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What is Earths military score?

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posted on Oct, 4 2014 @ 12:32 AM
So I was thinking.

Has anyone ever tallied up world defensive capability?

Every country gets a rating along different types of military scales by different institutions and militaries across the globe.

Has there ever been a classification created for a total defensive force analysis of earth? A tally made using every countries independent armed forces, global possible mercenary forces, and possible civilian armed forces in addition to other factors as cumulative points on a single unified scale with different scores on several possible projections of readiness on a scale from our current score and 10 times that number.

What would be the outcome of an analysis for global defense? How would we fare against lets say even just a particularly long period of disruptive and dangerous asteroid showers from deep space? YES, even an alien invasion as well. We are only THAT much closer to a first formal public reveal and partial disclosure just out of precautionary readiness... JUST IN CASE there ever IS an emergency.

What I wonder is if ALL infrastructure, support, weapons, forces, assets and possible immediate acquisitions were ever quantified to be used to create a total score for earthly human strength in defense.

What would be our score in 10 years if a war was to break out and last that long, with all of earth fighting an alien invasion from what we will simply say are advanced aliens trying to take earth. The aliens have more advanced technology than us but are only about as advanced as us technologically in their military progress.

Lets just assume that an alien invasion may be done out of desperation by an otherwise peaceful species. Although they are great at getting here in incredibly fast and powerful crafts, once here the aliens are faced with a spartan species. A species and culture that has ALWAYS at every point in time in their history had constant warfare.

I am also asking how would a peaceful alien species would fare against us, THE KLINGONS of the galaxy?

Lets assume the aliens build great ships , energy generators, and propulsion systems that are light years ahead of our time. Their weapons on the other hand are only as advanced as ours or slightly better..SLIGHTLY. They are only now just learning how to convert their otherwise useful tech which had non-militarily applications into effective weaponized forms to use offensively against us alone. They are also just now learning how to manage a military force. It is their first time ever fighting using all their knowledge to conquer. Maybe its all an effort of sudden instinctual survival on their part to take earth. Its a last ditch effort they see as being for their own survival for whatever reason.


In your opinion what would be our score after10 years if we kicked into full gear as a global war machine? How many times on a scale of 1 to 10 would we be with our current strength being scored as 1 on that scale?

Whats our score?

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posted on Oct, 4 2014 @ 12:36 AM
a reply to: tadaman

There are a lot of unknown varibles you present, but collectively, the planet is armed to the teeth; so to speak in terms of our limits of current technology.

posted on Oct, 4 2014 @ 12:42 AM
Arthur C Clarke - "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

I figure if any alien species lives long enough to master star travel etc, and also has brains, they will start wanting to control reality at levels that we barely even comprehend/speculate the existance of.
As a metaphor, load up your favourite video game. No matter how advanced those little beggars inside that box get, they will never pose a threat to you on the outside. Unless you happen to connect a medical grade 3d printer to the computer, or connect your computer to the internet and nuclear launch computers.

That's where we are in the grand scheme of things. Normal weaponry is totally irrelevant in that fight.

And yeah we have enough nukes etc to change the ecology completely, great. If aliens in our 3 dimensions and time actually wanted earth, do you think they'd have a problem with teraforming the place... And wouldn't the usage of those weapons just make it easier for them?
Less humans, less resistance... Our weapons work best against us.
One of our best defences is a healthy sustainable ecology, when it comes to defeating alien invasions from within our own universe, in that regard we could do a lot better. A healthy and sustainable ecology is probably harder to teraform and more stable than almost anything else, because almost every niche is already fill.
Also, if we can't see a meteor coming from within our own solar system (which has happened quite a few times now) how on earth would we see an incoming invasion fleet?
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posted on Oct, 4 2014 @ 12:52 AM
a reply to: pandorashope

I get what you are saying. I just wanted to ask if we ever measured our fighting force globally according to our current standards for ourselves as countries.

Also, there has to be other species like us. Its a mathematical probability. There has to be species JUST like us or worse.
Not every species will be advanced technologically the same way. The developments for the universe´s aliens will be as varied between species of aliens as it is for different types of species on earth at very least.

