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POLITICS: Russia accused of using Soviet Tactics over Ukraine

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posted on Dec, 8 2004 @ 03:15 PM
Russia seems to be falling back in a pattern not seen after the Soviet Era. They are refusing to help with the election process in the Ukraine; this may be due to wanting the Pro-Russian candidate, Viktor Yushchenko, to be elected. When his counterpart was clearly winning the race, the Ukrainian people revolted in outrage.
WARSAW (Reuters) - Russia's refusal to cooperate with the West to ensure a fair election in Ukraine signals that Moscow is slipping back to Soviet-style tactics, a senior Polish diplomat was quoted Wednesday as saying.

At a meeting of foreign ministers in Sofia Tuesday, Russia blocked a planned resolution by the Organization for Security and Cooperation (news - web sites) in Europe (OSCE (news - web sites)) calling for a fair repeat of presidential elections in Ukraine.

"What we observed in Sofia is Russia's return to its old position ... from the Cold War, when the Soviet Union saw such (international) interest as meddling in its internal affairs," Deputy Foreign Minister Adam Rotfeld told daily Gazeta Wyborcza.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

People have been speculating Russia's interest in forming an alliance with major world powers and becoming a super-power again; it seems to me that Russia might be doing just that.

Russia hasn't been happy with the developments in the Middle East like the invasion of Iraq and ousting the leader (Saddam Hussein). The Russian government had good relations and a good arms deal with this country and the US only aggrivated the Russian federation more.

Other indicators that point out that a silent cold-war is still going on is that Russia is developing new nuclear strike capabilities with their in development Topol-M ICBM which is supposed to be able to render the American Anti-Ballistic-Missile systems ineffective.

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