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cops n why i only 1/2 hate them

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posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 10:27 PM
i dono about everyone else but i only 1/2 hate cops

why 1/2 i have had ALOT of good interactions with cops and only 2 bad ones

living in las vegas plays a huge role in this tho tourisum bad poblicity not good for anyone hear

but for the most part every cop iv encountered has been generaly nice to me

iv gone to jail once and same thing in there being 18 and a relativaly nice persion first guard gave me alot of flack and put me in isolation
1 day later a nice irish woman the head of isolation took me outa my cell and sat down to talk to me called my mom let me talk to her and even
offered me food not jail food her own plate i refused

she moved me to pc seeing i was no criminal and that if i stayed where i was i would die
im hypoglysemic and refused to eat death was going to happen

going on i had a cop pull me over my first truck i burned out across 4 lanes sidways got pulled over no ticket nothing just a warning
and i was on probation with alcohol in the car i was alowed but not even my po knew that tell i pointed it out
really nice cops and i lived ina bad naborhood mostaly white trash type place

got robed gunpoint in my house handcuffed tossed in the back of the car 110 outside no ac was pissed even talked # to the cop
got a ticket ,,, will never call cops again over that one was also on probaton at this time

this isent all in timeline order

when i was 17 was pulled over at gunpoint in my naborhood cuffed sertched and accused of laving acid on me was ginsig cop was going to charge me and trow me in jail no ? asked a k9 unit showed up idk what they saied but lol i knew the guy from doing martal arts
he talk to me abit took the cuffs off and told me go home at the time i had a 2 foot mohhawlk dyed golden blond

last one with my wife got a ticket shes about in tears the cop says i never show up to court for tickets just show up it will be droped

that was about the nicest thing a cop ever saied i cant thank him enuf for that she still jsut paied it but the gester was good

the position draws powertripping aholes there not all bad not all good as mutch as i want to hate all cops i cant living hear
i rarly hear of a cop exicuting someone shooting a dog requiers 30 cops and a full investigation

im really glad i live in hell lol

the police should be trained by lvpd iv meet bad cops but more good cops i truly belive its location if i was in most other citys id hate all cops

to ty lvpd for not being the iron fist if represhion

and one final note i failed a drugtest whall on probation and was given treatment not jailtime still amazed bye that

posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 11:02 PM
I totally understand your point, and your experiences with the police are probably common. My interactions consist of a few traffic stops, parties getting busted, and other mundane things of that nature. Then there are stories I've heard from friends, and interactions that I've seen out in public. You give some people power and they not only abuse it, but they adopt this attitude that they are the greatest thing since sliced bread, and that they can do whatever they please. I've had to go to the sheriff's office in the past, and other places where there is a police presence, and you would not believe how rude these people can be. I went to visit someone who was in the county jail for not paying a ticket, and you would have thought that I was a criminal by the way I was treated there. Not only by the police present, but the jailers as well. No common decency or courtesy, no tact or common sense. Like I always tell people when they are rude...if you don't like your job, then quit. There needs to be an entire revamping of the justice system in general. What needs to be done is that any positions of power should have extremely strict oversight. The person doing the overseeing is not allowed to form any kind of relationship with those they are watching, and there needs to be stricter punishments enacted for these power positions. There are ethics committees and oversight groups for all kinds of positions, especially those were people can get hurt or killed, so why not have the same thing with the police? Having someone in their office who is supposed to do this is a conflict of interest, and that simply leads to colleagues looking the other way when something bad happens, and nobody is held accountable.
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posted on Oct, 22 2014 @ 12:05 AM
Thanks for sharing your story, sounds like you have been through a lot.
There is good cops and bad cops, what most want is those good cops to stand up again the bad ones.
Oh and be prepared to be flamed on for your spelling and grammar, context be damned!

posted on Oct, 22 2014 @ 01:36 AM
wouldent be the first time infact started in the 3rd grade

list of many problems with english ... i pass the multible choise ged at about 700 in english

reading and understanding english just fine but when i create my own i canot

the state labled me with sevral disabilitys typodisgraphya dislexic and some other

basicaly i can not write or spell

ud never know if u talked to me

iv been a avid reader all my life reading comprehention was off the charts when they where testing me and i was just skim reading

my only true disability is writing and i sopose typing kinda forced me into culanary work ... i love working with food tho its not a job to me so im verry happy

buy yea anyone to flame me for spelling punctuation grammer and what not i could care less all that means to me is your looking for something other than the topic whall there at it they should call me a felon criminal who works a low end job
fat lazzy and a alcoholic im mean anything other than the intelectualy point

growing up with all this good luck getting a response outa me over trivial things being the only f- student with the intelectual copasity 10x of my whole class im use to it

i did get a A in sience over a teacher who saw my test scors compared to everything else was on the teacher board for expelling me and told every other one off about how the system failed and hed rather not teach than fail the only student he had that could pass

he actualy knoticed most the time i was reading the book front to back and than just sleep he actualy got it i can read a book cover to cover and understand the material one of the very fyew

wasent a nerd bye any means got expelled for alot of reasions but i always loved knolage n will never stop learning

posted on Oct, 22 2014 @ 03:36 AM
The majority of my many interactions with the police have been positive. Even when arrested for doing wrong they have treated me with respect or at least like a human being as I treated them with respect.

Was arrested for driving without a license once and the cop actually went into the bank with my ATM card and got me bail money.

posted on Oct, 22 2014 @ 04:55 AM
Perhaps I'm still thinking about the Christopher Lopez video.

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