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Secrets women need to know

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posted on Dec, 8 2004 @ 12:22 AM
And men too... They can help reduce the chances of women getting breast cancer...

By increasing melatonin in their woman's life... More hugs and more sex....
Very important.........

Now for women.............

An EMI (estrogen metabolism indx) can detect early signs of breast caner..........

Estriol the estrogen pill is the only estrogen pill that won't increase chances of breast cancer...It's been used for years in Europe that does not increase Breast Cancer risk, yet controls menopausal symptoms.

Why are women NOT told about safe estrogen and prevention of Breast Cancer?

1. Money: Pharmaceutical companies make billions on the more dangerous estrogens (on which they hold the patent). They have little interest in telling doctors or the public about a safer alternative (which they can not own).

2. Doctors: Doctors have become so closely tied to the pharmaceutical industry that they are no longer objective. Just like the stock brokers who sold us Enron, doctors take the information they are given by the pharmaceutical “experts” and accept it as gospel.

3. Government: Our governmental agencies are so closely tied to the pharmaceutical industry that they watch out for the pharmaceutical interests not ours. They have done little over the last 30 years to promote safer estrogen replacement or breast cancer prevention.

4. Research: The BIG MONEY is in the research and development of the “cure” for cancer. Hundreds of billions can be made overnight just by producing a promising preliminary drug. You can’t patent natural supplements that reduce a woman’s risk of breast cancer; therefore, the big boys aren’t interested.

Great site

there are several other secrets but I forget some of them...
One was a vitamin E supplement but it has to contain something (big word so I forget) and it needs to be strong enough to withstand stomache acid.....

the other was nuts, certain fruits like pineapple, less red meat, wheat germ and pure wheat (bread).............

This guy is who I watched on pbs tonight......
He has abook and his reviews are at the bottom...

And his site

posted on Dec, 8 2004 @ 01:43 AM
I know that sex and a good breast masage helps preventing breast canser,I say I know but really I figured cancer is dead tissue,cells..right ,so masageing regularly would keep blood circulation flowing better around the tissue..thus deminishing the treath,.;But Estrogen is a sperm seed killer,I heard some time ago that the low count in men recently can be attributed to the estrogen in the drinking know urination ,water filtration and then seed stagnation....

But yes here in Europe they have these patches,but I have also heard on a BBC programme that they were'nt fullproof...either..

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