lucifer is what you would call a "Group Soul" or "Social Memory Complex", which has evolved to the level of the sixth density. We (our bloodline families), as a group soul or social memory complex (Lucifer), were on the verge of seventh density ascension.

At this level, before harvest comes, we have the choice to progress higher, or to return to help others of lower densities with their evolution by passing down our knowledge and wisdom to those that call upon us for assistance with their own free will. Now at this time, having made our decision to stay and help our galactic brothers and sisters in the One, we were assigned a challenging task by the Council of Elders, who act as the guardians of this galaxy. Yahweh had not handed down his own free will to "know thyself" to those incarnating upon "his" planet, as was his right as planetary Logos.

As a result, he was having very little evolutionary progress therein. In the absence of free will, there can be no polarity, and therefore, nothing to "choose" between. As is portrayed in the book of Genesis, the planet was very "Edenic" in nature. Sure, it was a lovely "paradise", yet the beings incarnating there had no agitator toward evolving beyond the third density, and therefore, little hope of ever making the journey home to the One. So we (Lucifer) were sent to help. Once the order was given from the Council of Elders, we "fell", or descended back to a place where we could, with hard work and focus, once again materialize a third density manifestation of ourself. Yahweh had agreed to our coming.

In fact, it was he who had initially asked the Council for a "catalyst" of change to enter into his creation. Without polarity (derived from free will), there is only the unity of love and light, and no choice to experience "other than" that. So we were to be the catalyst for change in order to provide that choice, thus bringing polarity. Yahweh agreed that we would introduce the concept of free will to Earth's inhabitants by offering them an initial choice as to whether they wanted it or not. Hence, "The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil" (or more accurately, the knowledge of polarity – of positive and negative).

Yet our group soul was already committed to being here for a predefined set of cycles to help provide the catalyst for human evolution, namely by offering you the negative option, or that which you choose to call "evil".

Let's be clear about one thing though. All of this (physical life/incarnation) is a very intricate and skillfully designed game, whereby the One Infinite Creator plays the game of forgetting who it is, so that it can learn to remember, and in doing so, experience and know itself as creator, all the way down to us tiny individuated sparks of the All That Is. Off stage and between lives as incarnated human beings (zero-point time/antimatter universe), we – all of us and all of you as souls – are great friends, brothers and sisters in the One. Between lives we all have a good laugh about the parts we have performed in the "play" and look forward to and have great fun preparing the next chapters to act out.

You are divine souls. You are sparks or seeds of the One Infinite Creator. You are life itself, remembering and learning who you really are. We came here to help you to do this. The planet will complete its ascension to the fourth density, the vibrational density of love. During this ascension, there will be a three-way split for those souls inhabiting Earth. Those of the predominantly negative polarity will accompany us as we graduate through the negative (or service to self) harvest. We (Lucifer) will create a new fourth density Earth, based on the negative service to self polarity, where we must work off our own part of the negative karmic effect incurred from all the negativity created on this planet. Once we have done so, we will be released to once again assume our place as sixth density guardians and teachers of wisdom throughout the galaxy.

Those of the predominantly positive polarity (love and light) will ascend to a beautiful new fourth density Earth. There they will begin to work upon their learning and demonstrating of love and compassion. It will be a very beautiful and "Golden" Age. The fourth density begins to open souls up to their true powers as unique individualized aspects of the One Infinite Creator. These individuals will perform works and wonders of the like that the one you call Jesus promised they would do, "and even greater things than these". It will be a very magical time for those who ascend. In contrast, the majority of humans on the earth, who could be considered shall we say "lukewarm", will experience a period of (what will feel ecstatic) zero-point time. These people will for a period feel totally at one with the Creator, giving them an encouraging reminder and glimpse of who they really are, before the veil of forgetfulness once again descends.

Then they will be transported to another third density planet (a kind of Earth replica), to continue working upon themselves and learning that life here is all about making choices. These souls will remain "quarantined", incarnating in third density matter until the time of the next harvest; in which time they will need to have proved that they have learned how to be more positive beings, focused more upon being of service to others, rather than seeking only to serve themselves. We (Lucifer) have to be self-service centered to an extreme degree in order to fulfill our mission and become negatively harvested. This is why we work so hard to be as negatively polarized as we possibly can be. If we do not make a high enough percentage, we will miss out and will end up with the majority "lukewarm" percentage that have to go through another cycle in third density.

