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Just What We Needed!

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posted on Dec, 8 2004 @ 03:20 AM
Step three in the rise of a facist regime after you have gained control of the media and created an enemy of the state to rally the people, is to start gaining control of the people themselves. The Nazi Party's rise to power was owed in part to the turning of it's citizenry into domestic informants... This is not the guy we need working for Homeland Security...
Ex-Stasi Spy Chief Markus Wolf Hired By Homeland Security?
Political analyst Al Martin, who has in the past proven accurate in getting ahead of the news curve, is reporting that Homeland Security have hired former Stasi head, the 'Silver Fox' Markus Wolf.
Martin states,
"Wolf is the man that effectively built the East German state intelligence operation’s internal directorate," Martin continues. "He turned half the population into informants. That is his specialty, is taking a population, constructing the various state divisions, mechanisms of control, in order to organize informants within the population. That is his real specialty. And that is precisely, as Primakov has intimated, why Wolf is being brought in. The regime knows that once all of Patriot II is in law and they begin working on Patriot III, they will then begin to establish the internal mechanism to coordinate, as an official function of state, a system of informants. Wolf’s speciality was to turn East Germany into the greatest and most efficient informant state ever created."

posted on Dec, 8 2004 @ 03:26 AM
There was an article going around earlier this year or late last year, I forget exactly when. Any how, it covered the topic you mention, how everyone is going to be a spy(unknowingly for the most part). What is amazing about all this, is if one looks at when this topic first came up, camera phones and such were not quite mainstream, still limited and largely unknown, now almost everyone has or wants one. If I can find the thread I posted on it, I'll link it here.

MAN! Now where did that go...?

Alright, I found a thread, it isn't "the thread" but related. I'm still digging to find the one I'm thinking of, just hope it isn't too old and on archive disk, then I will have to buy ATS CDs.

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