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Length-boosting surgery for 'micro-penises'

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posted on Dec, 7 2004 @ 09:39 PM
Breast enlargement has been around for a long time, now I guess it appears that men can now get equal treatment. This will more than likely be a big help to many men!

A new surgical procedure has allowed men with abnormally short penises to enjoy a full sex life and urinate standing up, some for the first time. Tiny "micro-penises" have been enlarged to normal size without losing any erogenous sensation, say UK doctors.

In the past, flaps of skin from the forearm had been used to reconstruct a penis from scratch, either to physically transform women into men or to replace an amputated penis. But this technique actually fuses the new penis with the existing one so, besides the adding of sheer bulk, erogenous sensation can be preserved.

I am not a man so I don't know how important this will be, but in a sized obsessed world , I think it will bring great change to many men who are the subject of many a locker room joke.

posted on Dec, 7 2004 @ 10:46 PM
Gee louise,you make me have pitty for you if you really mean what you said about 'most'men could use the help...look at me I'm...

but what you're talking about is not new atall...reconstruction have been made for a long time..flesh from arms or even the back can be used to construct the whole can have inflatable sacks that can be pumpped and the urinery canal 'urethra'made as well...I'm talking about starting from 'Ground Zero'...not the first or third floor..yes all the way up...
I don't think I post the link though,it's a medical actually surgical site with explicit pics..I think you get the picture..but maybe if you would see the procedure you would appreciate the next piece of god's art coming your way,just as it is...'s called Phalloplasty..!!

I looked at your link there's nothing there...oh I thought you know what they're talking's a deformaty...they basically have nothing to start with..and when ahh...wait I'll check if such a link can be posted..

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posted on Dec, 8 2004 @ 12:22 AM
Microsurgical total phalloplasty

Thoracodorsalis flap...

The thoracodorsalis flap is taken from the lateral region of the back usually from left side. In the region of the Musculus latissimus dorsi the surgeon makes a marking and takes the thoracodorsalis flap by these marks using conventional method. For the following reinnervation the surgeon includes the thoracodorsalis motor nerve (which operates the taken muscles) into the vascular stalk.

The flap taken by marks is rolled up and then the surgeon forms from it a new penis. The dimensions of taken flap are from 11*18 to 14*22 cm.

The donor place is taken in with using of method of rotational skin plasty with moving of lower-lateral skin-fascial flap.

For the next stage of penis reconstruction the surgeon prepares the spot for neophallos fixation on the pubis. The neophallos muscle is fixed to the periosteum of the pubic bone. If the patient is a transsexual, then the surgeon may move the clitoris to the neophallos basis. In the case of microphally the balanus may be moved to the new phallus. In both cases the erotic sensitivity will be keeped.

After the neophallos fixation the surgeon forms vascular microanastomoses. The microanastomoses are made between the neophallos artery and the lower part of the epigastric artery, between the neophallos vein and the epigastric vein by separate knotty stitches "the end to the end". The thoracodorsalis nerve is connected to the motor nerve of thigh muscle. All manipulations on the vessels and nerves are made by modern microsurgical equipment.

After the forming of anastomoses and after the reestablishing of blood flow in neophallos the surgeons take in the wounds on a thigh and on the abdomen
After the neophallos engraftment in 6 months the surgeons may make by patient's request the following stages of surgical rehabilitation:

urethroplasty (forming of urethra)
recovery of neophallos' rigidity (prosthetic devices implantation for erections imitation)
forming of balanus
The radial flap.

The radial flap is a skin-fascial flap taken on the nourishing vessels from the forearm. Using this flap, the surgeon can form a neourethra simultaneously with phalloplasty (this operation is called "phallourethroplasty"). This fact reduces the rehabilitation time.

The operation is made by two surgeon's team. Surgeons take a complicated skin-fascial flap from the left forearm on a radial vascular stalk. This flap consists two skin parts divided by parts of skin without epidermis. The future neourethra is a region between these parts.

The skin region for forming new balanus placed at the top of the flap.

The neophallos and the neourethra with supposed balanus are formed at the forearm region.

Then the transplant is moved to the target zone. The neourethra is connected with patient's urethra as "the end to the end", the radial nerve of the flap is connected with the dorsalis nerve of the penis, the cutaneous stitches are put around the periphery of the wound. The artery and the vein of the transplant are anastomosed with lower epigastral vessels. The donor zone is covered by patient's skin taken from the front-lateral side of thigh by a skin-grafting apparatus.

This operation gives good aesthetic result and allows to decide problems of penis and urethra reconstruction. Furthermore, this operation gives to the patient some erogenous sensitivity which is important for social and sexual rehabilitation of the patient.

I hope this broadened your field of vision,a little...

posted on Dec, 8 2004 @ 12:26 AM
I wonder if this surgery can be applied to persons with just slightly larger than average ones? Sounds like Medical Mountains of Molehills

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