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Andros Colter : Chrononaut's Trumpets of War

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posted on Oct, 25 2014 @ 08:00 PM

Tesla Institute For Higher Learning
Navarro County, texas
January 1992
teachers Lounge

A Hologram appeared in the Professors Lounge, " Rear Admiral Wilson.. Andros is here.. He came back with you it appears."
Wilson held up his hand to the AI, "Whoa REBA.. Back up a second what do you mean came back in time. "

"My Friend that was pissing in the bathroom at Eglin. I have to assume those two bodies you said you found where supposed to come back with them.. You arrived in 83' because you where in the room. Andros was still further away but.. " REBA generated a display, "To sum this up Wilson. You went to your grandfathers body on your mother's side when he was just an Ensign. "

"The last great Reporter went to his .." Wilson looked at the Hologram, "The distance from the initial fields sent him back.. How do you know this was him?"

Music fills the room as REBA dances, "Its Toby Keith and Willie Nelson, 'Beer for my Horses'.. Its not released April of 2003.. The Problem is andros never learned to play the Guitar till hewas in his fifteys." Another Professor enters the room.. REBA excitedly tells the other Professor..

After responding in her Alien Tongue, "So.. He is in his nestling selfs body.. You Sapiens are a weird species.. This time travel Technology is constrained for a reason. Your Chairman Zero has somehow blocked off access to our Timesense. I could contact my people and do something about this."

"Leeta is the situation as REBA speaks," Rear Admiral Wilson takes a deep breath. "If its Andros Colter, we have to get to him before our Bosses do."

Leeta turns her head sideways, "Of course Male.. Your species was not ready for Time Travel. This Chairman Zero of the Committee for a Better Future is a prime example. We agreed to help because she forced us to be here. We hope you are the example your species does become. Disciplined and Responsible use of Time Travel is.." The Alien female shakes her hand side was, "You have no human words for it. REBA you know this Human from your Previous loops with Fred."

"He is a true friend," REBA was Excited.. "Can I go with you rear Admiral.. I stopped all net com on the guitar playing he did in the Gym. He was good friends with your father Agent Icer."

"Thats the Problem," Wilson shook his head. "He has no clue their might be other time travelers. We have kept silent eyes on all seven of the very special children. I go Monday to Eglin and then to the middle school in Crestview. I might just leave early. REBA.. I need you if it is him. " Wilson stops dead in his tracks, "Why was he singing Beer For my horses REBA?"

REBA is silent and then disappears.

posted on Oct, 25 2014 @ 08:05 PM

Okaloosa County, FL
That night

"Your in a very dark place Austin," the Forteen year old looked at the Blonde girl in front of him.

"You have no clue what I have been through Andros," Austin yells with the knife in her hands. "Its my life. I am used for despicable things.. You are young and naive.. Just go."

"No.." Andros has tears in his eyes, "You selfish B$%^&. I love.." He stops and changes paths," Your death destroys several people. Your sister will suffer at the hands of your uncle for four more years. It took me ten years to." Andros walks right up to the Shaking Austin, "I.. I.. I never had the strength to tell you this. Your are the most beautiful woman I have met. I never got the chance to love you." Andros reaches out and touches the side of her face, "Please get to know me. Give me a chance to show you my world."

Austin looks away in shame, "Get away from me.. I am used trash.." She starts balling as Andros looks her straight in the eyes never flinching, "Why do you care. I dont even like you."

"Hows this gonna help her sister hate me? Teach her to make fun of me and laugh at the fact I am poor and white trash. Or the fact my clothes are out of style. I live in a farmhouse, thats got to be worth a few years of teasing and cruel jokes, "Andros pulls her to him and hugs her.

Austin sets the knife on the sink as she holds Andros. "You are white trash," She holds Andros tighter. "God I let you touch me." Fear passes through her, "My uncle.. He is.."

"Of no concern to me," Andros coldly speaks very coldly. "Austin do you want a new future. " Andros takes her face in his hands, "Leave this house.. We can crash at my Dad and step mother's beach house."

"My Sister," Austin was wide eyed.. "Our uncle will take it out.."

"Your sister already knows and is asleep in the car." Andros calmly massages her back as she cries, "My little miracle. Come with me and I promise you that your uncle and father will never hurt you or your sister again."

Doe eyed Austin looks up at Andros, " How can you... "

andros kisses her forehead, "I even brushed a tooth for you."

Laughter fills the bathroom, "I .. I belive you." Austin kisses Andros and stops. she looks down and away,"I..."

Andros takes the side of her face, "Never be ashamed of what you feel or the conflicts they generate. I know the line.. I have a boyfriend.."

"Your only," Austin stops as Andros hugs her again..

"Actually my dear Austin," Andros takes her hand stopping her from walking straight out. "I want to go out the back kitchen door. The Car is parked way out back. Just grab your flip flops."

Austin looks down and steps into her flip flops. Meekly she never lets go of Andros hand.

"Austin.. You have to take that next step of your own free will," Andros speaks clamly. "Freedom is yours but you have to choose it.. Us versus the world girl.."

Austin looks at the kitchen door as they walk to it.. She squeezes his fingers tightly when he opens the door. The cold air hits her wearing only undergarments.

Andros steps out and takes off his jacket and puts it on Austin.

She puts on the Jacket looking out at the world. She Gulps and trips. To her amazement Andros catches her with one arm, "Wow.. You have muscles."

"Its a brand new world my dear Austin." Andros stands her up, "Lets go watch the sunrise at my Dad's beach house."

"My mother.. She," Austin looks at Andros. "What happened over winter Break? You changed completely. "

"I got a second chance to tell the smartest prettiest girl I liked her." Andros zipped up the jacket for Austin, "Neither dont come around my ugly mug twice." He kisses her cheek, "All right pretty lady.. We got to watch for the bushes."
Austin looks as Andros leads her through grass and not in the dirt.

posted on Oct, 25 2014 @ 08:09 PM

Navarre Beach, Florida
Saturday Morning

"Ladies," Andros sets back in the chair. He opens a biscuit and puts the bacon inside it. He takes his glass of OJ, "Those are nice shirts.."

Diana covers up instinctively, "You.. You pervert."

"You crawled in the bed and went to sleep Diana.. Nothing happened," Andros yawns. "You and Austin have nothing to worry about. Right now you need to heal." He polishes off the OJ to turn and see Austin reaching up to get something. He takes a deep breath, turns, and closes his eyes. "Now Diana. I have it on good authority that you LOVE the beach. We can spend the day doing absolutely nothing."

"He knows, " Austin takes down a glass. "I want some Sweet tea." She walks over to the Table, "My god all this food.
Who delivered Breakfast?"

"Your new boyfriend can cook," Diana cut into the Omlett in front of her. "My god this is delicious.. Its just like I like it. Ham, Cheese, Green Peppers, and just the right amount of.." She looks at the smiling Andros.. "How did you know?"

"I am psychic. A good friend taught me to make this.." Andros smiles, "Besides you al..Uhm." He sees someone yawn and walk into the room, "Good morning Sandra." He mumbles, "Saved by the bell.."

The seventeen year old in a bath robe freezes, "Austin.. Diana.. Uhm.."

Austin Freezes, "Sandra Tolliver.. What are you doing here?"

Sandra sees Andros smile and is wide eyed, "You did not tell me we .. You and.. and her sister. "

Austin and Diana both look at Andros who laughs.

"It wasnt me. I will swear on a stack of bibles." He gets ups and takes a plate out of the Microwave, "I made you your French toast. I figure we could all talk."

"I thought you went to vist," Austin's seems a little hurt. "You and Andros.. You disappear every weekend since about a week after winter break." Austin seems really disappointed.

"Whats all the noise," another Teenager walks into the room.

"Alexander.. Help I am surrounded," Andros looks at his buddy.

Alexander shrugs, "Morning Diana.. Morning Austin. Nice legs."

Sandra hits Alexander in the arm, "She is my friend. You behave.. You belong to me, or was that just a cheesy pick up line."

"Let me think for a minute woman. I aint ate breakfast yet," ALexander gets hit again in the arm by Sandra.

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posted on Oct, 25 2014 @ 08:12 PM

Three hours later
Sun Deck

"Your boyfriend will kill Alexander if he finds out," Austin lays out in the sun tanning. "This is beautiful."

"So.." Sandra looks at her friend, "How did that happen? Your claws came out in the kitchen when you thought I was in a relationship with Andros."

"You do not get out of explaining your mess," Austin laughs. "I didnt know Andros had a beach house.. "

"Its his father's.. Your boyfriend will try and start crap with Andros. "Sandra looks at Alexander, "Austin I do not know what happened. All of a sudden Little alexander was no longer a kid. He had skills. He knew what to say and.." she bites her lips, "Its like he knew my soul."

Austin sits up, "Your in love with him?"

"I think I am," Sandra looks at the three males exercising in the shade. "Austin what am I going to do. He is so sweet and innocent and yet. Its like overnight he grew up in some areas. He is smart and intelligent yet he does not look down on me. He makes me laugh and I am really happy."

