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The Trailer: Halloween Short Story Festival

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posted on Oct, 18 2014 @ 05:57 PM

Pat snuffed her half smoked cigarette out in the overfull ashtray on the dining table. She took another sip of her coffee that had gone cold by now, and pulled the curtains back to take another peek at whatever it it
was outside their trailer.

"Yep, I see it! Benny do you see it now?" Pat turns towards Benny, smacking her bubble gum and wearing that god awful pink nightgown again. Benny takes note of the vein in Pat's forehead. It's throbbing, again. Never a good sign.

Pat slaps the back of Benny's head, hoping to knock some sense in to the old man. How could he not see that thing right outside their trailer? She just knows the man is going senile.

Benny pulls the curtains back, they're pink of course, and takes a peek in to the yard. Benny sees some movement behind the azalea shrubs, right behind the little picket fence! Whatever this thing is, Benny knows who sent it.

"I can smell em too, can't you smell
It? It kinda of smells like that funk from your socks, Benny! Whatever it is, that is right outside of our trailer and it can see us better with the lights on, so I'm turning em off, got a problem with that Benny?"

Benny shook his head, what other choice did the man have. Benny knows it makes his life a whole lot easier just to agree with Pat. She had saved him after all, a few times and he'd probably be dead without her. Benny does love her for that, in a weird sorta way. If Pat hadn't found him that day...Benny shudders "I ain't even gonna think on that" Benny mumbles.

Luckily they've been preparing for a situation just like this. They have a plan for almost every possible scenario, visits from The Men in Black, attempted Alien Abductions, Vampires, Zombies, Demons and all the other supernatural creatures that haunt people like Benny, people with...

"Benny, are you gonna just sit there! Go grab our gear, and be quick about it. It's still out there, whatever the hell it is." Pat knows she can be hard on the old man but her harsh words are all said outa love.

Someone or something was just outside their trailer, actually it sounded more like several of them but Benny will let Pat figure that out. Benny just shrugs and reminds himself that she's in charge, she's the one...

The gear was at the back of the trailer, tucked in a tiny bedroom closet. Benny grabbed both packs and a flashlight then runs back to rejoin Pat. Benny picked up his pace, he has got to get to Pat, he'd be lost without her. If anything was to happen to her, then they could...

Even in the dim light, Benny could see Pat's face was pale white and the woman was frozen in fear, another bad sign. Pat lifted her finger to her mouth signaling Benny to stay the hell quiet.

Benny throws Pat her protective headgear then quickly puts on his. He had made it for her himself, Benny took pride in the intricate folding and details of her tinfoil hat.

The doorbell rings, over and over and over. It's making Benny's head spin, they don't usually knock on doors, ringing the doorbell didn't make any sense.

Benny looks over to Pat who had a shotgun resting against her shoulder, looks like the one from under the couch, wait no..that's the one from under Benny's recliner. Damn she's quick, Benny had never even seen the woman move.

Pat was ready to defend Benny, to protect him from them, the ones that put the chip in his brain and the supernatural creatures that come to torment the poor old man. Pat had done years of research and dedicated her life to the cause, saving and protecting the survivors of Project Eve.

Of corse Pat had always known there are supernatural creatures that live amongst humans and roam the earth. Humans have been protected by a magical veil for almost the last 100 years, ever since The Accords. A treaty signed between the world government leaders and the leaders of the supernatural community, vampires, ghosts, demons, zombies, aliens, almost every supernatural creature had taken part. The Accords created peace between the humans and supernaturals through Project Eve.

What the evil Project Eve does is implant chips in to the brains of human subjects. This allows the supernaturals to find and locate those humans chipped by Project Eve, Pat shivers at the thought of the wicked governments that allow supernaturals to kill, torment, haunt stalk or eat their people. Whatever the hell those heinous creatures wish to do, they are allowed to because of The Accords.

Pat had saved Benny's life several times before and she would do it again in a hot second, she was committed to the cause. Plus, Pat had grown to love the old man, in a way. They made a good pair her and him...