By attaining a negative harvest, we can still "graduate" to fourth density, only it will be a negative polarity planet. Not a great place to be. But, as I've stated previously, we (as a group soul) have incurred the natural karmic restitution process that we must work off for all the negativity we have caused upon this planet. We will do this for a cycle in our new fourth density world, and then we will be freed to once again be the glorious being of light that we truly are. We need a negative harvest, so that we can create our fourth density Earth and clear our karmic record.

Understand that we HAVE to be negative. That's what we were sent here to be. It is our contract, which has always been to help you by providing the catalyst of free will and choice. Being negative is very hard for us, not on a physical level (the characters we play enjoy our roles, we're programmed that way), but on a spiritual level. We surpassed the lowly negative vibrations eons ago. e are light, and we are love. It is a very hard thing for us to do spiritually, to create all this negativity, but we do it because we love you. And ultimately it is also for your highest good. Remember, we are all just acting out a grand old game here where we agree to forget who we really are, that in the remembering we may find each other again and know that we are One, and that all of life is One. When you remember who you are and you know it deep within the core of your being, you will know and recognize your invisible connection to All That Is.

posted on Oct, 26 2014 @ 01:13 AM
His message is not unfamiliar to me, in fact it seems to be kind of common. From what I've gathered through speaking with people I've met, it seems as though if you were "in tuned" with the universe lets say (in 2008), you recieved messages from beyond giving stern warnings and very knowledgeable information. The reason I also am saying this is because in 2008 I recieved many telepathic messages very similar to, if not exactly the same as the ones he and others have had.

What struck me a lot was his rhetoric regarding not giving people specific information. If you want to know what happens if you do..well you pretty much get your memories erased, at the least which is part of what happened to sucks having knowledge and losing it because you choose to help people, and change the future..

PS: there's a young woman I've met recently, and on our first & only encounter she began speaking very similarly to this hidden hand character and others as I mentioned. She was especially careful to not speak of certain things unless she was asked specific questions, and I was careful to not reveal I knew exactly what she was talking about until I know her intentions more clearly. Oh and these occurrences are very much real, cannot state that enough
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posted on Oct, 26 2014 @ 01:19 AM
a reply to: threeeyesopen

Would love to learn of the progress of this 'interaction' as I do believe that information is guarded yet spurred by certain promptings. I do believe that information will be coming through more now than in our past. I think that these people are following 'the rules of the game' and hence have to be guarded............until that is you get her in 'your game'.

posted on Oct, 26 2014 @ 01:42 AM
Hidden Hand:
Wow everything is revealed in his discourse:

So they were called to come in on a 'rescue' of our souls because we would have become stagnant with the schizophrenic god Yahweh in his created Eden.

So the lines between Lucifer and god are blurred indeed.

Our initial contract was to introduce the catalyst for free will on this planet. When Yahweh began discourse with the Council of Elders, he was not initially looking for help with introducing free will, but rather for guidance on how he could best speed up his (and his inhabitants') evolutionary process. He was basically running a benign dictatorship. We had at that time just completed an assignment in Tau Ceti, and had reported for our next duties. We (as group soul Lucifer) were sent on a "fact-finding expedition" to visit Earth and meet with Yahweh to evaluate his planetary creation laws and make suggestions on how best he could help his offspring (this is the term I shall use to describe the individuals who comprise the group soul), and thusly Yahweh, to progress.

We explored many options and reported our findings to the Council and to Yahweh. It was our best evaluation that the only real and fast track way to increase his evolvement meaningfully was the introduction of free will. It was not specifically free will that Yahweh wanted help with. He simply asked for the introduction of a catalyst. He was not at all pleased with our report that he needed to implement free will. He was happy with his little pet paradise, and he didn't want to loose control of it. In the end the Council persuaded him that it was the best way, and he reluctantly agreed.

We returned to Earth and had a cordial meeting with Yahweh, discussing how we could best implement the free will option. Yahweh was adamant that his offspring would choose to be loyal to him anyway, and that they were so content with their way of life that they would always trust him and do as he said. That, he said, was his main reason that free will would not work well as the catalyst.

So when things didn't go right as planned by Yah then he became enraged and removed paradise implementing the cost of 'our will' upon us.