"You got it bad," Austin looks and sees her sister working out with the boys. "Diana I think is developing a crush on My.. I mean.." She narrows her eyes, "Do not look at me that way.." She looks at Andros as he works out, "Damn it. "

"Oh my god wait till I tell you about," Sandra Pauses as an older woman walks up.

"Sandra.." The older woman looks at her and sniffs the air and shakes her head. She looks out at the three working out, "You gave your word young Lady. "

"This is Austin." Sandra looks at Austin, "This is Candy McGreggor."

Both women look at each other..

"Your the Austin." Candy takes a deep breath and bows her head, "My god its Saturday. He... I have said to much. My apologies Sandra. May I explain it to her."

"What does it being Saturday have to do with this," she looks at Sandra. "Yall are weird.."

"Austin a Jason Trebeck called you back. He wanted to know you were safe and sound." Candy responded as she read

Austin's face. "My only Advice is treat it like a band aide." She sits in the chair with her bikini on and starts sun bathing, "Sandra .. You need better manners my dear. Young Mr. Helos is just staying at my house. Nothing more. "

"Did Jason leave a number," Austin sighed as she looked at Andros?

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posted on Oct, 25 2014 @ 08:15 PM

Navarre Beach, Florida
Saturday Night

"It is ok Diana," The young man laid back on propped up on pillows. "Your sister is a free and independent woman. I learned a long time ago that women are like cats. Best just to let them make the choices they want to."

Diana ran her hands over his hurt hands, "Andros, It upset you I can tell. You went and boxed downstairs. You busted your hands."

"I had to let some pain out. Your free to Miss long nose," Andros crinkles his nose. "I did get you something."

"My nose is perfectly proportioned." Diana sits up, "Listen you dont have to get me.."

Andros reaches under the bed and pulls out a teddy bear, "He needs a good home.. I guess if you do not want it I can go crawl in another womans bed and give it to her.. You think your mother is free right now. Yall get your legs from her and.."

Diana snatched the Teddy Bear, "You are bad.." She pokes him in the side, "Its mine." She squeezes the bear and it starts playing the music.. "Oh my god.. It plays Just Like Jesse James.." Diana bites her bottom lip as the words starts to play. She sings along bobbing her head side to side..

Andros looks Diana in the eyes and looks down and away.

She reaches out and touches his face. Her hands are wet from the tears, "You really do like my sister. She is four years older then you. I thought the two of you."

Andros takes a deep breath and take both of Diana's hands, "I have a rule never to lie to a woman when I am bed with her. Your sister always came between us Diana. Even now.." He has tears in his eyes and his emotions run deep, "Diana their is so much I want to tell you. Your a good friend. In fact one of about eight or nine that I have total."

Diana rolls her eyes, "You do not have to afraid. Sex is not that big a deal.. You about to tell me some fictional story you used to tell all the time. I know you want to be a writer." She reaches up and kisses Andros who responds by kissing her back.

Pushing her away, "This is so wrong.. We are friends in the future. Twice we almost do the deed but.."

Diana cries and looks hurt. She stops, " Please drive me home. I want you and You are claiming to be a time traveler now." Diana gets off the bed,grabs her bra off the ground. and slips into her shoes. Turning her back, "Please look away."

"Sighing, "You hate chocolate. You use it to weed out people who use it to bribe you."

Andros sees her pause, "I could have told you that. Or you could have observed it."

"First set of real fireworks you had was two months ago. I believe with a neighbor. You tell every one your favorite color is pink.. In fact you hate it with a passion. It is actually charcoal black. You blame your mother for everything but you never tell her. To keep up appearances." Andros sees her turn as her eyes go wide, "You lie to your frienmies as you call them in the future. They are worthless but offer a layer of protection. You secretly love science but no one else in your house does. Your second greatest secret.." Andros sees Diana freeze, "Is that you madam are a closet science fiction geek. Your favorite author is not the romance novels your mother buys you but is actually Heinlein. To Sail Beyond the Sunset I believe.. You are not a star Trek fan.. You think it is very stupid.. You are in fact a huge Star Wars fan.."

"I.. I," Diana is wide eyed, "Carrie fisher as Princess Leia .."

"Do not feed you dearest friend that crap.. You think Harrison Ford is over rated. You do not like the casting of the first three prequels.. The worst casting decisions EVER.. The only reason you go to see it is because of R2D2. Same reason you catch the clone wars and Rebels.. Not to mention you hate JJ Abrams for what.. Well, will hate him for the Sequels."

"I never told anyone," Diana drops the clothes and sits back on the bed. "You dont lie to a woman when she is in your bed.."

"Learned that one the hard way. Tell the truth and never lie.." Andros looks at Diana, "Remember a real lady will not ask someone elses business in bed. Its about trust.. Let me see.. You think babylon 5 is ok.. You love Londo Mollari and Kosh. " Seeing the blank look, "Later on I think. Let me see. Favorite comic book characters are Ironman and catwoman. You hate the taste of beer and Champagne.. Your A whiskey girl. " Andros looks at Diana as she takes his hand, "You secretly hate ALL politicians.. Well except one.. the greatest one we ever had."

"Please they are all liars and," She covers her mouth.. "Its true your from the future. Wait a second I actually like a politician. Your lying now."

"Nope.. He fights world war three after we get pearl harbored a second time. He had managed to slip a mickey to congress and was fixing the Nation. The Economy was climbing, stock market was rising as the middle class boomed." Andros pauses, "You went to his.."

"You pause like you cant tell me.. What did your buddy Alexander run for office," she laughs through the tears.. She sees his face go real quiet, "Oh my god..thats not.. From the Trailer Park to the white house.. what party?"

"He formed the Let me be your crook party. Ran as an independent and F#$%ing Won. biggest damn landside in history," Andros laughs. "You hate dancing and at the inauguration you and your husband.."

"I am married," Diana was wide eyed. "To who?"

"I am not going to tell you. I do not want to ruin it because it happens naturally.. You do owe me a dance from prom Miss Long nose. I want It now," Andros stand up and pulls him close to her..

As they dance to silence, Diana just stands on Andros's feet as she lays her head on his shoulder.

Tears fall, "You know mine and Austins secret," She looks up at him and sniffles. "What.. What happens."

"Lets not talk about it." Andros looks down into her sparkling eyes , "To what might have been. Please dont kiss this old goat again." He holds her close as they dance.

"Thats why you got mad.. You and Austin.." Diana does not see the look in Andros's eyes, "You two hook up later and.. OK." After a moment. " None of my business.. How old are you before you came back in time?"

"Ninety One my dear.. I lived a full life.. Let me see.. College, which I screw up. A marriage of the same deal. Navy, god I have some stories. " Andros pauses, "I actually do succeed to my own surprise."

As they slowly dance, "You become superman." Diana giggles as she slowly moves with Andros, "I do listen. You were talking about microwave enhancements."

"Actually Clark Kent and not superman.. I grow up to be F'in Clark Kent.. I have twelve Pulitzer Prizes all paper weights I have traded for this chance. It was a good deal," Andros takes a deep breath as he sighs. "I spent to much time in Mrs. Schlock's english class trying to make her dresses fall off."

"Wait a second," Diana pauses. "Alexander all of a sudden knew what to say and do. You told him how to seduce Sandra."

"He is a friend. He has loved that damn girl since he first laid eyes on her," Andros just enjoyed the moment. "So I told him what to do and where to stay in the ballpark. My little butterfly, the two of them do love each other.. Unfortunately circumstances never allowed it. She told me she loved him and thought he was the cutest kid she had ever seen. So I fixed it. May be she it will work out.. She was the one that got away for him.."

posted on Oct, 25 2014 @ 08:21 PM

An hour and Thirty minutes later

Diana was snoring as Andros crawled out of the bed barely disturbing Diana..

He looks at Diana and gives her Teddy. As she wraps Teddy up in her arms she squeeses it.

Another Cher tune comes out..

If I could turn back time
If I could find a way
I'd take back those words that hurt you and you'd stay

Andros kisses Diana on the forehead, "We did it.." The tears fall, "When you asked me about Austin we were not in bed so I did not lie." He shakes a little bit as the emotions fall, "Shes alive. By god we did it my little butterfly." His voice cracks, "She did not kill herself this time.. I barely stopped her in time. I spent all winter planning the operation. You see," The tears fall. "Your sister will be your Maid of honor, take you out to party for Bachelleorette part, and be able to dance at your wedding. She will be there to hold her nieces and two nephews. "

He stands up completely not touching the bed. He sniffs and sighs.

"Sleep well my freind.. The worlds most powerful Navy is on watch. Your dad and uncle will NEVER bother you or your sister again. On that you have me word.. NEVER!!" Andros gets a little stoic, "You wont have to go through years of the abuse. Your free my favorite butterfly and so is she." Andros reaches over and covers her up, "Diana. His name is Gilbert and he is a doctor. If only I never saw your sister.. I would stay in this bed. She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Natural blonde hair and tanned as I saw today. At least I got to tell her how I feel this time. If she stays with her boyfriend, good for her. It hurts but.. You got a good future. I will make sure you Gilbert get together." With tears in his eyes, "Live long and Prosper.."

Andros turns around to leave and sees a horrified look on Austins face.. "Your.. You came back in time? I was supposed to die yesterday.. No one.. I."

