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Saidobigon & Dobigon: Halloween Dream of a Prayer for the Condemned

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posted on Oct, 19 2014 @ 12:34 PM
Note: Didn't this forum used to be called "Dreams and Predictions"? This thread is about a dream I had and my attempt to understand it.

I just awoke from a most unusual dream. But then again, are there such things as normal ones? If so, we probably forget.

Anyway, I'm on a class trip to what I want to say is Pennhurst Asylum. The subject of the tour, however, is Capital Punishment, specifically execution by firing squad. Our tour guide chooses volunteers for a demonstration to act as condemned inmates (one of whom happenes to be my manager from work
) The execution demonstration involves shooting blanks, and exploding fake blood packs like in the movies. But that's not why I'm writing this.

The mock execution involved a very strange ritual. It began with five or so "inmates" being lined up against a wall with their backs turned to the rest of us. (I should mention that at no point did any of this seem sinister or macabre despite the theme of the tour.) Eyes are then painted on the backs of their heads, including a third eye (because apparently there's no time for enlightenment like when you're about to get your brains legally sprayed onto a wall.) The volunteers then recite the Universal Prayer for the Condemned:

Saidobigon, et Dobigon (Sigh-DOH-big-Gone et DOH-big-Gone)
My mind is true; my mind is strong...

That's all I can remember of the actual prayer. Dreams are so fickle that way. The object of reciting it just before you are executed is to allow God to find your soul and take you in "if you so choose". Our guide tells us to remember those words as they are the most important ones we may ever need. Apparently the odds of winding up on Death Row are much higher than I would have guessed. The "inmates" are then executed with all the corn-syrupy special effects of the movies, and I wake up.

I immediately came downstairs and Googled the phrase "Saidobigon Et Dobigon" with various alternate spellings but yeilded no results. In my dream it was apparently as common as the Lord's Prayer but upon waking it's only Latin-sounding gibberish. Thoughts?

Happy Halloween!

posted on Oct, 19 2014 @ 04:14 PM
a reply to: johnsequitur1221

When I have dreams like this, I always wonder if I've somehow tapped into and 'experience' of an alternate 'reality'...

Was there any cognitive dissonance in the dream?
(i.e. within the dream things that seemed normal, but awake they are major wacky - for example I might dream of a baby and within the dream it seems perfectly normal, but when I wake up I realize that it had actually looked like a tadpole or something)

I think dreams like yours where there's a very definitive narrative, obvious symbolism, and distinctive emphasis on something specific (your "Universal prayer for the condemned" seems extremely profound to me!) must be something 'other' than standard, mind 'dump' type dreams...there's always a feeling of significance to them...

I gave you a star and flag, because...well, I'm not exactly sure why - it just seemed liked you deserved them for some reason.

Re: the prayer 'language' - et (pronounced 'a' like in 'aviation') is french for "and"

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posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 02:58 PM
The whole dream was like that. It was organized like a class trip, yet one of my classmates was my manager from a job I didn't get until after college. The location was overgrown and abandoned on the outside, but functional on the inside. I even woke up assuming that "Saidobigon Et Dobigon" was a traditional phrase. I still want to say it was Latin (or Harry Potter Hellspeak) but it doesn't correspond to any spoken language that I'm aware of. I know et is Latin for and (it's where our ampersand (&) comes from, and I intuitively understood it as the word and within the dream.) Normally I don't recall specific words and phrases with such clarity, but that phrase and the painted eyes on the back of the condemned person's head (including third eye) stuck out more than anything else in a long time.

Every time I go to sleep, Carl Jung rolls over in his grave. When I awake, Freund follows suit.

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