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Questions about Old Hags Syndrome aka Sleep Paralysis(sp?) and Astral Projection and hearing voices.

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posted on Oct, 16 2014 @ 05:57 PM
Let me start this off by a Experience i had when i was younger I was about 15 or so maybe older i cant recall..Im 34 right now
so it was a long time ago. What happened was i was laying in my bed and i had this brass type of headboard that had brass bars that went across kinda like a cage looking pattern.. Anyways I had a sleep paralysis episode. I couldnt move my body but i was aware of what was going on.
What really threw me off was at one point i could move my hand but it took a little bit of willpower. What i noticed was my hand didnt move physically. But i could feel my hand like it was moving you know how it would feel normally but i couldnt see it.. But i touched that bed rail where my head was where the metal was exposed and i could feel it it was cold. When i woke up from it I touched it with my physical hand and it was cold to the touch.. Could i have APed?

I sometimes get Old Hags syndrome and its frightening but i read maybe it was here or some place that if you get in that state to remain calm and not panic. Well after reading that i had a episode lastnight. Mind you i have had these alot since the first episode but lastnight was the first time i actually tried to call myself toward the end of it.. What happened was i was laying here and it hit me and i knew exactly what was going on. I knew it was old hags.. So i struggled at first but then i tried to remain calm.. Ok so what i done was closed my eyes and when i did i was laying felt like in space you know like i was just laying on nothing.. And i felt like my body was twisting and turning in freefall kinda like parachuting.. Anyways i opened my eyes again. And opened my eyes still in that state.. So i closed them a little and at one point i felt like a humming or a roaring it wasnt really loud but it was strong.. So i open my eyes and i look and i see my hand and am trying to move it in hopes of waking up but i couldnt... Now keep in mind my eyes wasnt wide awake it was squinted a little.. or cracked open when i did open them during this episode. But anyways i tried to move my hand and it looked like my hand was comming from my body it looked transparent though. But no sooner than this happened i dunno if i closed my eyes but i couldnt see anything but i felt like i was floating maybe a foot or so above my body and i remember trying to dive down or swim back down into my body. It felt like i was bumped out of my body but soon as i got back into my body i didnt snap back but i went back into my body it wasnt anything like coming it it wasnt popped out or pushed out it was like i swim down a foot or something and i was at my body but i woke up Not long after. My question and what i think my answer is gonna be .. is.. Was i actually having a AP event? Or was it apart of old hags? Here is another thing.. I keep my radio on at night and sometimes it has talk shows now when i couldnt hear and was in that floating like state i could hear voices i dunno if it was the radio comming into play or what.. But i heard something say.. Hey or Hello.. Dont remember which it was.. Now i dunno if it was something i heard while i was laying there or if i was on the astral plane and something was trying to talk to me. I read someplace about AP and said you can go to lower riskier levels where you can hear but you cant see.. Could this be.. what happened? Also can you actually AP while in old hags? Is that common?

Now about the voices part i can be layhing here dog tired and i can be in a light sleep like nodding off and right when i nod off i can hear voices like conversations bits and pieces of it.. Like hey hand me that wrench.. Or Hey where are you going.. After i hear some words i wake up.. Am i going crazy? Or do i have some kinda gift or maybe im hearing people talking hundreds of miles away somehow or maybe even miles away?? it usually just happens when im tired.. But lastnight was the closest i been to AP it was wierd.. Any help would be awesome guys...

posted on Oct, 16 2014 @ 06:06 PM
when i couldnt hear and was in that floating like state i could hear voices that line was supposed to be when i couldnt see not couldnt hear lol i couldnt see but i could hear voices is what i meant

posted on Oct, 16 2014 @ 06:15 PM
Old Hags...???
It's called: "Light As A Feather... Stiff As A Board!"

Do you have neighbors directly above you...???
Is your room built with sheet-rock...???

Is so... it would explain a lot... then I can tell you a spooky.


posted on Oct, 16 2014 @ 06:16 PM
I've had similar issues. I tell myself it's all part of being half way in between a dream state and awake. I have stayed calm after I couldn't move and was engulfed with visions and noises and it was amazing. I've had terrible nightmarish moments before also and tried screaming and fighting it until I had control again. It's defenitly a strange experience and I'm sure everyone has different feelings about it. If I were to look into it any more I may find answers I'm not ready for.

posted on Oct, 16 2014 @ 06:19 PM
a reply to: gerg357

Nice OP as I experience this quite a lot and have never heard the term old hags. I first experienced it as a young child and it scared the **** out of me. I was always petrified of the dark and experienced a lot of paranormal events. I am not educated in the paranormal and have only started to meditate and start to have a go at projection etc. Im not sure if this is common or just coincidence but every home I moved to ( 5 in total) I have caused a change in weird experiences. A lot of them visual and also experienced by others who were at loss to what these were.
I still get the old hags but have got to a stage where I remain calm and try to get my blood flowing as calmly as possible and allow my rational voice inside my head to come out of this. The voices also are a strange one and act oddly as in when I stress my ears to hear more clearly the talking becomes more diluted with noise.
I have no idea as to what is the cause of these but have speculated all the possible reasons from being crackers ( is acceptable), to being in touch with the spiritual world or someone was messing with me. But obviously this wasn't the case so I have put it down to a combination of a vivid imagination/being crackers and being sensitive to some sort of energy.