Andros closes his eyes, "How much did you hear?"

Austin stares at Andros, "All of it starting with the Teddy bear. "Your andros.. It explains.." She swallows hard, "Thats why you pormised me and now sis that they .. They."

"Lets let your sister sleep. I need to get something to eat. You have to be hungry." Andros walks past the frozen in place Austin and gently shuts the door. "Austin your safe. You do not owe me a dang thing. It was the right thing to do to save you. A little greedy of me but.. " He takes a deep breathe, "I will cook you something to eat honey. You can tell me everything. I will go point for point with you. You have my word Pretty lady."

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posted on Oct, 26 2014 @ 08:28 PM

about one twenty pm
Sunday afternoon

"Good morning mother.. Do I go into your room and disturb you when your asleep," Andros looks out through one eye. "Who let you in? I have had a bad long two days and I have.."

Austin opens her eyes and grabs the cover, "Ms. Cross."

"Andros Remus Cross," Ms. Cross looks down at her only son. "Your in the Living room on your Dad's couch."

"Touche Mither, you win on the couch I am.. Austin this is my mother Elizabeth Leann Cross. Momma," Andros Cross yawns, "Momma.. This is Austin Artemis Parker." Andros stands up completely nude. He reaches over and grabs his boxer briefs in front of all the people in the house. After he is dressed he kisses his mother on the cheek, "How is my favorite mother this morning?"

"Young man.. You," She takes a deep breath. "Are As bad as your father. What makes you think I will fall for that line. You missed church so I came to check on you. I find this.."

"You will always be My Momma," Andros grins as he yawns again. "You are the most beautiful woman in the universe and set standard by which I judge all women." Hugging his mother picking her up in a bear hug. "I am trying momma. but this is your fault. You set such high standards. Never turn your back on family or loved ones. Even if it means sleeping on a friends couch because you gave your last dime and shirt off your back. You did it as a single mother.." He whispers some things to his mother..

Austin sits up, "Ms. Cross.. I.."

As her son whispers to her, she closes her eyes. When he finishes she takes a deep breath, "Ms. Parker." She walks over and sits down next to Austin, "Your welcome in my house any time dear child. I .." Ms. Cross reaches over and hugs Austin..

Austin cries as Andros's mother holds her..

"Meow," A kittens cry comes from a carrying cage.

Andros got excited and walks over. He opens the Cage," General Gatling." He picks up the kittens as tears falls. He whispers, "I would not forget you little buddy. " He pets the little kitten who purrs.. "Me and you bro. My little familiar. Have I got a story for you that you wont believe."

"I stopped by Piggly Wiggly after church because we were supposed to go there." Ms. Cross looks at her son, "This little kitten was in the bushes. Right near were we always park. You told me you needed some little things.."

Andros walks over to Austin, "General Gatling.. This is Austin."

"Meow," General Gatling hops on the couch arm and sniffs her.

"There was enough money to pick up a litter box, dry cat food, wet cat food, and litter. Exactly enough," Ms. Cross looks at her son for a second. "I found the Cage in the trunk to my surprise when the young man was loading my groceries up."

Austin looks at the cat and wipes tears, "General Gatling.."

"Meow," General Gatling walks back to Andros and sniffs him. "Meow.."

"Long story little buddy, very long story.. We have to take you to the vet and get you checked out.. Make sure everything is ok." Andros pets General Gatling, " This is your new home for now."

General Gatling Looks up at Andros. The Cat turns his head sideways. He turns and sniffs Andros again, "Meow.."

"Fine.. Stubborn little butte," Andros responds. "I will rig the auto feeders.. Diana.. Will you be so kind as to make the good General here his food."

"You already have a name for him," Ms. Cross looks at her son. She shakes her head, "I am starving. Ms. Parker would you like to join us for lunch."

"Momma. " Andros reaches over and grabs a shirt, "I will make lunch. Subs ok.. I will start a gallon of unSweet Tea."

"Meow," General Gatling walks over to Diana, "Meow. Meow." He hops in her lap and curls up.

"Really General, "Diana responded as she pets him. She whispers, "You are one lucky kitty."

General Gatling starts purring..

"Now how am I supposed to make your food," Diana looks at the kitten as it stretches in response to her inquiry?

"Do you have Turkey," Ms. Cross ask?

"Momma.. Your not going to catch me flat footed. I also have the disgusting Miracle whip,"Andros grins. "I have that green stuff thats bad for you."

He heads to the kitchen and General Gatling hops down from Diana's lap. The kitten follows him, "Meow."

posted on Oct, 27 2014 @ 02:02 PM

Middle School
Monday Morning

Austin takes a deep breath, "Momma quit smoking a long time ago. She is pissed."

Diana sniffles and and doesnt budge from holding Andros tightly.

"Diana," Andros softly speaks. "Your mother had a right to know. I am right here. You did a brave thing today." As Diana cried Andros stroked her hair, "I am right here."

Austin has tears in her eyes again and leans on Andros, "Thank you."

"You do not owe me anything Austin," Andros kisses her.

Diana looks at Andros, "I want to go back to the beach. I want to leave here." She looks over at the very quiet Rear Admiral Wilson, "Do you need Andros Mr. Admiral? I do not want to be here."

"Diana.. We cant stop this opportunity." Austin looks at Andros, "The Tesla institute for Higher Learning." She whispers, "Its where Gretchen went."

Diana looks up, "You cant leave me. Please." She glares at the Rear Admiral, "You people. I am going to tell Alexander not to go. You are going to break his heart because of Sandra. I know why the Tesla Institute wants the future.."

"Diana," Austin Responded. "We are not supposed to talk about that."

Jack Wilson closes his eyes, "God D$%^ it!!! you old bastard. You told them. Sweet F$%^ing Jesus H Christ. Next time you go to take a Piss I am just going to hold it or piss myself. My father was right.. And to think they put all of Americas secrets in your hands.."

Andros laughs for a second, "Ladies.. I present Agent Icer. "

A hologram appears causing both ladies to jump, "Your here." REBA kisses Andros on the side of the cheek. She starts speaking in an alien tongue.

Leeta enters the room and quickly shuts the door when she hears her native tongue. "REBA.. this is a security violation. We do not speak the Way.."

Andros gets up and walks over to Leeta..

"Hatchling.. May I help ," Leeta looks at Andros.

Andros pats her on the nose..

"Hatchling," Leeta's cheeks turn a light turquoise. "Thats not Appropriate. In either."

Andros pats her on the nose making REBA giggle.

"I am going to be your Professor," Leeta's eyes blinks sideways.

Andros pokes her in the third eye and speaks something in Leeta's native tongue..

Leeta's tongue comes out snake like as she is in shock. Her skin Blushes a deeper color.

"What the hell. Cross speaks your native tongue. No male can," Wilson was surprised? "Even REBA cant speak the full Language because it requires."

Andros crosses his arms into an X and puts them forward. Leeta copies wide eyed as the backs of their hands meet. Leeta bows her head and starts talking real fast.

Andros gets annoyed and grabs Leeta by the Back of the head. He kisses her as Leeta puts her finger on his temples with her pinkies out.

Austin gets pissed.. She cusses in Leeta native tongue not realizing it. Everyone turns and looks at her.. She quickly pauses and responds in Leetas tongue..

"You are a very bad hatchling," Leeta's skin is a very deep blue. She pulls Austin to her and puts her lips to Austins forehead..

Austin responds in Alien at first then slows to english, " on. Will someone please tell me? Professor Leeta please."

"It is called Soul Speak. There is only one way a human can learn it," Her blue skins starts to return to pink. "It is fortunate indeed my (alien word) self is the one who taught Andros. Ms. Parker we must talk. Sapien customs are different then My people's. Your Male Progenitor and his sibling would have been.." Frustrated Leeta explains in her native tongue..

"You put my father and uncle in a wood chipper," Diana was shocked for a second. "I hope they were alive when they went through."

Every one looked at Diana as REBA giggled.

"What Professor Leeta was speaking in English." Diana looks at every one, "I heard the whole conversation. Me and Austin are not." Diana slips into Leeta's tongue.

"You and my sister," Austin starts cussing again at Andros in Leeta's Tongue.

Diana stands up and starts arguing with Austin.

"I am going to need Aspirin," The Rear Admiral just sits down." Sweet Jesus H. Christ."

Finally Leeta gets were her skin turns grey and raises her tempo. She grabs Diana and Austin by the back of their necks. She switches to English, "Enough sisters. We of the (alien word) do not fight over males. I understand the issue. Austin he did not engage in your primitive mating rituals to the degree necessary to anger you. " She looks at Andros and cusses at him in her language.

"I did not realize I soul spoke with both of them. Diana kissed me and old demons reared their head. Austin.." Andros gets a little upset, "I thought it requires intercourse to transfer the ability to soul speak."

"Listen.. Austin my female nestling," Leeta takes a deep breath. "When you self terminated the first time around. This Sapien mourned you for over eighty rotations. You Sapiens," She speaks to REBA in her alien tongue.

"You will have to put a post hypnotic command in their minds to protect them.." REBA speaks in english, "they are both his soul Mates. That explains a Lot."

"What. That is what they are argued over," Rear Admiral Wilson responded. "We wasted five minutes over.."

