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transparent fluorescent UFO

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posted on Oct, 16 2014 @ 04:34 PM
Hi; i think its my first thread here and for good reason: saw my first UFO few days ago !
(sory for posible bad grammar)

i still cant believe what i saw:
I was working with friend on rooftop on high building, and was getting late night, actually it was night already...
and some cable got tangled up, so while we were disentanglig it i looked for moment on my right side, and about 500meters above near building i saw it:
the moment i turned my head to right it was already going fast(actually not rly fast, average speed) away from us in opposite direction, until it faded away and dissappeared

it was shaped like in pic below (kind of wing-shaped), fluorescent / transparent ,so to say, pale violet/bluish color and it was kind of flickering very fast

whole scene took about 3,4 second until dissapeared and it was completely unreal experience for me
my friend also looked at that direction at same time and he saw it
we were like: "what was that did u see that " while still disentangling cable and continuing on, almost like we pretended we didnt see anything. it was that wierd and unusual. it took me few minutes to realize how outstanding that expirience was.

UFO sketch
as i said, color was much more pale (fade) and was kind of transparent with flickering

i have searched google for similar ufo: "transparent ufo" "fluorescent ufo wings" "luminescent ufo" and i bumped acros "jellyfish ufo" pics on google searchd, which is closest thing to what i saw, only it was not jellyfish shape, and not same color

my friend was not so shocked, he was like: ""oh well, who knows whats out there, life goes on"" but im still baffled and cant get it out of my mind

edit: more details: that day were preparations for military parade which was held today (Vladimir Putin was honored guest), and we were setting up cameras above main square on top of that building; tho i dont think that has anything to do with this
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posted on Oct, 16 2014 @ 04:57 PM
a reply to: griswold

HEY I had been searching for info on this and had finally given up! About 3 or 4 years ago My husband, daughter and me seen this in the sky for a 2 to 3 miles stretch on a back road HWY, it was very early in the morning. It was super strange! I came home and looked for hours but found nothing like, it until now.
S & F

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posted on Oct, 16 2014 @ 09:51 PM
Cool. a reply to: griswold

posted on Oct, 17 2014 @ 09:38 AM
edit: i'v just searched web about this, and better word for thread is ""translucent"" insted transparent, and i'v come across very similar case in which ufo was similar structure (""translucent"") althought it was not the same shape i saw, but in video below says this one was changig shapes and also fading away until it vanished

similar translucent UFO

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posted on Oct, 17 2014 @ 12:11 PM
I have lots a questions!

Where was this? That might help people think of what could have been in your area.

You say it was sorta wing shaped. Did it look ridged (was it staying the same wing shape) or was it undulating and changing shape?

Did you get the impression that it was alive? Or, did you feel like what you saw was some sort of machine?

From my perspective either you saw some exotic machine of human origin or some freaky plasma type of creature or life form/alien. I personally don't believe in the later.

The colors of pale blue and purpleish scream "Plasma" to me. Like what you saw was enveloped in some sort of electrical plasma.

The flickering reminds me of a sighting a friend of mine had a while ago in Antelope Valley, CA. He was walking his dog early in the morning 3 ish (he works early ) around his neighborhood. It was quiet out. The dogs attention was drawn to behind them, so he turns around to see what's got the dogs attentions and sees a "rectangle" or large panel like thing floating low over the neighborhood. IT had parts of it that were flickering bluish, or like the daytime sky and parts of it that were flickering black or dark like the night sky. He got the impression he was looking at something like a square shaped blimp who's entire skin was able to light up and was going haywire. SO when you mentioned flickering I thought of that.

On the other side getting away from optical stealth going haywire, it could have been flickering due to the frequency the plasma was being emitted at. Did you see the entire thing flickering or just a certain aft or front section/s. Cause if you only saw one part/section flickering then it could mean something else was going on that I won't really go into.

Interesting report none the less.

posted on Oct, 18 2014 @ 10:28 AM
a reply to: BASSPLYR

In a middle of capital, between that fountain and building on lower left

yeah..about shape..well happend so fast plus i was shocked at first moment, so i cant remember clearyly, first i thougt it was maybe moving "wings"" up and down during that 3,4 seconds, at very slope angle, OR it was flickering fast so it made impression of flying wings a little bit..anyway i cant clearly remember.
Then again if i named thread: i saw a flying dragon or flying alien, what do u think reaction would be

all in all, i think u could say it was much more ""alive-like"" then it was machine-like, based on movement and texture.

i googled and come across interesting topic, ""etheric ufos""
The extraterrestrial energyzoa hypothesis (ETZH) is and alternative hypothesis of the extraterrestrial hypothesis, that some of the UFO phenomena is best explained as being some kind of biological lifeforms and NOT creatures from other planets occupying physical spacecraft visiting Earth.

as i said, i cant clearly remember if the whole thing was flickering or it was ""vibrating"" fast. i just remember it was jelly-like structure (transparent) and it was pale (not bright) just affraid that all the details will eventually fade out of my memory

edit: oh , and that fountain on the map above, it has purple led lights decorations under water, so it came acroos my mind that it was some sort of reflection of water. but , there were no clouds of which it wud have reflect, and thing was pretty big so i wud have see a light source also.
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EDIT2: YES! i know how you can think of what i saw: if you take a laser pointer, and shoot through plastic bottle with water and watch it on a wall. so you may say, someone pointed laser in fountain, but shape of object was pretty consistent and not random, and as i said there were no clouds at that coordinates in sky (no clouds at all actualy) plus it was pretty low altitude
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posted on Oct, 18 2014 @ 05:05 PM
Griswald, thank you for posting this. A sighting very similar to this is the reason I am here - I have always read and believed in alien life, and wondered if they are here. Four years ago I was camping in the Okanogan plains, where you can see ultimate stars in Washington state. It was about 3 AM in the morning, and I was stargazing with 3 friends, among a large gathering of campers. BTW I haven't mentioned this on ATS because I only post things I captured on video, but this is my "crazy story" that even I don't usually tell people about.

They are smoking cigarettes and enjoying, I am not, and focused on the incredible visibility of a September night with no city light pollution. I have never seen more stars, the milky way is a clear band. I see some stars to the left side (north) twinkling oddly, obstructed briefly. I focus my eyes on that area, and saw an outline of a craft, opaque and just slightly luminescent around the edges. It had a faint white glow around it. It had 3 blue-white orbs in the middle that were rotating around each other, I assumed this was the power source. It looked like a wheel driving in the sky with 3 blue orbs where the spokes would be. It travelled slowly, about 40mph at a constant elevation of maybe 150 feet. I guessed it was car sized. And the reason I don't tell people about it, is it had a tail! A long, perhaps twice as long as the vehicle tail that may have had 2 or 3 parts (hard to tell) dangling behind the thing. It cruised along for a little less than a minute, turning right and left around the parked cars staying always about 200 feet from any people. It was observing, it was cloaked, silent, and almost impossible to detect. It headed south to the last camping tent, and slowly turned right to observe a half circle around us (presumably full circle) although it did not come back.

All 3 of my friends saw it, although their imagery is more fuzzy than mine. But I saw it first and for the longest, i'd say 45 seconds. It was definitely real and confirmed. I almost ran after it like a madman, but I had some fear of it, and pretty surely getting hurt running in the dark. It was FAR too dark to be picked up by the Samsung HMX-100 video camera I had, and 2 years later I upgraded to the Lumix GH3 I am using now to post videos here. I have been back to that spot annually to chance another encounter.

posted on Oct, 19 2014 @ 09:04 PM
a reply to: griswold

Active optical stealth.

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