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Y-40 The Deep Joy: the world's deepest pool.

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posted on Sep, 27 2014 @ 10:52 AM
40 meters or 131 feet to the bottom...

I'd like to swim in it but its scary but I'd like to swim in it but its scary but I'd like to...

Feel like if I was floating above that giant hole, I'd be sucked down...

Whats a girl diving in a bikini have to do with the world's deepest pool? Come on, like you really have to ask.

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posted on Sep, 27 2014 @ 10:59 AM
a reply to: gladtobehere

Just my luck if I went near it, I would probably drop my sunglasses down it!

(the Motley Crue music was kinda weird though)

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posted on Sep, 27 2014 @ 11:06 AM
Wow thats pretty awesome. I'd love to go there and give it a go, but Italy is so far away and traveling is expensive, especially with the US Dollar dwindling...

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