"Rear Admiral we covered more then just," Andros shakes his head, "I understand what is going on because Leeta explained it. The majority of the 21 people came back to 1983. They have establish controls worldwide. Your vastly outnumbered and out gunned. The whole Staff of the Tesla institute is in on the Rebellion. I am in, Rear Admiral Wilson."

"We are both his soul mates," Diana asked wide eyed?

"Soul Mates," Austin was showing her surprise.

"Do not look at me," The Rear Admiral took a deep breath? "I thought only Females could learn the language. Next your gonna tell me that Andros had a female soul."

Leeta looks at Andros and speaks in her native tongue.

Everyone laughs but the Rear Admiral..

"He has a female soul," Austin laughs. "So your a Lesbian trapped in a mans body?"

"Rear Admiral Wilson." Andros stands up and takes a deep breath, "If I understand correctly I am the highest ranking Naval personnel in this time from our future?"

"Yes. But thats," Rear Admiral Wilson found himself standing up because of old habits.

"Very well. Under the first General Order of a sentry, I hereby assume command of this Rebellion," Andros gets a far off look in his eyes.

Rear Admiral Wilson had a tear in his eye, "Your. Sir what are your orders."

"I need time. Carry on as is, keeping everything hid till I can dope out the situation." Andros sat down and closes his eyes, "We are going to need allies and I have some leadership challenges to deal with."

"We have no allies. The committee controls the worlds secret societies. They have successfully infiltrated every single one of them. I cant act because," The Rear Admiral looks at Andros.

"Then we find them." Andros looks at everyone in the room, "We have assets and knowledge.."

"What are you gonna do? Go ask the President for help," The Rear Admiral sees the look on Andros's Face.

"Not a bad Idea." Andros closes his eyes, "He is a good friend and he owes me. Sandra gets very loud. Keep the ideas coming."

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Outside the school
Parking lot

"Those SOB's," Ms. Parker held her bloody hand. "I took out the officer they accused." Tears fell from Mrs. Parkers face, "Those F$%^&ing SOB's," She bust the window on her cars passenger side rear. "Its been going on since before 1983. Uncle Andros you would be the one to save them. It would be you. So much went wrong. Its why we are doing this. Goddess, How Did I miss this?"

"Mrs. Parker," She hears a young male voice.

She closes her eyes recognizing the voice," Alexander. You can call me Joyce."

Alexander looks at the broken windows, "Damn lady. You got really pissed." He sees her hand and walks over slowly. Alexander takes it.

"Leave me alone," Joyce Parker growls.

"So what I suspected," Alexander closes his mouth. "They make fun of me all the time for thinking outside the box. " Taking her hand, "It hurts most when my wild speculations are correct. Mrs. Parker please give me your hand."

Joyce Parker glares as Alexander takes her hand.. Gently he turns it over and sees the glass inside it.

"I am fine," Joyce Parker growls.

Alexander shakes his head, "And I am the President of the United States."

Joyce snorts at the Comment not meaning to.

"It doesnt look like you cut to anything major but I am not a doctor." He opens her purse and make up bag, "We have to take care of this hand. I am running for re-election and if you dont take care of it you wont be able to vote for me multiple times. And often. "

She laughs as Alexander is holding her hand. "What makes you think its ok to go into my purse?"

He pull out tweezers and stands her up, "Sandra come here please."

Joyce seems to get her fur rubbed the wrong way, "Young man I am.."

"Going to be quiet. I need to make sure nothing went deep," Alexander showed the hand to Sandra.

"Mrs. Parker," Sandra was nervous because Joyce Parker was eyeing her.

"Go get the school nurse please. Bring her first aide kit," Alexander takes a deep breath..

"Young man, "An older female voice walked over. "What are you doing?" She goes wide eyed as she sees Mrs. Parkers hand. "Oh my god Joyce.."

"Momma stay calm. Just like an injured farm animal like you always said," Alexander Macer calmly stroked Mrs. Parkers other arm. "I am going to see if these bigger pieces will come out."

"Ms. Macer," Joyce gulps as Alexander pulls out a big piece. To her surprise Alexander had her arm pinned to the car.

"Stay very still Mrs. Parker. Time is short so we have make sure no major cuts were made. The nurse can clean it out," Alexander pulls another Piece of glass. "Yeap. Stitches gonna be needed." He puts the glass on the hood, "Momma.."

He turns his head and see's a man standing next to his mother.

The older man walks over and looks at the hand, "Not bad son. I need my bag." He turns around and Sandra has returned with the school nurse.. "Nurse go to my car.. The old Red ford pick up truck.. Retrieve my bag." He looks at Alexander, "Doctor Gera.. Or Perhaps Professor, since your going to the Institute.."

"Here Prof," Alexander goes to hand the tweezer to the Doctor.

"No.. Your patient. We keep going," Professor Gera looked at her hand. "No major lacerations. So all we will have to do is remove the glass shards."

Alexander looks at the Doctor, "You have contacts.. they help you scan her hand?"

Doctor Gera looks at Alexander surprised, "I see why you are going to Tesla. Yes.."

"Then Doc you will relieve me and finish the job." Alexander looks at the doctor, "I might.."

"Tell you what get what can see and I will finish up. Then close," The Professor looked at her hand.

"Mrs. Parker," Alexander goes back to her hand. "I am going to get the big pieces. I will keep hold your arms. Grab my left arm and squeeze if it hurts."

Several of the parents have surrounded the area..

As the nurse arrives with the doctors bag. Gera opens it and pulls out a few tools, "We are going to have to sew this. I need some scotch tape. Nurse Oliver, please go get me some."

As the Doctor supervises Alexander, "He is failing his classes how is he able to do this?" The snobby parent is shocked, "This proves nothing.. My daughter deserves to to the Tesla Institute For Higher Learning. Not those three."

"Easy.." One of the teachers looks on with pride, "He did pay attention when we dissected frogs. Ms. Macer, I take back what I wrote on the note I sent home Friday. I am going to give him credit for this."

Joyce tenses and squeezes Alexanders arms.

"My apologies," Alexander moves slower. "Mrs. Parker. I do have one question. Does your insurance cover this?"

Several of the adults laugh at the comment as Joyce Parker squeezes Alexanders arm.

Ignoring it, "Prof.. This is the last piece I can see." He sees the Professor putting on gloves, "Now you bring out the gloves."

"Old habits," Doctor Gera sees the nurse. "Do NOT touch any other part of your face or body." He looks over with his eyes as he takes the Tweezers. "Keep the patient comforted and do not let go of her arm. Mrs. Parker is it. This is going to hurt a little." The doctor gently opens the wounds and pulls out more glass. "Nurse.. Get your gloves and had me the tape.

Nurse Oliver reaches into the Doctor's bag and takes out gloves. She follows the doctors instructions..

"Mrs. Parker.. I am so sorry. Everyone doubts me when I tell them something I put together," Alexander looks Joyce Parker in the eyes.

Tensing a little bit, "Have more faith in yourself young man. I have feeling you will go far." Mrs. Parker has to take a deep breath, "That stings."

The doctor pulls the tape out of where he put in the wounds. "Mrs. Parker I am almost done. One more time."

With a deep exhalation, "Owe.." Joyce had dug her fingernails into Alexander's arm, "I am sorry."

"Now we walk Mrs. Parker to the Chem lab and wash it out Doctor," Alexander looks to the Professor?"

"Nurse Oliver. Please give my bag to young lady. Clean this mess on the hood up so no mess is left." The Doctor steps back and takes Mrs. Parkers arm, "Yes Mr. Macer. You will finish this procedure. Cleaning out the wound is necessary. Mrs. Parker please lean on the young man as you walk. Just to be on the safe side." He pauses, "What made you decide to clean the wound of glass."

"Mrs. Brown and the textbook both said blood clotting starts instantly," Alexander takes Mrs. Parkers arm in his. "So waiting only causes issues. Everything can be cleaned and sanitized later if we have to. I did not want to let it start healing with glass in it."

The Doctor stops in front of the Snoby parent, "That is why Mr. Macer is going to Tesla lady. You cant train that. "

"I never.." The Snobby Parent gets mad, "I will make sure they take your medical License. Mr. Macer is not a doctor and this school could be sued."

"Who ever said I am licensed to practice your witch doctory." Professor Gera winks at Ms. Macer, "Mam. You did a good job raising him on your own. Better then some of my field medics in my MASH unit."

As the they walked away, "Now can I count on your vote Mrs. Parker."

Mrs. Parker shakes her head, "I promise to vote at least five times."

"Good. " Alexander Grins, "Thats six votes.."

"Make it seven son. Hell eight," Doctor Gera laughs. "I will vote twice if you run the country with that same Attitude and nerve."

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Hours later
Holographic meeting

"I want all of the three counties Sheriffs departments executed," chairman Zero winced as she moved her hand. "You can take your time. I want every one from 1983 to now executed. I am not waiting for President Macer to clean up the trash. Seat Six make it bloody and F$%^ing painful."

"As you order Madam Chairman," Seat Six shook was a little shocked. "How goes our eight special children Seat Twelve?"