Not every alien species is going to be a creature of "light and higher vibrations". Some, at least ONE is a crazy,a aggressive, smart monkey. Who knows what else is out there?
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posted on Oct, 4 2014 @ 01:03 AM
A quote out of context but;


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Originally Posted by slipperywhenwet

The war started and earth surrendered in 7 hours.
How did Earth "surrender" anyway?
We can't even agree from country to country on politics, how to treat women, or if lead paint is dangerous in toys, let alone getting together in 7 hours in a unanimous vote to *give up*, of all things.
It would never happen. The US military, for one, would fight with every last means possible, and the same could be said for each of the other superpowers. There would be no official surrender - ever.
It wouldn't end until nearly everyone was dead.
Plus considering all the heavily armed survivalist groups, terrorist groups, and guerrilla armies throughout the world, there would be a million Gordon Freeman wannabees running around with far more firepower than a shotgun and a crowbar.

They are only slightly better militarily but do not share the same resolve for conflict.

We would have world-class trolls teaming up with grand-chessmasters and computer probability experts to calculate their weaknesses and then the public would just go berzerk using raw anger to finish up. Even with the disadvantage, we have the aspect they lack to win a war and that's resolve.

Though, if they started off levelling our cities then they could possibly push us into submission if we didn't have a central command to strike back at, or if they sat out in space. We aren't going to make a fleet....or could we........

Fighter jet design in space? Would we end up going with what we know in sci fi?
Turning Star Wars, Halo etc into a blueprint design, start mass producing space tech etc...

I'm not sure. But I imagine it would put a lot of scientists to work with average joes and other geniuses who would be working on all kinds of gadgets depending on what we could find out on their species.

Weakness to radiation, water etc? We'd be figuring out how to shoot either of those at them in increasingly complex ways.

posted on Oct, 4 2014 @ 01:08 AM
a reply to: tadaman

things spring to mind...
denying a resource... making a resource unviable for the taking... a monkey might want a banana but won't walk through a sea of fire to get one banana...
A surprising amount of high end military equipment would be useless, modern anti aircraft missiles are designed to hit modern jet aircraft, google F-22 vs UFO for some idea about how that'd work.
Directed energy, kinetic energy and explosive weapons would be our best bet.
It really depends on what we are up against. Imagine a UFO designed to fly through a meteor belt, with defensive lasers to take down any incoming projectiles... And shielding to withstand solar radiation... I really doubt a surface to air missile, or an unguided rocket would have any chance, and a hail of artillery might just show up as a meteor shower...
I'd count assets as anything that makes their survival more difficult and ours easier.
There's an idea in the video game Mass Effect 3 that is a little bit like what you describe, the war room, google it.
The other problem is that, comparisons are only relevant to what you are comparing them to.
Ie imagine Alexander the Great having an ego trip with his phalanx's, having no idea what a modern infantry platoon could do to his army. Let alone an infantry platoon with air support. Or an infantry platoon with chemical weapons and air support.
Everything is relative, it's a difficult thing to quantify.
For all we know, in such a case, our atmosphere could be a better defense than anything else we'd ever invent in time to deal with an invasion, HG Wells style but more basic, should we include atmosphere in military strength against aliens?

Also, if they are really that advanced (re your initial description of alien life), what possible reason could there be for them wanting to conquer us...
They could hydrogen from the space clouds and fuse that into almost anything in all probability... If they wanted water they could harness ice asteroids, if they wanted metal they could find a meteor belt... *shrug*
I think they'd be more likely to go oh sh*t, crazy ape aliens, those dudes are violent, best stay away, maybe they'll wipe themselves out.
Oh what, they want to govern us? No thanks! Those arrogant power trippers!

Anyways... Expect the patriot batteries to be unable to get a lock, same for the air to air missiles, all we've got left is GPS guided weapons (until the satellites get taken down), and then we've got kinetic energy weapons, dumb bombs and laser guided weapons, and nukes designed to take out cities/land installations, which are probably more effective against us than them... *shrug* We are not that mighty I reckon. For all that money we spend, we don't spend it to fight aliens, we spend it to kill humans.
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posted on Oct, 4 2014 @ 01:17 AM
How I'd do it if I was the aliens...
pssst, hey want some heavy duty weapons... psst, hey, want a sterility plague... psst, hey, we checked out those guys, they be spying on you... psst hey, they acting on their data, they wanna waste you... psst, hey...
wouldn't bother invading, humans are quite paranoid and stupid anyways, get them to kill each other and then come in to clean up the mess... that's assuming anything here has any value to them...

and what i'd do if i was the human realising that's the situation...
oh, yeah i'm really afraid of those guys, can you give me something that kills them better...
and keep hoping for the day the aliens give me something that works on them.