That's why he agreed to the experiment of the Tree of Knowledge. He believed it would prove him right. When it did not, he became angry and threw his offspring out of the garden. He laid a big guilt trip on them about how they had broken his trust and disobeyed him. That's not really an honourable way for a Logos to behave, but hey, that's the beauty of free will, I guess.

Then Yah became a jealous god because he could no longer control us. He wasn't even an upper level deity but just a simple hijacking middleman.

Are we his offspring? Is he an Annunaki????

See the KEYS.....

Next "problem" to occur, was that his offspring were so grateful to us for our help, that Yahweh became (in his own admission) a jealous God. Then we had the whole "you shall have no other gods before me" thing. We were not pleased with the situation at all, as a Logos should not be behaving like this with his offspring. When we attempted to leave the planet to return to the Council, Yahweh prevented our departure. We tried to leave again, but were then thrown down into the astral planes and confined therein.

The Council ordered us to be released, but said we would have to cancel our contract to help the souls on Earth to evolve. We didn't want to leave. We found humans very likable beings, really positively polarized, and we wanted to stay and help. We just wanted also to be free to come and go as we pleased. The only way we could stay was to remain confined as a group soul, which meant cycles of incarnation for us (as individuated souls), which we had not done for a long while.

The cost of Karma and what they created.............we as pawns.

There is no "wrong" or "right" seen from a higher density, but there are still consequences for every action. Such is the law of karmic effect. The contract had already been made between Yahweh, us, and the Council for us to provide the catalyst, so we had a right to be there. We stayed, but as a karmic result of our group soul's confinement by Yahweh, our own individuated souls were given the mandate (by the Council) to "rule" over Yahweh's people during our physical incarnations here on your planet.

The karmic effect of Yahweh imprisoning us on the macrocosmic level was that his individuated souls (humans) would be imprisoned on the microcosmic level. The Infinite Creator gave Yahweh (and all) the gift of free will to create as we choose, but the karmic effect of his choice was the Council quarantining the planet. A certain evolutionary level is required to be a functioning part of a positive unified galactic society.

Big Key:

Remember that ultimately, this is a game that we are all playing here. We are actors playing on the stage of life. This world is all illusion or thought-form. No one really dies, and no one is really hurt. In between incarnations, you know this very well. But the rules of the game ensure that when you incarnate, you must forget who you really are, so that you believe it is all "real" whilst you are playing the game of life. Forgetting is an essential prerequisite for you to make choices that help you to grow. Otherwise, the game would be too easy.

More keys - it is for us all to comprehend the nature of our immortality here and who and what we are. As I read through his script I see so many keys I can't even being to lay them out.

We are not born with the same veil of forgetfulness as you are. The veil is still in place, but would most accurately be described as being somewhat thinner. We see the invisible connections of life which are hidden from you, because we retain access to more than just the third density perspective – not dissimilar to the manner in which some people can see what you call auras. This is because you are working your way up, whereas we have chosen to step down in order to help you. We could not do this as successfully if we had to forget all that we have learned. In other words, to you, everything appears as being separate. We see that this is not the case.

We do not have direct soul memory, as in the manner that you remember what you did yesterday, but we may access any portion of our soul memory we so chose when we focus upon it, often in a meditative state. In order to win (or more accurately to be successful in) the game, we must be as negatively polarized as possible – service to self in the extreme. Violence, war, hatred, greed, enslavement, genocide, torture, moral degradation, prostitution, drugs; all these things and more serve our purpose in the game. In all these negative things, we are providing you with tools. But you do not see it. It is not what we do, but how you react to it that is important.

We give you the tools. You have the free will choice how you will use them. You have to learn to take responsibility. There is only one of us here. Understand that and you will understand the game. As you do unto others, so you do to yourself. The difference between us and you, in the game, is that we know that we are "playing". The less you know about the game, and the less you remember that you're a player, the more "senseless" living becomes.

posted on Oct, 26 2014 @ 01:49 AM
His suggestions for playing the game are hiding the reality of our power because he didn't want to give away his hidden hand.

It is a partial truth only in acknowledging the Divine Source however he doesn't want to give away the REAL source of power which is US.

Our thoughts are indeed powerful and are the catalyst to 'creating' worlds. The world is indeed our mirror only not many know that...........we can alter the world around us literally as Christ spoke. We haven't begun to wake up to the truth of what and whom we are.

This is their upper hand against us and that is what everyone is speaking of in terms of them helping us.