"The hill is alive with speculation." Seat Twelve responds, "The President of the United States was briefed by the Skull and Bones Executive over the list. The eight names are being passed around. They suspect something is up.. You will never guess which name caused the most questions?"

Chairman Zero smiles, "Alexander Delano Macer.."

"Bingo.. They ran the analysis through their profilers. They have gotten pretty good at this stage. Everyone but him is explained.." Seat Twleve laughs, "The Profilers do not see him accomplishing anything. He has none of the Prerequisites of leadership. "

The nineteen members of the committee laugh at the statement..

"I wish we could play the recordings from the great debate." Seat Six laughs, "It would blow there minds.. I digress. Chairman Zero, So far all is according to plan. The natives have no clue we run the show. Our Four biggest problem children are the Order of the Rose, Skull and Bones, The Franklin Trust, and of course Mr. Macer's Father."

"What has that old hide bound neanderthal done this time," Chairman Zero ask?

"Admiral Phillip De' Chez is again arguing with the Skull and Bones." Seat Six responds, "It appears that he is having an issue with them trying to subvert his space command. The man is a pain in the A#$ and has cut the line several times when I have tried to talk with him. Are you sure he never in his son's life. I had to pretend I was talking to Macer just to deal with the old Bastard."

"He was never there. " Chairman Zero shakes her head, "Its a case of the apple not falling far from the tree. He could never risk anyone finding out he had a son from a one night stand. They would have killed him." chairman Zero rubs her bandaged hand none of the others can see. She pushes holo-buttons and waits.. "Seat Six.. Debrief everyone else and leave me the recordings. I will deal with the old bastard."

Seat six acknowledges the order as Chairman Zero cuts the line.

After a few seconds,"Well if it is not the lead C$%^ herself. You need to tell your lap dog I dont bark for my lessers."

"Admiral De'Chez." chairman Zero coldly speaks, "Oh that. I am not to worried about it. I take it you have heard the news?"

"Everyone out," The Admiral orders as he stares at the Chairman's hologram. After everyone is out of the area, "Yes.. Seems everyone is confused as to why my only blood's name is on the list of Next years student. " The Four Star Admiral snorts, "Doesnt play well with others. Now thats my boy."

Chairman Zero hears the emotions in the Admirals voice," You do not know the half of it." She sees the Admirals weak point,"You wanted to know when we first forced you to sign the peace treaty why your son is specifically named."

The Admiral pauses and leans back.

"I have decided to tell you. You see Admiral," Chairman Zero flashes and evil smile. "Its what he grows up to be. He fails at everything he does. Technical College,Washes out. Relationships, two failed marriages. Business, three go under. Military, your alma mater as enlisted. And then.." she pauses and looks at the admiral, "It wasnt easy for him. His momma got put in a home because she had a nervous breakdown. You stuck to your scheme to protect him. Never once did you talk with him. Read him a bedtime story. Even a protect him from a corrupt command."

"So he goes through hell," Admiral De'Chez coldly looks forward.

"He never forgives you Admiral." Chairman Zero has to fight her own emotions, "Then something happened. He slept with the Collage age daughter of the President of the Home owners Association. It causes one hell of a four year battle."


Navarre Beach, Florida

Alexander looks out at the waves as the moon shines.

"Honey." Sandra is wide eyed, "Its a lot of weight to put on your shoulders. Its not fair."

Alexander closes his eyes as a tear falls, "It is fair. Andros was right. He gave me happiness. He gave me you." Alexander kisses the older Sandra, "I would never care about any of it. You were the one that got away. Years of pain and loneliness. By the time we get together we are way to different people. Sandra.. Did you really think I was cute when you first saw me?"

Sandra sighs, "I thought it was adorable that you tried to talk with me. Its just. God, Andros is a prick. Did you really play me."

"I never lied to you," Alexander puts his arms around Sandra. "I just put my best foot forward. My mother is mad. Your mother has tried calling here several times. " Alexander looks out over the water, "I think we need to have a sit down with our parents. You reputation.." Alexander pauses, "Inside forces timed with outside forces. REBA. You said I could talk with you if I needed to?"

"Alex.." REBA answers without appearing, "Very astute judgement. Your parents are a factor in this but go ahead."

" We will need to pull some crap. I got an idea. I need you to help me polish the numbers. do you have the means at the institute to read books?"

"Yes," REBA answers.

"First this rebellion needs a plan. Read the Moon is a harsh mistress and all his books were rebellion is involved. Then compare it to history you know of." Alexander still holding Sandra, "Follow any references he mentions."

"Baby," Sandra turns around. "Your seriously going to do this?"

"REBA. Is there any way me and Sandra stay together if I do not participate?"

"Alex my good friend," REBA pauses for a second. "No. Your split up in every scenario. Distance, Family, and or death."

Sandra gulps, "The only way we work out is if he does this?"

"You have a fifteen percent better chance in all scenarios," REBA answers. "I have all the material referenced. There are other books that have not.."

"No.. REBA we have to stay hidden for this to work," Alexander closes his eyes. "Any information from future sources will get us caught for now. I have to fly blind because the enemy can predict my every move. I am NOT giving up providence's gift of a second chance with this angel here."

Sandra kissed Alexander as They are joined by everyone in the house.

"Andros." Alexander looks at everyone, "I have a plan."

The rear Admiral is nursing a scotch, "A plan."

"Shut up and listen Agent Icer," Alexander responds coldly. "Put down the damn alcohol. Spies have a tendency to be loners. You have done your best, but your best wont do here. Spies have some form of command and plan. You have put together a team, but this operation requires something that is not here. A blind man can see it. I know what it is and how to get it."

The Rear Admiral is wide eyed as he sits his drink down, "Leadership." Wilson is shocked, "The bedrock of everything. Andros my apologies. I see it. He is so young and yet. What are your ideas Alex?"

"Your not mad at my introduction," Alexander looks at the olderman.

"Nope. " The rear Admiral had to calm himself, "Heard the speech before. Dang. Not D$%^, but DANG!"


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Naval Space Base

Admiral De'Chez looked at where the Hologram had been. He was still very cold as the crew re-entered, "XO.. I am going to earth. I have an issue to deal with."

The XO answers, "I will have your personal shuttle ready sir."

The Admiral looked out, "Go ahead and ask. I fell like barking."

"We know it was the witch that called sir. Still not able to track her. Your assessment is all we can guess. She Has an AI shuffling her calls," The XO can tel the Admirals emotions are deep. "What did she say?"

"I have something to tell you all," The Admiral sits back in his chair. "In 1977 I had a three night stand at Eglin." He sees everyone look at Him, "Yes. I am a father. It gets better."

"Which one is he," Boats ask. "What? Two and two make five. I think its .. Wait."

"Alexander Macer," The Admiral stands up and walks over to Boats and giver her a hug. "I found out my boy became President of The United States without our help. She told me he even joined the Navy. You know what else the witch told me. He told the whole DOD his first five minutes as President, that if they got a problem with the orders he was given. Thank damn the Chiefs mess. In fact he even demoted the MCPON of the Navy to recruit because he failed in his duties as a Chief. "

"What did the MCPON due to deserve that," Boats was wide eyed?

"Told the President that he was not responsible for the behaviors of the enlisted Marines in the Core." Admiral De'Chez was smiling. "He got charged with a dereliction of duty charge for every Rape that was buried in Core. With I qoute, Recruit. I was trained by the Chief's mess and this is NOT how their NAVY is ran. Then my son asked the other chiefs if he needed to FIX the chiefs mess."

Boats starts laughing, "Yeap.. sounds like you Admiral. I take it the Marine core.."

"Had a chief on every base and most commands by evening muster January 20," The Admiral smiles. "I need to go to my vault. I have to retrieve my mothers Wedding ring. "

Everyone raises an eyebrow.

"My sons mother deserves a better fate. Now my worst fears are partially relieved." Admiral De'Chez looked at the XO, "When I give the word. Transfer her job here to the command. I am going to see if their is an us."

Everyone is quiet.

"Knock the look off your face," The XO growls. "The admiral is one of a few single people here. Standard protocol for new hires. Quit gold Bricking.." The XO looks at the Admiral, "Happy hunting sir. Congratulations on being a father."


Franklin Trust
Hidden location

"Your little mistake is going to the Tesla Institute for higher learning," The Woman spoke coldly. "Agent Heinrich. Your lucky that Chairman Zero is preventing me from having Little Helos killed."

Agent Heinrich was very pissed, "Just wait Director Frost. Your just mad you never got the chance to mate with me."

Director Frost glares, "I was also told I can not kill you. Their will come a day where we will deal with Zero. On that day."

"Perhaps Madam Director," Another Female speaks up. "We table this. I am worried about the co-opting of our traditions and history. This Committee has held us in chains."

"Shut up you dumb B$%^&," Director Frost glares. "Your Niece Gretchen Pinson has reported on the school quiet well. Our other small group has also given detailed reports. When zero falls the Tesla Institute will need new management. I think you may need to reconsider your role on this Board, Elpheba. "

"Director Frost. If it means I do not have to put up with you I might just take the job," Elpheba coldly responds.

"Please passive aggressiveness is beneath you. " Director Frost laughs, "You dont like to get your hands dirty. We all know that is the truth. You might as well be a member of the Plebeians. the only reason your not in my seat is because your family was weak and you have no taste for blood."