Benny whispers "Pat, should I answer the door?" Whatever it was on the porch, they weren't takin no for an answer, the doorbell must have rang a dozen times. Big ol' drops of sweat were beginning to drip down the old mans forehead and Benny felt like his heart was gonna beat right on out of his damn chest.

"Go ahead and answer it Benny, before they kill my damn batteries. I'm ready for em!" Pat had the shotgun placed right up against her shoulder. Benny took a moment to appreciate the old woman, smacking her bubble gum and wearing her favorite piggy slippers all capped off by the shiny tinfoil hat, the one he had made for her, with his hands, she was his treasure.

Well, Benny thought, they were as ready as they'd ever be. He glanced back at Pat, she nodded, Benny slowly opened the door.


posted on Oct, 18 2014 @ 05:58 PM
continued from above...

"Trick or treat
Smell our feet
Give us all
Of your candy!"

You have got to be kidding me! Pat could not believe her eyes. Standing on her front porch were 3 kids, a monster of some kind, a witch and a vampire. "Scram kids, beat it. We ain't got no candy here, now get the hell of my property."

Pat realizes she's still holding the shotgun, maybe that'll give the little brats some incentive to move their butts, pronto. This ain't no place for children. Benny must not have agreed because he snatched the shotgun right outa Pats hands and put it down on the table, shaking his head at her and giving her the evil eye he was so damn good at giving.

Benny figured the little vampire must be the leader since he was the one who spoke up first "We know you've got something for us lady, if you ain't got no candy then give us money."

Pat grabbed her purse and pulled out a pack of her favorite grape bubble gum. She throws several pieces inside each of the kids baskets. "What a waste," she thinks as she shakes her head at the little witch, "Now scram kids, I ain't foolin around, beat it!"

Benny takes a deep breath, he's completely taken aback, of course it's Halloween! Both him and Pat had completely forgotten about it, or wait...was it because he had mentally erased the thought of a holiday celebrating the creatures that have tormented him almost all his life. Benny takes his tinfoil hat off, throws it on to his recliner, switches the lights back on and pulls the curtain back to take another peek.

Benny watches through the window as the trick-or-treaters disappear in to the night, smiling as they make their way someone else's porch. He imagines the kids will probably count their candy out later, see who has the most, maybe trade this for that. Those kids ain't got no idea of how lucky they are! Benny had never been able to trick-or-treat when he was a kid, just another thing Project Eve had stolen from him.

"Can you believe that Pat! How in the hell could we forget about Halloween, I feel like a damned idiot." Benny let out a sigh of relief and was nervously chuckling as he turned back to Pat, when he noticed something moving very fast through the window and in to their trailer, not good!

Pat saw it too and jumped up off the couch to grab the shotgun but she was just too damn slow. "Crap!" Before she had the shotgun in her hands the Vampire had his dead little fingers wrapped around her Benny's neck. Pat was pissed that Benny had taken his tinfoil hat off, the man does not think! Pat isn't going to worry about that right now though, she knows she has to focus on the situation at hand, killing a damn Vampire and saving an old mans life.

What the vampire doesn't realize is that him and Pat are on almost equal playing ground. Yeah, Benny's a human who also happens to have a damn chip in his brain...but Pat, she ain't no human!

Almost all supernatural creatures had signed The Accords but not the Witches. The Witches would never sign a treaty that allows any living creature to be stalked and killed for pleasure, they didn't sign. So, The Circle was formed, a group of like minded Witches who agreed to protect chipped humans at all costs. Pat was born in to a family that was active in The Circle but she just knew, even if she hadn't been born in to it, she would have eventually joined. The Accords just ain't right, ain't right at all.

Pat stared right in to the Vampires red eyes, not showing a single ounce of fear "I knew I could smell ya! I told ya Benny, I told ya I smelt something funky!" Pat stuck her tongue out at the vampire.

Benny's eyes seemed to pop a little out of his sockets as the Vampire squeezed his poor little neck a little tighter, he must not have liked what she had to say. Pat will not let the vampire kill Benny or take Benny or whatever the hell this horrendous creature had planned for Benny, he's her old man.

