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J. Gilliland Trout Lake, Washington Ufo Hotspot??

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posted on Dec, 7 2004 @ 01:44 PM
I came across a news article yesterday at the Fortean Times website:

from that article i started reading about this fellow named James Gilliland. He has a ranch out in Trout Lake, Washington where many people flock to watch 'ufo's around that area. He's spoken quite a bit of his abductions and experiences. His photo/sound/video section is pretty impressive. His website offers some interesting info. what caught my eye was his explanation of the greys:

What about the Grays?

This is a very gray area. No pun intended. The Grays have many different groups or classifications. There are some who came here for seed. Their race is dying. They evolved into pure knowledge and logic, doing away with emotions through genetic engineering. Emotions of love, joy, bliss etc. must be present to enter the higher realms, thus they have limited their evolution. Doing away with love is doing away with the very life force which sustains and creates life.

Their bodies are atrophying and dying. They are trying to breed emotions back into their race and using Earth human's genetics to do so. They have caused a lot of emotional trauma due to the fact they do not have any emotions or reference points to understand the harm they are inflicting. This is coming to a close. They have entered into agreements with your government trading technology for human genetics. This is why it is hard to separate the Grays from black ops or back engineered projects because they often go hand in hand.

There are also Grays that are associated with higher level contacts. They have been seen with white robed figures. Some are biological robots used by many races for a myriad of reasons. With this in mind, you can see that the Grey area is diverse and it is important that one uses discernment and self authority in these matters.

I found a pretty good radio interview with him:

I found his story to be believable but there is always a bit of skepticism. Is anyone in that area where you could see if his ranch is a 'hotspot' for ufo sitings?

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posted on Dec, 7 2004 @ 02:44 PM
Darn it!!! When I looked at those orb images, I thought I was seeing UFO's too, right now!!!

Turned out my glasses where dirty

Yeah that's a bit of sarcasm

posted on Dec, 7 2004 @ 03:23 PM
I am within a day trip from Trout Lake.
Would take about 1 hour to get there traffic permitting.
I live just outside Beaverton, Oregon.

I have considered taking my offroad truck up to Mt Adams just to see how far I could drive in, and see what I can see.
I would like to take my family up there for some fun, maybe some snow tubing/sledding.
I will take a camera with me, but I will not be telling my wife why I am bringing it.

The reason I don't mention it to her, and also the reason I no longer talk about this stuff with her anymore....
We are already semi-believers, and the problem with believing is that it can terrify and paralyze you. Because.. we humans have a primitive fear reaction that our intelligence and logic can't over-ride.

To point to our personal example.. ( And just to point out before this experience, I sort of laughed at UFOs and blew them off as hoax. )

Near our home, we saw the re-occuring presence of 3 lights hovering in the sky. I say re-occuring, but what I really mean is that they were ALWAYS there hovering for like 3 weeks.
If you went inside to eat dinner, and came out later, they were still there. You could always see them at night, and if you looked for them you could barely see them during a clear day.
My wife and her sister noticed them first, and pointed them out to me. They did not move, or make sounds, they were about as high as a helicopter might be. However these were not helicopters. They did not go anywhere, and were always seen together, sometimes in a straight line, sometimes above or below each other, but always together, hovering.
After about a week of seeing them, and I'm still skeptical. And we would point them out to people, and they would say " yeah thats weird huh?" and nothing more was ever said. Everyone around us just kept going about their business as usual, like we always do, and soon I just forgot about em too. Something never seemed right about them, but I never thought really hard about it.
If I was to photograph them though, everyone would dismiss them as just lights from aircraft, or helicopters, which I assure you they couldn't be. What kind of craft hovers there for 3 weeks? 3 of em just hovering there in different formations. And I swear they were there watching my wife and us. Because not long after.. they moved to a different area, behind our house where we could see them from the living room window, or the backyard. They had taken up a formation of 3 in a horizontal line.
This is really terrifying when I think back, but at the time it was no big deal at all. I can't explain it, but their continued presence did not concern us at all. And it was like a little joke around the house, about our friends in the sky watching us. As I type this, I now wonder if this feeling of peace and unconcern was possibly emanationg from the visitors? I just can't believe I wasn't going ape at this point.

Around this time, I had what I can only now describe as an out-of body experience, where I was conscious and half awake in the early morning, and felt myself leaving my body. When it started.. I heard this low humming, so low and so loud it started to vibrate my whole body. I felt the vibrations so intensely and it felt as if my whole body started to become light. I was so terrified and it was so real, that I had to end it by forcing myself to sit up. I was terrified I was being either abducted, or that I was dying and would leave my family behind, and never return. I had to really try to end it and pyshically sit up in bed as the light and vibrations slowly ended like coming out of a fog, and I remember calling my wife's name. She woke up, completely unaffected, and I was freaking out telling her what I just felt, and talked about it all day. It was one of the most incredible experiences in my life. I looked outside that night, and the 3 lights are still there. Time goes on, and I try and prepare myself to meet an alien face to face. But everytime I try to imagine it when im alone, I still get terrified. I think some reactions in humans are still more primitive than we can control.

I don't even know when they left exactly, I just looked out at the sky one night and they were gone. Completely black sky, no lights in the areas they used to hover. They might have been gone for days at that point, I didn't know, and it didn't bother me at the time.

After that... the longer time went on, the more it started to bother me, and make me wonder.
So I find myself wanting to go to Trout Lake, and Mt Adams.
To face them? Photo them? I don't know, it's still terrifying.

posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 01:33 AM

posted on Nov, 14 2008 @ 02:45 PM
That is really interesting. I was watching a show on A&E about huge UFO cases, and most of them involved a set of 3 lights/crafts. There was one that was witnessed from several different cities in the area, how can anyone explain that?

What I don't understand about Gillilan's Ranch is... anyone should be able to see these UFOs from at least a 10 mile radius, so why can you only see them if you're at his ranch?? that just doesn't make sense.

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