The other Board members laugh at the Statement.

"That and her family would hurt you Director," Agent Heinrich laughs at the Director. "You also forget that the Witch is also protecting Elpheba for some reason."

"Yes that is very curious," Director Frost narrows her eyes. "I was told during those negotiations that Gretchen was off limits. Are you planning a coup weak one.." The Directors comments make everyone laugh, "Thank you. We needed the laugh. Now Agent. I am to understand something odd has occurred."

Agent Heinrich is very pissed.

"I take it sir that you do not approve of Candy McGreggor being assigned as Beorgan," Director Frost sees the words hit home. "It is interesting how she was appointed is it not. Heinrich we have the whole file. She is the sister of your pet is she not." The Director made noise with her paperwork, "I know the story. You took everything from them. They are Plebeians making it all the more delicious."

Agent Heinrich was having to control his anger, "You can quit playing with me. I know you appointed her as his Beorgan to spite me. However it seems my son has my taste. "

"Dear deluded man," Director Frost laughs. "What ever helps you sleep at night? Have the Beorgan send me reports of Helos's Progress. It is a first breeding of two different parts of the Trust and we must observe everything."

"Agent Heinrich," Elpheba quietly speaks. "If you do not mind I wish to discuss somethings with you after the meeting."

"Their is that," Director Frost fakes a smile. "It seems little Helos is interested in Gretchen Pinson."

"Dont you dare," Elpheba got really pissed. "Do NOT test me Director. My Niece is protected from your actions."

"I am the Director. I think am going to marry Gretchen to my cousin," Director Frost laughs at Elpheba. "Is that not what happened to you. "

"Actually Director," Agent Heinrich grins evilly. "You are the one who ordered it. When you signed the Treaty with the Committee. It seems someone extracted a concession from Chairman Zero. Gretchen Pinson is already set to choose from three males. The list was stored in our Vaults."

"No," Elpheba was unhappy. "Wait.. She has a choice of Three males.."

"The Vice Directors son is already mated and married to your daughter Director." Agent Heinrich leans a little forward, "How you found a man to sleep with is beyond me Director. The other name on the list was married three days ago. Again your ordered the marriage as a punishment. "

Elpheba stops and says nothing.

"I knew of no concessions,"Director Frost looked around to the other board members.

"Do not pretend you did not select My Son Helos to be Married to Gretchen?" Heinrich was in rare form, "Did you not force both marriages over minor insults.. I quote,' Your shoes were not tied properly on one. The other was because your son was a wuss just like his father.. Marry this low life you told him.. Both out of the blue and with no prior reason or challenges. No director it looks to everyone here you want to see what an 11th generation combination of both will produce."

The Director sat back realizing she had been played, "Very well. You got me." She narrows her eyes, "Elpheba go get your niece from the Institute. Tell Chairman Zero I am handling the introductions per our societies rules."

"Director Frost. If she says no I will fight," Elpheba's statement produces a laugh from the other board members. "They have already met. She has even babysitted Your son Heinrich."

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lunch time

"So you missed my wedding?" Diana put her hands on her hips, "Sis."

"Sorry baby. A womans wedding is very important." Austin shook her head, "Whats your excuse?"

"I took down every politician in Illinois.. Bastards took my car and claimed there were drugs in it. So I was undercover collecting evidence. Every single politician down to the damn dog catcher." Andros smiled evilly, "Bribes, mistresses, rapes, blackmail, human trafficking, and a whole lot of other things. My Nobel Prize for Literature. I posted it in the Examiner. God they paid well for the twelve part series."

"I call BS," Diana looks at Andros. "The Examiner is a tabloid. "

"REBA," Andros calls out.

"Welcome to the South," REBA answers. "It leads to a live raid by SWAT on Examiner headquarters trying to find the Reporter's name. You see Andros used the Pen Name Silence Dogood. He used virtual assistants to send in the copy. The Representative from Illinois tried to have the federal Government subpoena their records."

"Next issue was hacked by a friend of mine. I was told the copy editor read it smiled and went home to get drunk. The papers were on the stand that day. The Examiner won multiple awards for its Silas Dogood expose." Andros grins, "I made her the star. She was nude with her daughter in law and an escort. Both of their noses were white with the finest Colombian powder politicians can buy. I exposed ALL her back room deals. The federal Government sued the Examiner demanding to know the Identity of the Silence Dogood."

"They couldnt do anything because they did not know who you were," Austin shook her head. "You took down the whole State Government."

"Counties and cities. They turned up the heat.." Andros laughed, "Arrest Warrants were issued by every DA in Illinois. I responded in the next Expose by adding in a list of every politician on my list. I told them if they shot themselves in public I would not expose their crimes." Andros snorts, "They even put hits out on me.. So I exposed the Union for its efforts. "

"Dont let him leave out the good part," REBA grinned. "He is self centered. Tell them what happened at the Nobel Awards."

"You got a Nobel Prize," Diana was still shocked.

Andros takes a bite of the P B & J Sandwich, "What.. It was my award so I went and accepted. The look on that groups face. Now that was priceless." Andros drinks the milk from his glass, "Why do you want to hear this. I am more interested in these little changes. Your lives."

"Do not change the subject. How did the Nobel panel know it was you," Austin ate her peanut butter and banana sandwich?

"I saved the Governor for last.. I walked in during the Ceremony. Tight spot till I told security that the King mad get mad because I was supposed to shake his hand. The King asked me for proof. I called the Governor on his Personal line. I told him I was accepting my Nobel. I handed the King the Article I had written on the Governor. His wife took it from him was reading it. She whispered to him. We shook hands and he gave me my first paper weight." Andros laughed, "A US DA tried to arrest me. King had him thrown out of the Ceremony by the royal Guard. It was partially Published on the Examiners web site, full story on print next day. The Governor hung himself before the feds got to his house."

"So you went to college for Journalism," Austin looked at Andros. "What is a website?"

Andros laughs, "Nope. I went to a technical school and it didnt work out. Instantly I became our Generations great investigative reporter without a college degree. Governor's wife tried to sue me. Claimed I had harassed her husband. I sued the State of Illinois, every county, every city, and every department individually. I won to.. Lets just say we came to one hell of a country boy agreement." After a bite of his sandwich, "As for website. Remember the conversation we had on computers. Well the website is the piece of paper in the file in the file cabinet."

Austin sighs, "Ok.. You lived a full life. How many women have you slept with?"

"Austin.. Wait your turn I want to hear about my wedding," Diana was starry eyed. "I grabbed this yesterday. "She took out an old scrap book, "Will you help me? I want to hold my dream."

"Yes my little butterfly.. Go get my step-mothers old magazines and I will do my best." Andros watches her leave and smiles, "Ten."

"Oh BullS#$%.. Names mister," Austin was very interested.

"REBA correct me if I am wrong. I have slept with.." Andros grins again, "When I was an infant. My mother and grandmother both fell asleep with me. since then, My ex-wife, Her aunt, A girlfriend, Oh.. Amy, god I remember her long legs. I need to call her. A married woman.. " Andros counts on his fingers, "You, Your sister and well a teacher.. Long story."

"Austin my dear," REBA answered softly. "We dont hussle men for the information. He wont ever ask you for any of those details. He is old fashion that way."

Diana comes back into the room and grabs Andros's hand. "Your not going to starve you silly boy."

"Go ahead my love," Austin shakes her head. "You should have known better then to mention Wedding. I will clean up the kitchen."

Andros picks Diana up and tosses her over his shoulder. He kisses Austin, "Very well my queen.. Lets go Princess bride."

Diana Giggles, "I promise I will bring him back sis. Away Dread Pirate Roberts."

"You wee lass, " andros laughs. "Tis the Dread Pirste Robert Wedding coordinator extraordinaire," Diana squeals when Andros tickles her as he carries her out of the Kitchen. "Now what do we do first. What you got or what you wanted?"

Austin shakes her head as she hears her sister Squeal because she is being tickled.

REBA appears, "Austin."

"REBA." Austin watches Diana playfully slap Andros, "He loves her didnt he? My death kept them apart just as my living is now. Damn."

"Austin. If you define love as putting her happiness first. Yes, he does." REBA responds, "He always, as an old man, ask me if I had picture of you for a Turing test. Always. Then I get told to outline everything that happened to you day by day. I never pass the test. And my Creator is upset at having failed. Andros laughs at him and then tells me that my creator failed the test. I then go on to fail 79, 578 times. Everyone is shocked that the old man took that long testing me and they are taking notes." REBA looks at Andros, " You however are the one he wants. You humans to paraphrase are screwed in the head."

Austin laughs then sees Andros pick up his guitar, "Not only do I know what song was the first dance. I know how to play it, Austin."

"Yes Andros," she walks into the room.

"REBA dear. The lights," The lights dim in the house and REBA lights up Andros as he starts playing the Guitar.

I set out on a narrow way many years ago
Hoping I would find true love along the broken road
But I got lost a time or two
Wiped my brow and kept pushing through

Austin and Diana are amazed as Andros sing the song.

Andros walks over to Austin is standing. REBA takes over as Andros Takes Austins waist, "May I have this dance.."