Pat called on all her brothers and sisters, wailing for them to come to her aid, the cries of The Circle. The air in the trailer started to become misty and time slowed way down. That was all Pat needed, she now had the chance to grab the wooden stake that was tucked behind the couch. Pat thanked her brothers and sisters as she weaved her way through the thick air and thrust the stake straight in to the vampires chest, dead center on his heart.

Benny, now covered in blood, broke free of the vampires hold and ran as fast as he could to the table, where his tinfoil hat was. He put that sucker back on his head tight and hugged himself extra hard. Benny turned back to watch his Witch, Pat, work her magic.

Pat was standing over the vampire, her ugly pink nightgown was drenched. Benny noticed Pats piggy slippers had been also ruined in the fight. "Crap" he thought. Benny just knew Pat was going to be pissed about that, those were her favorite slippers.

Benny was right, Pat grabbed the slippers off her feet and held them up to the dead Vampire, lying on her kitchen floor. "You ruined my favorite slippers, damn you! You filthy creature! And just look at what you did to my kitchen! I hate Vampires!" Pat turned and walked over to Benny. She knew he must have just felt awful about taking his tinfoil hat off, and he damn well should feel terrible about it! Benny had his hat on now she noticed. "You know the only way the creatures can find you is with that god forsaken chip, the tinfoil blocks the receptors Benny, you know that! We are going to have to tape that sucker on to your damn head! Pat laughed and grabbed Benny giving him a big hug and a kiss on his forehead.

"Another small victory," Pat thought out loud and looked again to where the dead vampire was laying on her kitchen floor. "Looks like we're gonna need to buy us some new linoleum! Alright Benny, shows over, we have got some cleanin up to do tonight!"

Benny joined in on Pats laughter and checked his hat again, makin sure it was still on his head, and it was. "I owe ya a new pair of slippers, Pat!" Benny promised Pat he would pick her up a new pair from the five-and-dime, first thing in the morning.

Pat winked at Benny and smiled "And they had better be the same damn piggy slippers or else old man! Now let's get this mess cleaned up..and don't you ever take that damn hat off your head again, you hear me Benny!"

Pat and Benny spend the rest of the night laughing, yelling at each other and cleaning up the dead Vampire.

Happy Halloween!

posted on Oct, 18 2014 @ 06:25 PM
Ha ha, nice fair for ATS. Thanks for letting me read it.



PS: Is that 'regular' tinfoil or special stuff ordered on line?
edit on 18-10-2014 by intrptr because: PS

posted on Oct, 18 2014 @ 06:56 PM
a reply to: intrptr

Thanks for reading!

Tried to put in a little "ATS love" in to the story with the black government projects, chips in brains and tinfoil.

Benny is a character that I've written about before, poor guys always had a chip in his brain.

The tinfoil in the story is special stuff. It's has to be ordered and a protection spell placed on it by a witch

posted on Oct, 19 2014 @ 10:15 AM
She sounds like my kinda girl, ballsy in pink piggy slippers

posted on Oct, 19 2014 @ 11:06 AM
All the elements of a good creepy story with a twist of humor!

posted on Oct, 19 2014 @ 12:11 PM
a reply to: AccessDenied

Thanks so much AD!

a reply to: zazzafrazz

Who doesn't love to kick butt in comfy little slippers, lol!

posted on Oct, 19 2014 @ 01:49 PM
a reply to: Jennyfrenzy

Awesome Story Jenny!! Loved it!!! S+F for You here! And look up on the cliff, standing there and giving You some rousing Applauds, Your Dragon Friend!! Syx.

posted on Oct, 19 2014 @ 04:55 PM
a reply to: SyxPak

Thanks Syx!

The most awesome Dragon of ATS!

posted on Oct, 19 2014 @ 07:27 PM
a reply to: Jennyfrenzy

(Syx has his head tucked in behind a wing.) Awww, Shucks Jenny. I am just Me. But I do appreciate the compliment, and I appreciate You!!!
Thanx My Friend!!!

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