Now I would like to be able to harness or manipulate this in order to experience these happenings with more purpose and direction.

posted on Oct, 16 2014 @ 06:59 PM
a reply to: gerg357

I struggle with Old Hag Syndrome from time to time, and I know what you are talking about. This is what I do, but it only works for those who are believers in Jesus Christ.

1) If Im afraid, I confess my sin to God the Father (1 John 1:9). Fear causes disorderly thought patterns, and is therefore a sin (lack of faith).
2) In Jesus' name, I ask for the demon(s) (old hag) to be removed

Those two steps stop the episode, but the paralysis takes time to fade away, as it is a bio-chemical reaction triggered by evil spirits. If I try hard enough to move or to break the paralysis, then I can and have on a few occasions left my body. So what you describe seems true.

Im of the opinion that the Astral Realm is no place for us in this life. We are assigned bodies until we die, then we are prepared for the Astral Realm. I try not to leave my body.

posted on Oct, 16 2014 @ 07:41 PM
a reply to: gerg357

Thanks for the thread op
Quite interesting information that is very similarly to a few of my I'll call episodes.

First time I experienced any like what you say is when I was practing ap for one of my first tries.

I was laying in bed eyes closed super dooper relaxed, then I started to feel like something was
Gently pushing me down into my bed but would also pull me up after it pushed me down probably about 20 seconds went by feeling that then while my body was being pushed up and down it started to push me side to side so you could say my body felt like it was vibrating pretty intensely. After letting that continue for about another 30 seconds I decided to open my eyes and came back to reality so to speak. As it was one of my first real attempts I thought what I experienced was enough for one night.

After about a month I was having a very weird vivid dream(I'm lucky and get to have multiple vivid dreams pretty much each night) but this dream in particular was even stranger. Coming close to the end of this dream I saw a stereotypical sciencetest sitting at a computer he explained the computer was to find aliens.. about 10 seconds goes by a little alien head pops up on the computer screen the sciencetest yells in joy but at moment I realised in my dream that I was infact dreaming. As soon as I had that conscious thought very very loud noises started to happen but they didn't sound like they were coming from a place in my dreams rather they felt like theh were in my head. It sounded like feedback you get with electronic signals.
So these loud noisies have been going for a couple seconds to much to handle so I started waking up I then went from the dream and all I can see is white space nosises still going crazy but they changed in tone and it was like I was trying to understand a foreign language about 5 seconds of this and then all I hear is we're in the garage we are in your garage then I opened my eyes wide as I could. Staring at the end of the my bed unable to move with the noises still loud but slowly dying out.
Laying with my eyes open I see tall skinny box shaped shadows about 4 leaning from the end of my bed looking directly at me. I didn't panic all I Did was muster all my.might into moving my body after about 20 seconds I moved the noises and shadows faded and I was left laying in my bed wondering who the # was in my garage....

I'll also add that to this date that has only been the time where I have ever felt such a thing.
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posted on Oct, 16 2014 @ 10:59 PM
Thanks for all the good replies.. i will continue to research this with what goes on with me.. I do know a few things that i will add that i forgot to mention.. Sometimes i can control my dreams like lucid dreams sometimes i can dream and know its a dream but i havent been able to do that in a while.. Also when i was younger i would have these nighmares or i dunno what you would call it.. it would be kinda like you was sleeping.. you know like if you are sleeping and you have that sudden jolt it would be like old hags but you would have your eyes closed you couldnt really see anything.. Well when i was younger I would have something like that happen to me and i could hear this laughing of a male and it would tickle me and i would just scream cause it would scare me.. This could just been nightmares but i never could see anything just darkness and something tickling me and laughing.. Or maybe a AP episode and something was attacking me?? I guess anything is possible.. But i thought id share whats been happening to me with everyone.. it appears im not alone..

posted on Oct, 16 2014 @ 11:05 PM
I hear you can break sleep paralysis by moving part of your body.
Concentrate on moving a finger.
Often, when you get control of a little thing like a finger, the rest of your body responds as well.

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