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New Ebola Patient in Dallas?

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posted on Oct, 11 2014 @ 06:28 AM

originally posted by: ArmyOfNobunaga

originally posted by: texasgirl

originally posted by: ArmyOfNobunaga

originally posted by: ArmyOfNobunaga
I think this is a situation of one of the first hypochondriacs of many to come.

Ill eat these words if wrong.

They guy supposedly has been monitoring his temperature non-stop since walking into the apartment complex.

We will see a lot more of this. Heck Im even at times a hypochondriac. It is however, better to be safe than sorry. I just hope in the future people don't show up at clinics.

Well, my local news interviewed the wife and she said the CDC TOLD him to drive to a clinic. This feels planned.

It feels planned because you see a conspiracy where there is none. Ebola is a very deadly disease with a VERY low chance of transmission unless you live in a country where very literally, you crap where you eat and bathe.

Duncans family did not get sick because THE USA HAS PLUMBING.... and soap.... and crazy sorts of things like that.

The same core people at ATS are going literally to 3 new ebola threads a day spewing doom porn and conspiracies.... I love a good conspiracy theory.. but this one people... is NOT.

lol... I mean carry on. I don't care. Its great reading.

Definition of conspiracy: The act of conspiring together; a secret plan made by two or more people to do something that is wrong, harmful or illegal.

CDC, Texas health officials, media: Sheriff's Deputy Michael Monnig did not have a fever.

Lisa Monnig, Michael's wife: He had a high fever.

And that is just one example. There are many other discrepancies in this whole story.
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posted on Oct, 11 2014 @ 06:38 AM

originally posted by: deadeyedick
who took all the zmapp? I heard thhere was a thousand doses that the us had.

Most likely that all went to the non human test primates. ZMapp is still in it's earliest stages of development. Normally a drug at this stage would be far from being ready to be deployed for human use.

posted on Oct, 12 2014 @ 01:15 AM
Good on the updates, and him being negative, hope so much for the family as well. Checking into the discrepancies now, but wanted to share this also:

Speaking of ZMapp: If the US patient didn't have access to some due to supply being used up, how did this Madrid patient have access to it less than a week after the man passed away?

Teresa Romero is still in serious condition at Carlos III Hospital in Madrid, but she is improving, a health source told AFP Saturday. Late Friday she was given a dose of ZMapp, a U.S.-made drug that's not yet been clinically tested.

Thought the supply was "exhausted", due to shipments to Africa as of Sept and Oct-recent sources. Assuming Spain had some stored/on hand?
From Oct. 7th
"No more Zmapp - Norwegian lady got the last batch"
Take months for new batch.

Possibly opening up something bigger here?

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