Every long lost dream led me to where you are
And others who broke my heart they were like northern stars
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms

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Tesla Institute For Higher learning
Navarro county, Texas

The smell of burnt flesh filled the air. Red energy lashes dissipate as the man standing there looks out among the Student in the court yard. A single woman stands there shaking as her two companions drained bodies lay on the ground. With glowing red eyes, ' You wished an audience with the Director of the Institute Velma Gertrude Jennings. You and your companions are wanted in five states for multiple murders. Then you planned to break onto my Institute and kidnap several of my students ransoming them. '

Velma is shaking as she stands nude in front of everyone, "Please, Director Alcove. I will change.. I will turn my self in. I just need that second chance."

'You lie. I can tell your thoughts. You gave the last judge a BJ to get minimum security.' The mans eyes glow dark red, 'No. You have had multiple chances. I am going to execute you. However before you die,' Alcove reaches out and his his turn a dark black.

Velma screams as her eyes turn black. She falls to the ground..

After a few seconds Alcove's eyes turn blue. Taking a deep breath, "You.. Bruce Nottington. You wished to file a complaint. Start things because your people have chosen a new path for Gretchen Pinson." Alcove's electronic wrist synthesizers communicated in English. "I am listening.. Your right it is bulls#$%. Just keep thinking."

"Director Alcove," Bruce Nottington was scared. "I am upset my girlfriend is.. Damn it she is mine."

Alcoves hands move, "Wise choice to not lie. Your People think their mates are theirs. You are upset over them forcing her.." After a pause, "Yes you call him an Abomination. Truth is your very afraid of it. "

"I will be ," Bruce freezes when a red energy Lash stings his senses..

"Nor will you or any member of your click. Or the Franklin trust turn around and attempt to hurt him. " Alcove's eyes turn Red, ' Remember the pain three seven generations felt when they challenged me.

Bruce screams as he falls to his knees, as his eyes mimic Alcove's.

' This was what they felt physically as their life forces left them, ' Alcove waits as Bruce fell to the ground.

"We will not bother Helos," Bruce speaks with anger in his voice as he lays in his own urine.

Moving his hands, "Good. Just so we understand each other. And make sure you wear your Black Badge on the right side of your uniform." Alcove walks over to Velma and picks her up.. 'You are pregnant Velma. When you wake up it will be with no memory of your past I hope. You remind me of my Alice they took from me.'


Los Angelas, CA
Very bad Area

"Gentlemen that was the institute's last offer," The man in the duster and cowboy hat looked at the surviving Cartel members. "Now you have pissed me off."

REBA's voice came over the com, "Professor Azul. James Bach's sister is in the trunk of the third SUV. " REBA spoke to the little girl, "Its ok Lucy.. Yes little one I am Angel, but you cant tell anyone."

Professor Azul steps out of the shadow's. "You see gentlemen. This is a synthetic skin designed to keep my necrotized flesh from further degenerating."

The Cartel members fall back when they see the blue skin monster.

"Oddly enough. Your bodies contain a protein I can no longer synthesize. And yes it is in your nuero-pathways," Professor Azul answers with his electronic voice synthesizer. "I rarely get the privilege to consume human flesh."

The head of the Cartel fell backwards," We will pay. Take her. We apologize."

"You will, I am, and thank you for your manners in the end," Professor Azul responds. "You see Micheal. I had no intention of negotiating with you. I hoped you would attack me. Please do stress yourselves, it gives your flesh a gamey taste I cant get from pills."

"Professor Azul," REBA whispered. "She is dehydrated and is very scared. S#$%.. Chairman Zero on line in three seconds."

A hologram appears, "Just what in hell do you think your doing Professor Azul? " Chairman Zero growls, "You are not supposed to leave the Institute. Give me one.."

With a confused look on his face, "Madam Chairman.. Seat Six ordered me to come here." Profess Azul watched as the Cartel men tried to escape, "He sent the orders saying it was a favor to you. In exchange you would let me have Hilda back If I got in and out."

"I gave no such order," Chairman Zero was angry.

"Fred is monitoring me Madam Chairman. Would you like a copy of my Voder's record. I talked with Seat Six for two hours," Professor Azul's face was showing anger. "We had a deal. I rescue Lucy Bach from being sold into child slavery. My Hilda would be returned to me. These animals were also bragging they screwed over the Institute and threatened to burn it to the ground."

The hologram winces in pain, "I want the full copy. If Find out you are lying to me. Hilda will be fed int a wood chipper while you watch." Chairman Zero Growls, "Yes.. Send the d#$% files."

"You did not give the orders," Professor Azul gave her hologram a weird look. "Madam Chairman. How do you wish to proceed?"

A few seconds pass,"Professor Blue. You would not make this up." The hologram seem to tap something, "Leadership call. Eat. then get the girl out of there. I will have it burned to the ground. Can you get both you and the child out of there?"

"Of course Madam Chairman. You have my word she will arrive safely at the Institute." Professor Azul grins, "Then.."

"I will investigate first. Some thing odd is going on here," Chairman Zero spoke. "Eat and enjoy. If it turns out it is something.. You will be getting a decent meal because I will feed Seat Six to you."

Professor Azul's blue skin moves and grabs the man trying to escape with the Broken leg, "Good sir.. I believe the word that is appropriate here is.." Dramatically pausing and moving his mouth open, "SESOS.." A very dry crackle escapes Professors Azul's lips.

The Cartel man's scream never reaches out of the building.


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Tuesday night

Cold wind blows over the sand as the wave barely white cap.

"Mrs. Parker," Alexander Macer was not very happy. "I am just sitting out here for fresh air."

Joyce walks out to Alexander on the patio balcony, "It's chilly out here."

Alexander hands her his coat, "How's your hand?"

Joyce's eyes go wide for a second, "My hand is fine. I can't wear your jacket, young man. It's inappropriate."

"All right," Alexander looks at her and takes a deep breath..

"Alexander.." Joyce blushes as she covers her chest, "God Un... " She barely catches herself, "Sorry. Brain fart. Two sentences tried to escape at the same time. Will you please hand me that beach towel if it is dry?"

Alexander walks over and grabs the towel. He hands it to Joyce, "It's dry. Are they still in there arguing?"

"Well.. Getting letters from the future will do that," Joyce paused. "Un..Unless you want to add to that.. It is a little far fetched."

"It saved Austin.. The proof is in the pudding and most of the adults in their do not see the truth..Not my problem," Alexander hears more arguments from the Living Room. "Not to mention Mrs. Tolliver blowing up at Sandra. That was uncalled for."

Joyce closes her eyes, "You really love her.. She was the one that got away according to the letter you got. She is your reason for not going to the Tesla institute."

" I will be damned," Alexander looked at Joyce. "My Apologies. You have to be devastated over what was in the letter. You were white faced and hid your answer."

Joyce takes a deep breath,"Alexander.. None of us like what was in our letters. Sandra's mother will come around. Just be yourself. Things take time."

The doorbell rings..

A few seconds later, "YOU.. YOU HAVE THE F$%^ING GALL TO SHOW UP NOW," Ms. Macer Screams..

"What pissed mother off," Alexander laughs.

"I just want to talk," A male voice responded.

"Admiral De'Chez," Heinrich coldly speaks. "You will want to come in and hear this."

"I have had to struggle for years and you show up now," Ms. Macer's voice was cracking..

Joyce gets a look on her face, "Alexander, May I have your jacket. Which way is Mrs. McGreggors house."

"I want to hear this," alexander hands her his jacket.

"Child.." She sighs, "I need to speak to my daughters and I am cold. Plus this drama will still be here in the morning."

As if on cue," Sandra walks out and pauses. She narrows her eyes, "Mrs. Parker."

"I am cold and you two need to go to sleep. It appears the adults will be spending all night," Mrs. Parker is interrupted by sound of a vase hitting the wall.

Sandra shuts the door quietly, "You do not have a problem with me and Alexander.."

"My dear child. I am sneaking out for the night. I advise you two young lovers do the same thing.. I will deny I said this but," Joyce Parker takes Sandra's arm. "I have two of my own issues to worry about. Lets go."

Sandra walks with Mrs. Parker and turns to see Alexander looking in listening. "Lets go to bed baby. We will let tomorrow take care of tomorrow."

Alexander shrugs and likes the other offer better, "Wise advice. When we get to Candy's. I will see if we can snag a bed or two."

"I will sleep on the couch to help Candy " Joyce shakes her head. "They will come try and wake you each up in the morning. Cant have that."


Candy's condo
Next door

"What are you two doing," Austin was terrified as Gretchen was trying to hit Andros with the fencing sword?

"She wanted proof.. Well damn it here it is," Andros managed to fight off the much faster and skilled opponent. "I have had years of Fencing practice my dear. A good friend who was married to another Friend taught me to fence. It was her physical therapy."

"AGH," Grethen screamed and tripled her speed. "I am the fencing champion at Tesla." Their swords clashed at speeds were Austin lost track.

"She is going to hurt him," Diana was wide eyed.

"Gretchen," Candy tried to call out!

She watched in amazement as Alexander was holding his own. then Gretchen went in and to her surprise ended up face first on The Carpet.