Also, if I was an alien, I'd have access to the last fifty years of video files, might be a real smart move to send off a few nukes and try and start a few regional nuclear wars... Inbetween emp effects to drop coms, and mushroom clouds, humans would do a lot of it to themselves... The only reason I can think of as to why I wouldn't, is if I don't want a radioactive dust bowl... And who's to say if I do or not... *shrug*

posted on Oct, 4 2014 @ 03:16 AM
Take into account the psychological factors as well.Humans unify in times of crisis, and aside the outliers who might be like "You're so alienist you should use more diplomacy they're misunderstood!" crowd... you'd get a race that I think would ban together. That might be a useful asset. Finally unlike the aliens who have interstellar travel to flee an find an easier target, this is our home and we're stuck here. You'd get a lot more people willing to do whatever it took than aliens is my guess - so the morale is different.

Let's talk numbers. 7 billionish vs how many in the crafts? In a ground fight we might win on sheer number.

Finally: As a species we may have been warring for some time but I don't know how to arm and fire a nuke. Or most guns. Or how to drive a tank. Etc...

posted on Oct, 4 2014 @ 03:20 AM
Well generally I would think that the best way to classify such things is using the Type # for civilizations. This is what is often used to measure technological advancement of an entire planet. The lowest would be type zero, and it goes up to three I believe. We are a type zero, while a more advanced civilization would be higher than that. The reason I believe it is better to do it this way as opposed to tallying military capabilities is that if an alien race were much more advanced than us, then our weapons probably would not be effective. They could likely render all of our missiles inoperable, and they could have cloaking or some type of shielding systems that would not allow a conventional or nuclear weapon to harm them. Not far-fetched at all. Even though we seem relatively advanced here on earth, we really are not. We are infants compared to a civilization that may have existed for millions of years.

So technological advancement is likely much more important than military strength as we think of it at the present time. But if you want to tally the military score of the world, Global Firepower has really good military rankings for all the world's armed forces. They have the exact numbers listed for the major types of military hardware, the number of individuals within the armed forces of a nation, the fighting strength, the reserve strength, the number of nuclear weapons, among many other things. They take all of that information and plug it in to a mathematical formula to arrive at a single number that is representative of a country's total military strength.

They call this a power index, and they say they use about 50 variables to determine this value. It is, imo, the most accurate such assessment to be found anywhere on the web. They use more than a basic formula for their calculations, and they appear to take into account more than just military hardware and manpower, including technological sophistication. Reading on their site however, it appears that nuclear capability is not taken into consideration when determining the power index of a country. I suppose that is the right way to go however, as that would skew the results of the conventional military ranking in my opinion. And plus the information on a country's nuclear capability can be found in multiple locations online anyway.
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posted on Oct, 4 2014 @ 05:02 AM
Considering the technological advances suggested by ATS Astro. We will probably have a standing chance, but...

Any Alien species more advanced then us, or at least advanced enough to travel the vast distances in space, they would be more then capable of wiping us out, as their interstellar travel comes with unimaginable technological advancement, the type that you couldn't possible create without a whole scala of technology, needed to get to this point.

I assume live evolves the same way like it did on Earth A.K.A survival of the fittest. All alien intelligent life had to evolve into the species on top of the food chain, to be able to become technological advanced, otherwise their version of dinosaur would have effectively hold their development, until they die out. So nature and the way energy is distributed from mostly solar power into plants, fungus, animals all getting their part of energy by consuming other life forms.
Every civilization would have become a master at killing at least their own food.

The only reason for invasion, would probably for more area to grow crops and live stock.

An advanced race of aliens would be smart enough to not underestimate their opponent. Did the Russians get control over Afghanistan ? Did the US win Vietnam. No they didn't and they were fighting against people that didn't have the technological capabilities they've had.

Logically they've observed us for some time, and noticed that the best way to control humans is by the oldest rule of war...
Divide and conquer.
As this is and has been the most successful strategy among humans for a long time.

Any species that are only 500 or 1000 years ahead of ours would easily be capable of creating their own niche by the above rule of war. Let alone aliens that are a million years ahead of ours. Even if they evolved into a benevolent species, they would have mastered the art of war long ago, when they succeeded in becoming the dominant life form on their own planet.

Aliens that have passed our reality into an enlightened state, might probably be immune to everything we get to offer in a fight, although at that point, the reason for invading other planets would be long gone, as their needs would no longer be anything like our own. Unless they plan to build an interstellar high way, and our planet is in the way.

