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Ebola Thread: Connect those Dots !!!

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posted on Oct, 24 2014 @ 02:54 PM
Hi after many Ebola threads popping up and having set up a few myself I felt I would take it upon myself to open a thread that can allow us to pull together as much information in linking the individuals and companies involved in the spread of Ebola and the pathetic response. Ultimately who are the hands that are moving the pawns.

So why not start with the man who brought Ebola to America, Thomas Duncan. The little information we are given about Duncan is that he was a personal chauffer to a general manager of a company called Safeway Cargo, who in turn are the Liberia branch of FedEx.

Point 1: Lets look at the company who T Duncan would drive for: Safeway Cargo. If you go to their homepage we find out some important info and links to health and vaccination. They distribute vaccines to all of the 13 counties in Liberia for the UN and transported the military equipment for the UN peace keepers. There is a direct link to Ebola with the company dealing in vaccines.

Also we must look at the parent group, FEDEX. Its pretty obvious what can be said about fedex but il try to keep to the topic. Looking to the board of directors we see links to all of the suspects concerning vaccines and the big names that have been thrown around such as Kissinger.
Joshua Ramo: Is the vice chairman of Kissinger associates inc. Furthermore when you look through the that board you are seeing some of the big hitters in every field eg: boeing (MH370 links), united airlines (9/11 airplanes), big oil, google, biopharm and many more. That is one well connected list what one could argue could link to many of the events happening around the world.
Also just to throw in the Rothschild name, the safeway cargo ships vaccine made by Sanofi Pasteur whose chief shareholder is Rothschild.

Point 2: T Duncan story has more holes in it that a dart board. The main part of his story that throws the whole Ebola link into doubt is how he caught it. According to all the official reports he caught it by carrying an Ebola victim into a hospital where he stayed until she died. However, his nephew then came out with a statement that his uncle had told him that he had not carried the woman so it was a lie and poses the question how did he get it? What strikes me as very unusual is the nephew coming out with another statement claiming that the account of what happened SOUNDED like something his uncle would have done....what???? you have just said he told you other wise.
Furthermore the timeline of Duncans travel to the US and the reasoning has many doubts and guesswork. Why would he just up and leave and his boss who Duncan is his personal driver does not know he is gone until he sees him on tv? First how does his boss not know what happened to his personal driver of 2 years?????? This links to who is Duncans boss connected to?
Henry Brunson is from a family who is well known in Liberia and have links to different companies and also the Government some of whom have been removed for corruption charges. This was set out in a previous article but I feel that this is efficient enough for this purpose.

Liberia basically founded by the US is seen by those living in the country as another state of the US, with all American cultures incorporated. It has been used by big pharm to test vaccines on unaware citizens. Therefore it makes sense to use a country whose economy is dead, have a corrupt government and already have a open route to push vaccines and test the virus. Then to load it onto Duncan and to ship it back to the US and to spread the panic.

Then the end goal comes in....with a state of emergency and marshal law in place, everyone will be forced to be vaccinated and it will be too late to know what is in the vaccines.

I know there are many more connections to be made so hopefully we can get to he bottom of this.

posted on Oct, 24 2014 @ 03:14 PM
Samaritans Purse (as far as we know) brought ebola to America while the DoS stood by.

Far as I'm concerned Duncan is more likely a patsy or coverup, and the ones who allegedly got it from him and now the NY doctor are all psyops.

Pretty simple really. Vaccine and the vaccine market.

posted on Oct, 24 2014 @ 03:16 PM
Great post, thanks for consolidating all this information!

The US has no problem with testing on unknowing subjects... Setting up medical aid to provide some kind of infrastructure makes sense to me. New world order probably wants to revamp those affected countries... Do you think forced vaccines will happen? if you do, do you think they would put something bad in it?

posted on Oct, 24 2014 @ 03:45 PM
Maybe Ebola would be a great way to cover up deaths that were actually being caused by something else so the government doesn't have to pay out or get asked difficult questions? Maybe even profit from it?

Radiation from Japan?
the thousands of people that breathed in dust on 9/11 and could be detained once they show respiratory problems? (ok that's a bit of a far stretch)

Just thinking outside of the 'vaccine money' box.

What can you hide in Ebola hysteria?

posted on Oct, 24 2014 @ 03:47 PM
a reply to: ~Lucidity

Yes I can see what you say about Duncan, but im not saying Duncan is something more than he is, I feel its a big coincidence his employer ships vaccines around the country and is a route for military to move around Liberia.
Furthermore his boss has very close ties to the government and the corruption within the gov. Also the boss Henry Brunsons nephew who lived and work in Atlanta for Bellsouth (got 600 million dollar government contract)is now the head of a crisis initiative group working with nokia in researching wireless health techs. Then bring in the parent company with its ties to rothchild and Kissinger and vaccines.....hmmmmm too neat for my liking

posted on Oct, 24 2014 @ 04:27 PM
a reply to: liteonit6969

Maybe he took a vaccine hoping it would cure him but...

It didnt?


Maybe he took it looking for something else to take place but he died.

It does raise questions.

posted on Oct, 24 2014 @ 04:44 PM
Amber Vinson's story regarding Duncan is a bit strange, as well.
Duncan was under her care in Dallas. Amber flew from Dallas to Cleveland, and then back to Dallas before showing any symptoms. She was told NOT to fly back to Dallas, when she called the CDC because of a slight fever. You are not contagious until you show symptoms. A fever, even if it's slight, is a symptom of Ebola. She flew back to Dallas, disregarding what the CDC told her. In that day, I would assume that Amber came into contact with numerous objects and people. Now remember, Ebola can only be transferred via bodily fluids. I live in Ohio. I know it's getting colder, meaning even people who aren't sick are sneezing and coughing. How many times did she cough or sneeze then put her hand on an object that someone else might touch? How many times did she do that on the plane? Yet no Ebola cases in Ohio yet. Not even any false alarms. There was a false alarm a couple months back, but that was before the world even knew Ebola Amber existed.

So from Dallas, she was sent to Emory in Georgia, and is now apparently testing negative for Ebola, only nine days after being diagnosed. Nina Pham is also in good condition. Why are American people being healed faster? In NINE days fast?

I dunno. Maybe I'm overthinking it. Something just doesn't seem right, and that's what's leading me to not panic.

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