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ABDUCTION or DREAM? (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on Dec, 8 2004 @ 01:32 AM

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Hey ATS well I been here for about and month now and I think I am comfortable enough to share my story, after all I'm sure there is a reason the majority of us are here is because of some past happening.
Now look I wasn't sleepy or on drugs.

Well in April 1995 I was at watching television and I herd
music coming from ouside the wierd thing was that it wasn't anything I've herd before since it was like calling me a voice the music was like a whistling type talk, it's really hard to describe but the music was talking.

Well I got up and looked outside but seen noone then I looked up to the sky and across the street there was a Church and just to the left in the sky I seen what was a circular disk (U.F.O) now I live in Chicago,Il and this is a highly populated area, well anyhow as I was looking at the object hover I had this strage feeling time was still since I didn't see anyone or any planes in the sky nothing it was dead still we'll looking at this object was the last thing I recall for the I went blank don't recall anything else except the next morning my brother was telling my mother that he had several beings small beings trying to take him and that he was fighting them off,kicking and screaming at them.

Now I didn't mention anything about what I'd seen to them prior because it I was just scared to confirm the possibility that it could be real.

And even if I told them they would've made a big deal and maybe people were gonna conclude we were crazy or making it up since this is Chicago, com'on who's gonna belive it so I just stood shut, shut for over 10 years now.

Now my mom also claimed that she couldn't move but there was a being overlooking her and my sighting and thier expierance all collaborated somehow, but I can't recall anything so I'm not sure if it happened but even now I am to belive that they didn't even say what they did, like I doubt it, so I ask them on ccasions to repeat what they seen or felt and it's always the same story so it has to be true.

Now I don't recall anything but I feel like I need to do something important and that alot of people depend on whatever I need to do, but I'm not sure because it is nothing obvious.


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