"Its Captain Jack," Andros jumped up on the Lazy boys as Gretchen went for him. She jumped for him again and flipped over the Lazy boy. Andros landed in front of Austin. He kisses her, "My lady. We are going to keep doing this till she surrenders. Biologically she can about twelve hours if she focuses."

Andros deftly knocks her sword aside as Gretchen angrily comes at him..

"My dear Grasshopper.. Your the one who taught me to fence," Andros grins as he continually fights her.

"You are NOT from the future." Gretchen fought hard, "I was happy."

"Do not make do this," Andros blocks her jabs as she sticks them into the concrete. "Girl I can go for about three more hours at your full speed. Plenty of time for me to violate any personal agreements we had."

"You lie.. Your one of us. At least a seventh Gen," Gretchen was getting angrier and Angrier. Her pheromones sent everyone back, "You know nothing of me. Say what ever you want future boy, I will take you apart."

"You fell in love with Helos when you first babysat him," Andros could tell she slacked. "It was when you had your first period. He was also biologically bound to you.

"Liar," Gretchen sped up her attacks.

"You in fact love him and do not know why. You dream of him but were ashamed he was a norm," Andros trips Gretchen causing her to crash into the hallway.

"Shut up," Gretchen dove at him with out her sword. To her surprise she missed, "You disappeared for half a second. How."

"Your a wilding," Candy was wide eyed. Helos looked at her, "Its one of our people who is fathered by an outside affair. Very rare but survivors are found. Usually in Juvie."

"Mrs. McGreggor," Andros stops Gretchen with the sword at her throat. "I can tell you this. I am not a wildling. I raised one and it was an experience. Now Gretchen." Andros goes to one knee and drops his fencing sword, "I submit my friend."

Gretchen picks up the sword and is very angry, "Helos's father told you that. "

Andros shakes his head. "You told me. You helped teach me how to take care of a little Patrician I found. Abigail loved you and I cant hurt her favorite aunt. "

"Please what is so hard," She looks over at Helos. "Do not look at me that way. I do not want you!"

"Then kill me for lying. Invoke or submit. You love Helos and have since your first bleeding. He is a tenth Gen like you. Just From both sides of the Trust." Andros looks at Gretchen, "Tell me to my face per your rules that you have never pictured him. Tell me that he is beneath you and you do not crave his touch. I will walk away and never mention it again."

Gretchen freezes, "I .."Gretchen sits down in tears. She looks away, "Its not fair."

"You.. You love me," Helos looks at her surprised. "Why did you push me away and make fun of me?"

A knock comes from the door, "Hey Candy. Its Joyce Parker."

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Wednesday Morning
0515 am
January 1992
Colt Farm,
Crestview, Florida

Andros picks up his cousin, "If I was a little older Auntie." He hugs her, "God its good to see you. You smell good old lady."

"Young man," His cousin blushed. "They are looking for you. Seems several parents are mad over missing children." She looks in the car, "The cute blonde that one yours."

Laughing, "Aunt Mei'Ling. You know your the only woman for me." Andros walks over to the car, "Austin my dear."

She yawns and stretches, "My love are we.." She sees Mei'Ling looking at her. She gets out of the car and whispers, "She is your auntie. She cant be more then 27 years old. She is Asian."

"Austin this is Mei'Ling," he takes Her over to the watchfull eye of his aunt. " Mei'Ling this is Austin."

"Yes Mrs. Parker," she narrows her eyes. "I am not asian, Asian american, or chinese american. I am American young lady." She glares at her cousin, "You are in deep crap. The Law called looking for you." she turns back to the car, "Helos, Gretchen, Alexander, Sandra, and Diana.. You might as well get out. I will put breakfast in you before you go to juvie."

"Dont bite to hard Auntie," Andros smiles at his aunt. "As for the law.. Well it seems we signed up for Ag classes at the highschool and we received the paperwork approving it. We are here for ag classes. So we are in school Auntie. "

"You are as bad as my Johnathan was," Mei'Ling shakes her head. "I assume you have the paperwork."

"Of course Auntie. We are here to repair the farm," He looks over at a beat up pick up truck. "I see our personal PT instructor is here. Your trying to sell me wet dog Auntie. He will be supervising us for the work we are doing here."

The trunks of the cars are opened, "Where do we put the meat we bought?" Helos took out two big crates of meat.

"I told you I do not take charity," Mei'Ling Colt coldly stated.

"this is a bribe Auntie. First part is for you to simply hand them the paperwork. We are spending the first half of the Day fixing the farm." Andros whispers, "The other part is for you to get one of the case to Our great uncle hard head."

Mei'Ling looked at Andros, "Sargent Yearwood is here." She whispers, "is he single?"

Andros leans forward, "His wife died two years ago. I need to stash him at night. The people at the home owners association are pricks. They do not want him living there but want him to fix their decks and gazebo's."

Sargent Yearwood walks out, "Andros. I hope you are ready. We have to make those sand bags to stop the flooding. Its an insane plan but If its ok with your aunt I want to get it done."

"Sandbags," Mei'Ling looks at Andros?

"We have to stop the continual flooding. We are putting in a wall for you Auntie," Andros grins. "This way the Water when it floods, can be kept off the new Green houses."

Mei'Ling had tears in her eyes, "I cant afford this Andros."

"Your family, who is keeping me out of trouble when the Constable gets here." He hugs her, "Besides. Your my favorite Auntie."

"Not to mention Mei'Ling I am adding this to my portfolio if its ok. I got plenty of spare wood the rich boys paid for," Yearwood smiles. "We will need one thing."

Diana yawns as she stands there, "Breakfast?"

Mei'Ling watches Diana lean on Andros and takes a deep breath, "Ladies this is the country. You make your men breakfast, then you go work with them."

"We make Breakfast," Diana looked at Andros. "You did promise breakfast but nothing on who makes it." She hits Andros's arm, "Mrs. Colt.. Which way is the Kitchen?"


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvainia
Science Museum

"Sign here please," The man in the postal uniform smiled at the fourteen year old girl in all black. "Blair Treens their is no need to tip me. I served with your grand-daddy in Nam," The older postal worker smiled. "Were proud of you. Getting into the Tesla Institute is amazing. You keep up the good work. Imagine my surprise when I found this package addressed to you in my truck."

"Mr. Trenton..Your not going to turn me and my friends in for skipping school," Blair looked at the postal man.

"If my own Son had skipped school to go to a science museum a little bit, maybe he wouldnt be in between jobs right now." Trenton smiled at her as Security approached them, "I got this Blair he whispers, For Gunny's Granddaughter."

"I need to see your ID's," The guard tries to speak to the children.

"Yall go ahead and look around." Mr. Trenton winks, "Is there a problem sir. My God niece and her friends gave bone samples earlier because a friend of theirs is in the hospital with cancer. I brought them here because they are weird kids and said they wanted to see this place again."

The security officer pauses, "They didnt come in with you?"

"Thats because I had to go to work." Trenton points to the tallest boy, "He is seventeen and babysitting them for me and the missus till I get off."

"Sir," the guard and Mr. Trenton keep talking.

Blair Treens sat down in front of a display and opened the package. She reads the letter and is wide eyed. Her friends see the look on her face. She quickly turns the envelop upside down. A ring falls into her hand and tears come from her eyes, "I thought my mother pawned this for drugs last month."

She holds the ring as tears fall.

Her friends look at her, "Blair."

"Its my nana's wedding ring," Blair holds the ring.

One of her female friends picks up the letter and starts reading it, "Holy.. This is F$%^ing cool."

Her group of friends start reading the letter and they all are wide eyed.

The older boy looks at Blair, "Talk about proving who you are. This Andros Colt is going to the Institute. Well his younger self."

"I want to talk with him," Blair wiped the tears from her face. "We need to destroy the letter." She looks up at one of the cameras pointed right at her. She gives it the middle finger.


Parker Residence
Crestview FL

"They ALL got letters from Mr. Colts future self," Chairman Zero was pissed. "And he established contact with every one of them!"

The Committee was very silent.

"this is unexpected," Seat Six responds. "So he was behind the communication errors. All the incidents.."

"We can use this Madam Chairman," Seat Twelve responds. "We saved Lucy Bach technically."

Chairman zero was not very happy, "It explains the changes in behavior. Seat Six.. Find him .." She pauses, "He is going to be slick. Capture him alive at all cost."

"It would be," Six seat was interrupted.

"I said Alive Seat Six. He dies.. You die. We need to know how he came back. Unless.. My god the two men in the restroom." She glares, "We had two empty slots and they must have come back with us. Get Rear Admiral Wilson and have him lock down the Institute. Agent Six.. Go find the people our two people were supposed to be in. Double check them and their behaviors."

"What about the issues mam," Seat Twelve asked?

After a moment, "Let thier loved ones move to the institute. Call it a gesture of goodwill for their behavior. Double the guards. Make them Director Frost's People! Go.."

As she cut the Holograms, "God D#$% it Uncle Andros. I am trying to put right what went wrong and your are upsetting the apple cart. Where are you Uncle Andros?" She holds her injured hand, "Well , At least Uncle Alex is happy. I have to check in on Aunt Gretchen."

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I am going to do a reboot

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