Most likely will any alien species encounter some problems that might be impossible to overcome.
1. The build up of our atmosphere will probably not be the same as their own, making it hard for them to breath, or it's even toxic for them. Building a giant dome for them to live, will be difficult with these nasty humans continuously trying to sabotage their efforts to create one.
2. Human kinds most valued ally would be our smallest organisms like Fungi, bacteria and viruses, as we build up an immunity to most, aliens would be at high risk as their physiology has never got a chance to build up an immunity to any other worlds infections, disease etc.

Number 2 would probably be more then enough reason for them to leave us alone. In y humble opinion that is.

Another thing... Humans would never be able to unite as a species in our current way of life, and even if we would, it would need a central government with the power to gather and control every step needed to lead a united world.

Why...? The only examples of central governments in history are known as empires that ruled large parts of the globe, what created bureaucracy, concessions and ultimately corruption, which lead to the downfall of the empire.

Before we as a species can, if we ever will... grow beyond our own limits. Maybe then we would be able to stand our ground.
But... if we do manage this, we wouldn't be investing our resources in war and conflict any longer, we would invest in the betterment of our species, and our goals would change towards technological advancements that eventually leads to a more stable coexistence with nature, and of course our colonization of space.

I don't think this will happen any time soon....

posted on Oct, 4 2014 @ 05:17 AM
a reply to: JiggyPotamus

I agree, it should be determined by the civilization type and you were correct in stating that there are three types of civilization, which is known as the Kardashev scale. The scale is based on energy consumption and we are a long way from even being part of that scale. Type 1 might seem to be in our reach but what does it matter when type 2 means complete control over the energy of a star. We're talking Dyson sphere! If you're a fan of star trek then you probably understand the unimaginable engineering feat that would require.

The physicists that back this theory believe it would take a type 2 civilization to successfully travel to another solar system and conquer it. If a type 2 civilization showed up on our doorstep, we would be like ants under a magnifying glass praying for a cloudy day. There would be no "war". It would be as simple as setting off a bug bomb to kill the insects in your house.

Let's hope we never meet a conquering type 2 civilization because we will be the roaches and they will be the raid. Talking about fighting aliens, even with the world's combined forces is pointless. It's likely that we wouldn't even know of the attack, until we all wake up in the afterlife.

All of this is based on a type 2 civilization. A type 3 civilization can harness the energy of an entire galaxy. If a type 2 would most likely considers us pests, I wonder what a type 3 would think of us. I'm thinking bacteria, and not the good kind.

posted on Oct, 4 2014 @ 06:46 AM
a reply to: tadaman

The probability of the aggressive being able to come here is lesser since the aggressiveness turns becomes ego oriented and turns on the own specie. If you had an aggressive hive structure then you might be able to get a aggressive specie to be able to come here.

If there are aliens that are able to come here then they have quarantined us already and set up a distortion field around our system to make sure nothing gets thru to alarm us. Looking at us like we look at nature programs. An observer can learn a lot of what to do and not to do by studying us.

posted on Oct, 4 2014 @ 03:10 PM

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Sorry, somehow I accidentally posted with my worthless tablet.
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posted on Oct, 4 2014 @ 04:28 PM
As regards weapons, Atomic bombs kill, so do arrows loosed from bows, I think humans have enough ingenuity to defeat invaders, looking at figures from WW2, the least an invader would need, as regards 'boots on the ground' I estimate it would take 15,000,000 'beings' that's just for north America and Europe!
Really thinking about it, who would invade a planet covered in crap?

posted on Oct, 4 2014 @ 11:09 PM
Earthlings I have a feeling are heavily armed when compared
to equally complex beings on other worlds. Especially we Texans.
therefore I say on a scale from zero to armed to the teeth,
we score 85.

And if it's an alien invasion we must war with, we have already
lost, just by the fact they got here. Meaning Scalar Rail Gun
laser atomic whateva-ma-jigs, are like 5th century catapults
compared to what they have.

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posted on Oct, 7 2014 @ 05:50 PM
a reply to: tadaman

If it's aliens, we're boned. Any species that has the ability to enter our solar system with hostile intent will annihilate our species from existence in very little time.

If it's a solitary asteroid that we know is coming, I think we'd figure out a way to minimize the damage.

If we maximized our military capability, we'd probably kill ourselves. With mass production comes errors and extremists.

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