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Help from the other side

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posted on Dec, 8 2004 @ 12:34 AM
With so much talk about hauntings lately, I figured I would throw my personal experience in. In order to really understand, and feel this story you need to know a little background history of myself. It might be a little long but the ending is well worth it so please bear with me.
From about the age of five until roughly about twenty four I had dealt with bouts of depression and anxiety. These bouts were not constant, and at a young age they were mainly anxiety but grew into depression as I got into my teenage years. I guess, I’m what you could call foolishly proud so I never really sought much help other than what I could get through my own stubbornness, and later on, reading and meditation. Well, at about the age of eighteen, I started have severe bouts of depression and anxiety which came very close to turning me agoraphobic. I began to have very vivid dreams and strange occurrences during a lucid dream state. For instance, one night, while falling asleep, I felt like I was standing, staring at flames, as far as I could see, and before me, stood a giant set of dark green legs so large that I couldn’t see anything higher than the thighs. I sat straight up, and needless to say, had a hard time falling back to sleep as the lucid dream just seemed so real. These occurrences continued, as my depression deepened, and seemed to intensify over the next three months. I would dwell on strange thoughts and questions that had no real answers, you know the stuff of philosophy 101 such as, why are we here, does the universe have an ending, for if so what’s after that, Is there really a higher power, etc. I know this can all be attributed to the fact that I had endorphins and various neuro-chemicals going hay wire but they seemed so much more than that. I continued in this sad state until one day, literally one moment, I meditated/prayed and asked for strength as this began to consume my life. It wasn’t more than five minutes later that it hit me and it seemed like I had all the answers. It was like there was now someone there showing me the way and giving me the answers to help me combat my problem. I was now able to return to a normal life, over a short time, and had strength that I really never dreamed I could have. I could “ride” out any problem, as if I was like on a wave, and didn’t have any problems for five years.
It all started one night, while I was sitting reading, I began to have those old feelings of being “not-connected”. I thought to myself, come on not again, I have no time for this. Over the next week these feeling became stronger and I began to slowly slip back into depression. That day my wife was changing jobs, and when she arrived home she had with her a giant bouquet of balloons. I threw them in the corner of the room and let them float about there. Throughout the day they stayed in that one corner and would occasionally float about in a circle but stayed out of the way. Well, night soon fell and so did my mood as I began to run the fear, through my mind, of fighting through another round of “madness”. It was at this point that I remembered back to that one day where everything seemed to click. I began asking whatever helped me to once again give me the strength to deal.
It was about ten at night and decided to let our dog out and walk around the yard under the stars. We were just turning to head back in when I was startled by something at the door. It was those damn balloons that had floated through three rooms to get to the front door. It was if they were just sitting there staring at me, and it kind of freaked me out, so I took them back into the other room and threw them in the corner. They seemed to go right back into their pattern of hanging and spinning so I left them and went down stairs. My wife yelled down and said she was getting in the shower so I decided to put the headphones and listen to some music to try and relax. About five minutes into my “relaxation” I caught something out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head and looked towards the stairs and here came those damn balloons. They floated about four feet off the ground the whole way down the stairs and, once at the bottom, shot straight to the ceiling. Then, they decided to make a right turn and head directly towards me, ending up resting right above me with their “ribbons” actually lying across my face. I remember laughing at first and yelling up to my wife to keep those balloons out of our room but she didn’t answer. I went up, to find her still in the shower and oblivious to anything that just happened. I began to run things through my head, maybe it was the furnace kicking on or static electricity drawing them through the house but none of it fit. How could these balloons travel through five rooms, make six turns, go down stairs, and end up right above me? It was then I remember asking for help, something to improve my mood so I wouldn’t have to go through that hell again. It then occurred to me, what better way to cheer someone up than a bouquet of balloons. I realized, from this incident, that there is someone with me to help through the tough times. I have had no problems since.

posted on Dec, 8 2004 @ 01:23 AM
One who goes into questions strays off into the jungle of philosophy.Letquestions come and go.Look at the crowd of questions like you look at people moving on the street,nothing to give...nothing to take,..with detachment,standing far away.The more distance there is between you and your questions, the better,because it is in this gap that answer will arise.....
Glad you found your way back..

posted on Dec, 8 2004 @ 01:56 AM
That was worth the lengthy read Skychief i found myself smiling at the end of it. Your feeling dissconnected was a good way of describing how people must feel when this type of thing comes on , hope things are better now for you. I have a friend who had a balloon experience like this when a loved one died, so i do think it is posible for signs to be given in this manner.

posted on Dec, 8 2004 @ 09:54 AM
That's cool

Me and my mom call these kinds of things 'little hugs'. We are given so many 'little hugs' andhints and clues along the way. Few people notice them. Your beliefe that they are with you and supporting/behind you - that beliefe and remembering that will keep you on solid ground.

And as Parker said - disconected IS a good way of discribing the way I feel just before something come into my range of 'unfocus'. Kind of like 'zoned out' but still able to keep track, tentatively, of what's going on around me.

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