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Use this to get rid of athelete's foot.

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posted on Dec, 8 2004 @ 09:22 PM
Tired of athleteís foot? I thought Iíd share this with you folks the remedy Iíd like to share is absolutely great.

I used to have burning, itching, and smelling feet; all the classical signs of athleteís foot. I think I acquired this problem while attending collage and living in the menís dormitory.

My father came across this old time recipe book for unique uses for vinegar. It stated to soak your feet in a tub with one to two cups vinegar to about a gallon of water. I did this three times in the spread over a week and Iíve not had problem since. Iíll occasionally re-soak my feet, not because of reoccurring problems, but I just like the way it feels.
Where I live, I buy 4 and 5 percent white vinegar for about buck twenty a gallon. Itís cheap.

What big corporations donít tell you is that when you wash with soap, it leaves your skin slightly alkaline. This alkalinity is conducive to bacterial growth. Using the vinegar slightly raises your bodies PH level back up to more normal level allowing your natural immune system to combat this skin borne bacteria more effectively.

Here are some supporting links that Iíve found since I first started this treatment.

You can find hundreds of other by typing ďathletes foot vinegarĒ in Google. Most links suggest using apple cider vinegar, but I use the cheaper white vinegar.

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