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This week's serial nuttiness

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posted on Oct, 9 2014 @ 07:52 PM
Ted Cruze wants to amend the constitution to allow removal of the separation between church and state (as long as it's his church of course - Theocracy 101), and remove even the semblance the independence of the 3 legs of Govt....

Remember all the hoo-haa about voter fraud? Someon e is trying to make it real!!

Good cop/Bad cop (also theocracy 102!)

anti-smoking lobby scores victory over Bizet's Carmen (the opera) (OK - it's not eth US....but it's still nutty!!)

Stevie Wonder isn't really blind - it's a conspiracy!!

Zero new cases of Ebola in USA - but 5000 false alarms - to be fair this isn't so much nutty as potentially justified paranoia - it IS better to be safe than sorry!!

SC Judge allows same sex marriage to be blocked in Idaho just hours after the SC refused to even consider blocking it anywhere else. Isn't Idaho famous for something??


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