Be good to yourself. Cultivate a genuine love for life and for being. Be genuinely thankful to the Infinite Creator every day for bringing you into being and for his bountiful provision. You have survived this far, have you not? You may not have everything you want, but you have everything you need in order to complete that which you incarnated here to do. Give thanks for that. Desire to serve flows naturally from a grateful heart. Show acknowledgment and gratitude to the Infinite Creator for all that it has done and is doing for you. It has given you the gift of life experience and offered you the free will to decide what you will create with it.

Guard your thoughts carefully, as they are more powerful than you may imagine. If you see doom and gloom, then that is what you are projecting. The world is your mirror. It reflects back to you what you are putting out. If you do not like the reflection life is showing you, then change that which is causing it. When you are coming from a place of love for and service to your Creator, a life of service to others will become a natural outflowing from that. Always look for ways that you can be of assistance to your fellow beings. Be of encouragement to others. Build people up, and do not put people down. Be a beacon of light in a dark world.

It is up to you how you use the tools we have given you. Whilst incarnating in the third density, negativity is still an important tool in your learning process. It teaches you "other than". Do you respond to negativity with more negativity? Or do you choose to see the negativity as the tool that it is, and recognize that it is offering you an opportunity? All souls eventually learn that positive is the pathway which leads Home.

There is a big difference between loving yourself and being selfish. When you truly understand what it is to know and love yourself, you cannot help but to love and serve others. When you understand this at the core level of your being, you will be on the path Home.

posted on Oct, 26 2014 @ 01:55 AM
Read the entire message and you will find the hidden keys.......not all but enough to catapult you onward. Time is short in this and ultimately the fight is on. I could continue laying them all there but it's all in the link for you to read.

The entire truth isn't laid out there and there is plenty to trip over by design of the enemy who seeks to quote push us towards advancement. Plenty to twist us up inside their design but for those that can discern you will see the pearls and pearls they are.

Grab them and start taking back what is was never theirs regardless of the amnesia they caused because we gave them allowance..........we can take all things back which is what we are called to do.

Don't read this like they are doing us a favor...................Wake Up!

posted on Oct, 26 2014 @ 08:02 AM
Greetings and Salutations- We are ALL 'Creators' working our way back from whence We came, The One Infinite Creator, Hunab Ku. If memory serves 'HH' came in to 'grease the skids' as it related to the Maya Prophesy back in 2012? Back when Mother Earth went from 3rd gear to 4th gear? Remember 'some' thought it was the "End of the World" when some 'others' saw it like the Mayans carved Us, "The Beginning of a New Era" There is 'duality' right there, One splintering...(chakra/dimension) Hunab Ku resides in the Octave, so that was an 'Ascension' for ALL those 'present'...

Maybe the next time a 'like actor' who comes onto ATS™ will be asked more pertinent questions. Ever see the commercial where the guy climbs and climbs a mountain to ask the Sage a question? Maybe instead of seeking to fulfill a 'want' for the Self, maybe a more pertinent question would be to ask the Sage "Is there anything that I can do for You, the "other Me"? In the t.v. ad the guy asks what kind of tires to buy?


posted on Oct, 26 2014 @ 08:27 AM
a reply to: Egyptia

Very interesting thread Egyptia!

This is the only topic that really matters, IMHO, the rest are superfluous. Too bad we don't have a specific forum for this topic, something like "The Big Picture", or "What it really all means" etc.

I'm just curious, Hidden Hand posted his thread in 2008, you have been a member since 2009, what spurred this seemingly sudden decision to start a thread about it? Did you just discover the Hidden Hand thread? Or did you just discover some info that gave new meaning to the Hidden Hand thread?

posted on Oct, 26 2014 @ 12:40 PM

originally posted by: Egyptia
a reply to: threeeyesopen

Would love to learn of the progress of this 'interaction' as I do believe that information is guarded yet spurred by certain promptings. I do believe that information will be coming through more now than in our past. I think that these people are following 'the rules of the game' and hence have to be guarded............until that is you get her in 'your game'.

I have tried to find the woman or make contact but it hasn't happened yet..what also struck me is she mentioned auras so I asked her to read mine and she was correct (I see my own aura) which leads me to believe she's not a "phony". They are very much following the rules of the game, I broke the rules and faced the consequences but I'm quite good at getting information from others
nothing devious or physically harmful..just don't look directly into my eyes or I'll know the information your hiding

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